FOL via Blossom Goodchild Dec. 15/19

Well, Hello! This will be our last message this year probably. (I’m planning to do a White Cloud Video next week). So firstly, on behalf of myself and all those you have lifted the spirits of, may we take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all your Love and support and wisdom and friendship. We have all come such a long way and although at times we feel like nothing has changed and we want to hand in our notice … somehow we keep going and your encouragement helps us to do so. THANK YOU FROM THE DEEPEST PLACE OF OUR HEARTS.

Dearest Blossom and ALL who have come to know us as friends, as we have you. We are touched by your opening words and we take them into our Beings with DeLight.

Yet in TRUTH it is you, Each One of you, that deserve the accolades. For we could not Feel more honoured to share our Knowledge with you, to assist you and to remind you of all that you already know!

I can feel my heart swelling with Love literally and I am choking up to the brim with emotion.

We wonder if our words can find their way into the deepest place of your Being, this day? For it is our intention that you FEEL this LOVE that we shower upon you. If only, if only, if only you could see this entire charade (with respect) from the Highest perspective. If ONLY you could KNOW IN TRUTH how Each One of you have made such an Enormous Change, not only within your Beings, yet, by doing so, you have also CHANGED GREATLY THE VERY VIBRATION OF THE PLANET so that it is now ‘almost’ ready to move into its Higher positioning.

YOU, DEAREST SOULS, who have chosen to reside upon Earth at this time have ‘battled’ on throughout the heaviest of circumstances and STILL are able to shine YOUR LIGHT BRIGHTER THAN EVER BEFORE. Due to the fact that you have discovered more and more of yourselves and have begun to recognize that which you are … LIGHT.

Yes, you are disguised within your Earthly cloaking. Yet, this was the design of your choice and the Knowledge that your Light can work alongside/within this Heavenly vehicle, allowed you to Feel even more excited about the mission you have chosen to undertake … before you arrived.




As you breathe deeply in and out and say the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM.  mantra … connect with us. Feel the gathering of all souls who are upon the Earth for the exact same purpose as yourself … To lift it … To raise it into Bliss.

Recall, as we have put it this way before … as if you were in a vast meeting ‘On High’ and you were shown your mission. The Divine Plan was explained to you, with ALL its ups and downs and in’s and out’s … with all its Glories and its downfalls … with all its strength’s and its weaknesses, for each of these are OF DIVINITY.

You felt so strongly then, as you are beginning to do again … the want … the desire to be upon Earth, to be a PIONEER OF TRUTH … to be a WARRIOR OF LIGHT … to be a WAY SHOWER … and as your strength returns in these Higher Energies coming through at a fantastic rate now, you KNOW YOU KNOW!

Although we don’t know what it is we know?

Once upon a time we would have agreed. Yet, have not you changed, Blossom? Have not all of you now changed in this way of thinking? Because NOW YOU DO … YOU KNOW.

Think about it. If we ask you now, what is this Knowing that you think you don’t know? What would your answer be?

It would be … that actually, yes I do know. I knew all along, yet, didn’t know I knew I knew! Ha-ha! This KNOWING … is … MY KNOWING … Yet, it is so hard to put it into words.

‘Welcome to our world’ as the saying goes. We ask you try a little more.

Ok. This KNOWING is not about wisdom or strategies, or study of ancient times. It is not ‘about’ anything. This KNOWING is nothing more, (yet, it is Everything) … than the FEELING INSIDE OF KNOWING WE ARE LOVE-LIGHT and within that acceptance … there is nothing more we need to KNOW … for LOVE-LIGHT KNOWS ALL … for it is all.

We could not put it better ourselves. And within you answering in that way, it proves, it just goes to show … that Each One of you KNOW THIS.

It is not that you NEED US … not in any way, shape, or form. We are just here to trigger your remembrance of yourselves.

Many write in asking you to ask us questions, Blossom. Yet, Truly, there is no need. For ALL KNOWLEDGE lies within you when you KNOW OF THE LOVE YOU ARE. When you KNOW this in fullness, there will be no questions. For all answers are not needed … for EVERYTHING just is.

With respect, Dearest Souls, your thirst for Knowledge can sometimes veer off the beaten track! You wish to know this and that, in the hope that it will satisfy your curiosity and yet, it will not. For always you will be searching for more answers to quench that thirst. Yet, we say to you … BE AT PEACE … LET ALL THAT IS … BE.

Does a tree, does an animal or insect run hither and thither searching for answers? Indeed not. They KNOW themselves to BE who they/what they are. They are in acceptance and live lives and thrive through them.

Yet, with all respect of that which you say, Humans are designed very differently. If we didn’t have a thirst for Knowledge we wouldn’t have advanced as far as we have.

This we understand. Yet, we would perhaps then introduce the word of balance? We would introduce the words of ‘Stillness of mind’. We are not saying that Knowledge is not to your advantage. We are saying more so, that there are certain things one can never know the answers to when upon Earth. There are also certain things that are simply a yes or no answer.

Then why is it that you are unable to give us these yes or no answers sometimes?

Because Blossom, it is not our place to do so. We are aware of much that takes place in your world and we are also aware of that which is a blatant suggestion to take one off track.

So, why wouldn’t you want to let us be aware of such blatant suggestions?

Because as we say … it is not our place. We have a purpose in our communications with you. This purpose is to assist the Human Race in remembering ‘their’ purpose and what it is they came here to do and to BE. We understand that one of Earth may Feel it necessary to KNOW certain things that are going on … and quite rightly so. Yet, we ask you to recognise that all that IS TO BE REVEALED will be done so in Divine Timing. For when it is … so much will make complete sense as the jigsaw pieces fall into place. If ‘things we know’ were to be told ‘out of sequence’ it would not serve you, us, or indeed The Whole … and by this we mean ALL.

May we add, when you rely upon your self’s worth … when you understand that you need to know nothing other than the fact that YOU ARE THE LIGHT, YOU ARE THE LOVE, YOU ARE THE I AM … when you TRULY FEEL this KNOWING, the need to discover more will cease. For you will find a PEACE WITHIN THAT KNOWING, as we have said.

Like you, Blossom, we struggle with words sometimes. For when it comes to trying to describe the FEELING … there simply are no words to do so.

Continue to KNOW … Continue to FEEL THIS LOVE LIGHT. As you can tell, we cannot stress this enough!

That’s ok. Truly! I am pretty sure that so many of us now GET IT. We get what you have been trying to say for all these years. It makes much more sense to us now that we have ‘Fallen into Grace’ and acknowledged that self-worth is a very worthy cause!

Dearest Blossom. NOW in these precious, delicate times and in all the days that you are to behold … KNOW THIS …




Alongside of this you are ‘Changing the state of play’. Too many of you have had enough of the way things are. All over/around /within your Globe, shifts are occurring. Major shifts that will have each and every one change their way of thinking … Change their attitude because we tell you








Do you feel this Blossom? Do you Know and Feel this as Truth?

YES! It could be tomorrow, it could be in 10 or 20 years … it doesn’t matter! For it has to be in Divine Timing right? And in this Knowing … I go forth in Peace and Love and wish you Radiant Light Beings a wonderful Christmas. Which, when you think about it seems ridiculous. I can’t see you with Christmas trees and presents or indeed, mistletoe!

Our ‘Christmas’ is celebrated in the ways of Love and warmth that Light up your Planet at this time. To Feel this, as we do, in this season of Good will to all men, woman and children … to all birds, plants, insects … to all whose home is under the sea … to all Life … not just on your Planet yet, EVERYWHERE To Feel this LOVE for one another, Dearest Blossom and all … is the Greatest Gift of all.

Thank you so very much, my friends … oops … another tear drop forming. WE LOVE YOU … In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Jesus via John Smallman Dec. 14/19

The infinite joy of that most wondrous moment awaits you.

December 14, 2019 by John Smallman

Humanity’s progress towards awakening is quite phenomenal!  God’s divine plan is for you to awaken, and it always has been since the moment that you chose to experience an unreal state of separation from Source, the Source with Whom ALL are One.  Therefore it is inevitable that you awaken, and all that you can do is choose when this will be by choosing when to open your hearts to let Love enter.  Here in the non physical or spiritual realms we are fully aware of the plan and have been observing its progress from the beginning, knowing that it would be totally successful, but we did not fully understand how incredibly rapidly it would be brought to completion.  Completion is now very close indeed, far closer than we realized, and for this all of you in form are to be most heartily congratulated!  You are all doing phenomenal work.

At this moment much is arising worldwide that is very unsettling for all of humanity, indeed it is very painful and frightening for many of you.  Hang in there!  You are all, without any exception, most fully and lovingly supported as your awareness of your divine nature intensifies and, along with that, your feelings of unworthiness, of not being good enough, even of being sinners deserving punishment also arise into your conscious awareness.  These are thoughts of a negative and very self judging kind that are utterly and completely invalid!

Over the eons, as you have entered and exited the dream of unreality to learn lessons that, with much loving guidance, you had chosen to place on your life paths, you have – of course – made mistakes and errors because that is part of being a human in form, seemingly separated from Source.  But they are all unreal!  They only seemed to happen, as things do in dreams, and, there in the dream, they do seem totally real, even though they never happen because dreams are unreal.  And in Reality they most certainly could never even be imagined let alone happen!

You are all going to remember that you are perfect divine beings, permanently and eternally One with Source, just as you were created.  You are Love, and Love is always wholly, utterly, and most joyfully loving of Itself in every moment – in that It is COMPLETE – and as there is nothing other than Love, nothing else is possible.  Consequently there can be no blame, disapproval, judgment, or punishment of any kind, because those states are unreal, and thus cannot and do not exist.

What is occurring now is the arising into your awareness of all the seeming mistakes, errors, and sins that it appears that you collectivelycommitted during all of your previous life times in the unreal dream environment that you built for yourselves so very long ago.  You have been clinging to them, although they are hidden deep within yourselves – denied, buried out of sight, made invisible and inaccessible – because to acknowledge them would have caused you unhealable and relentless pain and suffering of an order of magnitude so enormous that you firmly believed that it would have destroyed you.  Thus you buried it deeply and denied it.  However, it was/is UNREAL!  Consequently you remain Perfect just as you were created

But because you have held all this fear, hatred, resentment, and bitterness buried deep within yourselves it has blocked out Love.  When you hold onto any of those feelings you are effectively choosing not to be Love.  To be Love means that you totally, utterly, and completely, without any exceptions whatsoever, unconditionally accept and Love yourselves and all sentient beings.  But when you attempt to set conditions for being Love, for offering Love, for being loving, you are blocking It out because there is no such thing as conditional Love, there is only Love!

The awakening process is the arising into your conscious human awareness of all these sins and errors it seems you have collectively committed over the eons so that you may acknowledge them, realize that they are unreal, that in Reality – your eternal state of joyful existence – they never happened and never could happen, and in that full awareness release those overriding and utterly invalid feelings of shame, guilt, and unworthiness.

How could even one of you, who are all without exception of any kind, the perfect divine creations of God – the beloved children of God, Beings of infinite perfection created like unto that Source, which is LOVE – be in any way unworthy of the Love from which and in which you were created?

Being One with God you are perfect, and therefore all that you have to do is to let go of any sense of guilt or shame, and allow your hearts, which are always totally worthy of Love, to open to receive It, delight in It, and share It with all with whom you interact in any way at all.  Doing just that brings all to awakening, to full remembrance, and to full participation in the Oneness that is God.  The infinite joy of that most wondrous moment awaits you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Saul via John Smallman Dec. 13/19

All will feel the infinite intensity of divine Love.

12/13/2019 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms, as we watch over you and support you, we are all elated with the progress that the human collective is making as it moves purposefully forward on its path towards awakening.  It has, in regards to the time spent on it, been a long and arduous journey, and many have suffered greatly due to the general ignorance or lack of understanding of the purpose of life as a human.  When the choice was taken to experience separation from Source, the enormity and intensity of the state of confusion that this would lead to was not, and could not have been foreseen.  Once you had entered into the experience of separation – even though it was and is unreal – your memory of Reality was replaced by a dream-like territory that enormously limited both your creative abilities and the wisdom to understand what you had done.

Initially, the purpose of life, when you became aware that it had a purpose, was survival.  The human form, being easily damaged or killed, needed your constant attention so that you could provide it with the energy it required – food – and shelter and protection from all that could harm it.  There were many elements in the dream environment that you had constructed that at any moment could cause you serious injury or death.  It was therefore a frightening environment in which rapid reactions were sometimes necessary if you were to survive and avoid the life threatening catastrophes that arose, often without any warning.  Life as a human was, initially, very demanding, sometimes requiring you to make very rapid decisions whether to fight for your life, or to flee in search of safety.

Over time you formed families, tribes, supportive communities, and later, cities and nation states, in order to provide a sense of safety and security.  But always disagreements would arise, either one on one or between larger groups, that inevitably led to conflict.  Now, as the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify as more and more of you choose to set the daily intent to be only loving whatever arises, vast numbers of you have recognized that conflict never resolves the issues that led to conflict in the first place.  This recognition is leading to changes in attitudes and behaviors all across the world as the intent to be loving alters people’s perceptions about life’s meaning and the way it should be lived.

Although the military industrial complex mentality is still operating powerfully and very corruptly in many areas, many within it are now seriously questioning its philosophy and consulting with one another in order to establish within it practices and incentives to completely alter its old and utterly outdated conflict-driven mentality.  A mentality that has been its guiding principle for so long, and which has caused and continues to cause so much suffering, while at the same time doing so much uncaring damage to the planet which is your only and total life support system while you remain in form as humans.  The insanity of previous methods of dealing with the issues that arise for humanity is now clearly understood, and they are being discarded as new methods that respect and honor each and every individual as well as the whole human collective are being introduced.

This is a time of enormous change as the Tsunami of Love dissolves the fear that has for so long been separating you and driving you apart into warring factions riddled with deceit and mistrust.  Times of change are always very unsettling as much that was hidden is revealed, bringing into the light the egotistical hunger for more and more power over others that drives so many who hold influential positions in politics, in the military, or in major industrial corporations.  Egotistical behaviors and attitudes are fear driven, and have arisen because of the sense of complete separation from everything that is not self that every individual sentient being in form experiences.  Even though modern science has now shown that absolutely everything in form – from rocks to humans – is connected to everything else, only an extremely small number of people are actually knowingly aware of this truth.  Yes, some accept it as a fact intellectually because science say that it is so, but practically no one at all knows it in the intense way that one knows that one exists.

When that intense inner knowing that there is only One is widely shared and experienced, then fear dissolves and loving cooperation becomes fully established as the only way in which sentient beings can and desire to interact or relate with each other.  Knowing that there is only One, and that each of you are that One, instantly removes all the blocks and barriers to Love that have been built and reinforced over the eons that you have been experiencing separation through living lives in form.  When that happens – and that is your awakening – all will feel the infinite intensity of divine Love, which is the only environment that exists, flowing though them abundantly and constantly, and they will also feel It flowing through all others.

The bliss and the joy of that knowing that you are One is what you have all been seeking for eons.  You have never been apart from It, but you have been having an extremely long, ongoing, and terrifying sense that you are each alone and separated from It, purely because you made the collective choice to immerse Yourself in the dream that presents itself to you as physical reality.  That unreal state seems totally real because the vast majority of humans identify themselves completely as only their individual physical bodies, totally separated from other physical bodies that can and do attack and hurt them.

God, Source, the supreme Wisdom and Intelligence, is infinite and absolutely limitless energy – LOVE – and You used only a tiny fraction of the power flowing constantly through that field to construct unreality, the dream, that you experience as the vast multiverse in which, as seemingly tiny insignificant beings present in form for but an instant, you experience your lives.

The only point to note is that it is unreal, that it does not and cannot contain you for even a moment, because there is nothing that can contain, limit, or restrict LOVE, which is what You are, eternally.  Celebrate Reality, and accept that you are about to remember who You are as you awaken into God’s divine Reality, Your divine Reality, where you exist and have always existed in eternal and – in human terms – absolutely unimaginable Joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

Mike Quinsey Dec. 13/19

13th December 2019. Mike Quinsey.

As we rapidly approach the New Year the pressure is building up on the authorities to officially announce the presence of ET’s on Earth who have bases underground. They have been in existence for many years and their spacecraft have been regularly seen in your skies. First Contact was made in the late 1940’s, when by agreement ET’s were allowed to have an undisturbed underground presence on Earth. There have been so many sightings over the years and many, many contacts been made with us. It can no longer be claimed that the ET presence is kept secret so as not to frighten or upset the people, as the whole subject has been aired so many times that most people are prepared to accept that ET’s present no danger to them. In fact they try to keep out of the public view although that is not entirely possible. It can be confusing, as your own military forces have long had their own craft that are not easily distinguishable from any others. However, the triangular craft are more likely to be your own and are regularly seen in your sky.

Making an official announcement has been considered many times but put off for various reasons, but it is clear that it is overdue and Humanity should be allowed to know what is taking place at this present time. Whilst you have benefitted over the years from the technical advances that have been made, there are nevertheless many more that would quickly propel you into the New Age, such as free energy that would do away with fossil fuels. The electric car is catching on very quickly and part of urgently needed changes to help eliminate the problem of pollution that has grown to dangerous proportions. There are moves in the right direction but much more is needed if the problem is to be seriously tackled. The Galactic Forces have the technology to help you, but first you must yourselves show the right approach and dedication to removing the problem. The people have awakened to what is needed but in most instances adequate official support has been lacking. Some may ask why not give us help now but are unaware just how much is done already without publicity. Be assured that without help from your ET friends you would already have run into much more serious problems.

You may ask why if we have compassion and love for you why we do not help more now, but you must first show serious attention to dealing with the problems that could otherwise lead to unprecedented loss of life. We believe that you will respond sufficiently to the dangers that threaten you but time is short and the sooner you apply yourselves to the needs of the people the quicker the problems will be taken under control. We realise that matters have suddenly speeded up but they have been threatening you for quite some time. You could by now have set up adequate resources to tackle the upcoming problems, and nothing short of a world-wide agreement will be sufficient to stop the inevitable from taking place. You certainly have the backing of the people who clearly understand the urgency of the situation. We cannot help more but feel that if war threatened your planet you would soon mobilize yourselves to deal with it, and such a response is really required now.

We do not wish or intend that our warning causes panic amongst the people, but it is only by highlighting the problems of the various authorities that they will come together and make plans to adequately deal with them. The younger generations have come into life with a greater awareness of the dangers to the planet and mankind. Their voices are getting louder and they demand that suitable action is taken now, as their futures are also at stake more so than the older generations. Bear in mind that souls being born in recent times are more understanding of the problems and how they should be dealt with to delay the quickening demise of the Earth. The problems can be overcome but time is of the essence and action needs to be seen, and the quicker the better.

You have come a long way to get to this point in your evolution and are being prepared for a leap in it. In one sense there is little time left for you to become ready yet every opportunity is being taken to raise your consciousness and awareness levels. With the changes in your evolution coming nearer you must be on track for it and have preferably integrated the positive changes that can lift you up. Obviously some souls do not respond to the higher vibrations, having been engulfed in the lower vibrations with no desire or understanding of the need to leave the old ways behind, and seek a better way. Every soul that starts to awaken and looks for help will get it, and there are many groups that have the knowledge and desire to help them.

Do not forget that there are many societies and other bodies that are all aware of the changes that are taking place, and ready to help those who are seeking the truth. A momentous time is coming with the aim of bringing the changes into manifestation, lifting humankind out of the darkness and fully into the Light. It must come, because it has already been ordained by those who oversee your evolution. You have got through the hard part by passing the marker and must now focus on your future, and take the wonderful opportunity that is presenting itself to lead you onto the higher levels, and put all of the woe and misery behind you never to blight you again. It may mean changing your old links with the past but that is inevitable if you are to rise up with Ascension.

Go about your work cheerfully and know that in reality the good times are approaching, inasmuch that you attract similar energies to those of yourself. In other words it is you who has the control over how your life works out, although it must be said that any karma that you create becomes part of your life. Karma is not necessarily negative but Humans have a habit of creating situations that result in it. The simple answer is to share your love with all souls and think no ill of anyone and you should lead a trouble free life. It is easier than it sounds but initially your ego may get in the way, as it is used to being in charge. Think upon it, if all souls were loving and kind the world’s problems would immediately disappear and happiness would reign.

Creating a beautiful world sounds so simple, but whilst inequality exists there will always be problems. There is enough of everything to meet people’s needs, but unfortunately the wealth of the world is in the hands of a very small minority. It will have to change and it will as such situations cannot be allowed to stand in the way of progress. Be assured that higher beings are influencing people to do what is necessary to bring the changes about and they will achieve their objectives.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self as all other souls also have.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild Dec. 9/19

Once again, Hello! These times are indeed exciting, as more and more ‘dirt is dished out’ publically on those who we have suspected to be of lesser Light. It confirms what you have been saying regarding the worms crawling out of the can!

Welcome Dearest soul, Blossom and to all those involved in the raising of the Planet into a place of Peace and Beauty. Yes, indeed  more ‘news’ is becoming quite compelling on this particular issue of the can of worms … and believe us when we say there is plenty more where that came from.

As each ‘story’ is offered to eyes and ears, remember to go immediately into the ‘I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM.’ mantra, so that instantaneously you are shedding Light on the issue and although listening to that which is being said and seeing that which your eyes behold … you are ‘changing’ the Vibration of it. At the same time you are releasing yourselves from being drawn into the darkness of these issues … which for many will take them to a place of despair.

Open your hearts, Dearest Souls and send Love and compassion to these souls who have lost their way.


Indeed, Blossom. We have spoken of forgiving these souls … for this is the only way forward and as difficult as one may find this to do … one must know that this ‘act of forgiveness’ is for the Highest Good of all. To take one into a land of Freedom, one cannot carry the burdens of hatred, or disgust, or vengeance, or revenge. Any feeling that is not of Light HAS TO BE discarded from the soul’s Energy field, in order for one to walk through the veils and BE OF ITSELF IN LOVE.

Yes, I understand. I have heard of very important politicians being cited in this ‘can of worms’ and I was happy, which sort of felt wrong. Was I gloating? I don’t know, I just felt so pleased that all this is about to come out because it means ‘we are on our way’.

Blossom, we would say that what you felt was a knowing of Joy because as you say, the ball is indeed now rolling. Which means of course, that you are ever closer to the ‘change of position’ and the Joys that are to eventually follow.

Remember too, that these revelations shall be intermittent in order to try and keep some form of order. Yet, as more and more is brought into the open, the more there will be the need for the ‘follow through’ of each occurrence to be highlighted and quickly, because it will be necessary to do so. Your unsuspected citizens will demand answers and we do not have to tell you that indeed, there shall be many, many questions!


Yes, I can. I definitely FEEL stronger in my Being and I FEEL READY … for exactly what I am not sure, yet, I know we will recognise it as it happens

Dearest Blossom, you shall not be able to miss it.


Keep you conversations LIGHT on these revelations. For many will be falling into the mire, due to disbelief and concern. Yet, you know better! Let others know how fantastic this is … that it is being brought to Light and that it means a much better ‘way of living’ lies ahead. Feed them with your enthusiasm about the future … for this is the case, Dearest ones. So much is coming your way and it IS so exciting … it will knock your socks off, as you say.

Speaking of things coming  our way, someone asked if you could explain why it is that different ‘respected’ channellers or givers of information, whistle blowers etc. are given different time lines/dates for this Event that is spoken of so many, many times, throughout so many, many lands and within so many, many religions. How is it that these dates differ so greatly? Many say next year.  (Heard that before, a good few years ago!) Some say 2030, and many other dates in between … We can’t all be right. We can’t all be wrong. Could you shed Light on this matter please?

Certainly, Blossom. WE, THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT GIVE A DATE … FOR WE CANNOT. No one knows an exact date.

Yet 2020 and 2030 in our world is quite a difference.

And it is but a heartbeat in ours.

We do not feel it correct to discuss ‘Other’s messages’ out of respect. Those who follow a particular channel do so because it feels right for them to do so. Who are we to say whether these messages are ‘completely correct’ … in the same way, another could say the same about us, Blossom. Many follow and leave for a while, then return when they feel the call.


I don’t think this is the answer the gentleman was looking for. Could you at least give us a reason why we could be told the difference of the years?

No. We are unable to do so. Because we do not know the answer.

In ‘our’ words and ‘our’ thoughts we would surmise that this ‘SHIFT’, this ‘HAPPENING’, this ‘EVENT’ … it matters not what it is called as long as the Lightest Feeling accompanies it … WILL OCCUR and it draws ever closer.

Which could mean tomorrow or in ten years, seeing as you have no time.

We understand your dilemma.

The fact is, most of us now are not concerned of the ‘when’ … we have graduated from that thought form and now  concentrate on Being the Light and going with the flow as everything unfolds. With respect, it is YOU and other’s from ‘the other side’ that keep bringing it up.

Because it is essential and necessary to do so. To have this knowing in one’s awareness is important. It is the reason that you are upon the Earth at this time.

Yet, many don’t know about it. They haven’t a clue.

Yet, Blossom … MORE THAN ENOUGH NOW, DO KNOW ABOUT IT and you/they are the ones that shall lead the lost across the Bridge.

Other channellers have spoken of there being the need for the balance of souls to know of this in order to ‘tip the scales’ so to speak  … we would say this has already happened.


And we are waiting …

And within that waiting you are shedding more and more Light to those you come across. You are spreading your Light across continents. Your Being is prepared and so now, within the ‘wait’, you are preparing ENERGY OF ALL THAT IS … to BE READY, also.

There shall be signs that this Event is coming. Recognisable signs AND YOU WILL KNOW BECAUSE YOU WILL FEEL IT.

You cannot deny the changes in the Energy just recently and now with the dominos falling, one can be excited to know that all that follows will be ‘shown’ for what it is.

Yet, as I said, it sort of felt wrong to be excited in the way I was.

And as we said this is not the case. It is the excitement of knowing that which we have spoken of for so many, many years is now here and you are living and breathing here upon Planet Earth to witness it.

YOU ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG … or you could not assist.



Each one playing their part. Each one KNOWING that by TRUSTING themselves and that which they feel they will guide and lead others into that same place of TRUSTING within THEMSELVES.

The momentum gathers and strength will build and there shall be no stopping THE LIGHT AND LOVE THAT YOU ARE from doing what it came here to do.

In this knowing … does it matter to you when the Event will take place?

No. We were just trying to determine why different dates, very different dates, were/are given?

And with THE GREATEST OF RESPECT we would say once more, we are not in a position to answer.

Fair enough. I will accept that, as you never really answer in this way, so I will respect this answer of not answering!

I feel we are done for today, if that’s cool with you? ‘Cool’ being the operative word as it is blazing hot in Australia right now and summer has only just begun, and what with the blaze/haze of the fires its pretty full on!

Weather all around your Planet is ‘acting up’. When it is the turn of certain dominoes to fall … and they shall fall heavily with a bang … the weather on your Planet will slowly be able to ‘correct’ itself into the seasons that were designed for nature and all her inhabitance to thrive. This will take a while for ‘her’ to come back into balance, yet, when order has been restored … the seasons shall once again be respected for that which they are, in all their Glory.

So much, Dearest souls has been tampered with upon your Planet that its original outlay of its plan is almost unrecognisable. THIS TOO SHALL BRING SO MUCH JOY … FOR/TO … ONE, WHEN THEY CAN ONCE AGAIN BASK IN THE GLORY OF THE DIVINE TAPESTRY.

MANY THANKS to Each One for remaining steadfast and loyal to that which they KNOW to be of TRUTH.


As White Cloud would say! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The audio for this channelling shall be posted below shortly. 

Orion & Pat Dec. 5/19

Dec. 5/19

Orion- we are happy to speak with you tonight -we were watching your video with you and assisting in your understanding of Venus and the people who live there – some of those people have been alive for thousands of years – when your body doesn’t age there isn’t much motivation to change bodies – we see that those contacts were selling love and that is the main currency in the galaxy and beyond – you will have a great event very soon and move to 5th dimension as we did – it may look a little different to people of different orientations – write soon – Orion

(Video I was watching was Rob Potter with queen and a commander from Venus)