Saul via John Smallman Feb. 27/21

You all chose, with enormous generosity and compassion, to be incarnate.

02/27/2021 by John Smallman

Humanity is very, very close to the collective awakening, and there are signs of it in many places that are uplifting the hearts of those who see them and recognize them.  All is going as divinely planned, as it always does.  That often does not appear to be the case because, as humans in form, you are fully engaged in the ‘game’ of separation which can be extremely painful, especially when you are involved in conflict and self-doubt.

As you well know, separation is an unreal experience, because separation is impossible!  All forms of consciousness are in every moment connected to Source by an inseverable connection, because there is only the ONE!  But, because you chose to construct an unreal environment in which separation appears to be real, this is what you did, and it appears to be totally real to the majority of humans.  However, in the last few decades, increased comprehension of quantum physics by leading edge scientists has demonstrated quite clearly that, in spite of how you each individually experience yourselves as separate beings, there is no such state as separation from Source – the infinite field of energy/consciousness/Love/God – that is indeed ALL that exists.

As more and more ordinary people become aware of this amazing scientific revelation, the collective intent to awaken into Reality – which is already very powerful – intensifies even further.  You are most definitely awakening, and you will not fall back into the unawakened state in which humanity has been seemingly confined, or even incarcerated for eons.  Your natural state, your true nature, is to be fully awake, fully aware, and fully conscious in every moment of your eternal existence, and to revel in the infinite joy of that unchanging state.

When you collectively chose to experience separation, and constructed the environment that made it possible, you did not and could not know how much pain and suffering you would be foisting upon yourselves by doing so.  And when you started to experience that separated state you had already forgotten about Reality, and thought and believed that what you were experiencing was the only reality!  It is not!  You are all the beloved children of God, and you have never, not for even an instant, left her Presence.  You are just asleep – by your own free will choice – and you will awaken into the exquisite joy of knowing yourselves to be One with Source, because to sleep eternally is impossible.  Indeed total joy awaits your awakening.

In the meantime be patient – yes, it does seem that you are forever being asked to be patient – be loving, and allow the future to unfold, knowing, as you do, that all is divinely taken care of.  If you can avoid trying to project an image of what is to occur into your individual visions of the future you will be able to be more at peace as the old order unravels and disintegrates.  In times of great change confusion and uncertainty intensify, increasing your sense of doubt and anxiety, and perhaps causing you much emotional turmoil.  Your regular times set aside during the day to go within are absolutely essential moments in which you can relax, find peace, and confirm for yourselves your knowing that all is well.

There is much going on at present on the world stage that is bringing intense suffering to many, and your intention to send love and healing to those who are suffering is your most urgent task in these remaining hours of the old order of divisive conflict. Your individual presence in human form at this crucial juncture in humanity’s spiritual evolution/awakening is not accidental.  You all chose, with enormous generosity and compassion, to be incarnate in order to assist most competently and lovingly in the collective awakening process.  When you made that choice and joyfully set the intent to incarnate, you knew that it would not be easy, that you would suffer – quite possibly suffer enormously – nevertheless, you incarnated and are now here, probably wondering if you really did choose to be on Earth in this extremely unsettling and disturbing era.

I can reassure you, as have many others, that yes, you did choose to be incarnate to assist in the awakening process, and that, yes you are assisting just by being present.  When you go within, in prayer, meditation, contemplation, or simple relaxation, having set the intent to be only loving whatever arises, your energy fields add mightily and powerfully to the process, even though it may seem to you – and we see that this is often the case – that your presence makes no difference, is not having any effect in bringing about change for the better, leaving you doubtful, and judging yourselves negatively as not being useful or helpful to humanity as the awakening process approaches completion.  This is most definitely NOT THE CASE!  Your earthly presence at this point in humanity’s history is essential.  Therefore, when you go within, ask for loving confirmation that you are doing what you came to do, then open your hearts to receive it, and you will become aware, you will intuitively know – in spite of your doubts – that you are doing precisely what you incarnated to do.

Yes, your egos may well – in fact probably will – try to convince you that your efforts are meaningless, are in vain.  That is what egos do, because when you awaken you will have no need of them, and that is a prospect that horrifies them.  But, of course, your egos are just frightened and split off parts of your minds that you needed to help you survive as humans, before you realized who you truly were – infinitely powerful divine beings, forever free and safe in the One, the unbounded and all-embracing energy field of Love, Reality, your eternal Home – and which will be re-assimilated into the Oneness that you are.  No one, not even your egos, will be abandoned, because without even one conscious being the One would be incomplete, and that is impossible!

You are Love, you are Loved, you are Loving, and that is the unchanging state in which you have your eternal existence right now . . . and forever.

With so very much love, Saul.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Feb. 28/21

Hello to you. Well, something shifted in my energy last Sunday. I’d heard an energy Light boost was coming in (someone had sent me the info) and to be honest, I take everything with a pinch of salt these days. Yet, for me, and others I know … it happened … something that was said actually happened! A definite lift of my energy … as if an ‘attachment’ had been removed, type of feeling. Just feeling so much Lighter. Any thoughts?

Dearest Blossom and all souls who partake in the upliftment of The Whole. Yes, indeed, a Planetary shift occurred. We would not say it was on a massive scale for all to notice … not this one! Yet, indeed, a clearing of sorts took place due to the High level of Energy that was pouring in.

We are aware that so much at this time upon your Planet is appearing to be bleak, yet, this is not so. Shifts of great proportion are taking place and much cleansing also. There are many ‘Off Planet’ who are assisting in this project and timing is of the essence.

What do you mean?

All that is taking place is of the Divine Plan, as you know. The change over from darkness into Glory is forever working towards its final goal.

Many over the last year decided to feel more of their Truth. Many awoke to their Truth from a long deep sleep. In doing so, there came with it an increase of Light. Much strength from awakened souls is now able to not only anchor the Light but also, send out Light on a much greater scale.

Do you feel, Blossom, more of that which we have spoken of, regarding having strength to do what you came to do?

In this last week, yes! I feel so much more ‘on top of things’ and … well, ready.

There are many who are feeling the same.

And for those who do not?

They will!  It is a bit like a flick of a switch.

That’s certainly what it felt like for me. I just woke up feeling different …  and my good mood has remained ever since. God, it feels good! It’s been so long! So, is this flick of a switch a type of activation … envelopes opening, etc?

No. It is that the Energy coming in was received and absorbed and transmuted much heaviness within many.

Why some and not others?

Depending on their placement … it affects some … before/earlier … than others.

Placement of residence?

No. Placement within themselves. Do not misunderstand, Blossom. This is not about first come first served. This is about ‘One’s own timing’. It is not for one to feel ‘left out’, yet, to understand that if they have not experienced the Lightness ‘back’ within themselves … they will do, when ‘they’ are ready.

This Strength shall continue to be felt and absorbed. It was not just a one-day affair, so to speak.

This is the time now when ‘action’ is to take place on many, many levels.

We would call it ‘a turnaround’ … for the ‘general public’ have had enough of the lies and the deceit and are picking up on the calling from within to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

There is an inner … Awakening/Strength … that is stirring within souls who would normally remain quietly in the corner. There is a call for human rights to be heard and acted upon.

Dearest Souls … as you say the Mantra over and over … can you hear the millions of voices that are in chorus with you? Can you feel that gathering within your soul?

Close your eyes for a moment and ‘hear’ the voice of ONE becoming louder and louder.

Imagine souls all over your Globe as if marching in one block, repeating, with swords of Light raised to the skies




 I AM.

Feel that imagination. Allow it to stir deep within you in the KNOWING that the POWER that you now know yourself to be, is anchored deep within and nothing and no one is able to stop this marching forward.



Can you feel the excitement now?

Will you allow the resonance of KNOWING this, to drive you onwards?

Collect your thoughts. Release all those that do not serve. Send all negative indoctrinations out into the ethers … and once again …


Do this regularly.

Remember to do this. To close your eyes, breathe deeply and KNOW …







Struth! I can really feel this build up inside me, as you say it. As if ‘Nothing can stop us’.

Blossom, the only thing that can stop you is yourself. No matter your circumstances at this time … no matter what part of the world you live in …



Oh, how I hate to dampen, yet, for many who have been in continual lockdown, they may not agree.

Yet, they may. Have they not got to a point when enough is enough? They may be going through different emotions, different phases of Awakening, yet, it is allowing Each One to walk into their own conclusions. 

This façade that is being played out is ‘Dying its own death’, Blossom.

And in its place … RENEWED HOPE.

Ok. Feeling how I feel, I get that. Yet, it certainly is not appearing that way.

Sometimes, that which is dying does not always look as a bed of roses.

We ask that you hold on to the knowing inside you.

Let us ask you all …

Do you know the Light has won?

My answer … Yes.

How do you know this?

My answer … A feeling.

Of what?

My answer … Trusting my knowing. If I didn’t feel things were to change for the better, I don’t know how I would manage to continue. It’s just something inside that knows all this will change.

And again … how does this feeling feel?

My answer … GOOD!

Because, Dearest Souls, who have undertaken this mammoth task …


You usually would say ‘Your Truth’ …

Yet, we have chosen to say ‘THE TRUTH.’

You see, Blossom, with all that is to be … discovered/uncovered … brought into the Light of day … Each One of you that are ready … Each Soul that has been waiting for so long … will command their full presence to be ‘with them’ and this KNOWING of what to do … how to assist … will present itself as one brings in a Higher level of Energy … a Higher representation of one’s individual individuality.

Busy, busy, busy, shall you be. Yet, with a readiness to awaken each new dawn in service … to the/of the … Light that you are.

Be of such Gratitude that you were called upon to be of such Divine Service.

What better reason to be alive than to be of service … to the/for the … Greater Good Of All.


We ask that you be patient … with the soul self. Just KNOW that this gathering of more aspects of self, shall slowly integrate with the aspect of the you that ‘arrived’ to do the groundwork … would we say, and NOW that this is done and in place … and Energies are more conducive … then one’s ‘Team’ can come in and join the party.

This is sounding really hopeful. It makes sense to me, in the sense … of already KNOWING THIS yet,  unable to KNOW until this time.

This is what we have spoken of in past conversations Blossom … Of ‘Coming into your own’ … ‘Walking into yourself’ … of the Strength that you shall find when it is most required.

Yet, again, not to dampen the fab uplifting energy here … it is still going to be pretty tough going, is it not?

That would depend on whether you see your glass as half empty or half full.

Yes, indeed, on the one hand … there is much to come out that will shock even the most ‘prepared’ … and yet on the other, one will simply recognize that these ‘uncoverings’ are allowing the darkness to be exposed and that one’s ‘mission to be accomplished’ is to heal, replenish, comfort, understand, accept, soften, explain, and then to repeat all of the above, time and time again.

This is why it has been said, that although one feels they are so very fed up of waiting … make the most of this quiet time … to build your strength … to prepare … for once the whistle blows … there shall be little time for twiddling one’s thumbs.

Bring it on … WE GOT THIS!

This we know.

This we are assured of.

This is why you are here.

This is why you were chosen.

Because you have … YOU HAVE GOT THIS!

Yet, remember to recharge. As we have said before … if you forget to recharge your phone … your day doesn’t go so well. Same as for self. Each night, imagine plugging your cable in from your crown chakra to ‘above’. Switch it on and check it is charging … then allow the peace of sleep to do its thing.



With a smile, we say ‘May the Force be with you.’

With a beaming smile back ‘atcha, I reply ‘WE KNOW IT IS’! In Gratitude, in Loving service. I Am… very hopeful!

Mike Quinsey Feb 26/21

26th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

You must know by now that nothing happens by chance and therefore the Lockdown caused by Covid19 that has resulted in a virtual standstill of your normal activities. It is a worldwide phenomenon during which you have had more than ample time to consider better ways of conducting yourselves and living in peace. There are many matters that affect your way of life and how you relate to others, so that instead of being separated you could come together in mutual respect and understanding. After all you are One yet many, who could come together as brothers and sisters on a human journey where your goals are the same. All of you who have awakened to your divine self are seeking the truth, and no matter what name you have for God there is but the one Universal Prime Creator.

Your beliefs and traditions may be different but ultimately all of you will find yourselves on the same path. Since Ascension is expected to take place by the year 2030, clearly there will be a gradual coming together as any remaining prejudice and erroneous beliefs will be overcome. When each soul realises that all of you have had experiences of the different religions it will become clear that you are all travelling along the same path. It would therefore seem logical that you would all come to the same spiritual conclusions and truth. There have been many advanced souls that have come to Earth especially to guide you ever onwards, and each religion has a leading soul with great knowledge and understanding to impart to you. The truth will always come to the surface and permanently remain where anything less will fall away.

Always have an open mind and be ready to learn a new understanding, as religion has at times been more of the Word of Man rather than God. When you have reached the stage of being an old soul you will be much more aware and understanding of the truth, and intuitively sense when teachings are not completely true. Teachings from spirit are almost certainly true but nevertheless still need careful consideration. The most recent teaching of the “God Inside” a soul is the result of you passing the marker in 2012, showing a readiness to receive a greater one. We take care not to give you a greater truth until we are sure you are ready for it. This teaching tells you that all souls have the same God, and that knowledge alone should draw you closer together. There has to come a time when you realise that one religion on its own cannot hold the complete truth.

To hold to one religion serves its purpose when you are in the early stages of understanding. However, as you move from one to another you begin to understand the true teachings that will always surface no matter how long it takes. We do not rush you into new teachings as all things come in good time when you are ready for them. Even atheists have a belief system and when they realise there is something more to life, they will begin to search for a truth that satisfies them. You cannot help but feel that there is something more than simply life on Earth. Even by looking at nature with its seasons and the yearly return of growth after the seeming end of each period when you get re-birth again.

Even, man himself can have the experience of remembering events of a past life. Recognising places upon a first visit, and in a similar way to strongly feel that you already know someone you are meeting for the first time. Sometimes a person will pick up an object and “feel” the energy given to it by a previous owner, that illustrates how someone has transmitted their energy to it. Quite clearly if you want proof of past lives there is much evidence to support it, and the physical body is a mine of information about the soul who resides in it and this energy can be passed on to physical objects. It is evident by those psychic souls who can handle objects and “read” facts from it about its owners life. So there is much evidence that all objects seem capable of transmitting energy carried within.

Man is not his physical body and although some do not recognise that they have a soul, the fact is that they do. It is not unusual for some people to leave their bodies and be able to look down and recognise it as such, and it shows that the soul can have an out of the body experience. The examples are endless and it goes to prove that you are not just your bodies and for some it proves that life continues after the death of it. Some souls have vivid dreams where they meet family or friends who have already passed on and they prove very real, simply because they are. All of this proves that there is no death and that the soul lives on and reincarnation occurs. This opens another chapter in your lives as to how you are to carry on with its life plan and reincarnate again.

There is so much more to life than most people realise until they reach that point where they start to seek more understanding as to the meaning of it. Without one it naturally seems without true purpose and even pointless. However, there would certainly be arranged events in their life that would awaken them providing they took an interest in it. It is not that there is any urgency as there can be unending lifetimes that allow for experiences that will eventually awaken the soul. Understand that the soul will often accept that they are destined to carry on re-incarnating without questioning the purpose of life. Fortunately there will inevitably come a time when a soul begins to realise that there must be more than the continual cycle of reincarnation.

Presently you are in a confusing period when the purpose of life seems to elude you. The comfort of the old ways has gone and the future is uncertain, except you must by now realise that changes are imminent indeed inevitable. The changes that will take place are all intended to lead you towards a new Age of great meaning that takes you away from the turmoil and uncertainty of the present time. Changes will come quickly that will be intended to lift you up, and make you ready for greater events that will bring great hope and the intention to leave the old behind that has already served its purpose. Your new reality will clearly show you that there are good times ahead when eventually the dark Ones will be left behind to experience their own demise. From thereon you will experience true peace with harmony and love, and you will know that the lower vibrations can no longer interfere with your lives.

This message comes through my Higher Self my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey. 

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Feb. 21/21

Morning! Here we are once again, then! Straight to it, if I may? Many are concerned regarding you always saying things are going to get a lot more Topsy Turvy than they already are. Can you elaborate on that?

The warmest of ‘Hello’s’ to you Blossom and Each Soul present here. Firstly, we would say that all that is to come is nothing that you are unable to handle! For inside each one is a mechanism that triggers strength when needed and necessary.


This is the way we would choose to describe it, and indeed Blossom, it has been known throughout your history of incredible Strength coming from within, when one is faced with situations where Strength and Courage are required. Remember this!

I mentioned in an interview the other day that my thoughts on this were, so far as that when the Truth is revealed, all of the Planet will go into shock … and some simply not knowing what to do or how to deal with it? Am I on the right page with this?

Indeed you are, Blossom. For Truths are to come forth that will shatter many dreams of that which they thought /Knew to be Truth in one’s reality.

So, we would say it is these Truths, when disclosed, that will change the way things are at the moment.

You said ‘Everything’ was to get more topsy turvy?

It will certainly seem that way. As if the entire world has been upended, so to speak. Not one soul will be untouched by this and yet, so many will KNOW that …



How will they know?

Because they will FEEL IT.


So, although things are to get worse … in a sense … one could look at it as also getting better at the same time. One will recognise that things are definitely on the move, even though the ‘news’ that is to repeatedly shock as more is uncovered, will seem ‘unbelievable’ at times. One, inside their Being, will FEEL even more strongly that they are now moving in leaps and bounds to a better world.

Let us speak of Strength if we may?

You may!

What is Strength? It can be interpreted easily from a physical perspective. One can lift, one can endure enormous displays of physical Strength. Yet, in order to do so, it is required for much training in order for the body to be prepared … perhaps when preparing for a marathon etc. Much work has taken place before hand, has it not?

It is the same for the Inner strength.


You have all been preparing yourselves for this time. Even when you feel depleted with the waiting … you are still SHINING YOUR LIGHT … and that LIGHT is your preparation ‘work out’, if you like.

You have not been idle, for you have been sending Love and doing all that is required of you throughout these times and those of ‘High positions’ are exalted by the Strength that continues to flow from you.

So then, as these days progress, although feeling tired and lethargic … when it is ‘time’ …



I am hearing ‘put on your dancing shoes’? Odd!

Yet, correct Blossom. Your patience has been tried and tested to its limits. Yet, in these future days, we believe you would say … you are ready to rock and roll!

So, things getting more topsy turvy, isn’t necessarily going to be a bad thing?

Blossom, how can the Truth be a bad thing? It may be a shocking thing … FOR ALL. Yet, once absorbed and confronted  … for/by … the self, then those who have been waiting … those who knew this was coming will be ready to get to work … so eagerly and keenly. Knowing that this is what they came to the Planet to do.

So, to clarify, you are meaning that it is about ‘picking up the pieces’?

Much more than that, Blossom. It is about helping the lost and confused, the angry and those in disbelief. It is about bringing them from their knees, back to their feet and pointing them in the direction of The Bridge. Some may need to be escorted, some may ‘Get it’ straight away and escort others.

It will be such a time of Unification. A time when those who have felt they may never hold another in their arms, can embrace physically, soul, after soul, after soul … WITHOUT FEAR.

How many have been deprived of hugs? It is a necessary soul food for the Human condition and it has been WRONGFULLY denied.

Love Hugs shall be the order of the day!

ALL this Love that you have been storing up …  giving out too, yes, yet so much STRENGTH WITHIN LOVE has been building up WITHIN YOU.


That is certainly good to hear, for many feel so depleted and wondering how on earth they will get through these times, especially if it is to get worse.

Yet, KNOW that when it ‘appears’ to be doing so … that the time has come when things are moving forward, as we have said.

You will continually ask for Strength and Guidance and you shall continually find all the recourse required opening up inside of you.


It just needs to be awakened, right?

No, it is already awake. It is waiting for its assignments.

This resonates easily and comfortably with me and I would imagine it does with many others. Thank you.



Will we need to remember? Will we not just FEEL IT in the times ahead?

Indeed. Yet, this work that is to begin, on a far greater level of understanding than your present time, will require ALL THAT YOU ARE TO SHINE, in order to ‘see your mission through’.

Be kind to yourselves. Nurture yourselves. Recharge your batteries. For, although you will KNOW that you are doing what you came here to do … there will be so much ‘demand’ that one can easily become depleted.


When you say knowledge, what do you mean?




For we say to you, Blossom and Each One that resides upon your Planet at this time …



Look back over the years if you would, and recognise the difference in yourself. The way you approach situations and souls now, compared to days of old. We feel not one of you would say that you are the same.


It has changed the way you approach things.

It has changed the way you respect others.




So, imagine then … many who have not acquired the remembrance of self, and once awakened to Truths that were unimaginable … they will need so much assistance … so much service … in so many ways … so that they too, may ‘GET IT’.

Through you and all you KNOW … they will, although exhausted and dazed … take your hand and walk over that Bridge.

KNOWING, UNDERSTANDING, that their destination is a NEW HOME … where rest, and recuperation shall be offered, until such a time when they too, may take up their roles and do the same for others, as you have done for them.

Dearest Souls … we KNOW that this time in which you are experiencing so much upheaval is proving to be so very difficult. Each one playing out their role and finding themselves in a place where perhaps they really do not want to be.

Yet, HUGE SHIFTS ARE TO UNFOLD … and we say, that although there is much darkness that is to come to Light … the change over will take place very quickly, once certain protocols have been surrendered(?).

What do you mean?

Once the ball is rolling … the ball that everyone can see rolling …  then things that have been prepared to fall in to place … shall do so rapidly.

These days ahead, as days of now, are part of the Divine Plan.


Each step of the way … whether it appears to be or not … has been meticulously thought out … thought through … in order for the darkness to be removed and the LIGHT to once again, take its rightful place.

I find it quite hard to imagine a different kind of world. The one that we are walking into … and I consider myself to have a good imagination.


Repeat the Mantra as you do so.



We have every confidence that those that volunteered and were chosen to be here at this time, to see this through SHALL DO SO … ARE DOING SO … HAVE DONE SO!


Oh, indeed! Can we all go for rides in Lightships at the local fair? In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … feeling a whole lot Brighter!

Mike Quinsey Feb. 19/21

19th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

You seem to be at a midway point with no idea where you go from here, yet with the numbers of people catching the virus noticeably becoming less, it would seem that the time has arrived for a final program to be introduced. One that will quickly restore life to as normal as possible, so that the effects of lockdowns can be dealt with in such a way as to restore freedom to lead a normal life. Habits have changed due to the length of time people had to accommodate a new way of life, and most likely some changes will become permanent. It was always going to cause people to look at ways of improving their experience, and give them a realistic opportunity to accept that there would be inevitable changes. 

On a wider scale humanity has taken a new approach to uplift their expectations, knowing that if progress was to be made it had to be looked at as a major change as to how you viewed the coming years. Using the technologies for advancement to a more acceptable way of living that removes the drudgery and boredom of daily life already exists. Now you have the opportunity to decide what you want for your future and when it is seen that you seriously desire to better yourselves and create more time for personal development it must be provided. Automation has gone some way to helping in that respect, but there must be more opportunities to follow your desires.

You live in the most exciting times even if it is not yet apparent to you, and as soon as it is safe to land upon Earth, your friends from Space will feel free to visit you and help with your Ascension. The vibrations are continuing to rise and will do so until the end of this period and you will benefit by moving into levels that are too high for those of a negative persuasion to follow and exist. So slowly but surely the dark Ones will lose their ability to interfere with your progress. They will have served their purpose as a balance between the positive and negative energies. In the meantime they continue to try to hold you back and use everything they can to do so. However, they have already been weakened by losing some of their key personnel, but it only requires a small number to make a nuisance of themselves as you have found out. However the Forces of Light are superior but unlike the dark Ones operate to the rules and because of their sheer numbers are winning the battle. You are not normally aware of their actions as it is not wise to advertise your intentions beforehand.

Your future is very exciting and there is much to lift you up to new levels that you are currently heading for but changes will come very quickly, as you have missed so much having been held back by the actions of the Illuminati. They have not only prevented you from having free energy, but stopped many inventions that would have improved your quality of life. The main one is free energy that is all around you in an endless supply and already used by them. However, you will soon have it and with it will come immense changes in your way of life. There is so much that has been kept back from you, but you will learn of them in due course and it will change your lives forever. You are beginning to realise that previously you simply did not have adequate time for yourselves, and the Covid 19 problem has made that quite clear. Fortunately you are already in a higher vibration as you must of necessity move with the times. The ideas are there with the “know how” but up to now you have been deliberately held back, but that is to change. The help is there and as the effects of Covid 19 slowly disappear you will find yourselves in a better position than previously and able to develop your ideas.

You have had glimpses of the future and you are for example already making a major change by going over to electric cars that at a stroke help lessen the pollution caused by petrol driven cars. They are a major source of pollution and ill health and you are noticing already the benefits of less of them on your roads. The change to electric cars has arrived although it will clearly be some time before you feel the full benefit. It is a step in the right direction and along with free energy that is in a limitless supply all around you would completely overcome the heavy pollution of your atmosphere, and the resultant effect on people’s health. A bonus would be clean air and more healthy people without the problems caused inhaling fumes from petrol driven vehicles. But you are already aware of it and the problem has been considered almost too big to handle. However, you have started to deal with it and must progress even so big companies at risk of changes will try to delay progress. Mother Earth has commenced her cleaning and changes are already very apparent and will continue all in aid of the coming “New Earth”

Those of you on the Path of Light are being given what is virtually a one-off opportunity to go all the way to Ascension. Take it with both hands because as we have often informed you, such a big opportunity will not come around again for a long time. There is so much going on around you but do not be distracted, as your path will lift you up out of the lower vibrations. Do not worry about the fate of family and friends as all souls will find themselves exactly in the right level that will carry them forward. Be assured that you are being helped on your way, and your Guides will always give a helping hand when it is needed. They guide you along your chosen path but will not interfere with your choice should you deviate from it. For some of you there are “out of the body” meetings usually while your body rests and it is possible that they will be remembered upon awakening. In actual fact most souls go out of the body while asleep and might meet up with their Guides, family or friends. You may have a feeling that something has happened like that but be unable to bring back the memories with you.

Keep your eyes on your goal and with determination you will certainly reach it. You should already know if you are ready to ascend and if you can absolutely say that you are not distracted by any outer happenings, you are certainly well on your way to completion, and you will know it yourself. If you are such a soul we say “well done” and rewards are due to you for such an achievement. In other words you create your own pathway through your actions and deeds, and all of the time you are positive in all you do you attract good karma to yourself. Conversely, if you are negative you attract similar situations. It is a process of living and learning by your actions and deeds so do your best at all times and treat all others as you would be treated yourself.  

This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Feb. 14/21

Good morning, my friends. It is our ‘thing’ to uplift and encourage, is it not? So, what can you offer today, to do just that? If you would be so kind?

Welcome to Each One and to you, Dearest Blossom. Yes indeed, this is our intent. We are aware of the many who are feeling far from uplifted at this time and we desire to assist them in ways to bring Heartened Light to their Beings.

Thank you. It is such a ‘strange’ time. It’s like the entire Planet has gone insane. No one knows what to believe about what is going on. Such a divide. So much questioning and changing of plans etc. It’s hard to keep a handle on one’s KNOWING that ALL IS WELL!

Yet, it is! Is it not that when the wind blows, it can seem as if the candle flame may blow out? Yet, Courage and Strength will always prevail. The winds, the storms shall pass, and one recovers once again … feeling renewed Power within.

Yes, yet, one wonders how long this is going to continue before something concrete, something tangible occurs? It just seems to go on and on. This waiting game seems to have become a way of life!

Yet, you continue on in TRUST, HOPE, AND LOVE. For you KNOW that changes are upon you. Your Heart cannot deny this. Yet, as we have said … This is SO HUGE! It is not an overnight job, Blossom.

I know. So then, what shall we speak of? I know many are concerned about vaccines, and I indeed, have seen some rather nasty ‘outcomes’ from those whom it ‘did not agree with’.  You said it would not come to mandatory vaccinations, yet, many seem so ‘ignorant’ of the consequences. I know of many having it. How do we console ourselves when friends etc, have chosen this path?

As much as you do not like to hear this Blossom, it is their journey, not yours. Each and everyone walk their pathway … doing what they think is correct and the Truth for them. So, therefore, at any given moment, that is their choice to have a vaccine or not.

All very well, yet, some of the consequences are awful. Nervous systems shot to pieces, mental disorders … eh … death!!!???

Yet, still it is THEIR life’s journey, Blossom. Again, one must look at the bigger picture.

Which you say we cannot do, from down here. You know, sometimes, I find it pretty difficult to have conversations like these, for the topics are too delicate, too intricate, and too much responsibility, to be honest! … … … … … … … Hello? It feels we have come to a halt? Have we?

Only in that, the state of play at the moment upon your Planet is ever-changing. One moment at a time. The wind blows this way and that as the final stages before Victory play out.

Yes, we understand that so much seems so wrong! So much that seems to be flowing in a different direction from what one was expecting. Yet, did we not say to you that it would certainly seem this way for a time?

Yes, yet people are being damaged. People are dying. Is this right? Is this necessary?

Blossom, with the greatest of respect, we do not look upon death in the way many upon your Planet do. Passing through the veil takes one through to Freedom.  There are no accidents, Blossom.

Yes. White Cloud has said this. So, if one were to ‘pass through the veil’ because the vaccine did not agree with them … that’s meant to be, is it? Would they not have lived longer if they didn’t have it?

Yet, they did have it. They passed over because it was their time.

The same with anyone who passes over … it is their time. It really is as SIMPLE as that!

This time that you are in … is a different type of ‘struggle’. Due to the internet … there is so much that is able to deceive and confuse. All part of the plan from those in darkness to thwart the Light.

These are the end games.


Yes, yet some days, one just wants to hide away and skip this entire chapter.

And you know we will remind you … over and over … on repeat play … over and over …


Yes … but … but … but … but!!!

But nothing, actually Blossom. You knew it would be tough and it will get tougher.

That’s just it! That’s what we spoke of last time … we need some soul food for stamina to keep us going. Let me ask you a question … Did YOU know it would be this tough?

Yes. We did … and … we know it will get tougher.

In ways of?


Oh yes, indeed, here we are bringing in upliftment and encouragement!

Yet, these ARE words of Encouragement. For you KNOW you have to remain in your Strength. You have to be prepared for NOW AND ALL THAT IS TO COME.


Yet, sometimes we feel so weak.

And yet, other times you feel so Strong!







Indeed, I have been blessed with hearing so many stories of how it has helped so many, in so many different scenarios.





Thank you. I definitely KNOW it helps.

We would say, it is the key to the door.

Great! What door? Where?

Again, a figure of speech. Yet, you know what we mean?

Yes, I indeedy do! Monoliths? Let us speak of Monoliths! 199 now on the tracker site.

Yet, many there to confuse and ridicule. Though many there, ‘set in stone’ for their Divine purpose.


Good chat! The thing is … we have sort of talked about it all, over the last year. What’s new to talk about at this point? There is much you are unable to tell us … so we can’t delve into certain matters. You have offered us encouragement. I mean … what? Where do we go from here? Rather than discuss matters that we don’t seem to be moving forward on. I’m not having a go … just saying that’s how it feels. Sort of a bit ‘stumped’. I know thousands of people right now, know of a thousand questions to ask … yet, they do not walk in my moccasins! That’s all I can say to describe where I feel we are at.

Dearest Blossom … perhaps this is a time to absorb the Greater Energies of Love that are available to ALL. Sometimes, it is that one can get so caught up in trying to ‘find out the Truth’ and jump down one rabbit hole after another … when they would find it far more beneficial to simply KNOW that THE TRUTH LIES WITHIN … yet, they forget to jump into their Heart.

If more people were to … would we say … Let go and Let BE … their strength would increase a thousand-fold. Their connection to Source would Strengthen. Their Light would shine more Brightly. The choice is in the hands of each individual.

Yes. I get that … yet, many have very inquisitive minds and have the need to KNOW MORE.


Yes. However, down here one tends to pop down a rabbit hole or two … just to try and make sense of it all.


You say that! It certainly is calming and has many other offerings yet, to say it helps to make sense of this world and all its goings-on right now … Nup! Not for me, anyway. Not yet! Yet, it does soothe so!

Blossom and ALL SOULS drawn to these words by the Truth in their BEINGNESS …






This is all so much easier said than done.

Yet, you KNEW!

You … Each One … are exceeding expectations.

You ARE the STRONGEST OF THE STRONG. Of this, there is no doubt.

We watch you … and you are proving this to us.



Nothing we can do but wait … and stay hopeful and in our Strength … Feels a bit of a ‘non-plus’ one today. Best we can do! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

Mike Quinsey & Kryon Feb. 12/21

12th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Extract from “KRYON – NEW PLANET EARTH”.

Multi-Dimensional Physics.

Anti-War. Physics create Multi-Dimensional Fields that will not begin to touch consciousness or biology, they will be completely blind to these fields because they are isolated and specifically for one purpose – to keep an explosion from happening through controlling the mass of an object.

It means no more war. End of organised religion. Because you have consciousness you will not need your physical body. You will always have free choice and wisdom. Over 90% of people will take the path to enlightenment. Everyone will think alike. Life span will triple and more. Leaders will create a new doctrine.

             *                  *                  *                 *                  *                 *                  *

12th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Being given details of what is happening in the broader picture is largely for the need to keep certain activities as secret as possible to protect the Forces of Light. Much is happening that you are unaware of and protecting you from the activities of the dark Ones is a priority. They may have been weakened by your activities to arrest many of them, but they still pose a threat as they have no regard for Universal Law and your lives. In this respect we protect you as far as possible and we are gradually depleting their forces. In the ultimate there will only be one winner as the Forces of Light will reign supreme.

For so long we have been waiting for an opportunity to openly meet you, but as you know for our safety and more so yours we need a situation where we can be confident that our plan will not endanger you. The dark Ones are by no means as powerful as they were largely due to our presence, but even a few can present a danger to great numbers of you. We take no risks and have the patience to wait for the right opportunity to overcome them which is inevitable. It has taken a long time to get this far, and we have no intention of rushing matters when we are so near to a great victory.

You too are on the path to achieving a great success, even though you are presently in a confusing situation wondering if you will ever get back to something like “normal” – yet you will even though it is going to be much different to what you have been used to. Even now you are beginning to see that great opportunities are arising out of the changes forced upon you. When you can go forwards there is no gain in going back to the old ways, they are finished and served their purposes very well.

The future is not clear to you but you may rest assured that it is very bright by bringing you a peaceful future that has no place for wars and similar activities. The Kryon extract you have been given tells you why we can be positive about such matters and how we can ensure peace without using weaponry ourselves, because that is not our way as Keepers of the Peace. So all of your efforts to see this period through will be rewarded much more than you could imagine. Stay calm in the face of many restrictions that are imposed upon you, they will not last too long and if you follow them the pandemic will be over in good time.

What happens in the USA is the key to the future and major changes are imminent that will set the scene for a great leap forward. You will undoubtedly be very surprised but not when you understand the implications of what has happened and also see the potential for making that country great again. There is so much wrong with it at present and the changes have to start somewhere, and our hope is that it will be very soon. So all in all there is much to look forward to even if you are unaware of their nature. Know that there are greater powers than those on Earth who hold the key to your future, it is destined to be a Golden Time in your history.

Can you feel the new energies beginning to bring peace to your planet because they are already starting to make a difference. They will continue to do so and take you all the way to Ascension. Many changes are still to take place and all will be part of the reshaping of your societies to a more manageable size. Big is no longer beautiful or suited to your needs as you have already seen. Dear Ones you will be part of history and people will look back in admiration at that period and wonder how you ever managed to come through it. Unlike the past, this time history will reflect accurately what happened and how you successfully came through it.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines brightly and is growing all of the time. It couldn’t be any other way as your path has already been laid down. It may twist and turn but whatever happens you are assured of reaching your goal. So think positively about your future regardless of what is still to come, as everything will work out as planned. Yes, you still have freewill and hopefully you will still find your way to the finishing line. You already know that with your intent to ascend you are given guidance and help to keep you on the right path. Indeed as time progresses many friends from other planets will land on Mother Earth when she is at peace and they will be joyful occasions.

You are in times when you have so many people dreading the future because of financial and personal problems, and they need assurance that all will work out well even if it takes a little time. It is worth reminding you that you were aware that this incarnation would be demanding and call upon all of your skills to get through it. Necessity often draws people together and these times are no exception, as many souls volunteered to incarnate at this time because they felt they had a lot to offer those who would be in need. It brings out the best in people and with so many Lightworkers on Earth at this time aid is not far away. Bless you Dear Ones you make such a difference to so many people’s lives.

Go about your daily activities with joy and spread happiness where you can and see the smiles return to their faces. Happiness is catching and helps lift up those who feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening, much of which they find hard to understand and are bewildered.

This message comes through my Higher Self and I leave you with my love and blessings.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Jesus via John Smallman Feb. 6/21

Fear is not the opposite of Love, it is the sense of its apparent absence.

February 6, 2021 by John Smallman

As you are all now well aware, the human collective, all on Earth presently incarnate, are in the final stages of the awakening process.  As you experience time, when you are in form, it has been a very long time coming, but, as you know in fact, the process commenced only a moment ago, an instant ago, just as soon as you acted on your collective choice and decision to experience separation.  Your infinitely wise and loving Father knew – there is nothing, of course, that He/She does not know – that as soon as you experienced separation from Love, from Source you would want to end it.  However, because you – due to the enormous creative abilities bestowed upon you at the moment of your creation – had fabricated the separation experience/experiment so competently and efficiently, She knew that without Her assistance you would be completely unable to find your way Home to Unity from the maze of unreality that you had built.  Thus, your collective awakening process was created in the same instant in which you moved into the experience of separation.  Separation never happened, it couldn’t happen because there is only Unity with Source, and that is NOT in any sense a limitation, it is infinite vastness.  Limitation is of the separation experiment, and is also completely unreal. However, you perceive yourselves as limited, separate, alone beings, disconnected from Source, as you even wonder if there is One!

Your task is to awaken, it is the sole meaning of your human lives, and all the lessons with which you are presented during those lives and lifetimes are to assist you in that process.  It is a task that you cannot fail to complete because you are divine beings at One with Source, the only Reality.  Unreality can never satisfy you, and you will be satisfied, no other outcome exists or is possible!  To reiterate: you were created in LOVE to experience infinite and eternal JOY!  That is your changeless and eternal state of Being – One with Source, FOREVER.

What you are experiencing now, as humans in form, is the assignment that you planned, wisely and lovingly assisted by your spiritual support team, before you incarnated to undergo this present human lifetime in order to massively assist humanity during the last stages of the awakening process.  You knew that it would be very demanding because of all the collective trauma and karma that needed to be healed and released in an extremely short period of time.  You also knew that you would complete it perfectly, even though you would experience doubt, anxiety, fear, and suffering that at times would seem overwhelming.  Your choice to be incarnate at this moment is most highly honored here in the non-physical realms because we also knew how demanding would be the task that you chose to undertake.  It is a task of enormous service to humanity during which, and while enduring it, you would experience the most extreme sense of separation, aloneness, and even abandonment – the most extremely intense experience of that state with which the separation experiment could present you.

You are not separate beings!  It just seems that you are.  Whatever you think, say, or do affects the whole of humanity.  Therefore, to spend time each day quietly relaxing, meditating, contemplating, or just resting without attending to or thinking about your daily human lives (not so easy!), while setting the intent to be a conduit through which Love can flow abundantly to all is the most effective way to assist in the awakening process.  If, personally, you are not physically involved with conceiving, creating, or introducing some of the essential changes that are needed for the well-being of humanity and the planet, then understand that you do have an additional task besides your own awakening, namely that you are here to hold the Light of God’s Love and allow It to flow out through you in every moment to heal humanity and the planet.  This is also your task, and it is absolutely essential.

Daily, many times daily, set and reset the intent to be conduits through which Love flows.  You are all here to do that, regardless of whether or not you are aware of this.  Remember: EVERY human is a divine being, a being of LOVE.  Therefore your nature is Love’s nature, and Love’s nature is to share and extend Itself completely and utterly with All of creation in every moment.  By being aware of this, and setting the conscious intent to do so, you intensify and accelerate the awakening process.  Just being aware that you are Love, even if you do not get a felt sense of this but only have an intellectual acceptance of it, is enough for you to most powerfully extend healing to all, thus carrying out your personal part in the awakening process . . . effortlessly.  Being human and living a human life is very demanding and stressful for most people, but extending Love and healing to all demands nothing from you.  You just need to let go of any negative judgment of others or of humanity at large, and then Love will flow through you, because you all, all who are presently incarnate, set the intent to do just that prior to incarnating.  The Love flow through you only reduces, or maybe even ceases temporarily, when you choose to engage in attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors that are not in alignment with Love, so let them go.

Try to understand that, in spite of your experience of humanity generally, and of the seemingly insane and vicious behaviors and activities in which so many engage, people are always doing their best!  People behave according to their personal understanding of what is best for them – when people are loving what is best for them is best for all – and that understanding is based on their level of spiritual evolution modified by the effect of trauma that they have experienced in their present lives, plus any accumulated generational karma.  In other words, many are unaware, completely unaware that their true nature is Love, and that unawareness fills them with uncertainty and fear.  Fear is not the opposite of Love – because Love has no opposite, It is everything – it is the apparent absence of Love.  Those who feel an absence of Love are always seeking It, and they most frequently seek It outside of themselves, where It can never be found because It can only be found within.

The choice or decision to seek Love outside the self arises because of the traumas experienced while growing from human infancy to adulthood.  No human completely escapes the experience of not being good enough, because in infancy and childhood the little ones see that other older ones are stronger and more adept than they are, and quite often they are shamed by others for their inadequacies.  Even if the shaming is done with the best of intentions, namely to demonstrate to the little ones that they can and should work harder to become more able, more competent, it almost always leads them to feel unloved and, if done repeatedly, unlovable.  When that occurs it feels to the little ones as though, instead of feeling and experiencing the love of parents, siblings, and care givers, a terrifying and empty space has opened within them from which love has departed, and so they learn to seek love and approval from others because that inner sense of emptiness is intensely painful, and they experience a desperate need to fill it.

So, to remind you yet again, there is only Love.  Each one of you is Love, that is your divine and eternal nature.  However, separation is the experience of being separated from Love, and that is an absolutely DEVASTATING experience!  Of course you all want to return to Reality, the state of eternal Joy and Love in which you are always eternally enfolded, and from which it seems that you have been separated for eons.  It is indeed a paradox for humans to be told that they are Love, One with Source, and yet to be experiencing separation, aloneness, abandonment.  Many feel that they personally are more alone, more abandoned than others, and they try to emulate the apparent success and happiness that they perceive others as enjoying by working extremely hard, and through that work – whatever form it may take – seeking the approval and admiration of others, while at the same time feeling bereft and unworthy.  Being a human in form is not easy for anyone!

Whenever you take time out and enter into your holy inner sanctuaries, the first item on your agenda should be to send Love to all others – withholding It from absolutely no one, no matter how bad or evil you may judge them to be.  You are Love, and so is everyone else, it is just that you appear to be separated from that state.  Love is ALL, It accepts and embraces everyone unconditionally because that is Its nature, your nature!  Your awakening process is an awakening to that absolute Truth and knowing it.  I, and all my brothers and sisters in the non-physical realms know and honor that Truth, and soon, so will all of you, and your joy will be immense.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Feb. 7/21

Morning Guys. Well, as you probably know, I had a little ‘rant’ last week. Every cloud has a silver lining. Over 800 emails … all full of Love, yet, also expressing how they are feeling, too. One of the big issues seems to be, and I am totally with this … feeling humiliated amongst family and friends because nothing that is said ever comes about. Many have lost both, through sticking to their Truth, and then when nothing happens it makes it even harder. What words of wisdom can you offer for me, and these people?

We are most Grateful to have you back on board, Blossom. We had concern to a certain degree, only for the Energy that was picked up by you, by those who felt hurt and dismayed.

No worries. I am all good after my week off and have learned much through the emails.

Dearest Blossom and indeed, ALL SOULS who have chosen to ‘find’ our words. Let us firstly say, WE LOVE YOU. You, of the ground crew, although not feeling so at times, have the Strength and Courage to see this mission through.

It may feel/appear that nothing concrete is actually taking place to change the state of affairs that have held your world captive for eons of time. Yet, let us assure you … when the fireworks go off, they certainly will display a show like never seen before.

We have spoken many times of the WARRIORS OF LIGHT being the ones to nurture and strengthen the many, many souls who shall find themselves lost when these ‘BAMS’ take place.

It will not be for any one of you Lighted Beings to turn around and say ‘I told you so’… for although there shall be relief in the hearts of many, that they indeed, had not gone crazy … this also, will be the time for ‘All hands on deck’ in order to help pick up the pieces and mend the Hearts of many a broken soul.

This then, will bring your Courage back.

This then, will renew your Strength in purpose for being here.

This then, will allow you to feel that all the pain and the waiting and the confusion was worth every single breath.

You KNEW all along in your Hearts, it was coming. Yet, some days the wait just felt too long.

You can say that again! Speaking for us humans the ‘humiliation’ is a hard one. Yes, one can say ‘Rise above it’ … and we have no choice but to do that. Yet, to know your friends and family think you are ‘cuckoo’ and say nothing because they feel ‘Off she goes again’ … sort of ‘hurts’. We are not stupid. Yet, year after year, after year, after year, when nothing that has been presented, presents itself … one can totally see where they are coming from.

Let us interrupt you there, if we may?

The only proof you have right now, is the KNOWING IN YOUR HEART. Would you agree?

Yes. Although, that can waiver greatly.

Can it, Blossom? Does it? For you always seem to ‘get back in the saddle’, as we believe the saying goes … and you do this … Each One of you, do this … because THE TRUTH remains in your Heart. No matter how the outside scenario is presented to you.

Yes, there is that. Yet, one may question sometimes, if in fact we have got it all wrong and maybe we will never be validated for our Heartfelt Truth.

And should that be the case … which of course it cannot be at this stage … in the final stage of the takedown … what would you do? Still believe in your Truth?

Yes, because I can’t ‘swap’ my Truth to something else, it just isn’t possible.

Exactly Blossom. So …

When one is feeling forlorn and humiliated …

I know you want to speak about humiliation. That’s a big one for me and many. A tricky one, even though we know it is up to us to choose whether to feel humiliated or not …

There, you have it in a nutshell.

Not that easy Guys. Interesting that many emails spoke of one channeling quietly for themselves and dates etc they were told, never coming to fruition. Time after time. Let me tell you … it feels humiliating! So many folk one may know, thinking ‘When will they not just see this is all just a hoax?’ or words to that effect.

Blossom, the choice indeed, must come from the individual.

When riled … say to the self the I AM Mantra.

When not riled … say to the self the I AM Mantra.

You can feel it … all of you … can you not?

When you say this, you are ringing the doorbell to home. Is there/has there ever been a time when this has been ‘chanted’ and not ‘enchanted you? Has there ever been a time when this has not centered you and given you inner strength?

Of course not. It has been designed in its Coding to take you straight back to the fireside of inner KNOWING.

Perhaps it helps to know that so many are having to ‘suffer this’. We use this word for it feels that way, does it not?

Yes. Especially for those who literally, have no family left to talk to. How brave they are!

So, it should help to know that the deeper the wounds inflicted by Loved one’s … the Stronger the Soul becomes. It cannot not. It may feel ‘done in’ and exhausted and angry … angry with us, yes … for ‘we appear’ to have fed you false information.

Once again!

Yet, this is not so.


Again, one either knows this, or they don’t.

People have suggested we stay off the ‘predictions’ … it’s safer that way. I’ll pass the talking stick to you on this one.

Dearest Souls … within all that is occurring during this CHANGE OVER on your Planet … it would be very difficult to avoid certain matters.

This change over from dark to Light ruling your Planet is far, far, far more complex than the ‘human’ brain can actually grasp … with the greatest of respect.

No problem. I get that. It would certainly feel better though if SOMETHING … SOMETHING … was presented to pick us all up. Dear God, how many times have I said that to you? Many cannot understand why SOMETHING cannot be done to lift our spirits? To help us carry on? SOMETHING! Many feel you don’t know just how bad it is. How hard it is for us down here, because if you did, surely you would find a way to ‘throw us a bone’, as the saying goes.

Indeed, we are not in human form. Yet, we can and do pick up on Energy formations.

If you were, Each One … to close the eyes and feel us, you would KNOW we are throwing you so much Love and support in any and every way we can.

Do you see? To let you know we are with you … to throw that bone in a way of a mass sighting or the sky turning red etc … would throw plans off course.

How? And just for the record … can you turn the sky red? Oh my God … you are going to say ‘At the flick of a switch’ aren’t you?

Well, we were, yet, you have kindly said that for us.

Like for real? Really? No point in me asking how … my mind is already blown. Ok, let’s follow this though … if you were to do that … how would that blow plans on the ground?

Because things would change course.

For the better, surely?

Not until the Divine timing is in place and when it is … ALL WILL MAKE SENSE.

Far be it for me to advise the Divine Creator … yet, perhaps a brief assessment of the energy levels of the ground crew, wouldn’t go amiss. I’m serious!  If this is all an experiment anyway, surely the one with all the brains can see how much we are in need of a boost up the proverbial Jacksy!

We are aware of your jesting yet, the more serious intent behind it.



As you say to many … ‘Hang on’.

To what? Very little driftwood left floating.

Hang on to what you KNOW to be Truth.

The tide is about to turn … just you wait and see.

Little else we can do. What to expect when it does?

As it changes direction it reveals all that lay underneath it.


Well, we keep holding on to that … with hope in our hearts, and although battered and bruised along the way … we once again, regain our strength and hope (somehow) and soldier on.

Do not focus on what is appearing to be … focus on the elation that is to come.

Focus on a time upon your Planet when ‘this game’ is over.

Focus on a world that feels Joyous to live in.

Focus on a world that tells the Truth always. For there is nothing taking place that needs to be lied about.

Can you imagine that?

Quite hard to. Have you not heard of mainstream media?

Yet … this is to be one of the great changes! The entire system of what is loosely termed as ‘entertainment’ shall not return to how it was, once brought down.

So, that is still on the cards then?

It is a major player. The Trump card, would we say.

Eh … no pun intended?

None indeed. It is a colloquial saying, is it not?

I’d answer you if I knew ‘exactly’ what ‘colloquial’ meant. Good old ‘google’ (or not!) Yes, it is indeed a colloquial saying on this ‘ere Planet. Can you share more?

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that not only is one fed lies continually regarding the current state of affairs anywhere in the world, yet most ‘forms’ of so-called ‘entertainment’ has one on the edge of their seat or hiding behind cushions, so as not to look at the fear factors that are everywhere. Gloom and doom is the order of the day to keep one ‘down’. Games of mass destruction … war games. Where is the Love? Where is the Light? Where is the Truth?

Imagine actually BEING ENTERTAINED through LOVE LIGHT AND TRUTH. You are thrown mere morsels of Light so the mainstream media are not to be seen as all darkness!  Yet, is it not that even the most romantic of Love stories has much sadness or trauma in it?

Yes indeed. Usually, Aunty Flo’s leg falls off or, baby Bobby falls down a well and drowns. Yet, they all live happily ever after!






Living amongst one another in Harmony, where neither colour nor creed tear souls apart.

A world where LOVE IS TRULY KNOWN.


Yep. I’m hopping on board that Happy Train, right now. WE GOT THIS PEOPLE! WE GOT THIS! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM … still here!

Mike Quinsey Feb. 5/21

5th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

The end of your pandemic is not yet in sight but it will come as increased effort is being put in to reduce its affect. The net result is that time is being bought to allow for more important events to happen that will alter the outcome. It must ensure that it firmly places your feet upon the path that will leave the old behind, and already plans are afoot to permanently change your way of life, cutting out what would otherwise have taken many years to achieve. Whilst reaching a new level of understanding is essential, you must also respond to the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward and make up for lost time that has set you back so many years. We are in fact prompting and guiding those equipped to carry you forward to new heights. Of course the whole world needs to settle down and it cannot happen overnight.

Be assured that the many souls that have incarnated for this particular time are eager to get going, so as to introduce new technologies that will increase your quality of life. Many changes that would lift you up have already been drawn up and just await the right moment to be introduced. The quality of your lives will change for the better and there will be a general aim to make the changes available to everyone. For too long people have lived in groups that have had to fend for themselves resulting in an enormous gap between the “haves” and “have not’s” that is unacceptable in this modern age. The problem has resulted in a relatively small number of people holding the larger percentage of the world’s wealth.

Unfortunately such people are only beholden to self and are quite happy to make others subservient to them. This situation must change until there is more equality throughout the world. We at our level are doing all we can to shape people’s minds so that they understand the nature of changes that are necessary to bring more fairness and sharing into your lives. The very nature of your earlier approach to life has been one of “everyone for themselves” that has resulted in an unfair system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There really are sufficient riches upon the Earth to ensure everyone can live without suffering poverty and hardships. With the right people at the helm there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

For some time now the people of Earth have been waking up to the inequalities of life, and current unrest and big demonstrations will continue growing until those in power concede to their demands for changes, that will herald a new and fairer way of life where everyone enjoys the fruits of life. The power mongers will have to step aside forcibly if necessary but without using violence. The Law itself can be a powerful tool when used correctly and can maintain Law and Order, but of late it has been used aggressively and unlawfully to suppress peaceful demonstrations. In a true Democracy such things would not be allowed so it is time to appoint those people into power who would observe the Law and promote peace.

Dear Ones you are incredibly resilient and determined to change things and you have our support even if it is not always apparent to you, as we work mainly from the higher levels but never impose ourselves upon you. We respect your freedom of choice and freewill, however as we have often mentioned, there is a greater plan for your advancement and we will do our best to ensure that it is fulfilled. It will be guided into place through those who have incarnated specifically for this period of time. It may be difficult for you to grasp the true happenings as you might say “behind the scenes” but be assured that all is progressing as planned in spite of the outer image.

We reiterate what we have told you previously, that there is a plan for Humanity that will give everyone the opportunity to ascend if they accept it. Once again, keep positive and visualise all that is pure and wholesome and remember to be careful and not give your energy to the dark Ones by focussing on their actions. It may be hard to do but send out your love to them so that it softens their actions and lifts them up. It is a tall order but it is the way to continue raising the vibrations of the planet. Mother Earth plays her part but follows a path that is primarily for the benefit of the Earth itself. So far Man has decimated much of the Earth and affected its cycles so much that nature herself has been turned upside down, and without being too dramatic is slowly dying along with many of the animal species.

It is never too late to change your ways but it will take a long time to restore the Earth to her former glory, but it will happen as we have previously mentioned. Those dear souls who care for the Earth are still trying their best to cope but the odds are against them without some help from us. You reap what you sow and cannot expect others to clear up the mess you are making. We may have technologies that would make short work of restoring the Earth but you reap what you sow. However, do not be disheartened as it is important that you keep your vibrations high and so help others who are struggling to deal with the problems in their lives.

With so many deaths resulting from CoronaVirus it is understandably very difficult for those involved to overcome the experience, but know that there is no such thing as death inasmuch that the soul is immortal and lives on much the same as on Earth, but in a higher vibration that is very acceptable. You are still in your body but a more perfect version than the one you had on Earth, and you will again meet family and friends who are already there. There is of course more to it than what has been mentioned, but at least it should give you some comfort that you will again meet your loved ones and friends on the other side. As you might expect, they  follow your progress and if you are one who goes out of the body during your sleep period you are more than likely to visit those who have passed on already. However, few souls remember such meetings and that is intentional inasmuch that you need to concentrate on your daily experiences on Earth without being distracted.

In the long run everything will work out satisfactorily and it will be due reward for your ups and downs as a soul upon Earth. It is a very special time to be on it and although very taxing it is also very rewarding when you succeed in living to your pre-arranged life plan. Many souls would have loved to change places with you to experience the events on Earth at this special time but not everyone could be accommodated.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.