Jesus via John Smallman repost from May 2014 – Nov. 17/19

Jesus channeled spontaneously on Thursday May 29th 2014, and, as always, inspiring and uplifting. There is only NOW!

November 17, 2019 by John Smallman

Be silent, quiet your mind and know God.

You are a beloved child of God, and in that you are no different from any other human being, past, present, or future.

God eternally loves all of His children, all of His creations, which are sublime, perfect, infinite in number, eternally existing, multitudinous and yet only One.

God Is. You are, therefore, an inseparable and essential aspect or part of God, the Source, All That Exists. There is No One else, No Other, because All is One, period.

No exceptions, no meaningless discussions, no scientific or theological hypotheses are in any way pertinent. They are distractions that draw you away from uncovering, disclosing, or remembering your true and only nature as One with your Source.

Be silent, quiet your mind and know God. That is all that you need to do, then He will make Himself known to you.

Do not be impatient. Time is an illusion, so let go of or release its apparent demands on you. Bliss will follow.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Saul via John Smallman Nov. 17/19

The time for egoic power struggles is coming to an end.

11/17/2019 by John Smallman

Changes of great magnitude are occurring all across the world as the human collective moves at an ever accelerating pace towards awakening.  There is hardly anyone on Earth at present who is unaware that something of enormous significance is happening.  The mainstream media is reporting, as usual, on chaos, confusion, and catastrophe in various areas of the world, or more locally on dramatic neighborhood events that encourage fear, but these are not the changes to which I am referring.  All over the world people are being nudged and prodded by their spiritual guides to remind them of the intentions they set before incarnating to take up human form in their present lifetimes.  The state of spiritual amnesia that occurs when a soul chooses to take human form causes intense confusion because, while realizing that life as a human must have a purpose, for most people that sense of purpose appears to be non-existent, missing, or cannot be accessed because it is so deeply hidden within them.

Until very recently the majority of humans, mainly due to this state of amnesia, believed that their survival as humans and their ability to obtain pleasure through their human senses was the sole purpose of life.  However, in the last few decades, more and more people have been seeking a deeper meaning to life, a loving and compassionate meaning, and there is abundant evidence for this change in attitudes all across the planet where groups have been forming to raise awareness about issues that concern them – for instance, ongoing industrial processes causing immense damage to the environment, health concerns, the poverty in which so many are forced to live, and the elimination of so many animal and insect species due to insensitive application of commercial fertilizers and pesticides.  This is a very positive indication of the acceleration of humanity’s awakening process.  Your awakening is happening right now!

Yes, there is chaos and confusion on an unprecedented scale, but this is because people are changing as they evolve spiritually; they are growing in their awareness that everyone without exception has an intrinsic right to the necessities of life, and all over the world they are demanding that these necessities be provided by the governments that are supposed to be representing them.  The old ways of governing a subservient population are no longer acceptable and are being dismantled.  The new ways that will replace them have not yet been fully developed, but much intelligent and wise discussion is producing some very effective ideas that will be most fruitful in resolving these basic social problems that have been ignored or dismissed by governments for a very long time.

As the saying goes: “Change is in the air!”  And this is wonderful news.  This is the news that so many have been waiting for, it is ongoing and unstoppable: humanity is awakening, NOW!  Trust your intuition to guide you with integrity safely and honestly forward.  You need to move forward, you want to move forward, and it is your human destiny to move forward.  It is what you incarnated to do.  The time for egoic power struggles is coming to an end, and even those with the most egotistical intentions are being nudged toward awakening, and are beginning to come to an awareness that the manner in which they have been living, while striving to control and manipulate others, is not only no longer acceptable, but that it is a way of life that they no longer wish to engage in.  Many who have held political positions and ambitions for many years are stepping down, and this is being reported in the mainstream news media.  Much more of an extremely uplifting nature is also occurring, as humanity’s spiritual evolutionary intent strengthens and intensifies.

Wherever you are living and whatever you are doing, you are on your spiritual path, every human is on their spiritual path, even though it may seem to you that you yourself, or others, are just stumbling blindly along; this is not the case.  It only seems like that because so much is arising for you that needs to be acknowledged and released, stuff that has lain dormant, buried, hidden, denied, or ignored for many lifetimes, and which, as it comes into your awareness, shocks and horrifies you.  Thoughts are occurring to you that you imagined were only present in the minds of those who were utterly insane.  How could they be arising in your minds when you believe that your purpose and intent is to be only loving, you ask yourselves in horror?  Well, you are all part of the human collective, and so the thoughts that one encourages or engages with affects everyone else.  That is why the awakening process is so necessary and so intense.

There is only One Consciousness, Awareness, Mother/Father/God, Source, and It is You, and within It all thoughts arise.  Therefore all can and do access them, very frequently quite unintentionally, and the results in your individual thought patterns can be very shocking and alarming.  Just let them go!  Do not engage with them or try to correct them because there is no need to, they are unreal and will just dissolve or disintegrate when you release them by refusing to focus on them with intent to change or eradicate them.

Your task in the awakening process remains the same, namely, set and hold the intent to be only loving whatever arises.  Do not engage in conflict because doing so only strengthens and intensifies it.  If you do not engage with it, it remains contained within the originators, waiting for them, when they are ready, to release it.  Conflict has never been used successfully to resolve conflict, it just replicates itself, leading to further conflict.  Therefore be only peaceful and loving, and do not attempt to show others how right you are or how wrong they are.  No-one is wholly right or wrong, ever.  People are just misguided, and they can only move out from that condition when they themselves are ready, and when they are, you can lovingly and peacefully support them.

You incarnated to offer and provide that loving and peaceful support, and as you do so you are never alone, because you have us, a wonderful support team in the spiritual realms, that is constantly available and on call to assist you in every moment.  When you feel overloaded, overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, or doubt-filled, call on us and we will respond instantly because that is our task in the awakening process.  We want to help you, we love to help you, and you can help us to help you by allowing yourselves to listen to us, your intuitive inner guidance, your higher Self, instead of listening to and acting on the fearful panic responses of your egos.

Going daily within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, is essential for your well-being so that you have the strength and motivation to live as you planned before incarnating, by being loving, accepting, and peaceful in every situation.  You do that by being true to your true and divine nature.

You, every sentient being without any exception, are beings of pure Love, but, as humans, your access to that state absolutely requires that you take time out daily to be alone and at One with your divinity, strengthening and intensifying the flow of Love into your human hearts by opening to It and inviting It in.  Unless you invite It in It cannot enter because you are sovereign beings, and Love always honors your individual sovereignty, It will never impose Itself upon you.  When you set the daily intent to allow It entrance to your hearts you will feel Its Presence, and this will give you the strength and motivation to do what you incarnated to do:  Support the awakening process by Demonstrating Love In Action.

With so very much love, Saul.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild Nov. 18/19

Once again, Hello to you. I am not sure if it is the full moon energies that are knocking me about a bit, yet, I had allocated this time slot to get this week’s channelling done, so let’s give it a go … shall we?

We shall. There are intense Energies coming through with this full moon in particular, which shall leave one feeling out of sorts and a little melancholy.

(Melancholy: feeling of sadness for no apparent reason)

That’s perfect actually. For that is the way I awoke this morning. Why do the energies have to do that as opposed to leaving one jumping for joy and wanting to eat candyfloss?

Because Blossom, there is a lot of sadness that is being dispelled at this time. It is absorbed into the Energies and a little like ‘casting a spell’ over one, in the sense of such sadness being literally ‘in the air.’

The sadness connected with/to?

All that is being bandied around, all over your world.

Crisis is reaching a peak in all corners of your globe … for all different reasons. Each country is experiencing upheaval concerning one thing or another and the confusion and despair that energetically is ‘oozing’ from one’s Being is forming an overall Energy.

How does the full moon enhance it?

It does so because of its strength ‘to clear’. There lies so much power/control within ‘its’ make up and there for it is very effective and one can be very affected by it.

The word ‘control’ there … can you indulge us, please?

The Energies emitting from this form, that one looks upon so lovingly, can also cause havoc for the self as it stirs up that which maybe lying dormant. It has an inner affect upon the soul’s disposition. This is why we would use this term ‘control’.

Energies all over your precious Planet are building to such a degree that you are almost at boiling point. And now with the can of worms being opened also … at large, the turmoil is foremost in the Energies that everyone is ‘in-taking’.

Back to, Dearest souls …


Always, all the time, within every breath … KNOW THIS IS WHO YOU ARE and keep repeating it over and over. Yes, we continue on with mentioning this to all. To reiterate … to allow it to sink in … to introduce it to new readers of these words.



Yet, KNOW that … within all of this/from all of this … shall come the Brightest of days.

Days when Laughter instead of tears shall ring through the air.

Days when such atrocities that are to come out will be a far distant memory of old and in its place shall indeed be the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows that you spoke of Blossom.

It may not feel it now … yet, it is so.

With respect … I will leave it here for now and pick up another time. I just don’t have the right energy it seems and would rather wait till I do. Many thanks.

Two days later.

Hello again! Not on top of the world, yet, better than I was two days ago! Just such a sense of vulnerability and just not wanting to care about anything because it all seems so pointless … this great big mess that we are in. I do return faithfully to I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM.  mantra and it certainly helps yet, I feel I should be beaming out my Light a lot more than I AM.

Welcome again, Dearest Blossom. We certainly can pick up on your predicament and we feel it necessary to embark upon a few words that may be of assistance, if we may?

Embark away, my friends.

Throughout all the times … throughout all the messages … the words … the LOVE that we have shared together, there is a continual thread/theme which you know. That of bringing this Planet upon which you reside into a Higher Brighter existence.

Along with many other themes.

You know too … deep down … that this is why you are here. At times you feel so in tune with this KNOWING and at other times, not so.

Yet, this does not change the fact that THIS IS INDEED, WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO.

Think about that task. Really think about it. You are not being asked to pop down to your local store to get some milk. You are being asked to change the Vibration of an entire Planet and all who sail in her!

You are being asked to continually SHINE YOUR LIGHT UNDER THE MOST EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES and not only that, you KNOW THAT AN EVENT THAT IS TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IS TO OCCUR and you hang on and you hang on and you hang on!

Which is why our Light gets so dim sometimes.

No! Your Light gets so dim sometimes because there are so many elements involved to make you feel that way. It is in your system now … this ‘I can’t be bothered’. This ‘So what, who cares’. It has been polluting your systems through a variety … a large variety at that … of concoctions that seep through into the very core of who you are.

You are aware of vaccinations, food tampering, water tampering, air tampering, mind invasion via all your technical gadgets. So much, so very much has been induced to make you feel the way you do … that it is a wonder that you can raise a smile at all, yet alone the Vibration of an entire Planet!

Yet, look at you! Take a good look at yourself and commend yourself for all that you do to get through this that knocks you about.

Throughout all this and much more, you are BREAKING FREE/ BREAKING THROUGH.


Not only do you KNOW THIS … you KNOW that you are going to be able to lead the way for so many that are spinning around in circles not knowing what to do and where to go.

When you feel this despair … repeat it …



Each time you do this you are not only strengthening and reiterating that which you are, you are breaking down another space of darkness and replacing it with Light.

Each time you do this you are bringing that which … needs/has to be … exposed further up into the Light so it can be seen by all … and we mean … ALL.

There shall not be a stone left unturned. There shall not be one soul that can run and hide from that which they have served upon another.


Yes Blossom, served. In the context of ‘given out’ to another. We ask that as you come across every single item of distaste, at its best … and horror, at its worst … you remain FEELING AND REPEATING …


Each and every time you hear anything that comes from a darker place … change ITS Energy by saying this. Change YOUR Energy by saying this.

Let us start a revolution! Not of the outward rebellious nature, yet, coming from the Inner Loving Nature of the KNOWING OF THIS THAT YOU ARE.

We mentioned before of when doing so … recognising the connection of all others that are saying it at the same time, somewhere in your world … and even when another may be engaged in other duties, the Energy from when they last said/felt it, is still there to be connected with and built upon.








Dearest Souls … when these dark days are through … when you reside in the ways of Light and Love … and only Light and Love, with nothing around you to try and change that feeling … you will FEEL such Gratitude for this Light that you are.

You will FEEL such pride in your BEING, for KNOWING that you were the ones who were chosen to be here at this time to make this change. YOU! Out of so many souls … were considered worthy and strong enough to be here during these topsy-turvy encounters because it is KNOWN that YOU were the ones who could make it happen.

Yes, there are times when you feel like giving up, giving in. Do not beat yourselves up for these thoughts yet, recognise them as sabotage from outer influences. Are you that weak that you let these influences influence you?

No indeed. You are not weak. These influences are trying to convince you that this is the case! Recognise this ‘little’ game and turn it around. Laugh in the face of adversity, as it is said!

Yet, we mean this sincerely … Laugh at these thoughts instead of letting them encumber you. What better ‘weapon of attack’ than Laughter? For not only is it conquering the darkness, it is spreading Joy at the same time.

YOU OF SUCH GREAT LIGHT do not need weaponry and chemicals and devious ways to know yourselves to be all powerful.


YOU OF SUCH GREAT LIGHT do not need tricks and lies to get what you want. You need YOU … the KNOWING OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE to change thought form into matter.



We told you a while back … the war is over … THE LIGHT HAS WON.

In this KNOWING … continue to radiate Light out to your Planet and all upon and within her. There is much debris to surface that will make it seem that the battle is far from over.


All one … must do now/need do now … is KNOW THIS and SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all to be guided by.

Gently, so very gently let the lost find you, and so soothingly, be an example of the ‘Way – showers’ that you are.




Thank you so much I do feel so much Brighter after this little chat.


And WE LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Mike Quinsey Nov. 15/19

The waiting game for some indication of moves towards positive changes is soon to be over, and will come after major political changes in the U.S. These will be unavoidable and take place in full view, and be the first steps to political freedom.

For too long election results have been “arranged” by the Illuminati.  It was only a miscalculation, for example, when it seemed that their choice Hillary Clinton would be the declared winner, but that went wrong. They were careless, and others took advantage of the situation resulting in Trump being empowered and becoming the President.

His term may have to be terminated, allowing for the first time an appointment to be made of one who will work for the betterment of all Mankind. You have little or no idea as to what goes on behind the scenes.  Not unexpectedly, because your strongest and most popular party generally ends up the Electoral winner.

Firm and honest politics are very necessary to ensure you get the right people with the right talent, experience and ability to carry out their tasks. There is a saying that you only get what you deserve, but it is more a matter of what you attract to yourself. It applies all around and it is your thoughts that are the true magnet.

It is why we have often told you to guard your thoughts when expressing wishes for a certain outcome in your life, so we ask you again to think positively at all times. You may find it hard at first but it will become easier with time and practice. It may simply be a matter of turning the other cheek, but be prepared and ready to turn away from difficult situations.

There is no question of you being cowardly. You simply do not want to get involved in arguments and cause your own vibrations to drop.

Realise that slowly but surely you are lifting your vibrations.  As you do so, you will find it becoming easier to control your feelings and reactions. You will also feel good within yourself and understand how debilitating it can be when you lose control of your emotions. Believe it or not, you will also substantially extend the period of your life by maintaining high vibrations at all times.

You are not expected to put the world right, but your presence will make a difference. There is much at stake as you move forwards.  Having made such good progress so far, you will gradually find it becoming easier to maintain.

At present there is much in the way of changes taking place all over the world, and they are far reaching. Clearly, the old traditional ways are under scrutiny.  In most cases, it is the people who have brought them to the surface to be reviewed.

Much has changed over the years, and what was acceptable previously is no longer fit to serve the purpose for which it was introduced. Many who see ahead and know how things can be improved are pressing for change. Old habits die hard, and there is a reluctance for some to give up that which they have become familiar with.

However, when it becomes apparent that new ideas and inventions will raise the quality of life, the objections will soon disappear. Few like change that moves them from their comfort zone, but when they fully understand that they will be the very ones to benefit, it will be achieved.

Your traditional way of thinking and doing things will rapidly change, and often it is only financing that holds up progress. The resulting lifting up of Humanity will draw people closer together and the result will be more cooperation that will dissolve the tension and distrust that has often prevented a coming together.

Be assured that in the future you will realise the benefits of working for the good of all people, instead of seeing yourselves as separate units.

There is much help waiting to be given to you, but the world is in too much of a turmoil at present for it to be introduced. The approach of “every one for themselves” has to change, and it will once it is seen that by working together, you achieve far more, and at the same time improve the standard of living.

You are all One, and those of the lower vibrations know it to be true.  They’ve continually kept you in a permanent state of war and confusion.

The consequence is that you have been exploited and led into conflicts that have set you back many, many years. Also, the financial cost alone has taken money from you that could clearly have been spent on improving your quality of life.

That is, of course, in the process of change now that wars between countries have ceased. Not least of all is the cost in human life, caused by the destruction and poisoning of Earth.

However, in spite of the dismal stories that Mother Earth can tell, there are pockets all over the planet of small groups that have been formed by people with spiritual values and understanding.  Groups who have gone their own way and are contributing to bringing about peace on Earth.

It comes naturally to those who have a genuine love of other souls experiencing their own life plan. These groups are the basis for a great community that will soon start to come into being.  Indeed, it will embrace other beings regardless of colour or creed by recognising the Oneness of all souls.

Understand that all are on a journey that started millennia ago,  and all have experienced so many different lives, and are much wiser for the benefit of them. Obviously your memory of them is delayed so that your experiences are not impeded by them.

You should by now begin to realise that you are far greater than you could imagine, and on return to the higher realms you will become more aware of your true background. You talk about heaven upon Earth, and that will become your reality once you return to them.

However, you must obviously be ready in a true sense of Universal Love for all life forms. There is no reason why you should not be successful providing you have learnt to control your ego self. Indeed there is no necessity for it at all.

See how long you can go without the influence of your ego and you may be surprised at how easy it is. Humans often have a propensity to misinterpret comments that appear to be made against them and easily take offense.

You did not come to Earth to become a wastrel, although some souls take little or no interest in their own development. This is so even if you are unaware of the true purpose of life, that you’re subject to a life plan that your Guides are aware of and will implement for you.

As we have mentioned before, situations are set up for you so that you experience according to your life plan. At the same time, you will be given every help to be successful, but of course you have freewill to take whatever path you choose. Clearly, you are best advised to follow the path that you are directed to, although missed opportunities will certainly come round again.

After all, the object of life’s experiences are for you to evolve.

More people are beginning to wake up to their spiritual selves.  Instead of just service to self, they are feeling an urge or prompting to help others.  There is no doubt the desirable changes are beginning to take hold.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey

FOL via Blossom Goodchild Nov. 9/19

Hello once again! Are we good to get straight into it?

The warmest of Greetings to you, affectionately known to all as Blossom! And our extension on those greetings to Each One who find these words which we are to portray.

Thank you. The reason I am so keen, is that last week you mentioned that things would really start to happen due to ‘a slip’ … and I felt ‘a slip of the tongue’. Well, there has been ‘a slip’ (a leak) from the media regarding the gentleman we spoke of, who was the leader of the paedophile ring and was then consequently ‘removed’ (?) once in prison. We were told he committed suicide yet, it is widely assumed he was ‘murdered’. Three years ago a particular reporter had so much information, pictures etc that would have put this man and many, many so called celebrities away. Yet the royal family it seems, put pressure on the large media corporations NOT to let such a story leak as indeed it involved Royal family members. Is this what you were speaking of regarding the ‘slip’ (See link at end of channelling)

Indeed, Blossom it was. Yet, we would add that this is just the beginning. Now that this has been ‘opened up/out’ and on to your main stream media, it has the capability of allowing that huge can of worms we have spoken of, to unfold and the world to watch as each and every worm crawls out and to be shown for who/what they are.

It will of course ‘blow up and die down’ ‘blow up and die down’ quite a few times and much, so very much controversy will linger around it … and yet, the seed will be planted and stories /Truths will be so obviously disguised that the ‘ordinary folk’ will not  be fooled.

Be prepared Dearest Souls … for we have spoken of this taking place and one needing to have their wits about them. It will be a little like children when they have been ‘snitched upon’ by another, and so the one upmanship of who can go bigger and better in who/what can be revealed will take place. One will find it quite incredible the lengths one will reach to try and cover up that which has been disclosed and yet, we categorically state … this time there is no going back.

There is too much at stake. Too much evidence that even those who consider themselves to be of the highest order, will not be able to cover their tracks.

And this will happen very quickly now. The dominoes begin to fall.

So, if you are able to predict this ‘slip’ are you able to tell us what will follow on from here regarding what this all means and where it is leading?

As you can imagine Blossom, there will be those in absolute disbelief … for they will not want to accept the Truth about their royals and their superstars and indeed, those that were once in the highest of positions within your governments. For if they believe it … their world and all that it stood for will fall apart and they cannot imagine that.

When they consider the deceit regarding finances of this monarchy … when they consider the ‘incredible cover ups’ that are to be revealed, many will feel as if ALL HOPE IS LOST.

Many, many times have we spoken of atrocities … and one by one they shall be told.

This is what we mean by your world turning upside down … for who should/would one Trust?

Where would /should one turn in order to know what to do next and who to believe?

So many, many lies will be twisted in order to try and ‘get oneself out’. Yet, the more lies that are revealed and the more those who are scared for their lives try to put a plaster on the wound, the more they shall find themselves in deep water … and we do mean deep, deep muddy water .

Even you yourselves, who have known of something like this coming … will be in shock … at first.


This is when you begin expressing to those who are at a complete loss as to what to do … that which you know. That which you are aware of.

You start giving out Hope. You start sharing the facts that this has ‘been on the cards’ for a long, long time and that even though all ‘at this time’ appears to be hopeless … INDEED IT IS NOT.

ALL that is being revealed is for the HIGHEST REASON.

Tell these lost souls … that this is the BEST NEWS EVER!


It could not come while such devious acts were secretly going on in the back ground … The PURE LIGHT could not cover up and pretend that all was well when it wasn’t.

Dearest, dearest souls … think what this means … AT LAST!

All kinds of stories shall spread eventually, over the coming days and months. Yet …


Because the winds of change our coming. The dust is beginning to rise and turn into the whirlwind taking with it all that can no longer be part of this New Earth.


Yet, we ask that you choose to remain on the side of positivity.

It will not be easy to do, as more and more is exposed. Yet, as it reaches your eyes and ears …





And Dearest Souls … PRAY!



I know we have spoken of this before in that it may be easier, if one cannot forgive a particular soul directly, to ask for forgiveness as ‘a whole’ upon all that has gone so terribly wrong.

Of course, we cannot foresee exactly how this will run.  For there shall be so much anger , so much frustration of Energy bursting out of so many in disbelief, that the Energies all around will be disrupted.

Yet you, you Dearest Souls KNOW WHAT TO DO.


Say to yourselves your Divine right, over and over …




So many of you have been waiting to assist.

Will you FEEL/BE strong enough to explain to those who are in deep despair that this is who they are and if they say this mantra/blessing they will be making such a difference?

Will you Dearest friends? Will you be strong enough to deliver this message to those who would feel so disgusted that they lose all reasoning and desire to kill?


We do not jest. For so many souls will be so angered not only by the behaviour of other so called ‘human Beings’, yet also by the deceit … BY THE LIES THEY HAVE LIVED THEIR TRUTH UPON!


If one chose … one could find this all very daunting and a little scary.



How long have you waited?

Oh indeed, a long time. Yet, to be honest one was concentrating more on the ‘Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows’ aspect as opposed to calming down the rioters!

Which is the correct thing to do. To KNOW that your Rainbow Land lies ahead.

Yet, we have never once said that to get there, it would be an easy ride. We have always spoken of this that is now upon you.

Even though I have seen it on the news and already much is stirring … it still seems hard to believe that it is all going to come out now. Maybe because we have been hanging on a thread for so long and nothing REALLY happens.


Even though it may appear this ‘reveal’ dies down for a little while … believe us when we say … THIS will not be able to be buried. This will no longer be hidden. There are those in position ready to put into place that which they have been working on behind the scenes, yet, requiring the perfect …

Sorry. I am butting in here for I feel you want to say ‘alibi’ … and I don’t feel that fits in. So I am questioning myself … Is that what you want to say?

It is. We were to say ‘yet requiring the perfect alibi  … which will be presented in Divine timing, allowing discoveries to prove data, that up until these revealing times were not able to do so.’

Again, a little lost on the ‘alibi’ thing. Yet, I have learned to let it be, as often my non-understanding of something you say can lead to it all going out the window. I TRUST YOU.

And we, Dearest Lady Blossom … TRUST YOU.

Ah! You haven’t called me ‘Lady’ for a long time! Lady Blossom! So Regal! Yet, not wanting to be connected with anything royal!  And to be honest, never have been. My heart is full of Hope that the end of ‘horror’ is upon us. Yes, it will be a bumpy, bumpy ride. This you have prepared us for and we PRAY FOR STRENGTH AND KNOWLEDGE, HOPE, LIGHT AND LOVE to fill our Beings as we get on with what we came here to do. ONWARDS EVER ONWARDS!

Dearest Souls, PLEASE KNOW … that we would not lead you up to this point and then abandon you. WE ARE ETERNALLY BY YOUR SIDE … SHOWERING YOU … INFUSING YOU … WITH/THROUGH/ AS /IN … THE PUREST HIGHEST LIGHT AND LOVE.

Many thanks for all this you have assisted us with today. My heart is almost in my mouth with anticipation as to where this will all take us. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The YouTube link about this matter , from which you can research more .

The Audio recording for this channelling shall be posted below shortly.

A note from Blossom. These channellings are posted on many sites that I am unaware of and not everyone receives my newsletter. So I take this opportunity to let you know of this exciting Event I am holding in Hawaii.

Mike Quinsey Nov. 8/19

8th November 2019. Mike Quinsey.

If we told you that the world was your oyster you might wonder what it had to offer, when all around you is the great mess that Man has left it in and is continuing to make worse. What you cannot see are the changes going on behind the scenes that would totally change your view about things.

We have often mentioned the nature of coming changes, and an end to the disrupting activities of those who have ignored the needs of nature and Mother Gaia to satisfy their own greed. Clearly matters have to be taken in hand so as to put a stop to the destruction that is taking place.

Plans have been made and all that remains is to put them into being at the appropriate time, so as to ensure success. We cannot say when that will be but due to the urgency of the situation we cannot visualise it being too much longer.

As you must know by now, on our side of the veil time is not as you understand it, as everything is in the now. So it becomes difficult to give precise predictions for events to take place, so we have to generalise based on what we know about your activities. Freewill always comes into it but on occasions we are “ordered” by higher sources to take certain actions regardless of any other situation.

There is of course a greater plan for Mankind that at this time concerns your path to Ascension and no one will be allowed to interfere with it. Having passed the 2012 marker there is absolutely no way that anyone will be allowed to make changes to it. In the greater plan there are often Galactic considerations to be made as the result of your future actions are more far reaching than you might imagine.

The Human Race is now the focus of attention and largely because you will be the very first to ascend in your present physical body, and in the process it will become refined as a result of the higher vibrations. This is really what Ascension is all about and you would have known about it before you reincarnated.

The trigger for it is your Sun as we have previously mentioned. You could say that the end of your journey is in sight although it will still take some years before you reach it. The imminent change is your release from the lower energies that have held you back, often deliberately by the dark Ones who have wished to prevent your Ascension. However, you have nothing to fear provided you keep on the straight and narrow road without deviating from the plan for souls desiring to ascend.

The spiritual truth can be mighty powerful, so much so that you feel like announcing it from the rooftops. It is understandable, but it is best to keep such information to yourself and only release it when you are prompted to do so. It is possible to give out too much too soon for some souls to comprehend and could deter them from going further.

The best time to help other souls is when they ask for it and not until they do so. Remember that all souls have Guides who will ensure that they are helped to rise up when the time is appropriate. The soul holds an enormous amount of information and it will be used when it is best likely to help them to further evolve.

There are now many groups of people that have their own particular interest in helping others evolve. The feeling of “service to others” is growing and it is due to the continual upliftment of your vibrations. It is all part of the plan for Humanity, to prepare as many souls as possible for the ascension process as there is nothing difficult in it, simply a desire and determination to stay positive at all times and maintain your level of vibration regardless of what is going on around you.

It is much easier than you might imagine but you must be careful not to be drawn into negative discussions. Always think and act positively and keep calm when others choose to do otherwise, and your presence may help defuse a difficult situation.

With Ascension gradually getting nearer and nearer you may wonder if you have reached a point where you are ready, and [that] will be one of those who [you?] will go through. Know that you do not need to be concerned about your future. Simply put, Ascension will occur in the near future and if you have raised your vibrations you will go through.

It is an automatic outcome which is why those souls who are not ready progress to their level and continue evolving on a different path. It is a wonderful system that is absolutely fair and helps all souls to continue with their experiences giving every opportunity to make progress.

Many earlier civilisations have made such a journey and long completed their time in the Matter Universes. So the system has been long tried and tested and found to be perfect for the purpose it was intended.

The Human Race creates so many problems by believing that one group is superior to another, when in fact all are on the same level. The fact that there are many different races with different skin colours, religions and beliefs, is because over a great period of time they have developed their own belief systems. It allows souls that are re-incarnating a choice to choose the family that offers the best opportunities to evolve, meaning that you may select a different path from one life to another.

It begs the question that since you have experienced many different religious beliefs should you not consider all souls as your brothers and sisters and respect them accordingly? Instead of seeing the differences between one Race and another accept that all souls are treading paths that eventually lead to the same conclusion.

As time marches on so small groups will start forming who have a common interest, and the predominance of extremely large groups will change. It is also the reason why people will move from vast cities for a more personalised existence. To use one of your phrases there is also the fact that “small is beautiful” and much more easily handled and supported.

These are changes that may be some way off, but you are already beginning to see the decline of centralisation. Also bear in mind that you will become more self-supporting, and modern technology will help reduce the time spent carrying out your tasks.

History will tell you that for many lives you have struggled to exist and rarely lived without some threat to your existence whether from natural causes or through man’s activities. The latter period ended with the end of World War Two although many years on you have still been unable to achieve total peace, but for certain it will come eventually.

Again it is the young people that will bring it about, having been born to Earth purposefully so that peace can be more quickly achieved. Listen to them and note their determination to change Man’s traditional ways of living for the betterment of all people and a caring approach to the needs of Mother Earth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Jesus via John Smallman Nov. 1/19

Love never discriminates, it is unconditionally accepting of All that God has created.

November 1, 2019 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms – which of course is not ‘a place’ but is the One infinite energy field of Love, Mother/Father/God, where All That Is has Its eternal Presence, and therefore, where all sentient life has its eternal existence, even when unaware of this – we are joyfully observing humanity’s long anticipated awakening process approaching fruition.  All is proceeding beautifully.  The chaos, conflict, and confusion in so many areas is drawing to a close because the collective intent to awaken has intensified enormously over the course of this current Earth year.

The human collective intent has limitless power when finely focused, and it is now being focused very intently on being loving whatever arises.  Obviously each one of you holding that intent – because you are each the One that is the human collective – is extremely effective.  You are doing the task that you incarnated to do, and you are doing it magnificently.And this is, of course, what was expected, because you are all divine beings starting to remember who you truly are, and consequently you are also remembering why you chose to incarnate at this moment in humanity’s awakening process.

Stay calm, peaceful, and loving, regardless of what may be happening, because that is the most effective and powerful way that you can each move the awakening process forward towards its completion.  This is what you incarnated to do, so do not let your own egos, or anyone else’s for that matter, persuade you that what you are doing is meaningless or ineffectual, because it most definitely is NOT!  You are awakening humanity.

Love is infinitely powerful, there is nothing It cannot achieve or create, however, It never imposes, forces, or compels anyone to accept It.  It is always available, waiting to be invited to enter the heart of any – and there are many – who have, until now, chosen to close their hearts off to It.  And It waits with infinite patience because there is only now, and that is when everyone will open their hearts!  It is ALL that exists, but It will not attempt to terminate the dream state, the unreal state of form with which humanity is able to engage only by inserting a veil or curtain between itself and Love.  That state was established, as you well know, to experience separation from Source, from Love, which in truth is impossible.  The separation appears real to those in form because that was the intent of those who established it, but it is and always has been a very insecure or flimsy state because it is unreal, because it does not exist.  It is an unreal state of mind that can evaporate or be dissolved the moment you choose to have it do so, by releasing any attachment you have to fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, victim-hood, and the accompanying felt need to blame, judge, and condemn anyone – yourselves included – all of which are major aspects of the illusion in which so many of you are very heavily invested.

Love is your true nature, and therefore you are all capable of loving.  To Love is to be fulfilled, to be complete, to be in joy, to be at peace.  If you are choosing to love only those with whom you agree and with whom you choose to associate, namely those who are of the same culture, ethnicity, faith, political persuasion, or social standing, then that is not Love.  Love never discriminates, it is unconditionally accepting of All that God has created, because that is what Love is, and there is nothing that God has not created, because there is only God (Love/Source/Supreme Intelligence/Divine Wisdom/All That Is) within Which all of creation has its eternal existence.

In form, playing the harsh game of separation, judgment of others is one of the main objectives of the game.  And of course judgment leads to blame and condemnation – and whenever possible – punishment of those so judged.  That totally prevents you from loving.  To awaken is to remember your true nature and embrace It fully and completely without any conditions whatsoever, because that is what Love is and what Love does.  That means that you must each fully accept yourselves, and all others, as the humans in form that you appear to be, without any judgment at all – either negative or positive – about your appearance, skills, abilities, beliefs, levels of intelligence, social standing, etc.  Why?  Because there is only One of you, and therefore all judgment is effectively self-judgment.  What you see, like, and admire in another is merely a reflection of those aspects of yourself, and what you see, hate, despise, and condemn in another are also reflections of aspects of yourself.  In the latter case they are probably aspects that you have denied in horror and buried very deeply indeed in the subconscious parts of your minds.

As humans, playing the game of separation, you are all endowed with every possible aspect of being human from the best to the worst, from the highest to the lowest, and you each did choose the role that you would play in each human lifetime for the lessons that you, and the others with whom you would interact, wished to learn.  So condemning another is to condemn your self.  But, it’s all unreal!  When you believe that it is real it seems that the world is filled with people inflicting intense pain and suffering on one another, and you either see some of it as totally justified, and some of it as totally unjustified, or you see it all as something that must be stopped.

However, if you set the intent to be only loving and allow Love to enter your hearts, you will see that each person “out there” is doing their best in the circumstances in which they find themselves, and that all that they want is to be loved, and to escape from the terrifying and intense sense of separation that they are experiencing as they continue to engage with the dream or game of unreality.However, within the game or dream there is no solution, because Love has been blocked out of the unreal state of mind in which the game is played, in which the dream is experienced.  Nevertheless, you can each invite It in by setting daily, and renewing frequently during the day, the intention to be only loving whatever arises.  Everything that arises is, in truth, a call for Love, a call that each of you has to answer by setting that intent and inviting Love into your lives Full time!  Only then can you truly answer that call.

Supporting appropriate charities or doing good works is indeed very helpful, but it often involves judgment, and to truly answer the call for Love you must release all judgment, and you often find that hard to do, because it does seem, as you look at the world around you, that much that is occurring is unconscionable and completely unacceptable.  But when you set that intent firmly, and without conditions – such as “when those in power make a serious attempt to achieve peace,” or “when those in power make a serious attempt to stop violent crime,” or “when those in power stop taking advantage of the impoverished,” “etc., etc.” – then the power of your intent is enormous, and it is precisely what is needed right Now in your awakening process.

As we in the spiritual realms continue to watch over you and support you in every moment, we absolutely know that you will achieve your awakening, because you set the intent to do so before you incarnated, and because that intent is perfectly aligned with the divine Will.  So, keep on celebrating, because celebrating is an expression of joy, and your awakening is a most joyful event which your joy is bringing on.

Your loving brother, Jesus.