Mike Quinsey Sept. 25/20

25th September 2020. Mike Quinsey.

As we have often explained we cannot interfere with your freewill choice, but we can use any circumstances created from it to your advantage by giving you guidance. The Covid19 virus is continuing to cause much concern amongst you, and until an antidote becomes available there is no way you can completely control it. It means that until it is developed and becomes available, you will be unable to avoid the risk of another pandemic.

Therefore whilst the problem remains it is creating a time lapse, where much that would normally be taking place is still in limbo and life is continuing to be far from normal. Indeed, the changes are such that life can never completely return to what it was previously, and you have been forced to bring changes in to enable it to continue as near to normal as possible. The truth is that the Forces of Light have taken this opportunity to move things on for you, so that you can take advantage of changes that will benefit you. Ones that would otherwise have taken many years to be introduced, holding you back from enjoying the advances that would have made the quality of life so much better and enjoyable.

It is by no means an easy time to be on Earth but in the future you will appreciate that all of your troubles will have been well worthwhile to raise the quality of life. We know that many souls were already experiencing problems, but be assured that prior to incarnating upon Earth they knew of the hardships they would have to endure. Even those who have sacrificed their lives were aware of how it would occur and accepted their roles willingly, and in some instances knew it was for karmic reasons.

To have ample time to re-access your life experiences and determine what you need to see for the final years, is important so as to enable you to project your life plan for the future. Of course you would have brought a life plan with you, but as we have often mentioned, circumstances have changed and you can now decide what you wish to experience in the coming years. Set yourself a goal bearing in mind that unlike previous incarnations you do not need to have a hard and fast plan.

If you only knew how hard you have worked to get to this point in your evolution you would be celebrating your achievement. You took on a challenge that few souls would have accepted with full confidence in their ability to succeed regardless of all of the challenges they would face. Now you are to reap the reward of your achievements and so to say, once the dust has settled your future will become clearer and a lot easier. You will see some dramatic changes take place and the time factor will be partly determined by how quickly you can adapt to them. You are already beginning to see changes that will affect your lives in ways you would not have imagined at the beginning of this century. For example your reliance upon fossil fuels will eventually change and will have far reaching consequences and be welcomed.

Somewhere amongst all of the changes that will take place will be your first open meeting with your extra-terrestrial family. There are truly exciting times ahead but first as a Human Race you have to put away your petty squabbles and live in harmony and peace. It sounds a tall order given that you are prone to fighting with each other, but with the help of the higher vibrations a more peaceful period lays ahead. Your present situation calls for co-operation to put an end to your problems and you will understand that working together for the greater good of all is the only way forward.

As multi-national humans you are slowly but surely realising that you are One Race experiencing according to your needs and beliefs and the differences should be celebrated. They indicate a different view of life that adds to the great expansion and variety of life giving others the opportunity to learn from such experiences. Humans tend to dislike the differences seeing them as a challenge to their own, but they are being slowly accepted and integrated into the lives of others.     

You are strong willed and have great experience behind you that will see you overcome whatever obstacles are in your way to a peaceful conclusion. Come together as a peaceful force for the betterment of Humanity and the good of Earth, and that means co-operation and sharing of the world’s bounties so that none shall want for a roof over their heads or sufficient food to live healthily. It can be done and it will when the governments of the world accept that every mortal is entitled to a satisfactory and happy life. So much misery and sadness is caused by those who reject the differences between them instead of seeing that by adding them to their lives and creating opportunities that are available to others.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


FOL & Blossom Goodchild Sept. 20/20

Hello there! This time of THE GREAT AWAKENING could not be more aptly named. I am Awakening to so much more and yet, feel I am merely touching the surface. This time helps us to absorb much, so we are ready for the ‘Opening Night’ so to speak. Is this not so?

We send out to your Beings, much Love, much Joy and much Honour for ALL THAT YOU ARE and ALL THAT YOU ARE ACCOMPLISHING. Which is MUCH.

We would like to elaborate on that if we may? Indeed, this IS the time of the GREAT AWAKENING. It was known before you came that it would not be the easiest of times. Yet, you chose to volunteer and here you are. The reason you were accepted for ‘this mission’ as you know, was because you ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG.

You are the Ones that were known to be the Light of Love that could ‘hold your ground’ when within the thick of it. You are not quite within the thick of it, yet, it is very close.

Yet, you are ready and prepared. This preliminary ‘attack’ has prepared your soul, which is now ready to rise above ‘all this nonsense’. Many of you are able now, to ‘float above’ the dark information and transform it into Light … in the KNOWING that this is all that is necessary at this time.

When ‘reveals’ are shown for what they are … much of your Being is strong enough now to hold the Light for all those that shall quiver. Literally.


You do not need to think of what you may or may not say … what you may or may not do … may or may not think. All you need to KNOW and ‘show’ to yourselves is the vision of your BEING exuding the most Radiant Light … that is filled with such empathy, such understanding, such consideration for all those that are very much further back along the same pathway.


You are already BEING that which you request. You simply do not choose to recognize it, as you cannot yet, see yourselves as that Glorious Light that you are to present.

THIS TIME … that you have been seeking … THIS TIME that your hearts have been longing for … is here … NOW.

Some may feel that they are still waiting, yet, you are not. It is happening NOW.



This is your position, RIGHT NOW.

Encourage yourself. Let yourself KNOW and UNDERSTAND that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing in these times are unusual for you. You are unsure of your very identity. There is a feeling of despair and hopelessness that then is replaced by KNOWING!

When this KNOWING decides to remain … nothing shall ever ‘appear’ to be the same again.

You ask many times how to know this knowing? We have spoken of this.


More and more, as each day dawns, Awaken to the KNOWING that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE.

It is happening. We repeat over and over … IT IS HAPPENING and it is the most exciting thing that has EVER taken place upon your PLANET and you, yes, you, Each One resonating in their hearts and the very inner core of their Being with these words … were CHOSEN TO BE PART OF THE TRANSFORMATION RIGHT HERE AND NOW.



Allow no longer, the thoughts of disbelief to overtake you. Thoughts of bewilderment of finding Truths that shock. Detach and let go … Accept and disperse the Energy. Then replace with thoughts of the beautiful world that lies in wait of your Divine presence.

We ask that you do not just read these words yet, you think about them KNOWING this is your future.

Your days ahead of untold Love and Joy in a place of such spectacular Energy.


Days, when your heart sings all the while, for that is what it chooses to do.

Days, when that which is offered to you as NEWS is only that of uplifting scenarios that continue to allow your souls to renew and rebuild their knowingness of such TRUTHS.

For so long, Dearest Ones, you have been kept under wraps. You have endured unspeakable, deplorable misgivings upon all that is life upon your Planet, under the guise of that which it is not.

IMAGINE … FEEL … the Freedom when all this has gone.

When the world you Awaken to each morning, is one that desires the Greatest Good for all.

The Highest agenda of Well Being FOR ALL.

EVERYTHING THAT LIVES shall be given the opportunity to be accepted for who and what it is.

EVERYTHING and EVERYONE shall have the gift of BEING THEMSELVES … to express the HIGHEST form of themselves.

Where your days will be filled with expression of self. Where talents and gifts are presented and offered not to ‘earn a living’ yet, because one’s natural state of GIVING can uplift and be shared.

What is your Joy? What is your Passion? What would you like to give and receive?

Add your ‘part’ in this Divine Plan.

Start thinking now of how you are to conduct your life in these new times. Fill your thoughts with these pleasures that are to unfold within you and for you.

Create and then FEEL that which is to be your day.

Focus your intentions NOW on what is to come … rather than invest Energy in the exposé of that which has been taking place behind closed doors.


Far out. For once I couldn’t get a word in edgeways yet, just need to ask what happens to those who don’t choose to choose it?

They will follow the path that they DO choose. Yet, we are not speaking of remaining in darkness and continuing to walk that path … we are speaking of the fact that …

Some may take longer than others to come around to these new ways.

Some may choose to leave the Planet through their own means, or through their physical body not being able to attend, or want to attend to the shock of that which their Awakening presents to them.

There is not a right or wrong path … just different time frames within it.

Many have concerns that family members and friends may not choose to walk alongside them.

Many may find that they choose to wait a little for them to ‘catch up’ in order for them to be able to do so.

Know, Dearest souls, No-one can miss the boat, so to speak.

THE RAINBOW BRIDGE IS ALL AROUND YOU … It is not in a certain town or a certain country.

It is right in front of you … and when ones’ eyes have adjusted to the HIgher Vibrations, you shall see it there before you.

You shall walk back and forth across this Bridge … Holding the hands of those whose eyes still have ‘sleep’ in them and you shall wash it away with your Love and your Kindness to all.

Yet, the Bridge is metaphorical isn’t it?

Is it?

Is it?

Is it?

We could do this all day … IS IT?

WE CAN SAY NEITHER YES OR NO. For it is and it isn’t.

Thanks for the clarity on that one. Clear as mud.

Perhaps Blossom here, we should give YOU the opportunity to speak about it.

Or not! I have had so many visuals through meditations, or when White Cloud or yourselves have been speaking about crossing over and then coming back and helping others across. Until such time, when the ones we have helped over shall take over that role, as the Vibration we left behind is no longer conducive to our well being and is too uncomfortable to be within, even for a short time. We will no longer feel it necessary for our part will have been played and then passed on. In my head that is such a beautiful vision … A Rainbow Bridge of Light of such exquisite beauty, as yet unknown to my physical eyes. Yes. I see it there … in a place /Vibration that I don’t know. Yes, metaphorical … and yet, an odd feeling as I write, that I shall one day actually see it. Maybe because all of us that know it to Be, create it into reality.

Well expressed and yet, we say, you shall see it in the reality of your consciousness which IS your reality.


Yet … not until this takes place, shall you KNOW exactly what we are speaking of.

Dearest Ones … FEEL OUR LOVE AND EXCITEMENT. For so long has ‘everything’ awaited this time that you are now in.

Hold fast in your KNOWING OF THIS TRUTH which will undoubtedly see you through the very turbulent days ahead of you. Yet, KNOW that the stormy waters that shall rise to such a swell, shall reach their peak and the storm shall pass, and lead you into the unchartered waters of your new life.

SUCH JOY, that you have not yet experienced, shall be within your hearts and Laughter shall ring out throughout the land.

… and they all lived happily ever after.

And so it is.

And so it is indeed. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.  

Mike Quinsey Sept. 18/20

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

September 18, 2020 

18th September 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Your future is up to each individual, each one having the opportunity to project it as they see it and want it to be. It then becomes the great possibility and will gain strength as more souls project similar ideas into the ethers. It is how it should be and you will advance collectively to the degree that you have yourselves reached. So whilst matters are still in a turmoil it is a good time to cater for your own needs and put them above any other commitments you may have. You have entered one of the most important periods in your entire life, and the opportunity is there for you to lay down your own pathway to Ascension. Understand that those of you who have chosen to ascend will need to maintain a high level at all times if you are to be assured of reaching your goal.

Because you all have freewill, you can choose a path that will enable you to achieve success to suit your own ambitions and aims. You should by now be well aware that you are accompanied by Angels who look after your life and guide you in the right direction. Helping others is a normal feature of souls who have reached the higher levels. Giving of self to help others is a very worthy cause indeed and quite common amongst those who have already ascended. It comes quite naturally and seeks no reward except the satisfaction of helping another soul to progress. Help like this is given at each level until you have yourself achieved Ascension.

As you progress it is as well to remember that you do not yet have full consciousness, but now that you have moved beyond the 2012 marker you will have made great strides in increasing your levels. Consequently you are seeking to understand the greater picture and be given greater truths than ever before, because you are now ready. It is another reason why you are about to expand your level of consciousness. Already you have been told that you are Angels in the making, and those who have gone before you will help you onto a new and greater level of understanding. You cannot truly ever be alone and at any time your Guardians will be on hand to assist you to find your feet and make spiritual progress.

We note that there is still a lot of racialism in your societies and it is sad because it occurs from a lack of understanding about the Human Race. You are One Race and all worshipping the same God, and where colour or religious beliefs come into it, it should not make any difference at all. You are One Family sharing experiences in all manner of situations that often bring you all together. You often act as though you are on Earth for the first time, and bound to the tenets and creed you have been born into. Naturally you will follow the teachings you have been brought up in, but life is full of different beliefs and should never be learned to the exclusion of all else, particularly now you are encouraged to follow the God inside you. Religion is ingrained into many souls, but now you can be your own person and follow your own intuition and beliefs.

We realise that it is not easy to give up or change from teachings that you were schooled with, but it can be made easier if you speak with your Higher Self, for confirmation of how you can lead a spiritual life from within. Your Higher Self would love to have a closer relationship with you and is waiting with keen anticipation for your call. Needless to say, your Higher Self has been helping you all along and most souls would admit to talking with that “small voice” inside. Know that when you rise up and reach a certain higher level you will pass through the veil and meet up with your Higher Self because you are One, and it does not matter what path you travel now as it is inevitable that there will come a day when you will be “re-united” again.

Moving into a new understanding of your spiritual self does not make your previous one wrong as religion served its purpose to help people find their feet. It was too early to encourage them to go within to find God, and they needed the reassurance of their teachers to help them along. You could correctly say that many spiritual beings have been ready for a major upliftment having passed the marker in 2012. Clearly there is no reason to change your beliefs if you are happy the way you are, but it is almost certain that when you are ready you will find it easy to uplift your way of thinking to a higher level. For many lifetimes you have relied on others to help you find your path to the Light, but now you can simply go inside and in your quiet moments receive guidance.

What you have learned is that whilst you may seek help outside of yourself, it is no longer necessary now that you have awakened to the presence of your Higher Self within. You have been guided all along and been prompted to follow them as they are intended to keep you on a path to enlightenment. Often you have not even been aware of the help given but it has always been present. Now you are getting even closer to your Higher Self and somewhere in your future you will totally re-join with each other. It is a natural progression to the higher realms from whence you came.

Dear Ones, it is a unique time for you to completely break away from the lower vibrations, and eventually enjoy the freedom and joy of becoming a Galactic Being. It has always been your goal and destiny and now after several attempts you have raised your vibrations sufficiently to rise up. You are to be congratulated for your perseverance and dedication to your Life Plan. Greater and pleasurable experiences await you never again to have to go through the lower vibrations of the 3rd dimension. You have nearly completed the hard work and beauty and peace await you as you continue to rise up.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Sept. 13/20

Once again, here we are. Although things are appearing to be worse, I am actually feeling more hopeful. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and at the end of the day, my heart tells me that although there are still many bumpy bits to come, the road we are walking, indeed, is taking us into a far, far better place. Good morning!

Welcome to you, Blossom. Welcome to Each One. Indeed, a positive beginning, that of course shall lead to a positive outcome.

Makes a change! I have, like many been so confused in my thinking and indeed my Truths. However, the KNOWING that all will be well is becoming stronger for me and we just have to batten down the hatches and get on with it and get through it, shining our Light as Brightly as we are able to do, at any one given moment.

We are wondering if you need us at all today, Blossom?

Funny! Yet, best we clarify that we don’t ‘need you’ … in the nicest possible way. To need is a feeling of lack in some way. Yet, we do so appreciate all that you have to offer from your level of KNOWING. It gives HOPE to so many.

Although we jest with you … let us look at how far one has travelled. How much deeper the KNOWING OF SELF has entered in, throughout all that has been taken place to confuse and disrupt yet, at the same time … bring Strength and Truth into a world that has been riddled with lies for eons of time.

Yes, things that have been brought to my attention regarding Truth or lies, have taken my understanding of corruption to a whole new level. Some things sit well, others don’t.

Dearest souls, within this ‘receiving’ time, we suggest that you allow matters to filter through you … not reside within you.

Receiving time?

Indeed. For not only are many receiving information that is new to them, KNOW that one is also receiving and accepting gifts of great renewal within their individual systems.

You are putting a question mark in your mind, Blossom.

By this, we mean that although you may feel downcast and confused and all manner of disturbances within the self, due to all that is taking place … we ask that you take on board the knowledge that you are being upgraded … as a Human Being.


We are not saying that the worst is over … not by a long shot. Yet, we ARE saying that YOUR TRUST … IN YOUR TRUTH … SHALL EXPAND EXPONENTIALLY … the more you feel deep within your Being, of this TRUTH.

The Truth I am beginning to understand is not that of ‘any particular matter’, yet, the silence within me! That feeling of … Me/Divinity/Nothingness … allows me to feel stronger than ever before and it seems that no matter what comes to my attention … by returning to this ‘place’ within me … I KNOW I AM DOING EVERYTHING I CAN by doing nothing other than returning to that KNOWING.

We are smiling greatly from a place of pleasurable Energetics.

What, at me? Look at me go! Perhaps I’ve had a walk-in!

No, Blossom, you have simply walked further down the road!

As Each and Every One are doing.

Yes, there is still a long way to go. Yet, by transferring thoughts over to the positive, within all that is going on, the Vibratory Frequency of each thought allows the NEW WORLD to draw ever closer.


We understand the predicament of many upon your Planet. We understand that there is much that is taking place that is to be of a reveal that will take your Planet into turmoil, in one way or another. We are not denying this that is to come.

Yet, we ask that you diligently focus on the ‘OUTCOME’. Keep your thoughts Jubilant regarding matters that shall lead you into a BRIGHTER, LIGHTER UNION.

We have, for so long, spoken of days of wonder … and we categorically state that you are moving into these times. So, when everything around you is looking more chaotic than you can imagine, not only shall you feel strong enough to walk your talk … you will discover a ‘you’ that you would very much like to Be, yet, felt those ‘positions’ were only for the ‘very …

I feel you want to say ‘saintly’ … is that right? It seems an odd word.

Is this not because of what has been revealed to you regarding ‘certain saints’ not being anything like they have been portrayed?

Probably. Not that I went along with sainthood anyway, to be honest. Shall we just put it down to a figure of speech then?

As was originally intended, Blossom.

Please … Continue forth …

The ‘You’ that you shall discover as you recognize more and more of yourself will bring you into a different feeling of yourself. A Joy, a Feeling of content … because of YOUR KNOWING OF SELF.

We are very much aware how we ‘harp on’ as one would say, regarding this matter … yet, it is of such importance.


For within that KNOWING lies all that is necessary. It is as if a ‘filing cabinet’ has been unlocked within you and every file has been read and understood … and yet, at the same time … the pages are blank!

Eh? Elaborate to those of us that desire you to, please? (Even though, on some wordless level I know what you mean!)


Within the ‘human mind,’ there is a need to KNOW everything and yet, within the soul-self there is not the need because everything is KNOWN.

Even though we don’t know it!?

Even though you ‘think’ you don’t know it.

So, if we are ready to accept that this is so, how do we find out? How do we know that we know everything?

By allowing the KNOWING to tell you that there is nothing to KNOW!

Because we already know it?

Because Everything is KNOWN by Everyone/Everything  … because Everyone /Everything IS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.

Ridiculously enough, I am following you. Shall we get back to the more practical assignments? Assignments? What made me say that?

We did! The Plan right now, for each of you who read these words and also, for those who are informed through other means … is …



When you consider this, Blossom and what it actually represents … can you say there is anything more profound that you could do … even on a practical level?

For, Dearest souls, do you see? Being your Light covers All and Everything in ways of wanting to assist. In ways of fulfilling your purpose down here at this time.

In doing so … everything you say, everything you choose to do … will be coming from the HIGHEST PLACE OF WHO YOU ARE.


No more superior place that you can resonate from. And when you are resonating from this Higher KNOWING place of yourself … there is nothing other than the Greatest Good that will come from every thought, every action, every word, that is uttered.

WHEN YOU LIVE IN YOUR TRUTH … and we mean that as literally as possible, in a sense … when your TRUTH is where you reside at all times … there is ONLY LOVE that can come from you. In this, we mean LOVE from the Highest aspect that can emanate from you.

We are speaking this way today, in the KNOWING that as many read these words, there is an ACTIVATION taking place. The heart is stirring … for it is connecting with these codes and recognizing them as coming from ‘HOME’.

Will this not happen for everyone? Because you say ‘for many’?

No, and yes!

Helpful answer.

In that, for those who are ‘not feeling it’ and may even find they have an adverse effect than that which we are stating … it is not to say that the words are not waiting outside the door and will wait patiently for the time when it is opened to let them in.

Each soul walks along the pathway at their own pace. Each soul has the right to stop at different ‘pitstops’ and remain there for as long as they choose.


Just because one behaves/responds to a matter very differently from you, does not mean they are any better or any worse than you. Of course, this is not the case. It simply means they have matters to attend to along the way, that shall bring them into alignment with themselves in a way that benefits.

How many different roads or means of transport are there to any one given place, dear friends? One way may suit YOU perfectly, yet to another, it may appear to be the most boring. Another way may appear suitable to some and yet, there were no ‘tickets’ available and so another way was chosen and it was found to be the most DIVINE, even though one had not expected it to be part of their plan.


I think that has to be the statement of the year, Guys. I can really understand why we need to be exposed to some of the stuff that is out there ‘now’, so that we can absorb /accept and transform our initial feelings about it, in order to then be strong enough to assist others when certain information is brought to Light and those who have remained naïve, crumble to their knees.


Perhaps I better order a fleet of minibusses. I’m sure I’d get a discount!

No need, Dearest Blossom … for the wings of angels will be there to assist.

Oh, how beautiful! My heart opened up and tears came. For me, that always means ‘TRUTH’.

In so much Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Mike Quinsey Sept. 11/2020

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

September 11, 2020 


11th September 2020. Mike Quinsey.

As time continues to speed up matters are moving along very quickly, and things that carry the lower vibrations are beginning to find that their very existence is under threat. In not such a direct way a large number of human Beings are feeling that their place in society is under threat and their future is very uncertain. It comes from a feeling of insecurity about their future. The more the vibrations increase the more a distinct difference is being felt by those who have yet to find their true selves. It all leads to the separation of those who are preparing to ascend, and those who have yet to grasp the significance of the period they are in. As time passes the truth will become more apparent, as it is the individual’s choice and decision as to whether they turn to the Light. It will ensure a fair and acceptable outcome as all shall eventually find themselves at the right level that is in accordance with their vibrations.

Whatever degree of progress is made in your evolution it is a step nearer to your return to the higher realms from whence you came. There is no blame attached to those who lag behind as the rate of progress is very much an individual matter for the soul involved. The fact is that you have as much time as you need to gain experience and at all times you will have assistance and guidance to keep you on track. Understand that you freely volunteered to accept the challenge to experience the lower vibrations with a limited degree of consciousness. You will never regret taking on such a challenge as in the ultimate you will have become a great soul with immense experience that will serve you well.

Can you imagine what a great event your Ascension will be, the final step that ensures your return to the Light. A long journey that has finally ended and no wonder there will be celebrations. With your reduced level of consciousness and blocked memories of your countless incarnations, it is no wonder that you are perplexed as to what it is all about. The truth is that you have been a pauper and a rich individual, all as a means to give you a feel of what it is like to live and experience in a matter Universe. It is very tough at times for every soul but with help and guidance from your Guides the path has been lightened and success has never been far away.

Some ask, what is evolution all about having forgotten that they have had various experiences at many different levels, enabling them to raise their vibrations. The goal is to return to the Light with a realm of experience that will serve you well in the future. You may not realise it but you are revered beings for having achieved so much through eons of time and you are all the greater for it. You stand at the door of success never again having to fight to keep your place amongst those who are ready to ascend. You are truly to be applauded and feted for having assured yourself a place in the higher levels of Light.

The period that is yet to come will be well worth the wait, yet in reality it is already here. The old energies are disappearing quickly and for most of you will cease to be able to hold you back, as they will have lost their power to influence your future. The dark Ones have fought hard to carry out their nefarious plans, but the Light has proved to be more than a match for them and stands on the brink of complete success. Already the dark Ones are in retreat and shall continue to be so until their final collapse. They came so close to fulfilling their plan for world domination but in the end the Light has proved supreme and helped the return of peace on Earth. It will not happen overnight but the seeds of success have been sown.

The end of the old Age lingers on, but the many actions now taking place will hasten the final changes that will allow the New Age to fully manifest. The sooner you sort yourselves out the quicker they will take place and set the scene for many held up changes to manifest. Even in your present time you are aware of advances being made that promise to propel you into a new era. The signs are already there, and in part they will be due to the after effects of Coronavirus. It has pushed you into the New Age and forced you to look at where improvements can be made to your quality of life. There are many, yet some people will cling to that which is familiar to them to no avail. Progress must come if you are to be fully prepared to take your place in the higher vibrations of Light.

It is not until now that you have glimpsed the wonderful future that beckons you and surely the greatest benefit will be to live in absolute peace and harmony with all other life forms. To meet the many humanoids that always had a link to you and have been bound by Galactic Law to resist from getting involved with you. Remember that in a freewill Universe other Beings must not interfere with it, and must allow you to make your own decisions. We do impress you with ideas that could help your evolution, but we do not go beyond that. You learn by your mistakes and such experiences are lasting and beneficial to your progress.

We wait with joy and happiness for the time soon to come when we shall make your acquaintance again and celebrate your success with you. It is quite an occasion for an Ascension to take place but more so because it will be special. We know it will be a success yet it will be the first time Ascension will have taken place with souls still in their physical bodies. However, they will not remain in them but experience an instant change that will see them in a Light/luminous body, you will truly have become Beings of Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild Sept. 6/20

Hello, once again. Here we are then, still hanging on for ‘something big’ to be announced. One wonders how big is big?

Welcome Blossom, Welcome to Each One who decided to come on board with us and FEEL your way through these times that are transforming your Earth into a Higher frequency … Bit, by bit, by bit.

That is nice to know, for it doesn’t feel that way. Yet, some days one feels so much better than others. We are trying to keep afloat … trying to keep our heads above water yet, so much is being uncovered and this is BEFORE the REAL REVEAL. It is quite mind-boggling and due to some very clever ‘staging’ ‘Set up scenarios’, it is not easy to KNOW what is and what isn’t THE TRUTH.

Dearest Blossom and ALL, that which you certainly DO know to be Truth is the Love and the Light and the strength within you. You cannot doubt this.

This is what we are to tell you …

In these times, whether you choose to listen or watch matters that are being put out there … the ONLY THING that is to keep you sane, keep you on top of things, keep YOU IN CONTROL … is the KNOWING OF THIS LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

We could finish today’s chat there, for we have let you know that which you are to do.

Hang on to this knowing of LOVE … Feel it … Go along with it … KNOW IT AS YOU.

All that is taking place is a means to an end of the darkness. It cannot be an overnight wonder whereby a magic wand is waved and all is well.

The darkness have cemented much of ‘their Truth’ into the very core of your Planet and in order for this to be lifted, so much has to be undertaken.

I never really thought of it like that … that the dark ones are living their Truth. That’s a bit hard to take in. Can you talk to us a little more about that?

Every … living thing/Being … has the right to their Truth and we have said before, that ‘Truth’s’ can change depending on what frequency/Vibration one is residing within … ALL THROUGH CHOICE.

Yet, oh, here we go … is it not so, that many have been coerced into ‘working for’ the darkness due to threats of killing one’s family, etc.  if they didn’t conform to the wishes of the dark ones? That is not their choice. I am sure too, the children who have been kidnapped and tortured and sacrificed did not choose to do so … I’m confused!

Blossom, on a much greater … scale /perspective … yes, they did. The way your world … works/has worked … is not as it seems. With the greatest of respect … not even the Highest of intelligence can know the absolute fulness of that which we speak, for it is too complicated to explain in terms of understanding it from the perspective in which you KNOW THINGS TO BE.

It is only when you have ‘moved on’ that so much more will become clearer.

‘Moved on’ as in ‘pass over’, as in ‘pop my clogs’, as in ‘pushing up the daisies’?

No. Moved on into a Higher Vibration which you are to be doing as your days move forward.

So much of what is taking place now, that you are unable to fathom, is because you are ‘within it’. Yet, when moving through and out of it … it will all be so much clearer to you.

I do hope so because things that I am hearing now are blowing my head off. This ‘reality’ is not real at all … because it seems so much of what we are not only being told now, yet, things in our so-called ‘history’, are ALL ONE BIG LIE. I mean … how did it ever get to this state? Why is it only now that so much is coming out … be it the Truth or another lie?

Because it is for you to remember that as with all things … it is an experiment. A try out of something new … Free Will … Yes, Free Will, Blossom, has led your world to this state, and yet, as you know, it was decided that in order to redeem your Planet and all upon and within her … measures from Higher states of Being were decided, to assist and develop a Plan in order for LOVE to return to a … place/state of mind … that your world was originally designed to be.

Yet, I have heard that the lesser Light beings have kept us as slaves since they came upon the Planet?

It was not like this in the beginning. And who is to say the darker ones came first to set this up? For this is not so.

Your Planet was and shall be again … a place of such Glorious Beauty. A place where only Love resided … and we repeat, it shall be this way again. The Game has played itself out and it is now time to renew and bring to Light the original blueprint … THAT IS LOVE … ONLY LOVE.

You, the Human Being, got to this state because of Free Will.

I have trouble with that. I think many would disagree.

That is their choice. We can only tell you of OUR TRUTH.

More than anything that is taking place upon your Planet at this time, seen and unseen, we desire for you to play your part. To enter into this next phase in the knowing that YOU CAME HERE TO PUT THINGS TO RIGHT.



SUCH A GREAT CHANGE IS COMING … And although it may not ‘appear’ this way at the moment … THE CHANGE IS FOR THE HIGHEST GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

Consider that! What excitement!

Yes, indeed. Yet, not wanting to be the party pooper, isn’t there a lot of ‘shift to hit the fan’ before we get to that CHANGE?

It would be wise to remain focused on that Goodness that is to come, in order to keep your Vibration High, which in turn, of course, serves the Vibration of the Whole.

Yes, there is a lot more to come and yet, we do not say this to you to bring you down. We say this to you to lift you up. For that which is to come is bringing you ever closer to this change.


And you shall become stronger and stronger in your KNOWING OF YOUR TRUTH.

I could ask you so many questions, as in ‘Is this true? ‘Is that true?’ … yet, I know it is not for you to be the ones to say yes or no.

And why do you think this Blossom?

Because … actually I don’t know!

Then we shall assist. We are not here to be politically involved. We are not here to put you in danger. We are not here to answer questions FOR YOU because it is YOU, each individual, that must walk this journey … standing in one’s Light and revealing for the self, the discovery of the self.

The more you KNOW what feels right FOR YOU … the MORE OF YOU … YOU BECOME.

This is why we chat with you, to assist you in KNOWING yourselves.

Yet, you are able to speak of an upcoming announcement and a second lockdown?

Yes, because that is permitted.

By whom?

‘US’ dear Blossom. We are the Overseers of the Overseers. We give permissions to ourselves and to many, as to what is correct protocol for this Divine Plan to be played out.

That is not to say that all abide. Yet, that is going into other matters. You speak of things ‘blowing your head off’ Blossom … and to even start on that is not for this time.

I felt you were going to say ‘Is not for this ‘Lifetime.’

We were, then corrected that, as ‘this lifetime’ and its future, is taking each and everyone into a different outcome of a ‘lifetime’ from what one has known.

Pass the pills, please!

We would conclude today’s chat by saying what WE KNOW TO BE TRUE.



For which bit?


Are we just going to know it when we hear it?  As in, there will be no question? I know I have asked you this before yet, one’s head is full of so many ideas as to what it may entail …

YOU WILL KNOW IT WHEN IT HAPPENS … for it is ‘Bigger’ than that which you think it may be.

Ok. Thanks, Guys. I do hope you are right! That’s a funny thing to say I know, for it is undermining you and that which you bring forth. I HAVE to TRUST that that which you say is to come about, otherwise there would be little point in carrying on. I just so wish something would come to fruition soon. Having said that … I LOVE YOU TO BITS … and I THANK YOU for all the Hope and Encouragement you bring to us … regardless of what lies ahead … WHICH I TRUST IS THE GREAT CHANGE … or an announcement … or … or … or … In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … (waiting LOL)

Mike Quinsey Sept. 4/20

4th September 2020. Mike Quinsey.

For those who hope for matters on Earth to return to normal as they were it is a forlorn hope, as although some normality will return the fact is that many changes are for good. It will seem chaotic yet as things settle down it will be realised that all that is happening is bringing about necessary changes. Evolution must continue so that advances can be made that will prepare souls for a new paradigm. You just cannot stand still although it must be said that your need to take an evolutionary jump is because you have been deliberately held back by the dark Ones.

Now that you have entered a higher vibration changes are inevitable but all for the good. We have told you previously that the object of the them is to work towards living in small groups that are self-sufficient, and to that end what you may now see as obstacles to that achievement will slowly be overcome. We often mention “free energy” and that is essential if you are to form independent self-supporting groups. It will come and it must do so as it is not so far into the future as you may think. There will be resistance from the large conglomerates but such changes are unavoidable.

It is no good looking back at what was and wishing it had still remained, as progress is inevitable and should be welcomed. Be assured that you are helped once you make the decision to establish yourselves into the New Age. It is your natural path of evolution and our influence will ensure that the right decisions are made. We hasten to add that we do not force changes upon you but there are sometimes major changes necessary to help you head in the right direction. You will inevitably find that there are always souls who have incarnated especially to help you through these special periods of time.

The problem of thousands of migrants turning up at the more stable countries and looking for compassion and help grows, and it is a test of your attitude and sympathy to their plight. Humanity has allowed such great differences between those who are comfortable, as opposed to those who are suppressed and ill-treated. It is no wonder that they seek refuge and help from those who by comparison are “comfortable”, but how are you going to respond. The world as a whole can cope quite easily with the refugees who come to you desperate for human kindness, yet the doors are only wide enough to let a few in and even those are often resented.

We have to ask how you would feel in their position, would you expect and hope for understanding and sympathy, and help for your needs. Realise that it takes real courage to leave your country and the little you had behind, knowing that you had no idea as to what type of reception you would receive. There are many, many dear souls who give of their time to help those in desperate need, but the problem has become so big it needs a more determined approach so as to help those who seek refuge and shelter from abominable conditions. The key word for the New Age is “sympathy” and sometimes it is in short supply, but perhaps on reflection the tragedy that is unfolding will touch the hearts of more people.

Changing our tone to one of great hope for the future we see the younger groups of people becoming more demanding for freedom of choice and free speech, and to their credit prepared to stand up and “fight” for what they believe in. In a Democracy there should be no need to have to resort to such levels to get justice. However, justice will prevail and it will not be too long before “freedom of choice” should be the normal. It is time for leaders that follow a true path to freedom to come to the forefront and they will. You have entered a new era and the old ways will no longer serve the needs of the people. The path to freedom is signposted and those of the necessary awareness will follow it.

Life on Mother Earth will become more pleasant and rewarding for everyone as the Land of Plenty becomes your reality. The changes that shall bring it about are forming and will ensure that it becomes your reality. So we ask you to think positively and project your ideas of the future into the ether and help it become the window of the future, and we re-iterate that nothing can now stop them manifesting. Thankfully the dark Ones have lost their power to dictate what happens or stop progress towards the New Age.

You are like actors on stage waiting to speak your lines making a “make believe” situation real. In reality nothing is real because it has been brought into being only to create the scenario for you to enact the part you have been given to play. The ultimate aim is real enough and that is to give you an experience that expands your knowledge and helps your evolution. You have all had so many lives on many worlds that in some cases would have been so different to your present one. When each life has ended and a new cycle commenced, a decision will have been made as to what you need from your next life to continue your progress. It is all planned and you knew of it before you commenced another one, when normally the details are temporarily hidden from you. You have gone all through this to get where you are now, and many of you have progressed so far down your path you are ready for completion and Ascension.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Saul via John Smallman Aug. 31/20

People everywhere are reclaiming their individual sovereignty.

08/31/2020 by John Smallman

As your moment of awakening draws ever closer, there is a palpable air of excitement worldwide, in spite of all the “bad” news that the mainstream media is focusing on so constantly and vociferously.  Truly, there is much pain and suffering as age-old hatreds and resentments rise into people’s consciousness to be acknowledged, forgiven, and released.  Awareness of the insanity of many of the old patterns of human behavior – one on one, in families, in social, political and religious organizations, and between nations and groups of nations – is spreading, and people are making it clear that change of enormous magnitude and on a global scale is essential NOW!

It is becoming apparent to all that for peace and harmony to prevail the oneness and interconnectedness of all to all must be honored in harmonious loving acceptance of one another, regardless of any and all apparent differences that you observe between each other.  Humanity is a vast family, with many diverse interests and creative abilities, and it is now time to recognize this and honor all your brothers and sisters, instead of dividing yourselves into opposing groups that judge and condemn the appearances, beliefs, and creative endeavors, etc., of other groups.  You have been aware for a very long time that that does not work, nevertheless, the immature and egoic need to be right, to which so many cling, has made it practically impossible for you to truly honor even one other because of your own lack of self acceptance.

That sense of non acceptability is the result of trauma of varying intensity inflicted or imposed upon you during infancy and childhood.  None among you grew to adulthood unscathed by the trauma of childhood unacceptability, trauma so painful that you had to disown it or bury it deep within you – out of sight, out of mind – to enable you to face and engage with others, even though there still remained within your conscious awareness a sense of not being good enough.  What you had buried so deeply within yourselves as totally unacceptable was constantly being reflected back to you by others who were similarly traumatized, whom you then judged and condemned, just as you had been judged and condemned as little ones.  Growing from human infancy to mature adulthood is not easy, and many were so traumatized that they have never succeeded in maturing emotionally or psychologically.  Many of those then used their physical or intellectual capabilities to defend themselves against what seemed to be an an almost constant and aggressive onslaught from others, and often sought positions of power and authority over others in order to find some kind of personal self-acceptance, which has frequently brought disastrous consequences raining down on humanity.

What you have come to accept as normal behavior is behavior that has been conditioned by your childhood experiences of trauma, now mostly concealed below the level of your conscious minds, and is basically a defensive mode of existence in which you are on the alert for any sign of confrontation arising which might threaten you emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, or physically.  To live in such a state of alertness is, of course, very stressful and energetically draining.  But, because it has for so long been the apparently essential way of life, it has become normal for most humans, and so stress is expected and dealt with on a daily basis unless it becomes totally debilitating, in which case many who experience that state seek medical assistance.

It is not the way you would choose to live, which is why you so often watch infants, before they have become too traumatized, playing and engaging with life in delightful spontaneity and wonder why you cannot find the same joy in life, even if only momentarily.  It is this wondering that has, over the last few decades, encouraged people to look for more rewarding and enjoyable ways to live, and has therefore brought into their awareness the insanity of modern express-paced living in which there is no time to just be.  And even when people do realize this, and try to relax for a short period of time doing nothing, or engaging in meditation or contemplation, the almost constant and insistent urge to do something – anything! – sends them rushing to find some kind of distraction.  And there are countless opportunities for distraction available in your modern lives, that often appear to you to require your instant attention, but which obviously do not, except in your intensely felt need for some distraction, Please!

Now, as is clearly apparent, people are ready for change, are demanding change, and those in positions of authority, who are generally rather egotistically driven, either cannot see this, refuse to see it, or are so driven by their desire to maintain their sense of power, that they try to retain their hold on it by passing new and unacceptable rules and regulations to maintain the status quo – authoritarian control – and demanding that the police and other “security” forces then impose them.  This approach always seemed to work in the past.

But, the Past is Over!  Change, inevitable and absolutely essential change is occurring, and will continue to occur until the old order just disintegrates due to a complete lack of popular support.  A new environment, in which peace, love, acceptance, understanding, and cooperation unite all, is being established, and signs of this are becoming visible in many places.  People everywhere are reclaiming their individual sovereignty, the sovereignty with which they were created, for and in eternal joy, to live in freedom, being what their loving and amazingly sensitive hearts guide them to be – Themselves – unhindered by even the slightest feelings of guilt, shame or unacceptability, because such feelings or negative self-judgments are, and always have been, utterly invalid!

You are all divine beings having a temporary experience in form as humans.  As humans your task was to evolve spiritually, and you have been doing this for eons, and the fruits of this evolutionary progress are beginning to ripen beautifully as they start to become a most magnificent harvest for all to enjoy.  Therefore, prepare to CELEBRATE.

With so very much love, Saul.

Thoughts one day about staying positive

Isn’t it interesting how some days you are fighting with yourself to stay positive and other days the loving energies are so easy to connect with?

Today is one of those gifted days. During my waking time I regained my ‘normal’ awareness of people’s need for positive input. When people are feeling frustrated with themselves and with life, they can become much more negative in their interactions or in their physical well-being. There are almost always positive things you can think about them and giving compliments can really lift their mood. It’s important theat compliments are genuine and based on what the other person values. For example, if a woman is really trying to get recognition for her capable and hard work, complimenting her on her appearance won’t go very far.

So, anyways, sometimes I am much more sensitive to the negative energies of people around me or activities out in the world. Other times my focus on being love and light is much more prevalent. I don’t always know where the negative energies are coming from. When they just lift and go away ‘for no reason’ like today, I know the energies are from stuff outside of myself. It’s nice to just get back to my loving self. I am working on trusting this better so I don’t get so self searching when it seems staying positive is such a struggle.

It easy for me to see the positive attributes in other people

Questions & Musings 7

This thinking began with seeing the headline of a post that said an astronomer is seeing that this whole universe may be a hologram. I didn’t read that post but it got me thinking about ‘what is reality’?

The history that we are told is questionable in its origin. How did human life start? I understand even Darwin didn’t believe his own story of evolution and of course the evidence doesn’t support it at all. Then there are the religions whose stories go back a long way and most speak of a ‘Creator’ of the universe and this world within it. The religious traditional views were mostly passed down by word of mouth and then the few elite scribes recorded and could read information on scrolls of paper. Who know what intentions they had behind what was written. Some, such as Moses, tried to convince people that what they had was directly given them by a god.

Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself to be Christian – that was the religious learning that I grew up with. Each person has learned certain wisdom in their youth and as an adult you gradually find more and more of the truths that you seek in understanding life.

Anyways, let’s go with the Judeo-Christian creation story which says that God created the heavens and the earth. I suppose this could be seen as a hologram. Then (S)He created animals, fish, humans vegetation etc. So we all live within this creation.

There’s the story of Eve eating the apple off the ‘tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’. It’s interesting that there was another tree in the garden called the ‘tree of life’. The whole thing is a bit of a riddle and has multiple ways of being interpreted. But we do get the idea that this is a free will planet, if not universe and we don’t just live happily ever after but are constantly bombarded with the conflict between good and evil and we get to make choices about it.

So when you are asking yourself the question: Why am I here?, or Why are WE here?, it gets interesting. I suppose the questions goes more like: What is this reality I find myself in, how did it come into being, why am I in it? Who put me here? and why? Are there other realities unlike this one. Is this just a created Matrix? How do I find out the truth-based answers to these questions? Why is it that we don’t already know this stuff? Why is it hidden from us?

I think of the movie, The Matrix or The Trueman show – or what about the Hunger Games? In my opinion we are not living in a freely developing reality but in a contrived hologram with a small group of elites running the whole thing. We know they’ve developed weather technology – maybe they always had it. Hmm.

Many spiritual leaders say we are living in a 3 dimensional reality, which includes a duality consciousness and a sense of all being separated beings, rather than being as one whole community of man. They say on higher dimensions (which are said to be all around us) we are all part of a unity consciousness, intimately connected in our energies. On higher dimensions we are one with the whole universe – perhaps beyond that we exist outside this universe and can see it for what it is.

I didn’t like that the Matrix movie showed the outside reality being harsh and lacking in beauty and comfort that some of us can enjoy on Earth. Most spiritual leaders don’t describe any hardship at the higher levels.

So what is that? Is it several super-imposed holograms on top of each other?