Mike Quinsey Feb. 21/20

21st February 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Why do we warn against holding onto negative thoughts? Simply because they are energies that build up and eventually take form. Consequently they are attracted by those souls who hold onto such thoughts, even though they represent experiences they would rather let go of.

The most obvious example is that of the “Devil” that exists in thought form only and does not possess a soul. However, its influence is fearful and although souls try to ignore it, through the fear it creates they are maintaining its existence.

In other words when you focus upon something you give it power regardless of whether it is seen as positive or negative. For Reptilians, fear is the energy that they feed upon, and they create conditions that will ensure that type of energy is always available to them. They rely upon it for their existence as “food” and without it would lose their power.

On the other hand when your thoughts focus upon positive energies such as love you are helping spread it around, and are also keeping the vibrations at a higher level. It helps to pacify those souls who are affected by negativity, by bringing about a calming peaceful effect.

Through your own human experiments you have proved the power of positive thought. When thousands of people meditated upon peace the effect was recorded, and it was found that criminal activity was reduced by some 25%. For example if millions of people meditated and prayed for world peace, it would come about for certain. So as the vibrations continue lifting up, they are slowly bringing about welcome changes in your society. Each one of you can contribute to these changes by avoiding self-imposed negativity.

You are on the verge of experiencing far reaching positive changes that will eventually establish a more peaceful society by eliminating the conditions that have led to poverty amongst you. A time is on the horizon that will introduce changes to your way of living that will eliminate the conditions that are presently causing so many problems.

Many welcome changes are coming that will overcome those that have blighted your lives, and will gradually eliminate the causes of poor health and wretched living conditions. It takes time to overcome such worldwide problems but be assured that the answers already exist.

We hope that knowing of the bright and happy future that beckons will give you the strength and purpose to keep steadfast and determined to go through such testing periods, without any doubts as to what the future holds for you. We know you tire of the continual battles that go on around you but the old must first be cleared away so that the new can take its place.

Man is at heart a peaceful being and yearns for a trouble-free existence, where all people regardless of their colour or creed can live together in harmony and caring for each other. You are after all human beings who have had many lives in different countries, often with their own set of beliefs that may be different to what you have now.

Each of you has a responsibility to help those who you may look upon as lesser beings, as in the fullness of time there comes a point when progress depends on all souls having evolved beyond the Matter Universe. There is a time approaching very shortly when your vibrations will have become so refined that you will be ready to move into levels where you no longer need a material body.

However, through your power of thought, you will be able to “think” yourself into one as and when required. Indeed, much of your needs will be thought into being and in no way will they be as great as in your human body now. The power of your thought will enable you to instantly satisfy your needs.

To be enlightened is to be prepared and as you rise up you will know much of what to expect, and of course your Guides will always be on hand should you need assistance. Understand that once you have ascended you will find many things that are familiar to you, but because of the higher vibrations they will be radiant in colour and perfect in their presentation.

You of course will retain your looks and abilities as a young person as in the higher level aging does not occur. Again through your power of thought you can “dress” yourself to suit your desires. Times are coming when you will leave the lower vibrations for all time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Jesus via John Smallman Feb. 15/20

Love is both powerful and gentle.

February 15, 2020 by John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening process, as you keep hearing from many sources, is moving forward rapidly and most effectively.  More and more people, who have so far been totally engrossed in the seeming reality of their lives in form as humans, are beginning to become aware that they are far more than their bodily experiences would suggest, and are now very actively seeking knowledge about life after death, and about their spiritual heritage.  This vast increase in interest and awareness is partly because all in human form at this moment chose to be here to take part in and assist with the awakening process, and partly because it is only now that they are beginning to sense – i.e. remember – that life has a much deeper meaning than focusing only on life as a human in form can provide.

Truly, humanity is awakening, and signs of this can be seen all over the world as ever more groups are forming with the intent to bring to people’s awareness now the earnest and heartfelt need to make essential changes in the way humanity engages with itself, and with the worldly environment which supports it and makes life as a human possible.  Change is the one constant in the life of form that you are presently experiencing, and each one of you personally influences the changes that occur, so make a point of becoming aware of how you, personally, influence the changes occurring in the world around you.

Before you incarnated for this lifetime you set the intent to remember the life purpose that you had planned before incarnating at the moment that would be most appropriate for you to fully engage with it.  A sense of this purpose is now arising, just as planned, and you are feeling yourselves moved to engage with life in a more loving and compassionate fashion in order to do the work that only you can do.  As you move forward your awareness and understanding of your unique spiritual assignment will become increasingly clear, enabling you to let go of any doubts or sense of inadequacy that may attempt to persuade you that you are not qualified for the tasks that you have set yourselves.

Remember you are never alone, and that assistance is always available from your support team in the spiritual realms if you will only call on them.  However, many of you feel unheard and unanswered when you do call on them, and this is because often you only call when you are feeling desperate or overwhelmed, and when you feel like that your minds tend to be in a constant state of uproar as your egos go into panic mode, and the clamor of your thoughts drowns out the gentle guidance that you are being offered.  Frequently your sense of overwhelm is caused by events over which you have no control, which leaves you feeling helpless and inadequate.  However, that is not the case, you are neither helpless nor inadequate, you just need to focus on what you can do in a situation, as opposed to focusing on what your egos keep telling you needs to be done, and which it seems you cannot do.  Each one of you is capable of making an enormous difference in the world when you just set and maintain the intent to be only loving whatever arises.

Love is both powerful and gentle.  You do not have to take violent physical action to correct situations that are causing trouble, and history makes it clear that this has never worked.  Gentle persuasion, offered lovingly and without judgment or condemnation, is extremely effective, and there are very few among you who have not experienced this personally, or at least seen others effectively dealing very successfully with issues in this manner.  You have enormous power when you engage lovingly with life, and before you incarnated, knowing this, you did set the intent to be loving whatever arose.  Now is the time for you to put that plan into effect.

One of the most effective ways in which you can open your awareness more fully, so that you can receive or access the information you need to complete your awakening assignment, is to allow yourselves to trust that all is divinely taken care of, and to realize that all you need do is to flow freely with the energies of the Tsunami of Love which have enfolded the planet to guide her forward.  All is moving forward perfectly toward your awakening, so just let go of the doubts and anxieties relating to the news of conflicts, epidemics, and political chaos on which the media of every nation is constantly focusing its and your attention.  Yes, there is much going on that needs to be dealt with, and so major changes are being planned and considered so that humanity can move forward humanely and compassionately into the new era that will lead to an end to conflict.  The realization is becoming apparent to increasing numbers of people that conflict is a totally inadequate and ineffective way in which to attempt to resolve any kind of disagreement, either on an individual scale or on an international one.

Conflict has never served humanity except to demonstrate how utterly inadequate engaging with it is if you really wish to resolve issues and problems.  Frequently, over the eons, people who have allowed their egos to control and direct their thoughts, words, and actions have enjoyed punishing and destroying those they have considered to be wrong, and therefore their enemies.  Nevertheless, those same people have also suffered enormously due to their behavior, when the treatment that they have meted out to others is later used against them.  Many are in pain and suffering, and the antidote is Love.

The time for conflict is over, especially now as you understand the immense destructive power of modern weapons that technology has made available, and which ever -increasing numbers of military organizations are deploying as “defense systems!”  When new weapons are invented an intense need to use them arises because those who have control of them, while possibly being bright and intelligent people, tend to have an emotional age of somewhere between approximately eight and fourteen years, and thus have an intense desire to see these new and exciting weapons in action!  Many grew up in abusive environments and learnt to be street smart, which means generally taking preemptive action to ensure their survival, and as a result they never matured as human beings, because they believed that they had to be constantly on guard against surprise attack.

To mature as a human, and to then evolve spiritually, as has always been your collective intent, it is essential to take time out to be quiet daily in a space in which you feel safe.  During that time the nudges and reminders from your support team in the spiritual realms can bring to your attention the awareness that you are a spiritual being having a temporary experience in form.  When this happens an intense interest in the real purpose of your human life makes itself felt, leading to ever deeper excursions into the depth of your being where Love resides permanently.

These quiet times need to be available from very early childhood, and yet many children are constantly encouraged to be doing things with no time available to just be quiet.  The cultures in which most children grow up tend to encourage non-stop activity – and little ones do need lots of activity as their bodies grow and develop – leaving very little time for quiet reflection.  And yet children do need regular time periods during which they can reflect on what is happening to them as they grow from infancy to adulthood, and in doing so they can start to become aware of the absolute vastness of their inner space.  Day-dreaming is good for everyone, especially when you dream about engaging lovingly with others in honor, respect, and love.  Love is your nature, as you very well know, so to spend time in contemplation of that nature, your divine nature, strengthens and inspires you, leading you to greater self-knowledge and intense inner peace.  And doing that is part of the task you set yourselves before incarnating, so, as I have asked you so often, please make sure to take time out daily for this essential practice.  When you do, you will start to see the Love that resides in everyone else.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Mike Quinsey Feb. 14/20

14th February 2020. Mike Quinsey.

As time passes and the vibrations continue to lift up so gradually the degree of negativity on Earth will decrease. In fact there will come a point where only the positive energies will exist and that means the end of the dark Ones, as they cannot exist at the highest levels.

By such a time the “Event” will most likely have taken place and those souls whose vibrations had been sufficiently lifted up, will have ascended. Already many souls are sensing that the changes they are going through are an indication of something “big” that is going to happen.

Many know that the end times were predicted but there was no certainty of them, except that the year 2012 was looked upon as a key time when something special was expected to happen. Since that year many prophesies have been linked with it and the numerous Earth changes taking place are seen as a sign that major ones are underway.

Some are worried that it is the end of the world but it is not just the end, but a change that sees the present third dimension giving way to the fourth dimension. It is the reason why only beings that have prepared for it will find themselves moving into that level.

Every soul will move on and all will find themselves at a level that matches their own vibrations. It will be the beginning of a New Age of beauty and peace not experienced in your lifetimes. Each soul will continue their evolution so that they continue to evolve, and eventually reach another end time when they will again have an opportunity to ascend. As previously they will be helped to progress and instead of starting all over again, will commence with the advantage of what they had gained from previous lives.

Many souls are awakening because of the higher vibrations and beginning to understand the true purpose of life. They also realise that every soul is linked to each other and beginning to understand the concept of all life being One. That comes from understanding that all intelligent life forms have the Spark of the Creator within.

It is why in the scheme of things you periodically return to the Godhead, only to be sent out again for further experience. That is putting it in a simplistic way for easier understanding as you are in the early stages of evolution. Yet you have had sufficient experiences to have evolved to the point of ascension.

With the present difficulties that exist upon Earth, making headway is not easy yet it is a test of your resolve to stay peaceful and loving to all souls. If you have the right frame of mind you would not find it difficult to achieve, and it helps by seeing all souls as equal to yourself and on the same journey.

By your example you can help other souls understand what they need to do to continue evolving. It is understandable that many have the desire to ascend as they no longer feel “at home” in the lower vibrations with all of the negativity that takes place. That is your challenge, and if you can maintain a calm, peaceful and loving attitude where other people are concerned you will succeed.

You have come a long way to reach this point in your evolution, and it is why you are being given much help to ensure you have every opportunity to ascend. If you could glimpse what lays ahead for those who are successful you would not hesitate to put every effort into your life right now. If you feel that you have failed do not despair and keep your focus on your goal as you may not after all have created such a problem as you may imagine. Never give up as all experience is valuable in your quest to rise up.

It is as well that as far as possible you prepare yourselves for the changes that are coming, although they may be far away at present. Many advancements are just waiting to be introduced but as always it has to be at the right time. As you will know by now, the Illuminati have done their best to hold you back and been quite successful. However, little by little some advancements have been introduced that have helped you to enter the New Age. Some changes to come will be so far reaching that how you live now will seem very antiquated.

Society will change well beyond anything you can presently imagine. So there is much to look forward to when you shall at last benefit from amazing advancements that will take a lot of drudgery out of your lives. Keep hold of your vision of the future as in part you are responsible for which changes manifest.

Hovering in the background is the “Event” but regardless of it life will go on as usual. After all you are still growing through your experiences and many of you have a part to play in them. All of you will eventually find your right place, so that the changes will result in all souls moving into a level that reflects their stage of evolution at that time.

There is much help needed by many people at this time, still suffering from the ravages of war that on some cases has meant that they have never had a permanent home. It is of course tied in with the outworking of karma, whilst at the same time offering other people opportunities to show their kindness and sympathy to others in need.

Great numbers of people have been displaced by wars or the threat of wars, and their needs allow others to show sympathy and help in their time of need. People look to their leaders for direction and encouragement but they are not always awake or willing to act, through lack of concern or understanding of their plight.

Obviously the greatest help will come from the ET’s who have been patiently waiting for mankind to commence putting their Earth into a restored state, that undoes the harm and damage that has left you with polluted and poisoned soil and oceans. They look to you to make a start and show a positive intent to right the wrongs that have taken place.

We leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild Feb. 9/20

Hi Guys. Making this time to hang out with you, so very much hoping you are home and ready for a chat?

Welcome to you and welcome to All. Even those who know nothing of us, we still send out welcoming Loving thoughts to them, for that which we say, that which we intend to assist … goes ‘out there’ anyway and reaches their Energy whether they are aware of it or not, or whether they want it to or not. This is not interfering with free will. This is producing opportunities at their door step should they choose to open the door.

Keep that in mind, Dearest One’s, if you will. ALL good thoughts, ALL kind intentions, ALL that is for the Highest Good of ALL, sent out to ALL … is never in vain. Sometimes, it may feel that very little of these ‘Goodness thoughts’ reach their destination. This is not so. Always the destination is reached, yet, the fact remains that there is always choice as to whether or not these Energies of Love are absorbed at the time, or simply left ‘dangling’ until such time when the receiver is ready to accept and indeed, receive.

That’s interesting because I thought that if one sent out Loving thoughts to someone in need, that no matter what, they would make a difference.

They do. Even when they are ‘just hanging around waiting’ to be received, they engage in a dance with the … would we say … ‘outer energies’ of that soul or circumstance and nudge away little by little to penetrate through. It is rather like knocking down a brick wall … after much hammering away … it weakens the structure and suddenly, just when one feels it is a pointless exercise, the wall comes crumbling down.

Dearest Ones. Never feel that your thoughts to another or The Whole (for they are One and the same) fall on stoney ground. Have you not witnessed flowers growing up through concrete?

Every Good thought, every Good intention is NEVER wasted. For within these ‘prayer formations’ are again, ‘codes’ that heal on other levels.

We would put it in a childlike way such as this. If you were to be sending out thoughts through the ether’s to someone far away … and to get there, these thoughts had to travel over land and sea … imagine how many souls, birds, flowers, tress, blades of grass, droplets of rain and full oceans they have to ‘pass through’ to get there. So what you may imagine to be a kind gesture of Loving thought to someone far away, actually turns out to be a massive healing project as your Love passes through all these Living Energies on its way to the recipient.

Do not underestimate every move you make. Do not undervalue every thought process that is for the Highest Good of ALL. The POWER within your thoughts of Good intent is way, way, way beyond your imaginings. Because your imaginings have been hindered and curtailed over time, to leave you ‘believing’ that your ‘healing skills’ are very limited … or only fully comprehended by Gurus sitting on top of a mountain.

Stretch your minds, Dearest Souls.

Stretch your limitations. Do not believe ANYMORE that when you get to be a really, really, really Good person, that maybe then, you can heal a sore finger and feel Blessed for doing so and having such a gift.


Stop the dilly dallying. Recognise the TRUTH … RIGHT NOW!


They are part of your make up. They are not to be earned through merit of being a Good Human Being.

All of you are Good Human Beings. Each and every one … at heart … are Goodness. For each and everyone come from the Godself.

You are aware and sickened by the acts of those who believe they are ruling your Planet.

Believe? Are they not actually ruling it then?

No. They only ‘think’ they are …

Yet, what you think you are., you become.

Exactly. So, if you think and believe that your Planet s being run by those of Lesser Light, then so be it.

Yet it is, isn’t it?

Because you believe this to be so. Change your beliefs!

You see, this is where I get confused. It is more than obvious to us that those of lesser Light are running the show … have you not said this yourself?

Yes we have. Yet, they are running the show because it is embedded within the belief system that they are.

Because it’s true???!

Because one has believed it is so.

If each and every one that is aware of this, changed their attitude … changed their knowing … changed their belief system to a different one … say one turned their thoughts around and BELIEVED that your Planet was run by Golden Angels of Light for the Highest Good of all … if everyone did that … then the Energy flow from doing so, would make that become your Truth.

What ever you choose to think … when you think about it and focus upon it for long enough shall become your reality … This is so.

Would you say though, that it would have to be a certain percentage of the population that had to do this, in order for it to happen?

We answer to that both yes and no.

For you see, Blossom … and please do not take offence … each one of you … each soul is residing within their own world.

Exit stage left! … and … falling straight down the rabbit hole! Please continue and I will try to keep up. I just don’t understand how that can be because everyone else I know, is also in my world.

And you are in theirs! Yet … you run the show ultimately. You conduct the orchestra. You pull the strings. You write the script, design the costumes and decide what role you are going to play and what role those who act along side you will play also. Your own little masterpiece … on display …

For whom to see?

Yourself. Just yourself. Because everyone else is conducting their own show. 

Yet, surely I am in their show and how can that be when I am already appearing in my own? I can’t be in all these dramas at the same time … if I am busy producing my own.

Yes, you can and you are. For you are a reflection of that which they need you to be … in their show.

A reflection of what? Myself?

Yes. If you were to look in to a hall of mirrors you would see many visions of yourself. Many ‘productions’ of you and yet, there you are standing looking into just one mirror.

Your losing me … you know you’re losing me, don’t you?

Remain with us and allow us to flow …

Keeping in mind I am in my human mind/brain and this is doing my head in, for I cannot follow where it is leading.

Dearest Blossom. Here comes ‘the Biggie’ as you would say. You are playing out a role of yourself and who that person is … is who you are choosing to be in any one given moment of experience/experimentation. All that you see and project is your own movie theatre, as we have said. The souls that you cast to play their roles in your movie are there to serve you, in order for you to know yourself.

Yet, what are they doing in my movie when they should be in their own?

They are assisting you. They are in your movie as well as their own … for each ‘movie’ is a movie within a movie, within a movie, within a movie.

One moment please whilst I sweep my brains up off the floor!  This really is another of those chats that get us going nowhere fast and one wonders why we even began. I seriously don’t know if there is any point in continuing for once again, I am deeply lost in the warren and not a carrot in sight!

Yet, Dearest Blossom … seeds have been planted …

Yet, with respect … why confuse us even more?

Because you are ready.

Yet, what’s the point? I am confused enough just trying to get through every day, without all this entering into my awareness … and I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to lecture on it even when I am two hundred and ten … for I STILL won’t understand it.

Yet, Blossom … You know it all. You cannot understand it … from the perspective of life that you are living in.

Then have we not just wasted an hour?

Knowledge is never wasted. Nothing is ever wasted.

Surely, if it makes no sense to you, it’s wasted. I spent 4 hours on a car journey once trying to really understand what political parties stood for what, just because I felt so ignorant. Next day we may just as well have spent those four hours talking about the adventures of Noddy and Big Ears, for not one thing had sunk in … wasted time.

No … just another experience that makes up who you are. Perhaps we should bring this to a close …

Leaving the door wide open?

Of course … and yet, if we had been given the opportunity to finish that sentence  …


We would say to EACH AND EVERY ONE coming from the deepest place of Love … that our main point of this conversation is to reiterate that YOU RUN YOUR OWN SHOW! Whether you think you do or not … whether you like it or not … whether you agree or not …   best get into your most splendid attire for not only must the show go on … yet THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH is about to Blossom forth FROM EACH AND EVERY ONE!

Curtain up … Light the Lights … we’ve got nothing to hit but the heights! (as the song goes). Not sure what this was all about today or indeed, how useful it may be … it is as it is. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Mike Quinsey Feb. 7/20

7th February 2020. Mike Quinsey.

The secret advances in technology have been going on for over 50 years, and the speed at which they have increased means that you are so far behind it would take ages to bring you up to date. The technology now exists to quickly deal with your present problems that are greatly holding back your evolution, and the dark Ones are preventing you from fully benefitting from it.

However, the forces of Light have been trying to create a new scenario so that the rate of change can be speeded up. A complete change cannot go ahead until the dark Ones are stripped of their ability to continue with their control of affairs on Earth. For some time now many of the minions who support them have been removed and imprisoned, but it is a formidable task to deal with thousands of miscreants.

Depending on how quickly the Event takes place it is possible that it will happen before the dark Ones are totally placed in check or prison, so that it is difficult at present to give anything other than an approximate time of 2029/2030. (1)

The old ways of the last cycle are no longer applicable and for Humanity to progress it is important that beneficial changes are introduced as soon as possible, and every effort is being made to achieve it. We have mentioned free energy many times, and it is possible that it might be revealed from an independent source.

That alone would bring massive changes into being and greatly aid the moves to reduce or rid the planet of pollution that is suffocating the seas and destroying marine life forms that you are dependent upon for a balanced ecosystem.

Each soul should take a look at what they could do to help clean up the planet and so encourage the return of all life forms to a healthy environment. Understand that you are most dependent upon Mother Earth for your well-being and survival as well as unpolluted air if you are to return to full health. It has all been neglected for too many years and now is the time for a grand clean up that will help restore nature that has been badly blighted.

There are small groups helping with the changes, but only a world-wide plan will bring the maximum benefits as time is running out before a major catastrophe occurs. You may feel that the sense of urgency about the condition of Earth is unwarranted, but we assure you that the danger signals are there to see for those who have the ability to understand them.

As you might imagine food is at risk because of the poisons that exist within the earth’s soil and even waters. Man is aware of these problems and is now taking steps to reverse the situation, and is just beginning to recognise the immense damage to the coral reefs, the home to so many different types of oceanic life.

Of course many organisations are aware of the urgency to get nature back into balance, but the size of the task calls for a greater response. Your governments and World Health Organisations are taking action, but the size of the problems is overwhelming and calls for more co-operation between nations. It is no good waking up when it comes too late.

The good news is that once you really get going to restore the Earth, there is help waiting from higher sources, although Universal Law holds you responsible for making good all of the harm you do to the environment. We first want to see the proof that you do care for the Earth and are taking positive steps to overcome the problems that presently exist.

Again we mention that we do not wish to take steps that would interfere with your freewill, but we will always help to the degree that we are allowed. We are delighted that Man is beginning to accept responsibility for his actions. Ideas for progress are imprinted into the minds of those who are in a position to get things done, and usually that is a successful way to achieve it. It is then up to you whether you act upon them.

Understand that what is happening in the time you are now in is not like the normal experiences you have previously had. So far at the end of the earlier four cycles of approximately 25,600 years, the Earth has been cleansed so that very little evidence remained of the previous civilisations.

This time Ascension is possible because sufficient souls have raised their vibrations and will go on to ascend by experiencing the Event. What evidence there was has all but vanished, most of it deep under the Earth’s surface from where you have occasionally found remnants of advanced races.

Your version of earlier civilisations is far removed from the truth although in principle Darwin’s version of evolution was correct. Of recent times you have found many skeletons that tell you there have been far more different human species that have come and gone than you care to admit, including Humanoid beings of some 30 feet tall or more.

In a relatively short time further revelations will be made and more understood about your true history. You have much to learn that will shock those who hitherto have not interested themselves in the real truth of your past evolution.

You have a great future ahead of you and many ET’s are awaiting your Ascension because you will be the first to experience it as fully conscious beings. The Event is of course the trigger for it and it will be instantaneous for each soul. Not all will be ready to ascend but will move on as the old cycle is to be closed.

There is a place for every soul to continue their evolution and it will exactly cover their needs so there is no need to concern yourself about your future, as all has been taken care of to ensure a smooth transition from one level to another.

These are exciting times to experience as you have waited a very long, long time to reach this point, and you can now enjoy the success of your efforts to overcome all of the challenges you have successfully met. Be assured that in time matters will settle down and your evolution will progress even faster. By then the dark Ones will have been reduced to a non-effective force and most of them imprisoned for their crimes against Humanity.

They will have played their part in the “power game” and were never going to be allowed to usurp the plan of the higher forces that were for the evolution of those who lived in the energy of the One God. All souls will eventually gain their advancement, and remember at all times we stand beside you leading the way.

In your realms of time matters move very slowly compared to the levels of the higher vibrations but nevertheless much progress is being made. As you cannot see the overall picture it is difficult to appreciate that you are advancing in spite of the chaos that often exists.

However the all-round efforts are bearing fruit and it will gradually become clear to you where you are going. Much is ready to explode upon the scene and it will clearly indicate that the Light is now the dominant force for good. Be of good spirits as you have so much to look forward to that is soon to be revealed.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

White Winged Collective of Nine via Galaxygirl Feb. 6/20

White Winged Collective of Ninevia Galaxygirl
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 11.56.45 AMWe are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We are nine in one, one in nine. We are from the ninth dimensional space and from this vantage point we can see from a higher perspective the tremendous progress that humanity has undergone even since we last spoke through this one (1/15/2020). The chaos you are witnessing is the crumbling of an empire. (I am seeing Roman ruins with dust and rumbling.) The rumbling and chaos must occur for the new to be birthed. Do not be afraid of these changes as the darkness transforms into light or is removed by it. Either way, the light permeates the all and the all is comforted. For you are a part of the all, just as the darkness. You have had roles of dark ones, you have had roles of light ones. You are here from the higher dimensional ways to ground a higher perspective, a higher consciousness, and ground it you shall. For you are doing it. Do not be weary. Be emboldened, enlivened by these words, for we are encoding them with it more light.
We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We see you, we love you. Ground Team the Ages, you have our hearts. We are preparing the way for your victory, but victory is yours. It is a group effort, no doubt. Many behind the scenes are helping, assisting, clearing, and providing tremendous service to you without thanks or visibility. Such is the way of the servant heart, which you are developing. Such is the way of a master who serves with exploding love for when one is enlightened one must serve. It is a natural extension and expression of this realization of self. When you serve others you serve yourself. When you heal the others you heal your own inner woundings and your inner child is freed.
We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We bow to you in service and gratitude for your project contribution to Gaia and her ascension. We see humanity ascending quite rapidly, with grace and ease. Do not be shaken. Stand strong in the light, in your faith. Remember your training and guard your hearts. Enshroud yourselves in light. Let it be your mantle, let truth be your staff, let love be on your lips and in your vision so that you see the others clearly for what they are, an extension of the all, of you, for you are a part of this grand masterful play and your part is an important and vital one.
We are the White Winged Collective of Nine sending you peace this day. We hope that our words have enlivened you, for that is our intention, one of comfort and joy and deep enlivening.~ galaxygirl

Matt Kahn Feb. 2, 2020

Feeling blocked does not mean anything is in your way. That’s just an old way of interpreting the mysterious complexities of life while confusing self-criticism and blame for new forms of insight. Quite literally, feeling blocked means you are in such a state of expectation that you are innocently blocked from seeing the circumstances of this very moment as evidence of what’s already on its way. The reason you may live in drastic states of anticipation is because you are an intuitive being who is so excited about what the future holds, you can’t help but do everything in your power to rush towards it.

The opposite of feeling blocked is being in the flow.

Quite literally, being in the flow means you are advancing towards the future in a more balanced, heart-centered, and grounded way– so much so, you are able to clearly see each moment as auspicious evidence of what is already flowing in your direction. The notion that you have to fix your blocks and ‘do everything you can’ to stay in the flow is an old paradigm way of unknowingly blocking the awareness of life’s inherent flow. It is simply the case of life planting seeds of possibility, only to refine the process as individual and collective consciousness ripens in maturity.

Most who teach these old models have been mislead themselves– no one is instructing this to intentionally mislead you. The initial messaging was to help you accept your power as a Divine co-creator. Now, the Universe refines its message to retrieve such concepts from the grip of ego so you are able to take in the next level of this cosmic truth. Such a new model of co-creation helps you see the art of manifestation beyond the vibration of fear. The fear-based equation of “if I don’t do this, I can’t have that” or “unless I do this compulsively, there’s no way I can have what I want” are two examples of rather clever ways in which the spiritual ego attempts to sell you on micro-management as an essential spiritual practice. From this space of clarity, you may also see how trying to stay at a certain vibration all the time is simply a recipe for ungrounded manic behavior. Such an erratic frequency may only lead to frustration, disappointment, confusion, apathy, depression, and exhaustion.

Whether you have spent a weekend walking on coals, chanting or ‘high-fiving’ strangers in a hotel ball room, breaking boards with your bare hands, or declaring to the Universe that you are ready for something bigger, these are simply activities you choose to do with your time while awaiting what was always destined to come– but only at the very moment that inspires the greatest expansion of your consciousness, wisdom, and maturity.

This means you can feel blocked for as little or as much as possible and never miss out on the magnificent creations that are seeking you more precisely than you can ever seek them. There is free will, but it has more to do with how you choose to see each moment so you aren’t waiting for external circumstances to free you from an inner prison that is only as confining as the conclusions in your mind. As you spiritually evolve, you no longer hold your breath for what’s to come, nor do you imagine ‘it’ having the power to make you any happier. ‘It’ is simply one of many gifts the Universe is providing in each and every breath.

Once the things labeled as adversities and set-backs are welcomed as gifts equal to the outcomes you anticipate and desire, a life-long spiritual aspirant has successfully transitioned into the path of mastery.

This is a space where there is no such thing as blaming yourself for the amount of time each outcome takes to manifest; rather you accept it simply as a perfect set up to help you notice, acknowledge, and see through the limiting ideas you’ve believed. And yet, not even a limiting belief can stall destiny or make it come slower. It’s merely the inner-workings of a wise and loving Universe that doesn’t wish for anyone to be twisted in knots and confused about reality, while serving the highest desire of Source to know itself as you. Simply put, if you think the conventional notions of manifestation is a high level skill set, you can’t imagine the depth of mastery that awakens once you let go and let the perfection of destiny be your invisible vision board.

If you’re asking, “If it’s all such a perfect set-up, what do in-between the arrival of each gift of creation?”The answer is simple: notice the suffering of the planet and dare to serve someone in need, and may it begin with you.

All For Love,