Mike Quinsey July 17/20

17th July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Matters are building up so much so that something has to eventually break out. It is at long last realized that it would be better now that some secret projects are brought into the open to gain public support. They need to know what is being carried out in their name and be allowed to benefit from them.

Free energy is at the top of that list and it would help remove many problems that presently exist. It would free up immense amounts of money that could be better spent reviving economies all around the world.

There would obviously be opposition from those who have invested in current forms of energy, but advancements cannot be indefinitely held back, particularly since they have already been widely used in secret by the armed Forces for a very long time.

Pressure is being applied upon the authorities to take action, but it is going to be a marathon task. At times some information has filtered through into the public domain and mankind has benefited as a result, but that is only “the tip of the iceberg” It is time that a leap forward was made thus enabling the people to lead a better and more beneficial life.

We, for our part, try to help you by putting ideas into your minds but will not in any way force them upon you. So to say, if you get the ball rolling we are allowed to help and will always point you in the direction that results in fair and honest dealings for the betterment of all people.

You must take the first step so that we know the way you are heading regardless of whether it is seen as the best approach. All of the time we are prompting people to take certain actions that we know will be to your advantage. If you are one who is involved in such happenings please allow yourself those quiet moments when you can get in touch with us.

We would be overjoyed to openly get in touch with you, but it is not yet the right time for such a direct contact, but be assured that it will come. You often see our craft in your skies, but unless on a special Earth mission very few of you will get a personal contact.

Those days have passed when we needed to make you aware of our presence to get you used to being contacted. Fear of the unknown can be very upsetting and not helped by fiction that often depicts us as threatening life forms. We in your solar system are very much like humans, even if different in stature.

When the days for open contact come about you will find our presence very reassuring and not in the least frightening. Our personal energies emit a loving feeling that will make you feel really at ease in our presence.

We are Beings of Universal Love and have long evolved past the level that you are presently at and we serve others in the name of God. Although there are some exceptions that are mainly from the reptilian groups, in general all extra-terrestrials are of the higher vibrations and in no way violent or frightening. They are your brothers and sisters on a more advanced path than you are, although many of you following Ascension will be lifted up.

So what is your ultimate goal and why do you need to experience in the lower vibrations. The answer is that you are, so to say, removing the rough edges so that you gradually become an evolved Being that can express yourself with Universal Love for all forms of life.

That means accepting the many differences that you are presently experiencing. We have spoken of the ego quite recently, and it needs to take a back seat as it is often the cause of arguments and even worse. You cannot continue to allow it to dictate how you respond to situations.

You have to learn how to handle testing moments in a way that you can, if necessary, walk away from a potential argument. It is not being cowardly or detrimental to your self-image, so hold your head up high and know that you are greater for being able to turn your back on altercations.

Be at peace with all around as far as possible and if you must respond do it in a gentle and understanding manner, you will feel all the better for it and others will admire your self-control. You may get caught out when something catches you by surprise, but do not worry about it and know that through experience you will learn to overcome it next time.

The level of experience you are in is intended to help all souls to evolve which is why your life plan is carefully arranged and events take place accordingly. You will have agreed your life plan in advance, thus allowing you experiences to be arranged to ensure they benefit you. So you still have freewill, and if for any reason you do not fulfil your plan it will be simply carried over to another time or life. You cannot ignore or escape your karmic responsibilities and they will keep coming back to you until the necessary lessons are learned.

You will probably be aware that immediately you die to your physical body, you first review your life and will see quite clearly where and why you went wrong. There is no way to avoid the truth that is clearly necessary if you are to make progress. Be assured however that you will always be given guidance and helped to overcome any difficulties.

There is no sense of punishment if you fail to make progress, as you can be helped by suitable experiences being arranged so that eventually you will be successful. Naturally you will be involved in other soul’s experiences so you may in turn be able to help others evolve. It can seem very complicated but because it is carefully planned it normally works out as intended.

No one wants you to fail and it is the very opposite as all souls are loved beyond measure and there is no exception. Go about your life with confidence and know that every effort you put in will be well worth it. You will look back on these present days with amazement to think that you undertook such challenges with a blindfold, without knowing what the future may have held for you.

However you did have the assurance that you would be guided and protected all through your journey in the lower vibrations. Now many of you are on the verge of finishing with those experiences having been through hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes to reach this point in your evolution. You are about to rise up and leave the 3rd dimensional vibrations behind as they will have served their purpose in helping you evolve to a higher dimension.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Jesus via John Smallman July 10/20

I assure you that the inner work that you are doing is very efficacious.

July 10, 2020 by John Smallman

In these times of continuing confusion and uncertainty it is absolutely essential that you take time out every single day to do your inner work.  It is your inner work, no matter how private and individual it may appear to you to be, that is leading humanity forward to its inevitable and long sought awakening.  Yes, you all have daily lives during which you need to deal with the issues with which you are constantly being presented while living as humans in form, but your main work is your inner work.  You all have inner work that needs to be done, work that you chose to incarnate to do at this point in humanity’s most wonderful spiritual evolution, and it is vital that you do it.

It may well seem to you that your inner work is something that only serves you, but this is most definitely not the case.  When you set the intent each day to be only loving you are making a very powerful commitment to do what you came to do to assist in the awakening process.  Mostly you will not receive much in the way of positive feedback, but I assure you that the inner work that you are doing is very efficacious, and that it is mightily assisting in bringing into the awareness of multitudes of people, who have not yet remembered that their life’s main purpose is spiritual, a need to deeply question the reason for their presence on Earth at this time.

You are all spiritual beings created by Source to enjoy eternal life and the infinite variety of creative possibilities that that state – eternally One with Source in an infinite and uninterruptible communion that is Love – constantly provides for each one of you for the constant Joy of All in every moment.  Life, Reality, Love, Oneness is forever joyful.  The choice to experience life as a physical being in form was taken collectively, and it was a very joy filled state of existence that you experienced for a short time in order to compare the limited state of form and its physical sensations with the limitless state of pure energy.

Initially it was a very enjoyable playful state, and the limitations that it imposed were not unpleasant.  However, as infinite spiritual beings who were accustomed to living in the constant state of now, where all that you desired was instantly present, you became increasingly dissatisfied with those limitations, and as time passed the limitations became an ever greater impediment to your joy.  Then you forgot who you truly were, because those limitations – as part of the rules of that state that you established before entering in to it – intensified and kept further narrowing your life options as humans in form.

Suddenly life in form was no longer fun, and the dissatisfactions you experienced frequently appeared to be caused by others who disagreed with you, leading to conflict and suffering.  Over the eons these unhappy states intensified and you began to judge and blame one another for the states of unhappiness that so many of you were experiencing.  People formed into groups, tribes, cultural associations with seemingly very different perspectives on how you should live and behave, leading to further disagreement and more conflicts, which is where you are today.

Now humanity has started to become aware that these divisive ways of living, in which judgment of others has become a major aspect, make no sense and are, in fact, quite unacceptable.  Many are talking and writing about the newly acknowledged concept that all are interrelated, that there is no such thing as separation, because all are eternally interconnected.  This realization is encouraging people to start honoring and respecting the differences between races, nations, cultures, skin color, etc. – differences that have for so long divided you and set you against one another in conflict – and the many other differences that have divided you, and delight in these charming multicultural diversifications that add to the wonder of life.

One of the reasons that the choice to experience life in form was entertained and engaged with was because you wanted to separate and have different life experiences, and that is what has happened.  But the sense of separation became far too intense as the differences available for you to engage with multiplied, leading to confusion, misunderstanding, and fear.  Then the belief that you needed to be able to defend yourselves from each other arose, leading to even further confusion and more violent conflicts.

Finally, in the last few decades, it has become apparent to increasing numbers of you that, if humanity continues on the path of conflict escalation, then mutually assured destruction is the most likely eventual outcome, an outcome that absolutely no one wants as they realize very clearly that it will be their children and grandchildren who will have to undergo this insane experience.  Humanity is waking up to the vast gulf between your technological abilities and your soundness of mind – your wisdom, or rather or your lack of it.  As a result enormous numbers of you have formed groups to pray for peace and to set the intent not to engage in conflict at any level, from one against one to nation against nation.  These groups – each individual one of you – are having a most wonderful effect as more and more frequently reason and maturity (wisdom) are expressed in moments when latent hostility arises which, previously, might well have led to conflict.

Make a point, therefore, of focusing your attention on the good that is arising everywhere, and avoid engaging with the many dramas which your various media sources are constantly drawing to your attention.  Engaging with dramas of pain, suffering, and conflict – both factual and fictional – drains your energy, reducing the power of your loving intent.  This does not mean to ignore or be completely unaware of the suffering that so many are experiencing, it just means that you should not focus your attention there, judging what appears to be happening but, instead, send love and healing to all involved when your attention is drawn to people who are suffering, and then continue to go lovingly about your daily lives.  When you are feeling loving and peaceful within yourselves the effect of that extends outwards from you in every direction, greatly assisting in humanity’s awakening process.

Everyone presently incarnate as a human set the intent before taking form to be only loving.  However, the amnesiac state that you all enter at the moment of physical birth led to deep forgetfulness of that intent, and so it is now being remembered as vast numbers of people – people who until now had no memory of their spiritual heritage – having totally bought into the belief that life’s only meaning was, in essence, material.  This belief is being rapidly discarded now by large numbers of people as the loving nudges they are all receiving from friends, families, loved ones, and their support teams in the spiritual realms grab their attention giving them hope, hope they have never previously experienced.  Truly, there is great hope arising worldwide, and it is completely justified, despite the horrors and suffering that so many are undergoing.

Therefore, be hopeful, be loving, be joyful, and know that God’s magnificent plan for his beloved children is moving perfectly and rapidly towards its most wondrous completion.  You are all – there are NO EXCEPTIONS – infinitely loved and cherished in every moment of your eternal existence.  Celebrate the wonder that is God and that is You, knowing, as you all do at the deepest level of your being that All is One.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Mike Quinsey July 10/20

10th July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

You may speculate on how it was achieved but the Coronavirus was mainly spread by drones. Its affects will not last much longer but pockets of the virus will tend to keep it going. A remedy for it is on the verge of being discovered and that will clearly help to reduce its potential to spread further. Understand that where some souls have had a bad experience because of the virus, it is as always largely a karmic situation and like earlier instances of this nature is clearing it away.

In the long run you will look back at this period and see that it was a means to an end that provided Humanity with a break that allowed life to be reviewed. The result is that beneficial changes are being made that will propel you into a new Age. Without a major change in your understanding, it would have taken considerably longer to advance from a situation that was holding everything back, but be assured that everything that happens on Earth is closely monitored by us and we would warn you if things got out of hand. However, you have freewill and that means in the ultimate it is your decision as to how matters develop. To this end you have many helpers who try their best to guide you along a path that will ultimately will lead to your Ascension.

You are to be complimented on your progress so far as it has not been easy to set aside the difficulties that you have encountered. Passing the marker has been your major achievement so far and now it will become easier, and as time passes the dark Ones will lose more and more power to interfere with your plans. It is also more noticeable that you are closing down their underground bases and releasing those who have been imprisoned within them. There is a great task ahead of you to clear out all bases that belong to the Illuminati and it is having a positive effect, as the power of the opposition to your “cleansing” is in decline. There is no way now that the dark Ones can restore their power and their supporters are gradually being rounded up to face trial for their misdeeds.

You are enacting out the last days of the power of the Illuminati although their presence may be felt for quite a time to come. There must come a point soon where the Light Forces will become the dominant force upon Earth that will enable them to push ahead with their changes that will benefit mankind. The plans have already been laid and those of the Light who have been waiting in the wings, are ready to go ahead and help with the establishment of a new way of living that will bring peace and happiness to the people of Earth. We know that some souls are impatient to see some positive signs that matters are taking a turn for the better, and it will come for certain but as always we ask you to exercise patience in the meantime.

All souls were briefed before they incarnated as to what they might expect during this period of major changes, and you may not recall it but at least you should intuitively have an idea. It is quite an occasion as all souls are privileged to be on Earth at such a time and be part of an experience that few have encountered before. It is the pinnacle of your lives and when you look back you will be so pleased you were part of it. It has taken many lives to reach this conclusion and those of you that are ready to ascend are to be congratulated upon your success. Whilst you have received much support throughout your many lives, success has ultimately been down to your efforts and application to succeed.

Old problems have surfaced to be cleared and you are currently in the midst of dealing with your racial problems. Since the end of the last war when many immigrants arrived in your countries many have wrestled with the problem of integration and never quite overcome the prejudice against people that are different to those in your homeland. You are getting there with a lot of soul searching and we would reiterate what we recently told you that you have all taken on incarnations into different countries as part of extending your understanding of the various and different ways people live and practice their beliefs.

One often repeated question relating to Ascension is in respect of what level of evolution people have to reach to be sure of ascending. Thinking in terms of a percentage it is 51% and over, in other words as long as you are on the plus side you are considered as already on the path. You cannot calculate where exactly you are but if you know yourself well you will have a pretty good idea of where you stand. The ideal situation would be where you practice your beliefs with a view to always improving yourself and as we have mentioned before, it is necessary to aim for a level where you can treat all people alike, as souls that are learning as they go through life and see only their goodness and potential to become one who can practice Universal Love. As Beings who have emotions there is always a chance you may let your guard down and drop your level of vibrations, but you can walk away from arguments or any situation that may have an adverse effect on you.  You might have lost your temper at times but with practice and determination you will overcome such a possibility.

Spirit wish to see as many souls as possible Ascending and every help is given to those who are progressing in that direction. If you feel ready to succeed and devote your time to preparing yourself there is no doubt that you will ascend. Do not concern yourself too much about other people as in the ultimate every soul has to make its own path to success and there will come a day when all will have succeeded. People have to take the path that is best suited to their needs and that inevitably means the parting of the ways for some of them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild July 11/20

Hello there. Me here, still amongst the thick of it all on Planet Earth. It seems the Mantra I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM is still being used widely and it is helping. Yet many are REALLY struggling it seems. Quite a few want to get the bus home. I am certainly feeling better than I was, thanks to so much Love, support and encouragement from so many. I am indeed Blessed.

Welcome to you all. You … Each one … that agreed to be upon your beautiful Planet at this time.

You who are far greater in Being than you can possibly imagine yourselves to be.

We tell you this …

As the days move forward in the awkwardness of your world and your people … you will find yourselves recognising this AMAZING BEINGNESS that you are … more and more.

For though YOU FEEL the Light is dimming and your strength is fading … WE FEEL very differently.

For we KNOW the Plan. We do not need to remember it, for we KNOW it and it is unfolding exactly as it should. Exactly as planned.

We accept that the Energies that are being absorbed by Each One are troubling to the soul. This is why YOU … EACH ONE … WERE CHOSEN.






They are not outside of you awaiting to be found. They LIVE and BREATH inside of you … for they are LIFE.

These times you are in … you knew of them. You knew they would knock your entire Being to the floor.

Yet, you KNOW … you CAN and you WILL pick yourself up again because you KNOW inside of you … you FEEL inside of you … the task that you came to carry out.


Yet, you were up for the challenge. Oh, Dearest Souls, if you could only recall your enthusiasm to get right down to your Planet and get going and see it through.






Recall the determination and the drive, the enthusiasm that filled your very Being with the wanting to get down there and get on it. It could not come soon enough for …


That by BEING THE LOVE …  BEING THE LIGHT … BEING THE TRUTH … BEING THE I AM PRESENCE upon the Mother Gaia, that you would be partaking as one of the privileged on the ground positioning, YOU had the Honour and the POWER to LIFT her into her Higher position once again.

The weight of the collective human consciousness as it played out game after game, to see just how far it could go in both Light and dark, took the beloved Planet to a depth of greed and despair.

NOW. NOW. NOW is the time when … with your help … she WILL be lifted back into the Glory of herself. Back into her rightful position … and YOU Dearest One’s, get to go along for the ride!

If we could find words to express the Vibration you will reside in. If we could supply feelings on tap, to help you to understand the joy that awaits you … we would do so. Yet, these feelings … this Joy … lies WITHIN YOU.

We cannot GIVE IT TO YOU. Yet, you can awaken the KNOWING … THE FEELING … THE JOY … of your new residence … YOU … IT IS ALL UP TO YOU.

We do not desire for any soul to be miserable yet, we can only offer that which we feel compelled to offer. There is so much at stake and we must abide by protocol in order to MAKE SURE that all runs as smoothly as possible.


We accept that there have been times and will be again when one ‘residing’ in human form finds that all will is lost and situations seem hopeless.

Yet, DEAREST SOULS OF SUCH LIGHT … we ask you once again to …



There is no better time to do so … other than in every moment of NOW.

When all appears that the darkness is overshadowing the Light … Visualise yourselves pulling open the curtains with great gusto and watch/feel the sunshine pour into your Beings.

This Sunshine … this LIGHT … is out there … awaiting you to call it into your Being.

This Sunshine is available to you 24/7.

This Sunshine is being sent directly to you from an uncountable measure of Light Beings. Light Vibrations, Light Energies …. EVERYTHING THAT IS LIGHT … is urging you onwards … To assist you in remembering the pact you made …




So that ….






If you only half believe this … if you try to make yourself believe it … you will not succeed.



Wow! Look at you go! I didn’t dare or want to interrupt (for once). Thank you so much. I could feel the ENERGY of encouragement that I asked from you before we began. It is the waiting that brings us down.

Yet, you were waiting and waiting before all this began … and now you can at least see that CHANGE is occurring.

I guess we all got a little too excited at the start. Many of us innocently feeling it would all be done and dusted by Easter … which is long gone.

Patience of the Highest order is required. For as you know … we do not/cannot move things forward through time … for we do not have it. Therefore, cannot live by it. We move things through by order of play.

I’m confused … With respect … How come then … in the last chat you were able to say that the announcement and the second lockdown would be taking place before the year is out?

Because we can go by scale … for want of a way to be able to express it.

So, can that scale not tell us how long this entire transformation is going to take?

No, because that would involve time.

I am not going to push that one. I’ve been down enough ‘time’ rabbit holes to last me a lifetime.

We would suggest this to assist you through the coming matters …


Whenever you feel yourselves sliding down the slippery slide to hopelessness … Visualise yourselves grabbing hold of the sides … stopping … turning and climbing back up … stand on the top … turn yourselves around to face the sunlight … open your arms wide and declare …


Feel the rays of Love fill your heart and your Energy … Absorb the Light …. Fill your heart with it as if filling your petrol tank … Wait till it is full before you carry on … Breathe. Breathe. Breathe in the ENERGY OF THE DIVINE THEN …















Struth Ruth! What a lovely change from my moaning! Thank you so much. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … I AM … I AM … I AM!

FOL & Blossom Goodchild June 25 & July 2/20

At the time of channelling these two communications, I was struggling with the ‘State of play’ (As you will assess!) I am feeling much Brighter now. You may find the channelling reads fine, yet, for me, ‘I’ was totally getting in the way and in the end decided to stop and post it anyway, for reasons of assisting others feeling the same way. I ask that my ‘indulgence’ is forgiven … from one who knows better, yet doesn’t always feel it! Thank you.

(Thursday 25th June)

Hello once again. There are so many questions people want me to ask you and yet, I think we know where we stand at this point with all that you have said. So many of the questions I know you cannot give answers to, for it is not for us to know some things, as yet. Which leaves us so up in the air because although you asked us to be discerning about all that comes into our awareness, I have no idea what is Truth and what is not. It’s the same for many. So much speculation too, about the timing of it all. You say you cannot give us a time frame … other channelers (from what people have written to me) are saying five to ten years for this whole thing to get where it’s going. If this is the case … many just want to ‘get off/get out’ because they do not feel they can hang on much longer … Waiting, waiting, waiting. Words of wisdom offered would be appreciated. ( and yes, I know we have travelled this train of thought before, yet. It is where I and many, are at right now.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls of Earth … We understand that you feel that the momentum has died down from earlier in the year when we expressed ‘this is it’! Your enthusiasm … for some, has come to a standstill. Yet …

I know what you are going to say and probably many readers do also … in that … ‘If you could see it from our perspective etc. and know what is going on behind the scenes, we would not feel this way’… Right?


Point being … we cannot see it from your perspective and we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes … and even if we think we do … we don’t have proof of any of it. If it were to be that this huge announcement you speak of, is not for another year perhaps … then … I feel we would have all slumped seriously into Slumpland, which would not be of much assistance from the Love and Light perspective.  I was a little reluctant to channel today/this week … due to …with the greatest respect, knowing there is no more you can say right now until something new presents itself.

Blossom … where are your power buttons?

My what?

Your power buttons? Where are the triggers that spark your Being into Lightness?

Buried under a pile of confusion! The more I ‘hear about’ the more confused I get. Nothing makes sense. I feel sort of half on, half off Planet. Sometimes, I feel it’s all just too much to deal with and therefore, I take on a  ‘who cares’ attitude. I tell you this, not to indulge in ‘my’ feelings yet, just letting you know how many are feeling ( I cannot speak for all of course.) You say there will be a huge announcement, another lockdown, yet, you cannot say when. Are we to wait until next year for this or next month? Surely you must know these things?  OK, I’ve had my moan … I hand the talking stick to you.

For which we thank you. We appreciate your honesty, Blossom. It is good for us to know how one is feeling when in the thick of it all.

The second lockdown will be before the year is out … as will the announcement present itself before the year is out, also.

Thank you. Should we start knitting a jumper while we wait or, just a tea cosy?

A tea cosy. Dearest souls … you feel a little as if you have been ‘let down’ once again, perhaps? This is not so. We have explained that everything has to be in place for the biggest Plan EVER to move forward in the smoothness of its design. You have waited this long … you can wait a little longer. For we have also told of the time ahead that will be so ‘full-on’ that you sometimes will wish you were back in this ‘standstill’ phase.

Why do I feel so ‘off-planet’? Why do I feel like I don’t care?

Because you are stuck in limbo it feels. What is taking place is SO HUGE and yet, is it that you feel you are not involved?

Oh, I know we are. We are meant to be strong and shining our Light. That is what we are doing. Yet, nothing seems to be shifting, so our batteries run low. Actually, I’m going to stop this moaning and pick up another day … when I am feeling in a more compatible mood to chat with your Loving Energy.

Wait. With respect … wait. Take a deep breath and allow our Love to fill your Knowingness.

I took five breaths and still not really in the mood. Thanks though! Good try!

OK … so it’ is now a week later … Feeling better than I have been of late, so let’s go for it.

(July 2nd.)

Good morning my friends. Are we good to rock and roll, as we say down here?

Greetings of the Highest form to Each and Every One.

Let’s begin on a possible High note. There is a photo going around of a huge PILLAR OF LIGHT over New York. This is definitely more like the ‘vision’ you showed me back in 2011 as opposed to the beautiful weather pillars. So, would you say this is one?

Indeed. We would. One of many to come. One of which will send a fusion of awareness over a large area.

Why this place in particular?

Why not? As we stated before many years ago … these PILLARS OF LIGHT contain an Energy … an Intelligence … and much Love.

Due to the gentleman who offered so much of his Love to assist all, we understand one can now look up all we have said about such Pillars with the greatest of ease. * For which we honour him.

So, are these likely to come soon or one every three years, type of thing?

There are more to come in times ahead, we cannot give days and dates.

The one’s you showed me in my head years ago, were ‘travelling’ across the skies.

Indeed. Yet, one step at a time. Let the mind absorb the initial ones that are static and then when ready, others, more than one at a time, shall begin to present themselves with movement.

Dearest souls, we have spoken to you of wonders to come within these tumultuous times.



They are presented for reasons that not only uplift yet, are sure signs of the Knowingness within of what is to come.

Well, that is indeed something positive. I know quite a few soul’s who are simply excelling in preparing their Beings for all that is to come …  and as you can tell from our earlier chat … I’m not! They really have their act together and I am in awe of them.

Are you concerned about that?

I feel I should know better and I do! Yet, my wellies feel so ‘stuck in the mud’ and dragging me under!

These times you are experiencing are of the deepest releasing. Some are doing it ‘for others’ who cannot.

Yep. It feels like that sometimes. For I am falling apart at the seams, it seems!! There is a deep-down sadness/disbelief for me when I see so many ‘falling for the trap’ they are being fed. That’s what I find so hard. Every cell in my Being rebels so strongly when I see so many convinced by the lies.

Dearest Lady Of …

Oh dear! Why are you struggling for a word? LOL.

To do exactly that … make you smile … Lady of Light …


The reason you and many find this so difficult is because so much of what is being told is not of Truth … and because … YOU ARE! It goes against the grain. That is why.

Any suggestions? Please don’t say ‘Don’t listen to it’. I try not to. Yet, 1. One needs to be aware of what is going on and 2. My inbox is full of questions and concerns about it all. So, a little difficult to escape it!

All that we are able to suggest is that you keep repeating The Mantra.

I do! OK. Let me cease this indulgence right now and let’s get bright and sunny, shall we?

We can … We are … Can you?

Unsure to be honest. I get so frustrated. OK. Changing my attitude right now. My friends … over to you on the sunny side of the street.

Many thanks. On this side of the street, the sun is shining. The air is fresh. There is so much Love beaming from Each One. Smiles aplenty. Offerings of Love and Joy. Come on over Blossom, come on over!

Wouldn’t you know it, my GPS is malfunctioning …



So many, so many are here with you all. Beaming their Light Love to Each One. Helping lift their heavy hearts and removing the negativity that confusion causes.

Sorry guys, just not happening for me. It is the ‘space’ I am in that I just can’t seem to shift enough to go with our usual flow. So, I am going to stop once again. Far out Brussel sprout. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Jesus via John Smallman July 3/20

You are all extremely powerful beings.

July 3, 2020 by John Smallman

Much is happening as humanity prepares for the pandemic restrictions to be eased, and then hears that in certain areas new restrictions are being brought into effect . It is very confusing for you, but those who are setting the restrictions are themselves very confused because the situation is not unfolding as they had planned and intended. There is much resistance arising as people all across the world come to the realization that they are being asked to conform to rules and regulations that are ineffectual in controlling the ‘pandemic,’ while severely restricting their basic human rights. Those who would control humanity are finding that they are no longer able to do so, and this will shortly begin to be reported in the mainstream media as those media start to reclaim their own right to report the real news instead of promoting the views of those who have been controlling them.

Truly, the collective awakening of humanity is very close, and so it makes the most sense for you to prepare to celebrate rather than to worry yourselves unduly by attempting to guess what will happen next, either locally or globally. You do know that the divine plan is unfolding perfectly, the only possible way for it to do so, therefore continue to set the intent at least once daily to be only loving whatever arises. When you do that you open your hearts to invite Love to enter, which It does immediately, and then It flows powerfully into your energy fields to interact most beautifully with the energy fields of any one about whom you think, even only momentarily, and of course also with anyone to whom you talk, text, Zoom, or meet in person in order to commune, uplifting and inspiring them as they feel the loving energy surrounding you and which is enveloping them in those moments of togetherness.

You are all extremely powerful beings, and the more frequently and intently you choose to be only loving the more effective you are in carrying out your particular assignment in the collective awakening process. Remember, each of you is playing an absolutely essential part that only you can play, so trust yourselves, trust your intuitive guidance – we are always with you ready to offer our assistance should you choose to call on us – and go about your daily lives knowing that you are, in every moment, precisely where you need to be in that moment. Whatever occurs or arises in the moment is a wonderful opportunity for you to move the awakening process forward, as you choose to respond to it lovingly, just as you planned before incarnating when, with love and total freedom, you chose to volunteer to be in form at this time.

To awaken, as you are all doing, is to move from fear to Love as you think, speak, and act, and you all chose to be in form as humans at this time in your spiritual evolution to do just this. You do not need to think deeply about what it is that God/Source/Divine Wisdom wants of you, because It just wants you to be here now, being yourselves. Release yourselves from any egoic masks that you may have fashioned for yourselves, as seemingly insignificant human beings, to wear in public – that is when you were not alone and used to believe that who you are had to be improved on when interacting with others – because not only do they no longer serve you, they seriously distract you from your divine work of being Love in action.

You are all here on a divine mission for which you volunteered, and Love, in her divine Wisdom, accepted your offer. There is no separation, All are One, and therefore everyone is involved and has their own personal assignment in the ongoing human awakening process, an individual assignment that no one else can do for them because, until you awaken, you are still engaging with the dream or illusion of separation. What you are all doing – COOPERATIVELY – is creating the most wonderful event that has ever happened on Planet Earth. It was brilliantly planned eons ago, at the moment when the collective choice to experience the unreal state of separation was made and put into effect, and now is the moment in which it is to come beautifully to fruition.

Remember! There are no accidents and no ‘coincidences,’ because all is divinely planned to assure total JOY for All that Is – You, and You, and You, and You . . . The free choice to experience separation was not unexpected by Source, but until it was actually put into effect it was not appropriate to design a program to bring the experiment to its completion. There is only NOW! And, in the Now, all is designed, created, and put into effect. Everything – every situation, event, opportunity, activity, interaction – occurs NOW! To repeat, there is only NOW!

Humanity is awakening NOW, and that is the divine Will and, therefore, humanity’s Will, because there is only One Will, the Divine Will, YOUR Will!

Therefore: Relax! Enjoy these last few moments when it seems that separation from Source is real, knowing, as you do, that ALL is divinely taken care of, and your return to Joy is imminent and inevitable.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Mike Quinsey July 3/20

3rd July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

There is a change in consciousness levels taking place as a result of Coronavirus, and the most important one will be the creation of opportunities for people to reflect upon their future and what they want from life. It will happen on all different levels, the most important one being your spiritual understanding, related to your everyday life and the way you conduct yourself and view other people.

If you already accept that All is One and the supposed divisions are man-made and largely based upon colour and religion, there should not be any division between the different groups. However, due allowance must be made and freedom granted for each group to practise its beliefs without interference. One group is not superior to another and each have a role to play so that their followers can evolve to a greater understanding of the truth that will eventually lead them all back to the Godhead from whence they came.

Understand that a long, long time ago the different races were brought to Earth to find a common belief that would unite them all, while at the same time making due allowance for the different stages of spiritual progress that each have reached.

Understand that all roads lead to back to God, so on one level there is no difference between one group to another. Respect the differences and allow all to practice their beliefs according to their understanding of the truth. Each group is creating their own path to understanding and fulfillment and ultimately they will lead back to the Godhead.

At different stages all souls will experience within the different groups making their understanding so much greater. It also means that subconsciously you will have a greater understanding of each other’s beliefs. Allow each group to evolve at its own rate knowing that eventually all will come together as One. The system for spiritual growth has been tried and tested for millennia of time and it has proven suitable for a soul’s progress. Humans love to pay allegiance to their beliefs and have no hesitation in wearing their “uniform” to show it to others.

There is no doubt that Humanity is ready to move on to the next stage in their evolution and how much easier it would be if they had a greater understanding of the truth. However, with their Guides on hand always ready to offer assistance, every effort is made to ensure progress is maintained.

When you are asleep and your soul goes out of the body you can get direct guidance and help for the upcoming period. You sometimes have to be “directed” to ensure you experience in a manner that will lead you into situations that will enable you to fulfil your life plan, that you agreed to prior to incarnating on Earth.

We will repeat again that you are never left alone to have your experiences. Sometimes they are unpleasant but understand where your karma is concerned you are most likely making good errors that you made in your present life or an earlier one.

Spiritual growth comes from life’s experiences that are planned in advance with your knowledge, although you may not have a waking memory of it so do your best when confronted with challenges. Try to understand why you might have incurred the need for such an experience and you will be on the way to ensuring you will not need to repeat it again.

We have touched upon the subject previously and bring it up again because it is important that you understand that you are not necessarily going to re-incarnate with exactly the same souls as previously. Over numerous lives you have had many different partners and friends, who will have been chosen for their suitability having regard to your life plan. It is very complex as your family and friends extend in many directions yet some will have little or no influence upon your life.

Follow your intuition and you will not go far wrong and also go with the flow and let things come to you rather than live your life to a rigid plan, and you will find that you will have experiences that you might not otherwise have expected. You will be surprised at how easy life becomes and how beneficial.

Matters are arranged to ensure you make progress with each life and this involves meeting the right people. Spirit spends much time arranging such meetings that may happen because of another person’s connection to you. It is quite a challenge to get the timing right especially when you are reliant on an outside contact. But Spirit has ways and means you are unaware of to make things happen that are in your interests. They also have the advantage of knowing exactly what your life plan is and helping you to fit into it.

The road ahead is uncertain for many reasons but in time it will become clear as to which direction you are going in. If you have Ascension in mind you will want to continue raising your vibrations so as to ensure you are prepared for it. There will be distractions on the way so be prepared to be tested and keep fully focussed on your goal. You are in chaotic times and it is essential that you keep to your life plan, as having come this far you do not want to be misled and go astray. Having said that, it is unlikely that you would as you are well advanced along your chosen path.

We know that close friends are not necessarily aware of your spiritual interests and you are right to keep them to yourself unless of course you are asked about them. By keeping your beliefs to yourself you are avoiding making direct reference to them and it is best to help others when you get direct questions, but even then only give what has been asked for as too much information can be off-putting and not prove helpful.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Saul via John Smallman July 1, 2020

Love is always present.

07/01/2020 by John Smallman

As you wait expectantly for humanity’s awakening, be aware that it is imminent even though that may not appear to be the case as you read and digest the daily global news offerings of pain, suffering, and political disharmony. These are indeed interesting times, and it is all too easy to become depressed and disillusioned as those in authority continue attempting to withhold your sovereign freedom and persuade or command you to obey rules and regulations that are socially divisive and which tend to lead to conflict among you. Their desperate attempts to control you all are becoming self-defeating as more and more start to realize that the motives of those in power are almost totally self-serving, and have practically nothing to do with serving humanity’s best interests, despite their claims to the contrary. The time in which the many submit in unquestioning obedience to the few has gone on for far too long and is now reaching its inevitable endpoint.

When major changes – ENORMOUS changes – occur in the way that humanity perceives itself, leading to major alterations in the way that people relate to one another, chaos and confusion arise as well because people are being shaken out of their normal daily routines, intensifying the underlying sense of uncertainty that is a major and unsettling aspect of life in form. This is precisely what is happening now all across the world. Global confusion is seriously unsettling for humanity, extremely unsettling, and there are very few among you who are not feeling the uncertainty and anxiety, even fear, as you wonder: “What on Earth is going on, and what is going to happen next.”

You have all grown from infancy to adulthood and quite naturally learned to live in uncertainty to a certain extent – what will the weather be like tomorrow, will I have health problems, does my partner really love me, how will the children cope with school, college, the adult world? – but the uncertainty arising now is far more intense and alarming than anything previously experienced. It seems that things cannot return to what appeared to be ‘normal’ because restrictions on your personal freedom remain in force presently, prohibiting you from meeting with others except in very small groups while maintaining ‘social distancing.’ And maybe you are realizing that you were not as free as you thought you were before the corona-virus, and the restrictions imposed because of it, arrived and changed the way you lived your daily lives.

For most of your recorded history small groups of influential people – royalty, aristocracy, religious organizations, and military leaders – have developed systems of rules to control and direct the lives of the masses, in order to provide themselves with a better and more enjoyable standard of living, while forcing those masses to live lives of back-breaking servitude and poverty. Now, as more and more of you become aware of the dishonesty and lack of integrity in so many of those who hold positions of the greatest human power and authority, their ability to maintain control is collapsing as they attempt to impose even more stringent restrictions on your divinely given human freedoms in their desperate measures to maintain the status quo. Their time is over. However, during these final moments there will continue to be major disruptions in the short term in many areas, as they try to enforce their desperate measures.

As you have been told so often by so many wise teachers, Love is the path, the only path that can lead you safely and successfully through the areas of human interaction in which intense disagreement divides you, areas in which it seemed that the only practical resource by which to achieve satisfactory results is through force of conflictHowever, conflict only leads to further division and suffering for many, as your history demonstrates very clearly. The vast majority have now realized this, and so the will to engage in conflict is failing, and people are looking for more intelligent ways to resolve divisive issues, and are coming to the realization that what the wise ones have been telling them for a very long time is absolutely valid, namely that LOVE alone is the way forward. It does take courage, in a world where the power of force has ruled for so long, to choose to engage only lovingly with whatever arises, but those who have started to do that are finding that it most definitely does work.

Going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, if you allow yourselves the time to relax there quietly, and be undisturbed by others or by your communication devices, will bring you respite from the concerns and anxieties of your daily human lives. With respite established Love can flow into your hearts demonstrating to you Its effectiveness as your anxieties and concerns become less intense. If you can maintain a regular unbroken or uninterrupted practice of going to that quiet inner space for about three weeks – every day for just 21 days – you will find that you are more at peace with yourselves, less disturbed by unexpected and troubling events or interactions, and you will find yourselves dealing far more calmly and satisfactorily with the everyday issues with which life as a human presents you.

Love is the energy field of Life, of Consciousness, of Source, within which all that has been created has its eternal existence. There is nowhere and nothing else. What you are experiencing as humans in form is an unreal state of existence, an idea or concept that you collectively chose to establish purely to experience the unreal and make it appear totally real. The unreal is a state of separation from Love – even though it is impossible to be separated from Love – in which that which is in opposition to or not in alignment with Love appears to be utterly real. It is, as you are well aware, extremely convincing when you are living lives in form, but form itself is unreal, there is only energy – LOVE.

An enormous cognizant awareness of the infinite power of Love is arising within humanity, an awareness that It truly is the only power, and that all other power is unreal and dissolves, disintegrates, fails, when you open yourselves to allow and invite Love to enter. When people choose – everyone has free will and is making choices all the time – to engage with anger, resentment, hatred, judgment, and other unloving feelings or emotions, they are blocking Love from their hearts. It has not gone anywhere, because It is always Present, being the life force that maintains your eternal existence, and by holding onto or clinging to those feelings a person is choosing not to acknowledge let alone welcome Love into their life, into their awareness. While people engage with what is unloving, Love waits patiently for as long as it takes for them to change their minds. All will change their minds and choose to remember that Love is their true and eternal nature, because that is the divine Will and, therefore, the will of every sentient being but, being free, they are free to choose when that will be.

Collectively most have chosen to remember their true nature, and that is why so much change is now occurring worldwide. For those who have chosen to awaken – and many are as yet unaware that that is a choice that only they can make for themselves and is indeed one that they have already made – awakening is very close. In these momentous times it is vital that you make sure to set the intent at least once daily to be loving, and only loving whatever arises, and by so doing you most effectively play your own essential and individual part in the wakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.

Mike Quinsey June 26/20

26th June 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Remember that nothing happens by chance and whilst your experiences may seem that way they often involve many other souls, some because of karma and others who will simply join them. The Pandemic has given many people ample time to reflect on their life so far and decide where they are going from this point in time. It is a chance to reflect on your life so far and whether it satisfies your ambitions, because in many ways time is running out and a new era will come into being. The old ways have served their purpose very well, but a new way forward is beckoning for those who have set their sights on Ascension.

Everything that is presently happening is calculated to ensure that progress is maintained that will avoid any interference from the dark Ones that could cause undue delay to your progress. Do not despair regardless of what happens in the present circumstances, as it is a time of clearing away all that has no place in the future. At the same time we are encouraging those souls who have set their eyes on Ascension to try as far as possible to ignore the chaos that may be happening around them. It is in part caused by the negative groups who still believe they can obtain power by killing off their rivals. They fail to understand that the future has already been written and no mortal will have the power to change the outcome.

The fact that major changes are taking place can hardly be ignored, particularly when worldwide weather changes are occurring that have brought out some extreme circumstances. The sea levels are rising and a number of inland areas will disappear, but there is usually ample warning to allow people time to relocate to safe places. Everything is on the move in readiness for the final change that will see the promises of a new Earth fulfilled. Perhaps the most significant changes for you will be the many that will result in you having more freedom from your present everyday tasks. It may be a long way off but eventually you will have everything you need at your fingertips and much more time to fulfil your personal ambitions.

Think big and know that what we have often asked you to do, and focus on what you envision for yourself because your desires will be met, but as always you can get advice and help from your Guides who are there to help. They do much more for you than you could possibly imagine, and are always close to you and on hand when needed. For example they do their best to ensure you stick to your life plan as it covers experiences that you need to advance further. The whole object of your incarnations is to help you experience in a way that advances your evolution. Be assured you are not alone when you tackle the challenges that confront you and so to say – point you in the right direction.

We know it is hard for you to understand your make believe world because you have thought it into being, and having served its purpose it will soon “disappear” as Humanity moves on and prepares for new experiences. You have earned the success that will ensure you leave the third dimension behind as it has served its purpose. Mother Earth will be pleased to lift up into the higher vibrations and create a beautiful Earth for you, one free from all of the present negativity that exists.

Outside of your Solar System are so many advanced civilizations very much like your species with minor differences, and some that might well pass for humans having very similar features to yourselves. Indeed, there are so many that bear a resemblance to you we feel sure you would enjoy meeting them. They have much to offer you, and a very exciting time awaits you all.  There is nothing to fear and the negative Reptilians will not be allowed to interfere with your progress as they have done in the past.

As usual your Governments keep the real news to themselves while they leave you still living in a bygone Age. Some secrets are becoming too big to conceal much longer, and it is likely there will be some revelations in the near future, but at a time when it is safe to do so. You see strange craft in your skies, yet not so strange as they are part of your Space Fleet. They have been long developed mainly by back engineering crashed craft that go back quite a long time. With it came a great leap in your technology, although in real terms you are way behind those civilisations that have existed for thousands of years and have inter-stellar craft.

There is also the question about Man’s intentions as so far there is no suggestion that their Space travels are to create peaceful relationships, although you trade with many civilisations. Some advances have crept into your field of knowledge which is why you have advanced so quickly in a relatively short time. However, you have not been given the benefit of them all otherwise you would for example already have been using free energy. It will come but not until the dark Ones have been removed and no longer represent a threat to you.

You live in unprecedented times when little seems straightforward, and there seems to be no real direction or purpose where world events are concerned. You face years of sacrifice as governments struggle to come to terms with the problems they see before them. Nothing could have prepared them for what has happened and it shows the weakness of your monetary systems that have struggled to cope with the demands upon them. There is always a way out of trouble, but the result of the pandemic has severely disrupted your monetary system. We recognise your plight and will do our best to help you, but the onus is upon you to take the first steps to start restoring your society. We cannot say more as there are many factors involved that even we cannot yet see which way you are going.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

 Mike Quinsey.


Jesus via John Smallman June 25/20

All sentient consciousness was created eternally alive!

June 25, 2020 by John Smallman

The word ‘awakening’ has become a bit of a “buzz-word” in recent months, as many are hearing it for the first time in the context of the human collective’s spiritual unfoldment.  This growing awareness, which is now arising in so many, that to be human at this moment is to have an experience in form, in physicality, that will allow and encourage all to remember that they are and always have been eternal spiritual beings.  The life force that flows through all sentient physical life forms, and on which those forms are totally dependent for their existence in form, is LOVE.

Love, Source, God, the One – whatever word you choose to use to express the idea of a supreme all-knowing, all-loving, and all-wise Creator and eternal Being in Whom all of creation has its eternal existence – is indeed ALL.  Every sentient being is eternally contained within and lovingly embraced in every moment by the One, the I Am Presence, as It expresses Itself in infinite manifestations of Itself and with complete creative JOY in every one of them.

God is Love is Creation is JOY!  However, many manifestations have chosen to experience severe limitation by manifesting in form which by its very nature is a severelylimited state of being.  Nevertheless, separation from Source is impossible because there is only the ONE!  Separation physically experienced in form is amnesia, blackout, memory loss, but only for a very limited TIME!  Time is an aspect of the illusion that makes the apparent experience of separation possible, but only for the briefest of instants, a few momentary flashes or flickers and slivers of a heartbeat.  But, while being experienced, it can seem to last for an inordinately long period of time, and then, when you awaken, you will know that it was but a momentary loss of memory, of consciousness!To awaken is to be, once again as you always have been, fully aware, fully conscious of your inseparable Oneness with each other and with Source.  That consciousness is a state of infinite and eternal Joy in which you express and demonstrate all your creative abilities magnificently in every moment for the delight of ALL.

All sentient consciousness was created eternally alive!  There is no such thing as death or termination of life – which is fully aware consciousness knowing itself as One with Source – because what is created is fully alive now, and now, and now, always and eternally.  The life experience in form is temporary, a game some chose to play for a limited time!  Limitation and time are unreal, and will be gone when the choice is made to cease playing that game or engaging in that dream, and it will be as though they had never existed, because, of course, they never did – unreality has no existence!

Being eternally alive, eternally at One with Source and with All of creation, and forever harmoniously creating delights that All can enjoy is the purpose for which all are created.  That purpose is forever joy-filled.  The ongoing awakening process that humanity is presently undergoing is the collective choice, fully and lovingly supported by Source and by All of creation, to permanently cease living in a state of experiencing the unreality and limitation of uncertainty, and the pain, suffering, and fear that had to arise in that unreal state.  The moment of remembering Who You are is very close, and to celebrate Life and Love is the way to awaken from the unreal, from the dream, and to know Yourselves once more as the divine Beings that you all are.

So, what are you to do during the remaining moments of unreality?  Enormous numbers of you feel that you have an essential personal individual spiritual purpose as a human on the earthly location at which you are undergoing this life experience.  And, you ask yourselves, “what is it?”  And the answer is simply to be Yourself!

So many of you have grown up in a culture – local, national, religious, political, academic, philosophical – that is very limited in its beliefs and moral attitudes, and which has been incorporated within you so that you present to the world around you, without any awareness or knowing that you are doing so, an ‘acceptable persona’ in order to have a sense of belonging!  But underneath, somewhere deep within you, there is an uncertainty, a questioning, a wondering that asks “is this who I am?  Surely I must be more than just this human person, because truly I do not feel at home here.”  And of course you are much, much more than this human persona experiencing life in physicality with all the trauma, pain, and fear that is an aspect of it, and therefore, of course, you cannot feel truly at Home.

What you need to do is very simple, but very, very few find it easy.  During your journey from infancy to adulthood, you have been filled with self-doubt because you have been encouraged to compare yourselves to others who are ‘supposedly’ better, more successful, more competent, more beautiful, more physically or intellectually gifted than you.  The truth is that you can only be You, so to compare yourself to another is quite meaningless; each one of you is precisely where you chose to be.  Therefore completely accept the form in which you are experiencing human existence, and know – as deep within yourselves you do – that you chose it for the lessons and experiences with which it would present you during your earthly lives.

There are no accidents or coincidences, every event and situation serves a purpose that was pre-planned before you incarnated, and it arrives in your life at the precise moment in which you need it as you journey toward your inevitable awakening.In accepting yourselves, in self-acceptance you will find peace.  When you are at peace others will be drawn to you and be inspired and uplifted by the sense of presence that flows from you when you present your true self to them, seeking neither their approval nor acceptance because, as a divine being, you know that you already have complete and loving acceptance of yourself from Source and from Yourself.

Therefore, knowing as you do that you are eternally One with Source, be like Source, meeting all that arises in your life with love, and celebrate life in every moment because life is meant to be an ongoing celebration of the wonder and magnificence that is All, that is Source, that is YOU!

And, as I always keep on reminding you, it is essential that you take time out daily to be quiet and peaceful as you let go of your ‘to do’ lists for a few moments while you rest within.  Within, in that quiet and holy inner sanctuary at the center of your Being, Peace and Love will embrace you if you just choose to allow Them to do so.  You have free will because what Love creates is always completely free – and complete freedom is not what many of you experience in your daily human lives – and so you can choose to be aware and feel that Presence, or unaware and experience only the constant stream of thoughts that plague so many.  Therefore on going within, set the intent to know that you are Peace, to know that you are Love, and then feel and experience yourself as the divine Being that you are right now!

Your loving brother, Jesus.