FOL via Blossom Goodchild Dec. 9/19

Once again, Hello! These times are indeed exciting, as more and more ‘dirt is dished out’ publically on those who we have suspected to be of lesser Light. It confirms what you have been saying regarding the worms crawling out of the can!

Welcome Dearest soul, Blossom and to all those involved in the raising of the Planet into a place of Peace and Beauty. Yes, indeed  more ‘news’ is becoming quite compelling on this particular issue of the can of worms … and believe us when we say there is plenty more where that came from.

As each ‘story’ is offered to eyes and ears, remember to go immediately into the ‘I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM.’ mantra, so that instantaneously you are shedding Light on the issue and although listening to that which is being said and seeing that which your eyes behold … you are ‘changing’ the Vibration of it. At the same time you are releasing yourselves from being drawn into the darkness of these issues … which for many will take them to a place of despair.

Open your hearts, Dearest Souls and send Love and compassion to these souls who have lost their way.


Indeed, Blossom. We have spoken of forgiving these souls … for this is the only way forward and as difficult as one may find this to do … one must know that this ‘act of forgiveness’ is for the Highest Good of all. To take one into a land of Freedom, one cannot carry the burdens of hatred, or disgust, or vengeance, or revenge. Any feeling that is not of Light HAS TO BE discarded from the soul’s Energy field, in order for one to walk through the veils and BE OF ITSELF IN LOVE.

Yes, I understand. I have heard of very important politicians being cited in this ‘can of worms’ and I was happy, which sort of felt wrong. Was I gloating? I don’t know, I just felt so pleased that all this is about to come out because it means ‘we are on our way’.

Blossom, we would say that what you felt was a knowing of Joy because as you say, the ball is indeed now rolling. Which means of course, that you are ever closer to the ‘change of position’ and the Joys that are to eventually follow.

Remember too, that these revelations shall be intermittent in order to try and keep some form of order. Yet, as more and more is brought into the open, the more there will be the need for the ‘follow through’ of each occurrence to be highlighted and quickly, because it will be necessary to do so. Your unsuspected citizens will demand answers and we do not have to tell you that indeed, there shall be many, many questions!


Yes, I can. I definitely FEEL stronger in my Being and I FEEL READY … for exactly what I am not sure, yet, I know we will recognise it as it happens

Dearest Blossom, you shall not be able to miss it.


Keep you conversations LIGHT on these revelations. For many will be falling into the mire, due to disbelief and concern. Yet, you know better! Let others know how fantastic this is … that it is being brought to Light and that it means a much better ‘way of living’ lies ahead. Feed them with your enthusiasm about the future … for this is the case, Dearest ones. So much is coming your way and it IS so exciting … it will knock your socks off, as you say.

Speaking of things coming  our way, someone asked if you could explain why it is that different ‘respected’ channellers or givers of information, whistle blowers etc. are given different time lines/dates for this Event that is spoken of so many, many times, throughout so many, many lands and within so many, many religions. How is it that these dates differ so greatly? Many say next year.  (Heard that before, a good few years ago!) Some say 2030, and many other dates in between … We can’t all be right. We can’t all be wrong. Could you shed Light on this matter please?

Certainly, Blossom. WE, THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT GIVE A DATE … FOR WE CANNOT. No one knows an exact date.

Yet 2020 and 2030 in our world is quite a difference.

And it is but a heartbeat in ours.

We do not feel it correct to discuss ‘Other’s messages’ out of respect. Those who follow a particular channel do so because it feels right for them to do so. Who are we to say whether these messages are ‘completely correct’ … in the same way, another could say the same about us, Blossom. Many follow and leave for a while, then return when they feel the call.


I don’t think this is the answer the gentleman was looking for. Could you at least give us a reason why we could be told the difference of the years?

No. We are unable to do so. Because we do not know the answer.

In ‘our’ words and ‘our’ thoughts we would surmise that this ‘SHIFT’, this ‘HAPPENING’, this ‘EVENT’ … it matters not what it is called as long as the Lightest Feeling accompanies it … WILL OCCUR and it draws ever closer.

Which could mean tomorrow or in ten years, seeing as you have no time.

We understand your dilemma.

The fact is, most of us now are not concerned of the ‘when’ … we have graduated from that thought form and now  concentrate on Being the Light and going with the flow as everything unfolds. With respect, it is YOU and other’s from ‘the other side’ that keep bringing it up.

Because it is essential and necessary to do so. To have this knowing in one’s awareness is important. It is the reason that you are upon the Earth at this time.

Yet, many don’t know about it. They haven’t a clue.

Yet, Blossom … MORE THAN ENOUGH NOW, DO KNOW ABOUT IT and you/they are the ones that shall lead the lost across the Bridge.

Other channellers have spoken of there being the need for the balance of souls to know of this in order to ‘tip the scales’ so to speak  … we would say this has already happened.


And we are waiting …

And within that waiting you are shedding more and more Light to those you come across. You are spreading your Light across continents. Your Being is prepared and so now, within the ‘wait’, you are preparing ENERGY OF ALL THAT IS … to BE READY, also.

There shall be signs that this Event is coming. Recognisable signs AND YOU WILL KNOW BECAUSE YOU WILL FEEL IT.

You cannot deny the changes in the Energy just recently and now with the dominos falling, one can be excited to know that all that follows will be ‘shown’ for what it is.

Yet, as I said, it sort of felt wrong to be excited in the way I was.

And as we said this is not the case. It is the excitement of knowing that which we have spoken of for so many, many years is now here and you are living and breathing here upon Planet Earth to witness it.

YOU ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG … or you could not assist.



Each one playing their part. Each one KNOWING that by TRUSTING themselves and that which they feel they will guide and lead others into that same place of TRUSTING within THEMSELVES.

The momentum gathers and strength will build and there shall be no stopping THE LIGHT AND LOVE THAT YOU ARE from doing what it came here to do.

In this knowing … does it matter to you when the Event will take place?

No. We were just trying to determine why different dates, very different dates, were/are given?

And with THE GREATEST OF RESPECT we would say once more, we are not in a position to answer.

Fair enough. I will accept that, as you never really answer in this way, so I will respect this answer of not answering!

I feel we are done for today, if that’s cool with you? ‘Cool’ being the operative word as it is blazing hot in Australia right now and summer has only just begun, and what with the blaze/haze of the fires its pretty full on!

Weather all around your Planet is ‘acting up’. When it is the turn of certain dominoes to fall … and they shall fall heavily with a bang … the weather on your Planet will slowly be able to ‘correct’ itself into the seasons that were designed for nature and all her inhabitance to thrive. This will take a while for ‘her’ to come back into balance, yet, when order has been restored … the seasons shall once again be respected for that which they are, in all their Glory.

So much, Dearest souls has been tampered with upon your Planet that its original outlay of its plan is almost unrecognisable. THIS TOO SHALL BRING SO MUCH JOY … FOR/TO … ONE, WHEN THEY CAN ONCE AGAIN BASK IN THE GLORY OF THE DIVINE TAPESTRY.

MANY THANKS to Each One for remaining steadfast and loyal to that which they KNOW to be of TRUTH.


As White Cloud would say! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The audio for this channelling shall be posted below shortly. 

Orion & Pat Dec. 5/19

Dec. 5/19

Orion- we are happy to speak with you tonight -we were watching your video with you and assisting in your understanding of Venus and the people who live there – some of those people have been alive for thousands of years – when your body doesn’t age there isn’t much motivation to change bodies – we see that those contacts were selling love and that is the main currency in the galaxy and beyond – you will have a great event very soon and move to 5th dimension as we did – it may look a little different to people of different orientations – write soon – Orion

(Video I was watching was Rob Potter with queen and a commander from Venus)

Orion & Pat Nov. 25/19

Nov. 25/19

Orion- we are with you as always – let us speak about the changing energies you are experiencing on your planet – the ‘transition’ is already taking place and will peak in about 2 months – it is building as people are beginning to see more of the higher dimensional phenomena – be assured that this will not make people afraid, but only curious – it is a big change in perception that comes with this transition time – don’t worry about people for each of the earth humans are with a soul self that cares for them during all this- you are going through much change within yourself and letting go of the last vestiges of this lifetime of experiences – learning to not trust others is not what you hoped for – you are seeing this partly from your own experience but also due to the lack of trust others are putting out there – Sleep – you are tired – write soon – Orion

Mike Quinsey Dec. 6/19

6th December 2019. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones, I cannot emphasize sufficiently the need to focus on your future, and give your visions of it your full energy, inasmuch that it would be pointless to be still living in the past. You are all well into the New Age now and leaving the old behind as it has well served you with its purpose.

Already those of you who have awakened will continue to do so and the ultimate goal is to experience Ascension. In the present time you are gradually rising up, and some of you will have already noted that your consciousness is expanding.

You are being given help to understand the changes that are taking place that will enable you to eventually become Galactic Beings. It is largely your interpretation of events that is so important if you are to continue in an upward direction, and why holding on to the old understanding will delay your evolution. We have previously asked you to think big as Mankind will itself help influence the outcome and mould your experiences accordingly.

Words cannot adequately express the wonderful period that lays ahead, one of peace and happiness without the interference and influence of the dark Ones, who will eventually move in a different direction to Humanity. The coming changes are what you have been working towards for millennia of time and you have proved your worthiness by passing the marker.

Having done so there is no way we would allow the dark Ones to interfere with your progress. They will be a nuisance from time to time but unable to seriously delay your ultimate success as you enter the higher vibrations. We will support you all of the way and as always are on hand to deal with any interlopers. They have been kept away so as to prevent any interference with your chosen path.

Do not forget that thoughts are energy and through them you attract more of the same so be careful what you give your energy to as it may come back to haunt you. You have a beautiful soul that is of the essence of God and as you shed the lower energies so your Light becomes stronger and stronger, and in time you will once again become a fully lighted being.

You cannot imagine the joy we will feel at your success, knowing that before long we will be greeting each other in the higher levels of vibration. There will certainly be celebrations and old friends that you have long forgotten will once more meet with you.

Many of you are from Sirius and your families are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to welcome you back. It is not to say that you have never met since you dropped down unto the lower dimensions, as from time to time the opportunity has arisen when you have been out of the body. However, as we have mentioned previously, you may bring those memories back with you when you return to your sleeping body, but they are hard to bring to mind again once you awaken.

Most souls whilst in their sleep move out of the body even if only to hover immediately above it, whilst others may move into what has come to be called the Summerland [a higher Fourth-Dimensional Plane of the astral world].

It is there after death of the physical body that souls first review their life activities and how their life plan worked out. In their etheric bodies souls get together and can have food and drink that is totally free, and will discuss earthly problems they encountered and the answers to them. Many problems have been sorted out in this way although the actual visit to the Summerland may be just a vague memory when they return to their physical body.

You often state you will sleep on a problem expecting to have the answer when you awaken, and often you do. The most exciting and satisfactory experience in the Summerland is meeting those who have already passed over, who will almost certainly have already changed their appearance through the power of thought, looking younger or free from any disability they may have had whilst on Earth.

It is necessary to mention that you will normally pass on to other levels once you have determined how and when your next experiences should take place. No doubt you are now becoming more aware of what the difference is between life on Earth and your afterlife. You should also realise that life is eternal and in reality there is no such thing as death as you understand it, but, yes, there is death of the physical body and normally in accordance with your life plan.

The value of having life after life means that you have ample time to gain experience and prepare yourself for the next one. There is always a plan that if successful will move you along your evolutionary path, and gradually your vibrations are lifted and you rise ever higher as you pass through the different levels of vibration.

The benefit of being able to reincarnate is that you have endless opportunities to succeed and move into a higher level of vibration. Once you have achieved Ascension there is no reason to go back to the lower vibrations and you will have no obligation to do so. All matter may seem solid and often very hard, but it is because of the atoms vibrating at a very fast speed giving the impression of being solid.

Many times through your various lives you have completed all of your experiences, and returned to the Godhead before setting out on yet another journey into the unknown. It is God who sends you out for the very purpose of gaining experience and knowledge through you, that you can take back to the Godhead.

You are just one soul out of trillions who leave it periodically to gain further experience, so whilst the principal reason is for your evolution you also serve the Godhead. It is a simplistic way of looking at it but it conveys the right impression to aid your understanding. You will not get a more detailed description until you are in the higher dimensions and able to comprehend a suitable explanation.

One of the greatest truths you will ever be given is the purpose of life and where it leads, as you may conclude that one day all souls will have returned to the Godhead from whence they came. In the past souls have been sent out time and time again to experience, and each time they have returned to the Godhead that has grown because of it. The Godhead is a timeless experience where souls are in boundless love and time stands still, so much so that they are more than happy and ecstatic to remain there forever in the pure love of the Supreme Creator.

There is no existing language that can be used that adequately describes perfect bliss and happiness, but most Humans will have experienced the intensity of the love energy yet that is but a pale reflection of the Creator’s Love. Perhaps no words at all are capable of describing such an overwhelming experience. Knowing what the future holds for you should embolden you to see it as a great and exciting journey that is never ending and full of joy and happiness.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild Dec. 2/19

How wonderful to be able to connect up with you, not just today, yet, in general. You have offered so much advice as to how to ‘cope’ in these tumultuous times, and for this service we are so grateful to you.

Welcome ONE and ALL. We thank you for your accolades, Dearest Blossom and yet, we are very much in the background upon this mission. For it is you … YOU BEAUTIFUL BEINGS OF LIGHT upon the Earth plane, that are the ones who are BEING(S) OF GREAT SERVICE.

You knew before you ‘arrived’ of how it would be. You knew also, that your memory of this KNOWING would be erased upon that arrival.

Yet, deep down in the core of your BEING, YOUR KNOWING KNOWS … and this is why you follow your heart’s call and remain steadfast and diligent. For although ‘time’ is an ongoing ‘wait’ for you all, you know too, that what is to come is to be of such GREAT CHANGE … in ways of LIGHT and LOVE SHINING DOWN UPON AND WITHIN YOUR PLANET … AND WITHIN THE HEART’S CORE OF YOUR VERY BEINGNESS.

The strength that is to present itself to you, in ways that are not yet understood, will give you new found perspectives on the reasoning of why you are here.

That which once appeared to be normal, will not be so. For a ‘new normal’ is approaching and it is to be something that fills ‘EVERYTHING’ to the brim with a NEW BEGINNING.

Do you mean THE EVENT when you say this?

We mean a build up to it. Things will fall apart, systems shall quiver and much sadness and upheaval will ensue.

And a Merry Christmas to you, too!

The fact is Blossom … You live in a world of opportunity. You live in a world of Courage. You seek out that which is OF THE LIGHT and you follow it.

When you TRULY, FULLY, KNOW THE POWER WITHIN YOU … such disturbances that indeed will be enormous … will not actually ‘disturb’ YOUR equilibrium, unless you allow it to.

As each ugly gesture of a deeply negative Vibration surfaces, it is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU as to how you choose to accept it and what your intentions are to ‘Clear it’.

That which is to be ‘shown’ is of a Vibration … for ALL THAT IS … IS.






So, when atrocities and all things that are of the lowest Energy are presented to you … do not for one minute allow your mouth to gape open in surprize and disbelief. Simply acknowledge each and every time ‘Ah yes. Here it is. Here is our ‘parcel’.


Parcel. Yes Blossom. You unwrap it … see what is inside and find the Joy in USING YOUR POWER TO COMPLETE YOUR TASK. IT IS A GIFT … THIS LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

Do you mean sending it Love is completing the task?

We do and yet, although one’s heart is to remain ‘LIGHT’, for Being Light hearted … within/about … ‘all of this’ is a major Game Changer, we ask that you take your BEING INTO THE KNOWINGNESS … OF/ON … A FAR GREATER UNDERSTANDING.

It is time now to take matters into your own hands/hearts. Yet, to do so … you have to walk more deeply into your BEING.

It is all very well to say, with respect … I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE I AM. Yet, unless you are prepared to FEEL it … its magic is not activated.

We KNOW you understand this yet, not anywhere near the level that we are trying to express to you of WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

A MILLION TIMES or more have we said to you KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YOU ARE LOVE …YOU ARE LIGHT … in a million different ways … and this knowledge IS getting through. Yet, we desire for you TO FIND WITHIN YOU … the level to which you REALLY GET IT.

YES, you have all come so far.

YES, you have advanced in ways that were unexpected of yourselves.

YES! YES! YES to so many many aspects of moving forward along your journey. Yet, STILL WE KNOW … that you have not yet ‘cracked the code’.

And … we’re off! Pray tell, kind sirs and siressess … how does one go about doing that?

By having the greatest intention when you close your eyes and smile and take deep breaths to connect up with the HIGHEST PART OF WHO YOU ARE.

Actually, If I may jump in here. There are many of us who have been working on this for a long time … and not even cracked open an egg, let alone THE CODE! Is this because of Earth’s density?

No. Because although Earthly density/Energies can restrict and even delay certain possibilities … it cannot take ‘you’ away from ‘you’. Essentially.

Then why is it, that even with so much intention to KNOW OUR LIGHT IN ITS FULLNESS OF ITSELF that we cannot get to that level which you speak of?

We are not for one moment saying you cannot. Perhaps, Dearest Souls, it is that the opportunities to ‘try it out’ at the level required have not yet ‘come your way.’

Well is that a ‘perhaps’ or is that a “definite’?

Here we are confusing you a little, which is not our intention. It is understood that souls of Earth are on many different levels of understanding, Vibration, Energy, Knowledge, unfolding, recognition and indeed, commitment.

Therefore, there are some who may not have ‘cracked the code’ yet, are certainly closer than others.  In comparison, we would say metaphorically, that some are still on their adding and taking away, whilst others are on highly involved logarithms.

Are we going to be able to crack the code, then? Or, will it only be a few?

ALL, each and every one, in time, shall do so. For, although we speak of it in the way we do … it really, in another way of expressing it, is about reaching a level of your own awareness that allows you to ‘Get it’ , GET WHO YOU ARE.

Are you saying then … that when we are in full swing of dealing with the world turning upside down that we will have that opportunity?

YES. And this is what we ask you to concentrate upon. Experimenting with this Higher Light of yourselves.

Thing is, believing we are and seeing proof of who we are, are two very different things. Many, I would say, have tried little ‘experiments’ within ourselves to test this theory out.

Such as? …

I knew you were going to ask me that! Eh … one ‘simple’ one that springs to mind is ‘moving objects’. I KNOW it can be done … absolutely with my BEINGNESS, I KNOW it can be done. Yet, it has never worked for me. I remember once, a group of us trying it … fully concentrating on this one object till we were blue in the face and … nope! Nada! What am I missing? Not faith, not Trust, not the KNOWING … for I know others can do it.

You are not missing anything.


Your KNOWING KNOWS it is possible. Your KNOWING KNOWS a single soul could literally move a mountain.

I’d like to meet that soul!

You COULD meet that soul. That soul COULD be YOU. It COULD be any one of you.

We seem to have gone off track from cracking the code.

Not really Blossom.

Once again, we remind you of the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM.

Keep on keeping on FEELING this … over and over and over.


WE cannot reiterate enough the POWER THAT LIES WITHIN THIS.

The more you continue and build upon this ‘CODE’ … the closer you become to cracking it.

So, I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM is a code?

As we explained last week, Blossom … everything is coded.

Yet, this particular one is of great value … more than we are able to express in words.

It takes you home … and when you are there … you reunite with your family … who are also there because of BEING THAT CODE and repeating it and FEELING it.









You have travelled so far on your journeys. You have remembered much. Yet, now … in these days upon you … you will take yourselves to a newer level. A Higher level. A Greater level of yourselves … of your understanding of this KNOWLEDGE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

When you put it like that … it’s actually very exciting.

Indeed. Because no matter what is to unfold … YOU KNOW … that it is for the HIGHEST GREATEST GOOD OF ALL.


And so it is indeed. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Saul via John Smallman Dec. 1/19

To awaken is to know who You are.

12/01/2019 by John Smallman

As a large part of humanity – those who are aware that they are on a spiritual path leading to their awakening – waits expectantly for the awakening to happen, much is occurring worldwide that is very unsettling for nearly everyone, and very painful for those who are living in war zones or in areas in which the planet herself or the weather is causing damage and disruption on a large scale.  This is all in preparation for the awakening, because much negativity – resentment, hatred, bitterness, anger, and negative judgment – that humanity has been clinging to, has to be seen, acknowledged, and released in order for you to awaken.

Those strongly held feelings and opinions most definitely affect not only those who live in areas where they are endemic, intensifying them, but also people all across the world, and the planet herself.  Therefore it is essential that you all open your hearts, even more fully than you already have done, to allow Love to flow through you far more freely to those who are living in fear and thereby shutting It out of their lives.  Your intent to share and extend your Love to all on Earth, regardless of the apparent differences between you – whether of race, color, or ethnicity, of religious or political beliefs, or any other differences – is the most effective thing you can do to assist in the awakening process.

Your awakening is inevitable, because it is God’s Will.  And, because it is God’s Will, it is also your will, because You and He are One, always, eternally, in an infinite state of joy!  You have never left that state, but the vast majority of humans focus their attention on the myriad distractions with which it seems that the illusion, the dream/nightmare state is continuously presenting you.  It is a very noisy and disturbing environment, and while you focus your attention there it is practically impossible for you to be aware of or access the field of Love in which your eternal existence is forever playing out in supreme happiness.  Some of you have had moments when you very briefly experienced that Love, when you actually felt It, and It mightily changed your perception of life permanently.  Fear then fell away, leaving you in a state of peace and acceptance, knowing that you are indeed beautiful sentient immortal beings, infinitely and eternally loved by God.

You are all, every sentient being on Earth, Love incarnate in form.  Love is the infinite and eternal flow of energy that is the life force within those forms.  That is, You are the Love that expresses Itself through each and every form.  While in form your memory of your divine nature is forgotten, and the life paths that you have each individually established for yourselves, and which you are following in every moment, were specifically designed for you, before you incarnated, to lead you back to remembrance of who you truly are, namely One with Source, Mother/Father/God, LOVE.  And, of course, there is nothing other than This!

To awaken is to know who You are, and in knowing who You are great joy arises because You are then instantly aware that you are eternally alive in this wondrous state that no words and no poet can ever express.It is a state that has to be experienced by each of you individually, and as it arises in your awareness You instantly know that You are One, that there is no separation, that there is only Love, God, Source without end, limitation, or boundaries of any kind whatever.

Life as a human is rather like living in a maze or a labyrinth from which there appears to be no exit except through death!  And this is very disturbing, exasperating, frightening, and depressing, so people seek distraction through a variety of hobbies, sporting activities, and easily accessed non-activities such as watching movies, or aimlessly scanning social media posts in the hope of finding an exciting drama in which to engage.  Anything to avoid being alone with themselves, because most people have a deeply ingrained sense of unworthiness, of not being good enough, or not as good as . . . a family member, a friend, or someone of public note.  Being alone with one’s self, aware of one’s self is very uncomfortable because then the ego judges and condemns the self for all its perceived failings and inadequacies.

However, you are ALL perfect divine beings!  You were created perfect, because what God creates can only be perfect, and that state never changes!

Nevertheless, because for the most part you identify with your bodies, which age, get sick, and die, the idea that you are perfect not only fails to resonate with you, it cannot resonate with you, because death – which for bodies is inevitable – is what you fear the most.  And of course your egos powerfully encourage you to identify with your bodies and, therefore, with them.  Your egos thrive on your sense of separation because you then turn to them for advice and guidance, and what they offer you is always negatively judgmental of your bodies and their senses, and appears to be true because you are forever finding fault with your bodies, and it therefore seems that that fault finding is valid!  In a way it is valid because your bodies are vehicles of limitation, they were chosen by you to provide the experience of limitation . . . but you are not your bodies!  You are immense beings, far vaster than the universe in which your bodies are experiencing themselves as small and insignificant time limited forms in flesh.

However, while you are in form, your bodies provide you with the experiences you chose to place on your human life paths before you incarnated, experiences that you chose for the lessons with which they would present you.And those lessons always occur at precisely the right moment, although frequently they are not recognized as lessons, and may even be seen as calamities or catastrophes because they are not aligned with your egoic desires.

As most of you are very well aware, meditation is highly recommended by all the major religions, by spiritual teachers everywhere, and also by those in the spiritual realms who speak to you (like this one) through channeled messages.  The reason for this is because it establishes you in a relaxed state in which your egos are relatively quiet, almost peaceful, thus allowing you to listen to and hear the guidance that your spiritual support team offers you when you call on them for advice.  Some of you refer to that guidance as ‘intuition,’ but what you choose to call it is totally unimportant, what is important is that you listen for it, hear it, and avail of its help in your daily lives.

Meditation has also been scientifically proven – in the last few decades – to be of great value in helping to keep your bodies healthy as it dissolves excessive levels of stress, and strengthens your immune systems.  So, as I keep reminding you in the messages that I offer you, you need to make a meditative practice an essential part of your day . . . every day!  It is so easy to find yourselves overcome with massive ‘to do lists,’ and then your egos suggest that missing your practice just this once is OK, and that anyhow you can make up for it tomorrow.  Obviously neglecting to meditate occasionally will not harm you, but it will weaken your practice and make it less effective.

I recommend it, because meditation is the key to maintaining your peace as you go about your daily lives, and one of the best ways to practice is to settle yourselves quietly, where you will not be disturbed by others or by social media devices, and then choose to go within, to that holy inner sanctuary that you all have within you.  While you relax in that holy space set the intent to open your hearts fully so that Love may enter to embrace you.  It is always with you, because You and It are One, and when you invite It in It will embrace you, intensifying your sense of peace.  Therefore, it is an excellent way to start your day.  And while you are in a meditative state any doubts you may have about your existence as eternal, beloved, and perfect children of God will soften.  These doubts are an aspect of being human, of being limited, of being less than, and they are invalid, but your egos do not want you to let go of them, because, when you do, they lose their power over you, as you find yourselves increasingly at peace, and increasingly aware of the truth that you are indeed a perfect and beloved child of God.

With so very much love, Saul.

Mike Quinsey Nov. 29/19

29th November 2019. Mike Quinsey.

By now you should be becoming aware of the changing pattern of the New Age energies, they are pushing ahead more quickly than any previous time. No matter how much people hang on to their old ways the onward movement for change is becoming well established. People are aware that their freedom has been controlled and curtailed to such a degree that they are unable to fully follow their own desires. Perhaps the most important aspect will be considered as freedom of speech that is essential for a growing movement that desires to freely express its opinions. Rest assured that we on our side of the veil are giving you every encouragement to press for the changes that will help propel you along your chosen path. The time for real change has arrived and they cannot be turned back and that particularly applies to Mother Earth whose actions are already felt.

Your future is one that has always been envisaged and is why you are preparing for Ascension. There is an opportunity for every soul to progress, and none shall be able to say that they missed out as you all have freewill. On our side we ensure that everyone is given every opportunity to evolve, but by the same token we do not pressurize people to do so. Every conceivable bit of information that you may seek will be found somewhere on your computer, even if it takes a number of links to find it. Progress individually obviously depends on how much you take on with each incarnation and know that it is never allowed to be more than you are capable of handling. There is no reason to take on more than you can manage as no one is set target dates to evolve by.

We know it is difficult to follow events when there is so much going on around you, but focus on what is important to you as your future is at stake. By now you should have some idea of what you need to do to make progress and stick to it without being put off your selected path. Think big because in reality you are as you are quite capable of reaching whatever goal you set yourselves, but obviously be realistic and your chances of success will then be greatly improved. At the other end of your journey many reunions await you from those souls who know you and have had incarnations with you. Strong friendships remain in spite of the passing of time and many are family ties with whom you may have spent many lives together.

The important thing to remember is that as soon as you return to the higher realms most of your own memories will be restored. At present many have little or no memory of their earlier incarnations, yet they still have a bearing on your present life. You may carry forward traits of character and skills from one life to another where it serves your need for certain experiences, and helps you fulfil your life plan. Understand that no experiences are forced upon you, even including those that are for karmic reasons. There are times when you accept that certain experiences are necessary for your evolution, you may not otherwise wish to experience. Understanding yourself helps you accept that other souls are also like you and also have a life plan that was accepted before incarnation. Such experiences are to lift you up and often to atone for previous mistakes. We must however emphasise that they are in no way a form of punishment.

There is no shame in making mistakes that are simply best called errors of judgement. After all life on Earth is somewhat like being at school again where once you have learnt your lessons you should never need to have the same experiences again. There is a lot more to you than you imagine but with your memory deliberately dimmed you are largely unaware of it, but when appropriate you may have a recall. You come into life with a genetic plan that is passed on from your parents who in the first instance are normally chosen by you. You have almost certainly at one time or another come across whole families that follow similar life patterns. It means that their children will be inclined to follow in their footsteps. From this you should realise that great care is taken to select your potential parents, so treat them with love and caring as they in turn have accepted you.

Your Earth is moving in a spiral motion through Space and as it does is moving through an area where the vibrations are increasingly higher. It means that it no longer supports the lower vibrations and is causing much consternation amongst the beings at that level. Slowly but surely the dark Ones are increasingly losing their power and ability to greatly affect your future. The Light is growing increasingly more powerful and is bringing forwards a peaceful period upon Earth. It will take some years before you fully experience them or are aware of such changes, but its influence is already being felt. Your real home is not on Earth and the Human Race represents many different types of beings who upon Ascension will return to their own home.

You have a saying that “crime does not pay” and when you understand that each soul’s life is reviewed as soon as they return to the higher dimensions. The truth cannot be covered up and it may be difficult to accept, but you cannot lie when you are asked questions about your motives for actions taken. In other words there is no getting away with any that are negative in nature, or harm another soul in whatever way. So you can see that a true assessment of your life takes place and some harmful actions will have to be accounted for and seen for what they were really intended. It is the intent behind any actions that is determined so that karma if necessary can be appropriate to those taken. The system is absolutely fair and helps you evolve by identifying what further experiences you need. Realise also that incidents are fully accounted for and if need be there is what you may call “an action replay”.

Enjoy life and do not let matters around you bring you down as the most important thing is to keep your vibrations as high as possible. Negative feelings can bring them down and rage and bad tempers are an absolute disaster and soul destroying if allowed to go unchecked. We realise that on Earth it is normal for souls to show and express their feelings, but a more controlled response is necessary, but it will take you time to avoid the usual outcome. The bonus of being in full control of your feelings is that you will always be at peace with yourself instead of becoming involved in arguments. Also, if people around you are creating a problem, bear in mind that you can surround them with the peaceful Violet Flame of St. Germain. Your presence will normally have a calming affect anyway, but sometimes more is needed. There is also the Green Ray that is recognised as having a calming effect and in your “mind’s eye” you should visualize each soul with an aura of that colour.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.