St. Germaine via Nancy Tate May 26/20

Wake up Call, St. Germain, May 26, 2020

There is going to be an upcoming time when all of you will find that you have a purpose in life that has not as yet found it’s way into your beingness. When it does make itself known then you will see why there has been the supposed delay and why it is now in purpose for what it is telling you is the time and opportunity for you to step forth in your personage and see the change in the life that you are about to make. It will be a change that will be of the only way that makes sense to you, and that will be the answer to why you have led your life in the way that you have been doing for the past several months, or years.

It will now make it’s way forth in your life and give you the opportunity to clear not only the past happenings that kept you docile, but will bring to you the understanding of what it is that is taking place in this new moment of power that you have walked into as soon as you create it. It is a time for you to see what you will be doing for the world of yours and all others who will be involved. It will expand throughout the world in one way or another, in one moment of more.

I leave you now with the knowing that you will go forth into this precedented event and take forth the destiny that you have precedented for your world and beyond. I am St Germain, and I see that there are more than this one who are going to see how this will come forth in your life. It will be the joy of being the one and all who will be in the newness of your life and the expression of the Peace, Joy and Love that has been awaiting your next steps in the process of creating the world that is coming for all of life. Go now in that expression and I will see that you are the example for all who are destined for this creation for all of life in Love.

Thank you dear St. Germain! I Love you so much, and I do share this with all who are destined for their next step in life in Love,

Love to All,

Nancy Tate

FOL via Blossom Goodchild May 24/20

Hello there, Oh, Knowledgeable ones!  It seems many are feeling ‘unknowing/lost’ with all that is going on and concerned that they haven’t had their envelope opened yet. Could you reassure them please?

Welcome, firstly. We are happy to converse with you this day and bring All Light and Joy to your Beings that seem to be very much in need of such.

Secondly, it must be understood that although ‘some’ are saying their envelope has been opened /activated … that which ‘We’ speak of regarding envelope opening, has not yet taken place. So, that should put many at ease.

Is it going to be an individual envelope opening, at times when one is ready or an ‘all-out mail drop?!’

It is to be around a certain event.

Thee Event?


Oh, so that could be quite a while then?

Yet, not years away, by any means.

So, are you saying …THE EVENT will open our envelopes?

Yes. For that is when All will need to know their position and purpose. When this ‘hits’ it will awaken the vast majority.

Not all?

Blossom, some will choose to awaken outside of their human flesh. In that, they will choose at the time to be ‘elsewhere’ and therefore, leave their mortal coil.

Everyone will Feel/Experience ‘The Event’. The vastness of it … the Energy of it … cannot be missed.

I thought we may need the envelopes open before then, what with all that is going on?

You do not need them opened before then because all that you require to assist THE WHOLE is within you.

So, what added extra does the envelope bring?

It takes you to a completely different level of KNOWING YOURSELF AND YOUR TRUTHS.


The Energy that it is to bring within it has never before ‘met’ your Earth frequencies.

Yet, we have some time yet before this occurs?

Let us say … this will not take place in Phase Two.

To continue to answer the question … Understand that you are MIGHTY BEINGS within the human embodiment … and these times that have been drawn out have subdued the inner KNOWING to a point sometimes, where one feels completely incapable of shining their Light, due to the heavy Energies surrounding and absorbed by them.

This does not make one soul less KNOWING than another.

It is important in these times to release the indoctrination of unworthiness and break through the barriers that have kept you in such a ‘space’.

Folk are unsure how to do this.

VISUALISE. VISUALISE. VISUALISE and work on empowering the LIGHT BEING that you are. Meditation is the perfect tool for this.




Thank you. I would like to move onto another question that is concerning many. It is regarding whether one should or should not be passing on videos, channellings, etc. that are being widely spread by those who are awake … to … those who are asleep? There is such divided opinion about this. Should one stop watching ‘what is going on behind the scenes’ altogether and concentrate solely on the Light, Love, Rainbows and popcorn, oops, I mean Unicorns … to keep the energy ‘up’ and just wait patiently for it all to kick off? It’s a tricky one.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest All. Integrity, understanding and discernment would be the order of the day.

We would suggest little seeds being planted and watered as opposed to throwing an entire tree at one, all at once!

This reminds me of White Clouds chocolate metaphor. ( Eat one square at a time, wait until it is absorbed and when hungry eat another)

Indeed, little by little.

Yet, easier said than done. For once you begin, the can of worms is opened due to the questions asked … and then Bam! … the whole lot follows … sometimes. It’s difficult just to say a little due to the nature of the beast.

We understand. We would suggest at such times relying on your intuition. This is when you tap into your inner intelligence and LISTEN TO IT. Allow your Higher sensitivity to kick in and offer Love instead of possible unknowns.

Address it as such in that, explaining that these troubled times will also have an end result of the most unbelievably Glorious days ahead.

With respect they won’t believe us especially if we are walking into more turbulence, as you keep saying there will be … some already think we are a bit cuckoo!

We see little point in sugar coating.

I understand yet, in their eyes we will be seen to be even more cuckoo than we already were.

Until …

I know … we just have to hang on … we are so close now to so much. Aren’t we? Please say we are?


So, should we watch rabbit hole adventures or just jump into the Rainbow?

Balance. Keep your balance … weigh up the feelings within you … if you are feeling too deep within the rabbit hole … slide down some rainbows for a time.

YOU ARE INTELLIGENT BEINGS. You do not need us to tell you these things.

What you do need to do is … KNOW THIS.

Personally, I swing from one mood to another on a regular basis. Sometimes, I even feel ‘oh whatever!’ as if I just don’t care … and then another time I feel so strong and KNOW we have won and how exciting it is/will be.


I am trying. We all are …

We know. We feel it. Yet, we are so much more aware of the Glory that is to come … for we KNOW this is so.

I think that is the thing for so many of us, we don’t feel we are doing enough. We just seem to be hanging around waiting.

For what?

The next phase.

It will come soon enough and you will get through it, just as you have been doing in this one.


Do not for a moment, think that with each breath of I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. that it is not ‘doing its thing.’

Every time you say this … you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you Meditate you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you Laugh you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time your Heart Warms at the sight of a Rainbow you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you SMILE no matter what you have just heard or experienced, you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.


Please read that last sentence again and KNOW IT FROM DEEP WITHIN.

To do what you came to do, does not mean you are riding winged horses with swords of Light 24/7.

Well, not on this human level …

Indeed, for on another level, that Truth and visualization shall aid much.

Just by you being here, on Planet Earth … Being IN IT/OF IT … whether drinking a cup of tea or a stronger tipple … or levitating for the Highest good on a mountain top … YOU ARE CHANGING THE VIBRATION FROM WHAT IT IS … INTO A HIGHER ONE.

There is no stopping this … there is no going back.

The Game is on … and the Light has won. That which is taking place behind the scenes is far greater than even you think you know.

Yet, things like … world wide announcements being made on all screens … ?? It just feels like we are in the middle of a movie … yet, haven’t read the entire script.

You know of course, we would say … ‘You are!’ Have we not ‘related’ this to you many times?

Yes. I guess after all the many things we have hung on to our hats for, there is still that nagging little minuscule thought of … ‘Is this actually all, at last, going to play out, or once again will it all die down and return to ‘normal’?

Blossom, what do you really think about that? Really?

I don’t feel it is so … not this time!

We would agree and confirm.

The clock is ticking …

Meaning 1,000 things.

Indeed, 1,000 things and more.



YOU KNOW … YOU KNOW … YOU KNOW … that which is to come shall be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

We do, we do know that. In Gratitude in Loving service I AM.

Mike Quinsey May 22/20

22nd May 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Your experiences since 2012 that was the end of the last Age have clearly shown that you are going through change, so that you can release the old that serves no further purpose.  You are in the process of a change that will lead you on to the next phase of your evolution.

Clearly when one cycle ends another commences so it is necessary to do some cleaning up so as to prepare yourselves for the next stage in your evolution. More so [because] it will separate the “wheat from the chaff” so that each one can continue to follow a path designated to allow for further development, at a level that gives you opportunities to experience the next stage necessary to expand your consciousness even further.

The future is set to ensure you continue your evolution, having experienced many lives in the depths of the lower vibrations that were your Hell on Earth. Some souls were caught up in them so much so that they were unable to extract themselves from it, whilst others repeatedly took on the challenges presented to them and were able to survive.

In a freewill Universe you were allowed to choose your experiences, although with guidance you took due note of the advice given by those who have already reached a high level of consciousness.

Understand that you volunteered to experience the lower vibrations being fully aware that you were essentially on your own, although help was always within your reach. The attraction for you was that through success you would be able to advance much more quickly and be all the more stronger for it.

So it is with full admiration that we applaud your achievement and will stand aside to welcome you to the higher dimensions.  These may seem premature in view of the fact that there is still some way to go, but you have completed the difficult part and are now rising up to a new level where you will experience the Great Solar Flash of Light from the Sun, that will immediately lift you onto the new Earth – your Ascension.

You may not realise how privileged you are to be on Earth at the actual moment of Ascension and it can be looked upon as an exciting moment in your life. Can you imagine the relief you will feel that at long last you have been successful, and ahead of you are many opportunities to choose your next experiences that will be most exhilarating within the realms of Light?

You will no longer have to live as before but instead have absolute freedom by being able to provide for yourself through your power of thought. Friends and family will be but a thought away making contact very easy.

We like to lift you up by giving you a glimpse into your future as ascended beings, and we can fully appreciate how much you have gone through to prove your strength and dedication to the Light. It will be quite natural that having ascended you will at some stage like to also help others upon their path. You will have many friends and even family that will follow in your footsteps, and it is understandable that you would like to help them and you will have that opportunity.

Mankind with time on their hands is at present going through a period of introspection, as it has become apparent that the old way of living has not proved adequate or helpful to those wishing to prepare for Ascension. The higher vibrations are already bringing out the best in many people and there is more sympathy for those souls that are barely able to exist in their particular environment.

The inequalities amongst the different groups is patently obvious yet they [the groups] should be one, as in fact All are One. Whilst it would be true to say that many have chosen their own destiny, there is no reason why they should not be given that right and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Life on Earth could have been a delightful and happy experience but the dark Ones who believe that in some way they are superior have deliberately kept inventions and advancements exclusively for themselves. The surface dwellers have been under the control of the Illuminati for eons of time, but fortunately the Alliance has now grown in power to the point that they are the dominant force.

They have undertaken to break up the dominance of the dark Ones and have already put many behind bars. Ultimately it is certain that Humanity will become aware of how they have been confined to an “open prison” for so long and accepted it as normal. It is far from the truth, and along with friendly Space Beings who await an opportunity to introduce themselves and bring about changes that will help propel you into a New Age.

Dear Ones, you stand out on Earth like beacons of Light and hardly realise how much you lift others up through your presence. You exude an energy that is calming and reassuring to those who are embroiled in the lower energies due to their low quality of life.

Be assured that they are not being punished but they have needed experiences at such a level to awaken them to the truth. They in turn give others an opportunity to show their sympathy to their plight, and help in a way that shows their love and light for those considered to be lesser beings.

You live in an illusion that has become your reality which is why it is far removed from your true selves. You live a make-believe life although it is set up in such a way that you can learn from it and evolve.

Your true Self is your God Self that remains on the other side of the veil that oversees your life on Earth. It is the source of your being and your ever present God Self of eternal life, and has much to do with helping you to fulfil your life plan. Many have chosen their own destiny, and there is no reason why they should not be given the right to do so and live happy and fulfilling lives.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Questions & Musings 9

What a crazy time it is in the world today! There is a huge battle between truth and lies. Everyone wants to know the truth and when they think they have found it, they hold on for dear life and it can become a huge barrier between themselves and a whole host of others.

We are in a time when the authorities are pushing ‘social distancing’ – an interesting concept – divided we are weak, together we are strong. Some are using the term ‘physical distancing’ which has a much better connotation.

Political sword-swinging is rampant and different ideologies clash, all sides calling the other(s) foul, warning others they are being duped by false information.

At this time, it is so important to relax in your own understanding of truth and don’t feel obliged to try to convince anyone else of your own truth. Instead, just love and respect them for who they are. Of course if they are harmful or abusive that ‘social distancing’ thing is a very good idea!

It’s also important to value your own truth. It doesn’t matter what others think about what you believe to be true. It’s too easy to perceive others as judgemental of your sense of reality and focusing on that just makes you feel badly. It can make you resentful of them and insecure about yourself.

This time is leading to a celebration of life as a human family. Truth will find a way. Be patient with yourself and others. Those random acts of kindness – they are the nectar.



Saul via John Smallman May 18/20

It is absolutely essential that you love and honor yourselves.

05/18/2020 by John Smallman

We are approaching the completion or the end point of humanity’s awakening process!  That probably does not appear to be the case from your perspective as the news media floods the airwaves and the internet with further misinformation about the worldwide pandemic, along with news of the ensuing dramas. However, humanity is on a roll toward a new way of living that will totally change the ways in which you relate to one another, as your perception of the meaning of life as a human evolves into spiritual awareness of the real purpose of your lives as humans in form.  Memory of your true nature is returning, and therefore you are seeing your human lives in a completely new LIGHT!

The Light of Love is arising into your conscious awareness bringing into focus the real purpose of a human life, namely, to recognize, honor, and express your True Nature at all times.  And, as you all know, your True Nature is LOVE.  When you start to do this, even though at first you may feel reluctant to do so, you will find yourselves meeting and interacting with others who are also doing this.  This confirms for you that this is the only meaningful way to live, and arousing in you the confidence – always there but not trusted, because of the sense that confidence in self was felt to be unsafe, unwise – and the courage to set and put into practice the intent to be only loving in every moment, and to allow Love to guide your thoughts, words, and actions at all times.

This is what enlightenment means, it does not mean being out of this world experiencing the intense felt sense of the infinite field of divine Love enveloping and embracing you, as reported by many who have had Near Death Experiences – which is of course totally valid.  It means living in the world as humans at peace with yourselves whatever arises, and not being drawn into the drama that others create out of their strong feelings of like or dislike of people, food, activities, organizations, and the beliefs and opinions they attach to them.  It is a state of being free from worry, anxiety, or fear of what others may think of you, because you know that who you are is who, with great wisdom, you chose to be before incarnating to experience this life in this moment in order to learn the lessons with which it presents you.

Remember, every sentient being without exception is divinely created in Love, and at One with Source, from Whom they are never for even an instant separated.  To awaken is to know this and experience the Reality of It at all times.  Yes, stuff will arise that is messy, unpleasant, and painful, but because you know who you truly are, and live that truth at all times, nothing that does arise will discombobulate you to the extent that you become unable to deal with it and consequently sink into depression or victimhood.  Instead it will arise as a challenge that you welcome, knowing that it is one of the lessons that you set on your human life path prior to incarnating, and you will, therefore, resolve it with excitement and attain a deep sense of satisfaction in doing so.

You are divine beings having a temporary experience in form, although when life appears to be treating you unfairly or unkindly, it does not feel very temporary.  Life just is, it is neither good nor bad except in your own personal appraisal of it.  Life happens, life unfolds, moment by moment as you, in human form, experience it while playing the game or dreaming the dream that life in form presents to you.  Those moments can seem momentary – a moment of intense joy or pleasure – or interminable when you are suffering and or in pain.  A moment is just a moment, but how you experience it is due to the choices that you make – in that moment!

You all know or have met people who are nearly always upbeat, cheerful, and enthusiastic about their lives, and others who never seem to be happy but, instead, are almost always complaining about some aspect of it, or about another person.  Both types are living the choices they have made for themselves.  The reason for their choices are mostly based on life experiences they have encountered from early childhood right up to the present moment, and most definitely those who have suffered a plethora of unpleasant or severely abusive and damaging events and relationships need your compassion and love, free from judgment or shaming.  As all are One, anything you think, say, or do affects you as well as those at whom you direct your thoughts, words, or actions.  Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense to engage in unloving behaviors of any kind – thoughts, words, or actions– because you are then engaged in directing them at yourselves.

When you make the conscious choice to treat yourselves lovingly, fairly, and compassionately, then it becomes impossible for you to treat others any less favorably.  It is, therefore, very, very important, in fact essential that you love and honor yourselves.  Vast numbers of people carry a heavy burden of unworthiness, of unlovableness, and this is often expressed in disapproval of others who are mostly just acting as mirrors to them, because, of course, you are all mirrors to one another, and what you see in others is very frequently a reflection of the self you are presenting to them – Love experiences or meets Love, hatred experiences or meets hatred.  You always have a choice as to how you will think, speak, or act, but many are either unaware of this fact, or choose to ignore it, and allow their emotions to control their reactions or responses to situations in which they find themselves.  Those who choose Love are always far happier and more at peace than those who choose what is not in alignment with Love.

Anyone who is unloving is, in fact, desperately calling out for Love.  But often these people are so full of feelings of shame, unworthiness, or self-hatred, that they are unable or find it extremely difficult to accept Love when It is offered to them.  They obviously cannot move out of this state without help, but until they are willing to acknowledge that their problems lie within them and choose to seek and accept help, then the only, and very effective thing you can do for them is to hold them silently, quietly, and peacefully in your hearts as you send them Love, whenever you think of them, or remember them.

So, to reiterate, there is only Love, Mother/Father/God, Source, with Whom all sentient beings are One.  Therefore sending Love to another is to send It to yourselves, and this is why you are presently incarnate as humans at this moment in humanity’s awakening process.  Be Love, express Love, share Love, and enjoy the peace and contentment doing this will bring you if you can set the intent to do so unconditionally, and then actually do as you intend, by putting it into practice.  Oftentimes people set an intent, but then fail to implement it, and not realizing this, wonder why it is not achieved.

Trust yourselves, truly trust yourselves, operate from the fullness of your personal integrity as you send Love to all – without exceptions of any kind – and know that this is why you are presently incarnate, helping to bringing humanity successfully and most magnificently through your collective awakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild May 17/20

Hello to you from all of us down here.

And hello to you from all of us ‘here’.

Which is where?


So, you don’t have an actual ‘place of residence’?

Only if we choose one at a given time.

So, can you just choose where you ‘feel’ like Being?

Yes. Sometimes it is necessary to ‘appear’ to be in a place for reasons of councils etc. Yet, ‘we’ are just as happy … always happy … to be nowhere other than wrapped up in LOVE.

Sometimes I get a visual of meeting you and sitting around a table in a meeting or being in a circle with you … Is this my mind?

Yes … and ours. Anything can take place anywhere, whenever the need suits. As you know Blossom, you are not confined to the physical body and the physical world.

Oh, but how it seems like it!

The restrictions put upon yourselves are consolidated by eons of domination so that the status quo then ‘KNOW’ the restriction to be True. Yet, of course, it is not. Much like so much that you KNOW to be True and it really isn’t.

Are you talking here still about restrictions upon our capabilities or Truths that we have been indoctrinated with?

Both. As the Higher waves of Energy pour into your Planet now … so much of ‘the self-restrictions’ shall be brought to Light. Yet, one must KNOW in their Being of that which one is capable of in order to ‘enjoy’ one’s freedom.

It is so exciting … to/for … us to KNOW that for so many of you, you shall be set free into YOURSELVES.

Yet first, there is much work to be done on the ground level is there not?

Oh, indeed! Yet, we offer encouragement to you … each and every one. We are in much Joy due to so much that is taking place, that most of the populus do not know about. It is all being handled under extreme caution and extreme conditions. Yet, we say to you … Such Light is building upon your Planet from the inside … out.

Do you mean regarding the Underground cities that are being uncovered and destroyed?

We do. Yet, we also mean within yourselves. So many have awoken during these Topsy Turvy times and this is very encouraging. The balance of such is allowing widespread Hope among Nations.

Nations on or off Planet?


A question myself and many would like to ask is regarding the ‘phases’. As in … how many are there? You have said … and White Cloud also, that we are in phase one. I am a little dubious about asking to be honest, as I have a number in my head and I don’t want to have any influence on the number.

And the number you are thinking is three. Correct?

You read my mind. LOL! Am I right?

No. There are to be five.

FIVE?????!!!!!!!!!!!! Well slap me across the face with a wet fish! FIVE!

Why does this shock you so, Blossom?

Because five gives me the feeling this procedure is going to take much longer than expected.

Yet, would that not depend on how quickly some of the phases are dealt with /delivered?

Mmm! ‘Delivered’ intrigues me.  Are you speaking of an announcement made?

In particular. Yes.

On all screens?


I feel that is much further down the line. I know you cannot divulge too much for understandable reasons. Yet, are you able to speak more to us of these phases and what each one will entail/involve? … and I know your answer is going to be …


I must be psychic! Not even a teeny weeny hint?

All that we would say, to you who are waiting patiently for things to move on a notch and for confirmation of what you think is taking place to be brought out in the open … is this …

Dearest Souls … that which is taking place behind the scenes … and KNOW that there is a vast amount that IS taking place … HAS to be marked out and ticked off with such precision.

You would know Blossom, that before a performance on a stage … much has to be organized, prepared, and indeed rehearsed before it can be shared with an audience.

It would not be fitting for dribs and drabs, as you call it, to filter through before the time.

The time for what?

The time for all the cards to be laid out on the table.  

Much is being ‘leaked’ via the internet and yet again, sometimes one has a hard time knowing WHO exactly is speaking complete Truth and who is not.

There is the danger of this confusion.  If one absorbs too much … it can wrap the mind into a knotted ball of string … which then takes unnecessary time and Energy to unravel.

I have to say, for me at the moment, I watch very little now. (Many share a lot with me.) Yet, many are doing so 24/7. As I said last time, it is frustrating … this waiting for the next step. Yet, many of us are understanding the need for patience. For instance, can you say roughly if there is still a lot to be done in phase one or are we getting close to moving on into phase two?

Blossom, Phase two is almost upon you.

Almost? Soon?  As much as I Love you … ‘almost’ could mean next year.

Yet, it doesn’t. It cannot. This which is taking place is not to be dragged out.

This which is taking place RIGHT NOW and over the next four phases is THE BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION your World WILL ever experience.

Those who have suffered greatly … have suffered enough. This HAS TO END and it is now so close to becoming an ‘open book’ for the human race to discover.

Ok. In for a penny in for a pound, as the saying goes. Is this announcement that is spoken of, going to be in phase 2?


Oh poop!

Why is this disappointing news?

Because I guess, many feel that when the announcement/s are made … then the ball will Truly be rolling.

There is more to be balanced out and put into place before then.

I am sure. So, this is intriguing as to what phase two will present and how will we know when we are in it?

You will know … There will be no question.

Knowing you cannot give too much away, and so we err on the side of caution … will it be a smooth, almost unnoticed move into phase two or a sudden ‘BAM!’?

It will be a sudden BAM!

And is it something that quite a lot of us are expecting to happen?

Yes. Yet, with added, so far, unknowns.

Ok. My thoughts are definitely not THE EVENT …. Too ‘soon’ for that. Surely that has to be phase five!


I Love the way you cover all angles by making me put both an exclamation and a question mark. You guys are good!

We know what we are doing/up against.

So, if I was to push my luck and say ‘another lockdown yet, more severe’ … you, being so clever … would reply …

… … …

Nicely answered. I think! I don’t think any of us imagined it would be like this. I mean how could we have done? We indeed, have to remain strong on so many levels. It can be so tricky when friends and family are not necessarily in agreement with another’s ‘take’ on this whole thing.

And this is why we say that ‘only the strongest of the strong’ were chosen.

And this is why we have expressed to you that it is going to get a lot more Topsy Turvy than this … a lot more.

Yet, we ask you to look into your Being, right now in this moment. How much stronger do you feel in your TRUTH from when this first began … this dis-ease … this fear pandemic? Ask yourselves now. Feel into your TRUTH.

You have certainly found what YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART TO BE TRUE … even though you may not know all the intricate details.







And take a look, Dearest Souls … how strong are you feeling? How Bright is your Light shining from within you … reaching within others?

How much stronger now do you feel as One Unit?

How much now, with absolute conviction can you KNOW …







Spheres? That’s new.

Imagine balls of Light shooting out from you at the speed of Light … reaching the desired destination.

You do not need to know where they are going. You just need to TRUST and send them out. They will find their direction with Love as their guide.

Rainbow Spheres! Nice! I like that.

You will like them even more when you see them!

Oh Boy! I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM.  Many thanks for this chat. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Mike Quinsey May 15/20

15th May 2020. Mike Quinsey.

You are beginning to recover from the Coronavirus and most countries are experiencing an upward turn that will allow an easing up of the restrictions you have been experiencing. It has been a costly experience in many ways, not least of all the knock-on effect of so many businesses suffering near closure.

You have come face to face with the flaws that the business model reveals, and how it has been controlling the lives of so many people. Already they have realised how the world economy has largely been run and manipulated by the banks, revealing that your monetary system has been deliberately subjected to ups and downs to their benefit.

Without a doubt you will have a lot of soul searching to do, if you are to start anew with the assurance that paper money will disappear. The gold standard will return and be the measure of a new economy that is run with real money that has real value.

You will have ample time to make the necessary changes that will ensure that there is no return to the old defunct way of running your countries. Already there are moves taking place to ensure that there cannot be a return to the old ways that cannot take you forward any longer.

With the continuing uplifting of the vibrations and a gradual increase in your level of consciousness, you will have less and less to do with the negativity associated with the old Age. You are on the upward curve and moving into a new level that is gradually becoming free from negativity.

Ignore those who refuse to uplift themselves as they are creating their own pathway to the future. Bless them and move on as they have nothing useful to offer you, as their pathway is not yours. You are treading one that is of the Light and in the not too distant future will lead you to Ascension.

Do not concern yourself about the fate of those who persist in carrying out negative actions, as they too are following a carefully-arranged life plan that will give them the experiences they need to overcome their weaknesses. At such an important time in your evolution you should stay focused on your own goal.

Be assured that every soul has an equal opportunity to ascend, but clearly many of them are still caught up in the fight for individual supremacy. They have little or no concept of the Oneness of Humanity or Eternal Life. However, there will come a time when they awaken to the Light and become aware of their God selves.

You have a multitude of beings from all over the Universe who have come to Earth not just to witness Ascension, but to be ready to welcome you into the Galactic Society. Some are from the Pleiades and other areas in space to “claim their own” and help them to adjust to the new life ahead of them. The dimensional shift leaves your old world behind, so that you can take your place on a beautiful new Earth, free from any form of interference from the dark Ones.

However, there is still a long way to go before the higher vibrations are achieved but you are heading in the right direction, and help is on hand to ensure your success. Never falter as you are assured of Ascension providing you maintain your present vibrations and raise them up as the opportunities arise.

You have come such a long way to arrive at this point in your evolution, so make sure you do not drop back. With so many of you having cleared your karma the rest of your journey should be plain sailing. Yet there are distractions all around you, so care must be taken to firmly keep your goal in sight at all times.

The end times are opportunities for you to help others also travelling the path who may not be as advanced as yourselves. A kindly word or a helping hand can be most acceptable as your experience enables you to speak with authority. It is perfectly normal for those who have advanced in evolution to help others, and in the bigger scheme those who have set the path are responsible for ensuring that those who follow in their footsteps are guided to achieve success.

Understand that you are all One and the sooner you can accept it, the sooner you will advance and be able to treat others with the respect that you seek for yourself. This also applies where other life forms are concerned, because all have souls that continually change as they experience the different life forms.

Life is all about gaining experience and you go where you can best learn from it and expand your consciousness. Your Universe is full of different levels of vibration and it is only in the lower ones that you can experience matter and solid physical forms. Whatever you can imagine already exists somewhere in your Universe

In the not too distant future many of you will rise up into the higher vibrations and look back and realise that you spent many lives in the lower ones. Through it you gained a greater level of consciousness and learned to control your emotions.

It was necessary to overcome what can only be described as the lower emotions. These no longer exist in an evolved soul who has complete control over their feelings, and can remain at one where they are constantly able to remain unaffected by what goes on around them. It takes time to achieve that level of control, and eventually it will become second nature.

Words can hardly express what a wonderful future awaits you, one so different to your present existence that there is no comparison. It will be well deserved as you have plumbed the depths and experienced many horrors, wars and depravity, yet you have come through it and kept your dignity and composure to set a shining example of Light and Love. You are to be acknowledged as a shining example of one who has found their God Self .

I leave you with love and blessings and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

IN love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.