FOL & Blossom Goodchild Oct. 24/20

Hi chaps. So, I am going to keep this as bright and sunny as I can. A month ago, you said the Announcement you have been speaking of would be before the US elections. You are down to your last week now and of course, my buttons are being pushed as to whether or not this will take place, at all?

Welcome to you Blossom and to those confident in our words to KNOW THAT WE ARE WHO WE SAY WE ARE … AND WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY.

Ok. Then for today, I will neither hinder nor hamper and allow you the benefit of the doubt, as we do have ten days and well, anything could happen!

Indeed Blossom. In a nutshell, it is to be that those who confide in us … those, who like you, are ‘hoping’ for the change … will not be disappointed.

Oh, I have no doubt the change is happening. I just question your timing because let’s face it, you’ve thrown me some real spinners in the past. Yet, here I am … still!

So, shall we then, look at this?

I’m all eyes!

In terms of that which we have offered over the last 15 years in which we have engaged in conversation … it is less than the digits on one hand that you have questioned … is that correct?

A lot more, yet, other matters got sorted for me.

Do you not consider that to be acceptable?

Nope! Because the two things in question were HUGE! The 2008 incident and the Pillars of Light in 2011. Now, folk can say all they like … and so can you yet, for me, if the Announcement isn’t revealed before the elections … well … let’s walk in my shoes for a moment … what would you do?

Dearest Blossom, we do not feel it appropriate to answer that. Maybe ask the same question should that scenario occur?

So, by that, you are saying that the Announcement is to come within the next 10 days?

We are.

How can you be so sure?

Because we know what it entails and what it involves and it is necessary to take place BEFORE decisions are made.

Ok. I shall keep going on this. You see, our time and you, with no time, doesn’t always seem to tally regarding particular events and TRUST is a very delicate issue amongst the closest of friends, which after 15 years and all we have been through, I consider us to be.

So, do you TRUST us Blossom?

As Divine Beings of Light, yes. Regarding your accuracy on time frames … not so sure. I was so bold when you said about an announcement and the 2nd lockdown and the Five Phases. I told myself to TRUST and TRUST I did. And in Truth … I TRUST WHITE CLOUD deeply, so if it was that you were a bit of a ‘diversion from the Truth’ as many over the years have suggested, I feel sure he would have ‘warned me’.

So, shall we just wait and see then?

What else is there to do?

Trust a little deeper in order to relieve your anxiety?

Let us ask you this … if we were there in the room with you right now … would you Trust us more?



Because you would be speaking words out of your mouth, not working with me in this telepathic form.

Yet, what would make you believe that what we say is the TRUTH  … just because words were coming out of our mouths?

Because I would have you there, first hand … and pick up on your Energy. There you see … I knew what we were leading up to!

Indeed Blossom … Our Energy. Our Energy of Truth and Love. Do you not feel this when we are ‘thoughtfully’ speaking with you now?

Yes. Yes, I do. Like White Cloud, you have only ever shown Love. Never once have I ‘felt’ one iota of anything other than compassion and understanding and giving of your wisdom to assist us.

So why is it different if we were in the flesh?

You really want me to answer that?

Yes … please.

Because … it just is.

And now we shall play ball with you as you do with us. We would say … not a good enough answer.

Ok … because if you were sitting here telling me all this  …

Yes …

I would know it was coming from you and not … me … or … some mind-controlled microwaves making channeller’s out to be ‘oddballs’ and totally full of ‘air’.

So, is it then that you are questioning who we are?

I will be if there is no announcement before 3rd Nov!!

Blossom, our beloved and mystifying soul who we know only desires to make sure the TRUTH is given. As White Cloud has also said … we are not fortune-tellers.

Then why give us a time frame for an Announcement etc?

Would you find it hard to take if we said because you pushed us to do so?

Nope. I can take that. It’s True. We down here are so desperate to know what the **** is going on … underneath it all, behind the scenes. We need the hope to continue on. I know you know, how many write in saying they are on the verge of giving up because they are so tired?

Yes. We know of this and those in other realms do much to try and assist on an individual routine to help such souls.

So, you see … yes … we have spoken of a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT TO COME and of a 2nd lockdown … and of Five Phases … because it is on the cards. We are not making this up out of thin air to satisfy you.

We are succeeding in many ways of Enlightenment and Encouraging so many to awaken, which after all, is ‘Our’ particular mission.

Yet, you DO KNOW of what lies ahead in terms of changes and what is to come about? Because it is part of the Divine Plan … Correct?

Blossom … we thank you for your inquiries and perseverance for we know many feel as you and have questions that are so similar to yours.

WE … THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT are not in form … unless required. We do not use words for they are inadequate … WE USE ENERGY AND FEELING.


Isn’t it who we all are?

Excellent observation! Indeed, it is. Yet,  as you know … there are many, many levels, frequencies, and Vibrations in which LOVE AND ITS ENERGY can reside.

And it ‘aint Vibrating too high down here right now, that’s for sure!

Yet, Each One of you are changing that … that’s why you are ‘there’!

Yep. My heart can get that. So, back to the ‘not’ being fortune-tellers yet, knowing what’s going on?

We KNOW the outcome of this ‘Drama’. We do not question it, for it is not questionable.


YOU KNOW THAT … do you not?

With respect, only because You and White Cloud have told us. One wouldn’t have an inkling going by the state of affairs down here.

Do you believe us on that particular matter?

Yes … eh … maybe … eh … yes … perhaps. Yet, is it because I WANT THAT HOPE … because if we didn’t have that … we are certainly doomed!

Where does your hope lie?

Am I suppose to say ‘ in your words?’

Say what is TRUE for you. Where does your hope lie?

In the strangest KNOWING deep within. In the weirdest acceptance of BEING HERE for a reason. Yes, you have said this, yet, there is a KNOWING that is inexplicable. It’s like a sort of secret within me, and the recognizing of such ‘somewhere’ in my Being.

And so, if the announcement was not to happen in the following week … and we are not back-peddling … we are speaking hypothetically … would that KNOWING of your mission disappear?

Probably not. Yet, I would not be a happy bunny! Let me prepare you for that right now!

We come to guide you … Because we Love you.

We understand you want us to return to the matter in hand.

Yep. Let’s go for it, shall we? Like Big time? At this stage in The Game … are you still happy to say that a Huge Announcement will be given out before the US elections?

We will repeat … It is on the cards.

Yet, not written in the stars? Don’t even know what that means, really.

We are also unsure, yet take it to believe ‘not concrete?’

Yes, I guess so.

Let us say then … the road has been prepared, and the tar poured. All is in place yet, awaiting it to set.

*!^+? OK!

What parting words would be most appropriate today?

Eh … try… … …  Nope! I have none either.


Far out! That’s unusual! Yet, came through so clearly. Meaning, I believe … ‘God’s blessing on your journey/ new adventure’ … type thing.

Correct … WE LOVE YOU.

And I/we love you …  In Gratitude In Loving service. I AM .

Mike Quinsey Oct. 23/20

23rd October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

You might have thought that the changes experienced since 2012 were confined to outside events, but as shown in the following extract the Human Race is also affected.  The New Age is beginning to clearly show itself and cannot be ignored any longer, as we have to start taking the changes seriously. There is obviously much work to be done to ensure we are properly prepared, but we cannot do it unless we all work together.  


Extract from an article in the “I” Paper dated 10th October 2020.

“Modern babies are being born without wisdom teeth as humans continue to evolve at a rapid rate a study has found. Scientists in Australia have discovered that people are undergoing a micro-evolution in which evolutionary changes can be observed over a short period of time. Dr Teghan Lucas, of Flinders University in Adelaide, said faces are becoming a lot shorter, with smaller jaws meaning there is less room for teeth. Wisdom teeth typically emerge in early adulthood but, as with all adult teeth, grow inside the jaw from birth. The research also found that some people are being born with additional bones in their arms and legs, or with abnormal connections of two or more bones in their feet. Dr Lucas said that the study published in the “Journal of Anatomy” demonstrated that humans are evolving at a faster rate than any point in the past.”

23rd October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones you are in the middle of some drastic changes, but be assured that you knew before you re-incarnated what experiences your life would entail. For those intent on being ready to ascend it is a very testing time, but if they are true to their life plan they will avoid being pulled down by events happening around them. It is what every soul that has awakened to the truth has for their goal. It is a one-off opportunity to put the past behind you, and enjoy a new life free from all of the negativity that you have undoubtedly experienced throughout many lives on Earth. Naturally there are many other souls also looking to raise their vibrations, but they are still in a learning cycle and are not sufficiently advanced to ascend this time around. However, they will be acquiring more experience that they can take with them to start yet another life thereby increasing their chance of being successful. No one is forcing the issue and as always help is on hand as soon as they are ready.

The dark Ones on Earth are in disarray but still represent a threat because of their sheer numbers. However, without their leaders the cabal are disorganised whilst the Forces of Light are in their ascendency and closing in on cabal members. In recent time the cabal have been stripped of a great deal of their funds, that were their ill-gotten gains. It is no secret that over a long period of time they have re-directed enormous amounts of money into their coffers. Some of it has been recovered and the search goes on to recover more and weaken them through lack of resources. It is by no means easy to completely stop their activities, and we must be satisfied that the Light is now in pole position. On another level with help from the Reptilian Races the Cabal is being boosted, but even they have been thwarted by the Forces of Light who with the help of the Pleiadians have prevented them from being able to enter our Solar System by placing a barrier around it. It enables us at such an important time to do our work with confidence and without interference.

You can rest easy as there is only going to be one winner in our battle for the Light and it will not be long before we can declare our position and work more openly. The plan for the Cabal’s defeat was planned a long time ago, and we had to allow them to believe they were winning so that their over confidence would bring them down and that is what has happened. Even so it will take time before we can openly move around your Earth, as we will not contribute to any destructive methods as we are more subtle, and would in no way cause damage to your beautiful planet.

The people of Earth have suffered much, but in the long run they will be pleased and rewarded for their courage and resolve to beat the challenges that have plagued them for eons of time. The experiences have made your resolve much stronger to never concede to the dark Ones, and you have done that very well and very successfully. We take nothing away from you but you have had help from us where you have made the first moves and we are impressed with your “never say die” approach. You really are a credit to your Race and have shown that you will not bend in the face of all of the assaults against you.

Peace is soon coming to you that you have earned through your dedication to the Light. Some of you have fought many battles against the dark Ones yet you have never given up much to your credit. The work of the Alliance is your security and assurance that all will end well and be most acceptable. We have mentioned how celebrations will be in order to end your period of struggle and sacrifice, never again to be called upon to go through the experiences you have had. The many heartaches, upsets and struggles often just to survive, yet you have a human quality that makes you strong and resolute in the face of danger and peril.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Oct. 18/20

Greetings to you. Blossom Goodchild reporting for duty! (I know it’s not a duty!) Just had a very frustrating morning trying to get a White Cloud video done … so I thought I’d go for a double whammy and see if you have anything to say today, also?

Dearest Blossom … Dearest Lights that Brighten you Planet Earth, allowing those who are not of it, to see the Energies of those who are completing their mission as you LIFT YOUR MOTHER EARTH INTO HER RESPECTED, RIGHTFUL POSITION.

Yes, we are aware of much that is proving difficult to contend with. Yet, we KNOW that the winning streak is around, above and within Each One.

As White Cloud said (this morning) KNOW, KNOW, KNOW THE LIGHT HAS WON.

I try hard to hang on to this. Truly, I do, because if I didn’t think so, well then, who knows what would befall us. Yet, there just seems to be such negativity all around. With respect to all … I know there is A DIVINE PLAN. Yet, at the moment all we can do is TRUST that, for there is little concrete evidence. Much speculation, yet, no concrete evidence as such.

Yet, this is soon to change Blossom. It will not be too long (in your timing of days) before evidence to the contrary of that which is being broadcasted on your mainstream media will be brought to Light.

Exposure of the deepest darkest secrets are to be revealed and so much so, that there will be no question as to whether or not your world has just turned upside down!

It is then … although one will be confused and ‘disturbed’ … that A STRONGER YOU shall emerge.




You have mentioned before that there will not be mandatory vaccines etc. because the plans of the dark ones will not come to fruition and Divine Intervention will have stopped this from taking place. Is this a certainty?

IT IS. We say this boldly to you, Blossom, and yet, is it that you are questioning …?

I feel you are wanting to add some term of endearment to me like ‘little one’ or ‘our Loved one’ or something like that, but cannot find the term you want. White Cloud has called certain souls ‘little one’. Shall we just skip that and I’ll just take the warm feeling coming through? Thank you and yes … I am questioning a little, because how is it that you are so sure?

Because it is a Divine Plan that is playing out and that … doesn’t/wouldn’t … include souls of Earth being ‘held against their will’ to do anything …

Yet, already the ‘control’ is taking over and many falling for its reasons. And we are to go into another more ‘sinister’ lockdown you have said … so more control?

Let us reiterate that ‘sinister’ when ‘you’ checked it’s meaning read ‘Giving the impression of something harmful’. This is what it shall be … for it is necessary to keep one inside to discover all that is to unfold. Yet, this next step/Phase will not be able to take you into the depths that many are assuming it might. For there shall be far too much taking place and many cracks in the walls, enabling the Light to let itself through and reveal what IS actually taking place and what HAS been taking place behind the scenes.

‘Perhaps’ it may be that the Phase Two lockdown, which is not far away now … is a double-edged sword?

‘Perhaps’ it may be conducted as a ‘safety strategy’ for a time, as mayhem … if it were not in place … would certainly become rife and much emotion from souls could spin out of control?

I know you can’t spill all the beans, yet, do you mean this could possibly happen because of that which is to be revealed to us?

Yes. Eventually, as the lockdown progresses, so much more will become apparent.

Yet, it will start under the guise of the ‘virus’ … as you have said before?

Yes. Yet, know it is indeed, a dis ‘guise’. Eventually, as Truth comes out of the woodwork … more and more will come to the understanding of the reasons and necessity behind it.

You see, Blossom … this time that you are walking right into NOW, is to CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER.

An explosion of emotions from all sides is to come to the surface and Each Soul must go within to connect with their Truth.

There already is such a divide … is it to get even more confusing?

To a degree … for a while. Yet, as more and more is ‘shown’, more and more will accept the Truth and therefore, more and more shall Awaken unto themselves and the Light shall get ever Brighter.

Take your meditation times to be filled with PEACE.

PEACE within your own Beings …

PEACE within and without your Planet …

 PEACE around your Planet …


Can you imagine, Dearest Souls … a world where there is no fighting … no war … no greed … no animosity … no hatred?




There are many who … know this /feel this … yet, wonder if it will be within their lifetime, as many have been serving upon the Planet for many long years and are in their late 80’s and more.

Yes, they shall see Great Changes. As we have said, this change cannot happen overnight. Yet, the Energy transference from Dark into Lighter times shall certainly be most apparent and those whose ‘time’ it is to leave, will leave in PEACE … KNOWING they played their part and that all is going according to plan.

That’s nice to know. Thank you.

Allow your KNOWING that this Divine Plan is on target, to fill your Beings with HOPE.

Allow your KNOWING that this Divine Plan is why you came. In all Truth, would you have volunteered if there were possibilities of it being otherwise?

Well, I guess yes, we would … where there is a will, there is a way. So, did we KNOW then, that the LIGHT was definitely a winner … and that outcome would not change?


HOW was it known it would not change?

Because it is a Divine Plan, Blossom.


The Game has played itself out. The LIGHT-LOVE that is … cannot be beaten.

Sure has seemed like it on this Planet.

Yet, have we not said many times ‘It is all a Game’?

Yes, and many who do not yet understand that, get infuriated by that statement, for it makes us feel like pawns.

Because they do not understand THE GAME. Because you are not in a position to see it for what it is, whilst living within it.

Yes, I get that and we have discussed this before.

Blossom. Blossom. Blossom.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


Then, with respect, heaven help the weaker ones!

‘Heaven’ is nurturing the weaker ones.

‘Heaven’ sent the stronger ones to finish The Game.

So, when we have moved everything up into a Peaceful Lighter Brighter stance … will we no longer be in The Game?

A NEW ONE … Of a very different sort.

Blossom … EVERYTHING is a Game … Depending on how you interpret Game …

You are asking me to look it up and I usually go with what I am presented with straight away … in this case:

An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.

A complete episode or period of play, ending in a final result.

Eager or willing to do something new or challenging.


Love is never-ending … in order to experience Life and Love in all of itself, it will play games. It will experience ALL that can possibly be experienced … in order to BE ITSELF and it shall continue to play out Games FOREVER.

Think of that!

To be honest … I’d rather not!



Couldn’t have put it better myself chaps! Love you … We are hanging on by tooth and nail … and SOON … very SOON … we shall KNOW the next step of the way … shall we not?

Without question.

Oh! I doubt that … as more unfolds the more question shall arise! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Saul via John Smallman Oct. 17/20

That ‘work’ is to be loving whatever arises.

10/17/2020 by John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening process is advancing rapidly now, as each day increasing numbers of the population worldwide become aware of the essential need now for major changes in the manner in which people think of each other – friend, untrustworthy other, or foe – and understand that all, without any exception are, like themselves, the beloved children of God.  Realizing that, and knowing it,they are then able to let go of judgment, dislike, and dismissal of others as different and wrong, and instead listen to them and discuss with them issues that need to be resolved.  There are many issues that humanity can most successfully resolve if they choose to listen to and hear the opinions and beliefs of others in order to engage in meaningful discussion.  Remember, you have limitless loving assistance and guidance available to you from your support teams in the spiritual realms if you will call on them and allow yourselves to hear them – your intuition – without believing the instant egoic disparaging thought arising: “That will never work!”

All are in Relationship with the One.  There is only relationship because all are One.  The experience of separation that you undergo as humans in form is unreal, although you experience it as very real, and that was the intent with which it was designed.  When you feel that you are a separate and tiny individual being in a vast universe filled with uncountable numbers of ‘others,’ that are not you, it causes you to feel fearful, alone, unsafe, threatened by the vastness of which you appear to be such a small and insignificant speck or particle.  And yet, in truth, you are that vastness, because you are in relationship with it.  It and you are One.

At present, as your awakening approaches and as so much is moving from the unseen – the unconscious part of the collective mind in form – into your individual conscious minds that is extremely unsettling if not, in some cases, terrifying, it is not surprising that many are feeling the extremes of uncertainty and confusion.  Over many incarnations, due to the nature of the game of separation in which humanity is engaged, much negative karma has been built up by the human collective over the eons which is now arising into each soul’s individual awareness for forgiveness and release.   It may well seem totally alien to the person experiencing it because, not being from the individual’s present life time, it is unrecognizable.

You all chose to incarnate at this moment in the awakening process to assist one another with this mighty task.  You all knew that it would be difficult and painful, but you also knew that you would be totally supported by God and by your spiritual support teams, and that your success was inevitable.  Nothing has changed!  However, because of the amnesia involved in taking on human form, that knowing, that certainty is hidden from you, and at times the lives you are leading and the suffering that you are undergoing seems unfair, unwarranted, very real, and something that a loving god would never allow to occur.  You need to keep on reminding yourselves of the unreality of the game of separation from God, in which you are engaged, and in which all are playing their parts precisely as planned to bring about your awakening, even though, when you observe the divisive and chaotic situations in so many areas of the world, it is frequently difficult for you to remain convinced that your collective awakening is imminent.

Although it is good to be aware of the pain and suffering that so many are experiencing, so that you can keep sending them love and healing – a very powerful and effective thought form – do not allow yourselves to be constantly distracted by the angry content and reports of intense suffering on which the mainstream and social media channels focus so much attention.  When you do, as you must have noticed, your energy fields weaken leading to depression and a sense of helplessness, even hopelessness.

You are very powerful beings!  And you are precisely where you are meant to be to assist most effectively and lovingly in humanity’s awakening process.  When you focus on what is not loving in the world you are permitting your egos to distract you from the work you incarnated to do.  That ‘work’ is to be loving whatever arises, letting go of judgment and condemnation of others who are behaving in unconscionableways, and sending Love to all to help them to become aware and awaken to their true nature which is identical to your own . . . It is Love!

Go within at least once daily, and preferably much more frequently – it need only be for a few moments as you set the intent to be only loving – because when you do the loving energy that is flowing through you, and out to all of humanity (you really do affect All of humanity), intensifies enormously, raising your frequency and also the frequency of countless others of whom you are unaware.  That is the ‘work’ you incarnated to do, and when you remind yourselves of this you realize that it is not really work at all, it is, instead, a most enjoyable occupation that fills you with peace and contentment, because you are doing the divine Will, and you know it.

With so very much love, Saul.

Mike Quinsey Oct. 16/20

16th October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

A short summary from a message by the Federation of Light dated 11th October 2020, through Blossom Goodchild an excellent channel, who I met in Sedona, USA some years ago at a Conference where we both gave talks/channelled.

“Suddenly so much seems to be happening that is relevant to our immediate future and yet again an important message has been given, this time to Blossom Goodchild. She was told by the Federation that the world will get more topsy-turvy, and there will be a shock announcement before the USA Election. The outcome will turn out to be for the good of all, and there will be a sacred intervention and an announcement followed by a global lockdown. There will be much more of a divide than you are encountering at this time. The Divine Plan is to bring the planet into the highest it has ever known and all must trust in it.”

You could say that this message is one to end all messages with regard to its implications. Divine Intervention suggests to me that our ET friends will at last be able to safely land on Earth, from where they can arrange and oversee necessary changes that are to speedily move us into the New Age. Left to our own devices it would take far too long and begs the question how would matters be controlled to ensure the required outcome.

There is mention of the “divide” and I would speculate that those souls who are not ready to ascend would necessarily follow a different path. After all their future is equally important and they need to continue evolving, at a speed that suits their ability to absorb the lessons necessary for their progress. One hardly dares speculate as to what the future holds for the Human Race, but all the signs indicate that we are being prepared for a jump or at least a major change in our evolution.

                                     *                   *                   *                  *  

16th October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

What wonderful times you are living in, and I am positive that at some time in the future you will look back and be so pleased you were there to experience a once in a lifetime event. Of course you are bewildered and even confused by what is happening but in time you will understand, when the reasons are made known for the changes you are experiencing now. All you see is chaos and events that seem to spell big trouble for the future yet you will eventually understand and realise it was all necessary and totally in control. Of course there are real hardships but the outcome will be far more acceptable than you could possibly have imagined. The changes are for the better and when your ET friends make their worldwide announcements, no one will be in doubt as to their good intentions.

At times you have floundered and desperately needed help, as the dark Ones made their last attempts to hold on to control but to no avail. Peace will suddenly come to Earth thereby allowing much remedial work to be carried out to restore the many damaged areas upon Mother Earth. The aim is to fully restore her former glory and beauty and with the advanced technologies available it will be done quite quickly. Joyful times lay ahead and you will wholeheartedly give your help as a way of thanks for all of the beauty and blessings coming your way.

Technologies will be given to you that will make short work of projects that would otherwise have taken you a long time to complete. We have often referred to “free energy” and you may be sure it will be given to you, thus helping to speed up your work. Indeed, you will get many advances that have been held back from you that will take the hard work out of the projects you will handle.  You will soon be benefitting from them and there will be no more backbreaking jobs or health risks.

The quality of life will increase in next to no time as there are so many improvements that you will now be given. The thought of moving into a new period of advancement will no doubt give you a great incentive to get involved. However, not all things can happen overnight so allow for them to settle down first and the rest will follow. We see exciting times ahead for you so get yourselves into the right frame of mind, knowing that in spite of its outward appearance all is well. Gradually every ones standard of living will change for the better, and eventually no one shall want for a shelter over their heads.

So much will eventually change, it is as if you were cavemen suddenly advancing thousands of years to your present Age, it could even be frightening except that you do at least have some idea of what the future holds for you. Money will eventually be no longer necessary as even now technology exists whereby you can produce most things you need for free. Yes, while you have been deliberately denied many time and money saving advancements, the dark Ones have enjoyed them at your expense. You have much to catch up on and all things will come in time, but not so as to overwhelm you.

As we have often done in the past we have given you a glimpse of your future. All will come in good time but first so to say, you must put your own house in order metaphorically speaking. You are the future and you will be given much help to make up for lost time and be fully prepared to take your place in the New Age.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Jesus via John Smallman Oct. 14/20

Sorrow is a powerful emotion that arises when you experience loss.

October 14, 2020 by John Smallman

Today I want to address sorrow.  Many people are experiencing great sorrow as a result of being separated from friends and loved ones, due to the present worldwide restrictions on meetings and social interactions of all kinds.  When you experience yourself feeling sorrow, sadness, or any kind of dissatisfaction with the circumstances of your life, please call on me.  I am always available, and I will always answer your call immediately!  It is my joy to assist you all in your ongoing awakening processes, which many of you are finding extremely unsettling.  As you spend more time alone, and find emotional issues arising powerfully within you which need to be addressed, thanked, forgiven, and released, ask me to help you to relax into your holy inner sanctuaries where Love awaits you, wishing only to embrace and honor you if you will allow It to do so.  Allowing and welcoming is the key, so let go of any negative feelings or self-judgments about your worthiness and invite Love to join you there.

Sorrow is a powerful emotion that arises when you experience loss, and which can be extremely debilitating, often leading to intense depression and lack of motivation for life. In these unusual times everyone needs someone to whom they can talk about personal issues that they would normally not talk about with anyone.  And many of you feel that there is no one to whom you can safely disclose these seemingly private matters, often due to a sense of shame and inadequacy, believing that you should be able to deal with them by yourselves, as others obviously do.  The truth is that you are not alone in experiencing this sense of having no one to whom you can talk, this sense – even a belief – is in fact endemic.  So let it go, call on me, and I will guide you to meet with someone who can and will listen to you lovingly and without judgment, to assist you in identifying and releasing those deeply buried but strongly ingrained beliefs that have never served you.  Also let go of expectations as to who this might be – an egoic fear-driven attempt to limit your choices – thus allowing your intuition to present you with the most felicitous opportunity.  You will, of course, still be completely free to choose whether or not to engage with the one who propitiously appears, as you work with your issues of trust.

Learning how and whom you can trustoften causes worry and anxiety because you have all had your trust betrayed at some time, or many times in your lives.  But with the ongoing effects of the Tsunami of Love, that is flowing abundantly to assist in your awakening process, people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to live their lives honestly and with integrity while respecting another’s trust in them, and are therefore making a conscious choice to honor both themselves, andall others.  Love is your nature, and as more and more become aware of this the opportunities for kind and loving social interactions – one on one, or in groups – are growing rapidly.

There is only One, therefore each one is that One.  As more and more of you recognize this divine Truth your interactions with one another become ever more loving, allowing issues that may have divided you, and even led to conflict among you, to be discussed openly, without any individual setting preconditions or needing to prove to others the rightness of his or her beliefs or opinions.  When discussions are started from this loving state of openness and acceptance, there are no issues that cannot be resolved, although time and patience will be necessary because, even though you have entered the New Age, many are still working on personal issues of non self-acceptance, unworthiness, and lack of trust that can be spontaneously triggered and lead to conflict.Fear often leads to anger, sometimes intense anger, that can be used to defend the self or to attack another, and when this happens it is inevitably divisive.

Fear is a response to separation from or abandonment by a loved one, and unreal as it is, because you are all permanently and eternally in the Presence of God from Whom separation is impossible, nevertheless, for humans it seems very real.  Were you to be separated from Source, your life force, your consciousness would be terminated, you would cease to exist, and by choosing to incarnate into the world of form you seem to have been separated, so all do have a deep inner sense of fear.  The way to release this fear permanently is to become aware of your true nature as One with God, and to know that that is indeed who you are.  Many who have had NDEs have talked and written about the wonder and joy of that experience, the full knowing realization that there is only Love, the infinite field of divine energy in which all that has been created is eternally present without interruption.

The unreal state of limitation that you experience as beings in form is temporary, a state from which God has promised that you will awaken.

Humanity is now fully engaged in the awakening process because the time for unreality has been terminated by your collective intent, and you are now most actively engaged in awakening.  For most it is a very unsettling moment because the belief that unreality is real has become so deeply ingrained within you.  As humans, you collectively dislike change because it brings uncertainty, and for many to think about aging and dying is anathema, while modern medical science tries desperately to overcome and prevent death.  Therefore, to come to the realization that there is no death, that there is but a transition to Reality is amazingly and intensely freeing.

This realization can be accessed by everyone, because God would not withhold it from any of His beloved children.  The way to realization of who you really are is by going within, and spending quiet time alone there as you ask to know, and then really allow yourself to listen to and hear the Voice for God within you, where It is always present.  You are never alone, so go within, ask for confirmation of this divine Truth, and allow yourself to hear It, feel It, and Know It.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Oct. 11/20

Hello there. Here we are again … not much changed on the ‘outside’ from last week. Let us Trust much is going on undercover as we wait. I feel a huge shift will be coming soon due to the elections in the USA. You have many followers who feel they want the current chappy to remain and many who call him the vilest, evilest man to walk the Earth. (According to my emails.) What would you say on this?

Welcome, Blossom. Welcome to all upon your Planet who have decided that our words are of resonance for them and continue to walk with us as SO MUCH BEGINS TO FALL INTO PLACE.

We ‘The Federation Of Light’ are not of a political persuasive. This is not within our thoughts … to persuade anyone … one way or another. Yet, we would decidedly say, that the outcome of the elections that are so soon to be upon that country will be for the GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

I did mention in an interview that if this is a ‘Divine Plan’ then what happens HAS to be for the Highest Good of all … and we have to Trust that … especially at this stage in ‘The Game’.

This is correct Blossom and wise words, indeed.

If I was to have a concern, it is that regardless of who ‘wins’ … there will inevitably be uproar from the other party.

Is there not always?

Somehow, I feel this is different, and as I say, I don’t do politics. It doesn’t agree with my digestive system!

We have stated many times that your world is to get far more Topsy Turvy than it is now. We also state, we do not say this to alarm, yet, to prepare you in strength.

Yes, an Announcement is to come soon that is to shock.

Ok … deep breath … be bold Blossom … Is this to come BEFORE the elections?

Indeed, it is.

Oh Lord! That is really putting yourself on the line there Guys and I feel a little concerned about you saying so, yet, I asked! Therefore, I must Trust and wait and see. Is there anything that could prevent this ‘particular’ announcement from taking place?

At this stage, we can see no intervention for it has been kept very ‘Sacred’ and under wraps.


Yes, Blossom. That is the word we are choosing.


We can feel your trepidation?

Yep. You can … that’s quite a statement. Ok. For once, let me behave like an Awakened, Enlightened specimen of the Ground Crew Light Force and ‘go with it’ instead of trying to knock it, just to cover my street cred, once again. So, onwards, please.

In our last communication, we said it would not be long before Phase Two begins … and we hold True to that.

Let us firstly clarify.


So is the announcement or the lockdown the start of Phase Two?

The lockdown.

Many countries are already in lockdown, either dragged on from the first or gone into a second. So, when you say Global, do you mean Global?

We say Global … because we mean it.

So, every country in lockdown all at the same time. That is going to have to be one big announcement!

We choose to move on as to not divulge more … For it is not correct to even ‘suggest’ further possibilities.

Fair enough. I respect your word on that. Let me ask then, if I may … during this Phase Two … are we going to be ‘stunned’ by what is taking place?

Yes. Very much so. For many … there will be immediate transparency displayed and thoughts and discussions as to the next move forward as a WHOLE … as a COMMUNITY OF LIGHT. For others that live in fear, they shall ‘peak’ as such fears become more and more prevalent to them. There shall be much more of a divide than you are encountering at this time. Yet, for all those who are Awakened and for those who are soon to do so … one’s strength in KNOWING shall prevail and there shall be an overall acceptance of the state of play in the KNOWING THAT ALL IS MOVING FORWARD AS IT SHOULD.

We wish to reiterate your earlier statement of wisdom, Blossom.


Ask your Heart if it feels strong and Knowing in that which we speak of?

Here you all are … after so long … right within this transformation … YOU KNOW THIS IS WHY YOU CAME.

Do you find it odd that we doubt sometimes?

Yes, we do. For we know you. We know your dedication. We know why YOU … Each One … were chosen. Within our knowing of ‘who you are’ we find it peculiar that you question at times.

As I have said, come vacation on Planet Earth in human form and see how YOU go.

This you have said before. We are certainly not undermining you. Yet, because we SEE YOU IN YOUR TRUTH … because we SEE YOU … IN/AS … THE LIGHT OF WHO YOU ARE … it is ‘strange’ for us to pick up when you waiver a little.

We do our best to explain to you how ‘WE SEE IT’. How ‘WE KNOW’ the DIVINE PLAN to be. How ‘WE ARE WATCHING’ it play out.

So, are the results definite? Could it suddenly swing the other way?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Has not White Cloud and ourselves said many times ‘All is not as it seems’?

Many, many times.

Therefore, Blossom and All … Know that ALL IS WELL.

Let us dissect ‘DIVINE PLAN’

… … … … … … … … …

There … we have done so!

Eh? Your point I assume, being there is nothing to dissect? For DIVINE IS OF THE HIGHEST and that is all we need to know, right?


And each one defining God as they choose?

How would you define GOD, Blossom?

LOVE. In all of its facets.

Thank you. We heard your thoughts of, ‘Yet, Love is everything and can Vibrate on low as well as High frequencies’.


Yet, we would suggest your thought pattern change to the fact that ‘THIS PARTICULAR DIVINE PLAN’ has been underway for many, many of your years. Its purpose to bring your Planet from the lower frequencies … from the lower Vibrations … into the HIGHEST that it has known … EVER.

There certainly have been times upon your ‘plane’ when JOY and HONOUR and TRUTH abounded. Times when the Vibration in which one resided was far Higher than that of now, in these current days.

Yet, the Energies that are flowing in … the changes that are to take place … will find you experiencing a Vibrational frequency that your Earth has long forgot.

Hang on to this KNOWING.


I do my best. An old WW2 song has just come into my head ‘There’s a long, long trail unwinding into the land of my dreams’ …

And another?

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!


And we will … The long, long trail unwinding can be a bit daunting, as you say there are Five Phases … and we are only just about to enter number two!

Yet, we did not say that each Phase would be worse.

Well, you said things are to get a lot more Topsy Turvy.

And they are … yet, perhaps that is just for Phases two and three.

Perhaps. If only you could let us in on the plan.

If we were to do so … the plan would not work out as planned!

Ok. So, if my maths serves me well, there should be a ‘Huge announcement’ (Not a huge, huge, huge announcement) within the next four weeks. We’ve waited this long, another few weeks won’t hurt. We don’t have a choice anyway. Do you know how much my heart is in my mouth?!

We know exactly where your Heart is Blossom … in the right place!

Thank you. We are all doing our best … whether we are having a good, or not so good day! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

(Blossom Goodchild)

Saul via John Smallman Oct. 9/20

You are always in God’s Presence, because there is nowhere else!

10/09/2020 by John Smallman

As new information concerning corruption in high places is released into the public domain on a daily basis, people are opening much more readily to the idea that they have been basically asleep and dreaming and that the “shadow side” of the human collective has for eons been working hard to set people against each other by intensifying their sense of the differences between themselves and others, and by persuading them that these differences are bad and can harm them.  Many of you, with numbers increasing daily, are realizing that this divisive way of thinking needs to change, and are becoming aware of the enormous creative possibilities available to you if you will listen carefully and lovingly to one another without preconceived ideas or negative judgments.  An integration of your light and shadow sides needs to occur, individually and within nations, and you are beginning to see this and, by setting the intent to be only loving whatever arises, you are making this happen.  This is a perfect reason to Celebrate!

You may well believe that celebrating in these confusing and very unsettling times is totally inappropriate, but I would like to remind you that by celebrating you strengthen your life force and your energy field, and you intensify the flow of Love into and through your hearts, enabling you to engage far more easily with the joy and peace within yourselves – always present, but often ignored or avoided as you focus your attention, and your resultant anxiety, on the distractions of the news cycle and social media.  With so much attention being focused by so many on the negative “What if possibilities?” that the current news cycles encourage, the general level of your energy fields is weakened, leading to fear, anger, depression, and ill health.  To celebrate is essential because it uplifts and inspires all who participate, and doing so helps you to find your way through the maze of confusion that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

You are all the beloved children of God – whom He wills to live in peace and joy – presently immersed in a dream or nightmare from which you need to awaken.  You are awakening, and in this moment many are experiencing that unsettling and frequently disturbing state that often occurs in the moments before awakening, in which you appear to be in a strange and unwelcoming place from which there seems to be no exit.  In fact this state is the exit, it is the moment prior to awakening into Reality.  While you are experiencing it it can seem interminable, and then, like morning mist, it will dissipate allowing the sun (LOVE!) to shine through.

You are not lost and abandoned waifs in a strange land, you are the divine children of God having a dream from which you cannot avoid awakening.  Most of the time the dream – or nightmare – can and does seduce you into believing it is real.  It is not!  Reality, where you have your eternal existence, is a state in which you experience infinite peace and joy in every moment – NOW – the only moment, the eternal moment in which all existence occurs continuously and without interruption.

Therefore, Celebrate!  Go within daily, to that holy inner sanctuary that is present within each of you, and allow Love, your true nature, which is always present within you, to embrace you.  It only waits for your permission, and your permission just means to surrender any and all negative self judgment about your value, self-worth, or any belief that you are an undeserving sinner, and any other sense that might convince you of your unworthiness to be in the Presence of God.

You are always in God’s Presence, because there is nowhere else! Just acknowledge that divine truth and joyfully accept the divine embrace, instead of fearfully warding It off as you attempt to convince yourself of your unworthiness.  How could any creation of God be unworthy of His Love?  That is an impossible condition, so CELEBRATE in the divine assurance that you are fully worthy of every gift He would bestow upon you.

The many of you who are parents know that you could never withhold love from your children, so it is insane to even imagine God withholding His Love from you. Open to His Love and allow yourselves to awaken!

With so very much love, Saul.

Mike Quinsey Oct. 9/20

9th October 2020. Mike Quinsey.


Dear friends I had to include this information as it is a most important development in the search for the cause of deaths associated with Covid19. People talk of coincidences and this is surely one. 

Following the addition to my usual message last Friday of an extract from a Kryon message, I was listening to the 6pm BBC News on Monday when they had a report from the Medical Officer. He was talking about Covid19 and I was amazed to hear him saying that he had found that some people who had caught the virus, experienced “that their immunity system could go haywire” So if anyone wanted proof that linked the immunity system to the death of people he had found it, although the cause is not yet understood.

9th October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Life still goes on but for many it is a painful experience and the turmoil grows as many people from poor countries try to find a place in countries that can offer a refuge and safe place to live. With everything else that is going on that has become a problem as the numbers of people has become overwhelming. It is a severe test of each countries approach to the human problem facing them. For some people their future depends on what action is taken now, but with the increase in your vibrations a more sympathetic approach is taking place, but the sheer volume of people is very testing. Be assured that from our level we try to influence you for the good of others and understand that if the problems are to be overcome a worldwide plan is necessary, and it begs the question as to whether you have the leaders that can rise to the occasion and lead the way forward. We can see the possibilities and the “right” people are waiting in the wings for an opportunity to be appointed.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the troubles you are experiencing will continue to pull you down, but bear in mind that this period of relative inaction rather than forward steps is an opportunity to look at the way you are living and seeing the inadequacies. Your whole set-up has been unable to cope with the demands made upon it, and clearly changes must come about and they will. The future is not yours to see at present but as unlikely as it seems you have a glorious future ahead of you. In  a manner of speaking you are setting the seeds for it as you go along even if it is not apparent to you. So try to look ahead with the expectation of some very acceptable changes, as slowly but surely the “rubbish” will be swept away and the many positive changes that await you will come into being.

The world and its population clearly needs help and it is being given even if it is not yet apparent. By maintaining the highest spiritual level you can reach you will enhance your chances of staying on course for Ascension. It will be beyond your imagination at present to visualise how things will work out, but you will not in the least be disappointed as surprising and welcome events lay ahead. We speak with a great degree of certainty having seen the true potential of a glorious future. As the vibrations continue to increase and you gradually enter the higher ones, this in itself will bring about pleasant and acceptable changes and your quality of life will move beyond recognition. The past will become best forgotten and your time and concentration will be on setting up a beautiful society where all people will be treated equally.

It may seem unlikely in view of the chaos you are experiencing now but changes had to come to allow for the old to be cleared away. Naturally some advances will be carried forward as they are appropriate for the New Age you are now in. Many advanced souls have joined you with advanced knowledge of the tasks for moving you forward as soon as conditions allow it. Already you have seen evidence of it with new inventions that will become the basis of a new civilization. The main objective is on time and life-saving developments will bring in changes that will eventually banish ill health and sickness. This in turn will very much raise the quality of life and mean in time your great hospitals and health authorities will no longer be needed.  When you accept that the higher vibrations raise your own levels, it is not difficult to imagine such changes taking place.

We try to give you a feel of what is to come based upon your own projections and the greater plan for your evolution, and we remind you that it is the Human Civilization that is helping create their own future. We do not think in the same terms as you do when referring to the future as to us it is all One, and there are not distinct dimensions that you imagine are at one level or another. Obviously when you rise up and live where the power of thought is sufficient to produce all you need, even time as you relate to it is not constant so you will have a lot to get used to that will give you new experiences. We delight in giving you details of what lies ahead for you so that you will know every effort you put in now will be well rewarded. The more you know the more you grow in consciousness levels and so it will continue.

With very few exceptions all of you have had many, many incarnations yet whilst on Earth with a limited level of consciousness you have little or no remembrance of them let alone a feeling of being an old soul, although it does help and affect your thinking and understanding of spiritual matters. Your Human experiences are simply your latest ones connected with the cycle you have just completed. In the not too distant future you will be entering the higher levels, and by that time will have prepared yourself for the new levels of experience.

You may wonder why when such an important event is due to take place on Earth that there is little evidence of other civilizations taking an interest in them. They do of course very much so because Ascension does not take place that often, and it attracts quite a lot of attention. It is in the manner of celebrations because you are to be congratulated upon reaching the level that gives you that opportunity. You have been given help but that does not take away the magnificence of your achievement. Be assured that the news will travel all around your Universe.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild Oct. 3/20

NB. I did the channeling on Thursday 1st Oct and feel perhaps an Announcement is to come soon. Wondering if it will have anything to do with POTUS contracting the ‘Lurgy’?  which we heard about on 2nd. Mentioning this due to their penultimate sentence! Very intriguing. Just trying, like all of us to connect the dots. I’m not saying this is the case … yet, like all things … a possibility.

Hello to you. I am in a good space this morning … so let us speak of all things lovely.

Welcome, Blossom, and the entire ‘crew’ upon the ground who are doing what they came to do … and with such gusto! Even though, as you have mentioned Blossom, one does not always feel this is the case. May we reassure you that the Energy levels for the Greater Good are increasing and settling themselves within their new residence.

We ask you to consider this. Many of you are aware of the depths that mankind has stooped to, in order to satisfy one’s desires. Deplorable acts have taken place for eons of your time. Unspeakable happenings have been ‘the normal’ for those who have chosen the pathway of great darkness within their Beings.

When you think about the Energy that such things have created … when you KNOW that within these times … these Energies are being brought to Light … when you consider the turmoil within your very atmosphere due to all this ‘surfacing’ … then please consider also, how extremely well you are managing, within such depths of such … to even bring about a smile!

This is no easy task that you agreed upon. Yet, throughout all this stirring up, you are doing so very well.

YOU ARE HOLDING /ANCHORING THE LIGHT. This is not a questionable debate.




If you close your eyes and allow yourself to FEEL into this KNOWING … then you KNOW IT!

It may not appear this way yet, we state categorically … you are drawing ever closer to that which your hearts long for.

Correct. It doesn’t appear this way. Yet thanks for the encouragement. I feel the ‘soup of the day’ is the waiting for the BAM ANNOUNCEMENT. I know it will not come … until it does! In the meantime keep doing what we are doing, yet for us down here, one wonders ‘when’? We cannot help it. You have said it is coming so we Trust that yet … tick tock, tick tock as the clock while’s away the hours in anticipation. More so, I think, so we can witness things actually moving along.

And yet, Blossom and all … when this Announcement comes, you will be well aware of the reason why it took so long. Due to all that is involved.

It shall be a HUGE wake-up call for many.

And then taking us into a second lockdown, correct?


A Global one.

Correct. A more sinister one.

Ooh! Tell me more.

As you are aware Blossom, we cannot.

Some ask if it will be a lockdown instigated by the goodies or the baddies? ……………… No answer. Fair enough. I must learn to accept that you will not reveal that which is not appropriate to do so. Mm! So, the price of cabbages at the moment … shall we discuss that?

Blossom … we do appreciate even though some think otherwise, that from the perspective of the human who is ‘wading through’ the thick slime of all that is going on … it can be very frustrating.

Yet, it is not our position to reveal such things. We are not here to fortune tell. We are here to bring hope. We give your snippets of information where we can yet, this is a DIVINE PLAN and we ask that you put your TRUST, your KNOWING, your ACCEPTANCE … and … your UNDERSTANDING and your ACKNOWLEDGMENT of the TRUTH … into that.

It is not, when you consider this, that we are inviting you to go along with all of this blindly.

Yet, to be honest … this waiting and this uncertainty of actually ‘what is’ … can feel very much like we are dancing in the dark at times.

At times, yes! The times when something new comes into your Awareness and once again distracts you from the TRUTH that your heart speaks to you about. Yet … at other times, YOU KNOW … you JUST KNOW that when one has come through ALL OF THIS … with all that is to come … that this world in which you reside will be a transformed one.


DO YOU?????????????????

The Divine Plan for you to be here was /is to MAKE THIS HAPPEN.



DO YOU?????????????????????????

Can’t say I do on a conscious level, of course. Yet, something deep inside me ‘rings a bell’ when you speak this way.

And what is the bell telling you, Blossom?

That there is so much TRUTH in the KNOWING that this is what is taking place now. This IS why we came. We, in the human form, sometimes cannot translate our non-human form of KNOWING WHAT IS.

And yet, more and more are you FEELING the POWER of that KNOWING of what YOU KNEW before descending to Earth.


And from where do you FEEL IT? WITHIN YOU!

It is not ‘out there’ anywhere. You cannot buy it.

Oh, how I wish … ‘Eh, could I have two kilos of Love, Light and Power please? Thanks! How much is that!’

Yet, within you … there is no charge. Or, would we say ‘charge’ of a different kind?

 A CHARGE OF ENERGY IS RIGHT THERE … and the more you choose to ‘Honour’ it … to give it your attention … to LOVE IT … to Respect it …. to Know it … the more the CHARGE is recharged. Simply through your thoughts of KNOWING THIS TO BE THE WAY IT IS.

This Energy of Love that you are … is ALL THAT YOU ARE.


It is not limited.

You sure about that?

Yes, we are.

Feels like it.


IT IS … YOU ARE … ENERGY, BLOSSOM. How can Energy be limited … For EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Yes, yet, this Energy is limited whilst we reside in this human vehicle.

Incorrect. Yet, if you believe this to be so, then we would correct ourselves by saying correct!

WITH RESPECT and we have no intention to preach yet, IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR THE WELL BEING OF EACH INDIVIDUAL and the WELL BEING OF ALL … that you let go of such limited beliefs. And take into your KNOWING … the TRUTH.

The TRUTH IS … no matter whether you are a human, an ant, or a teapot … you are all of the One Energy.

Teapot? I’ve got a few tea cozies for that!

And the tea cozies position is to keep the tea warm whilst it is brewing!  

To return to the conversation in hand … The only thing stopping you becoming the POWERFUL BEING YOU DESIRE TO BE … is you.

Eons of time have taken this KNOWING away and left you with a weakness of thinking that you are something so much smaller … so much less … than you are.

YOU MUST SHIFT THIS WAY OF THINKING … along with everything else that has to be shifted.

For if you do not, you shall remain where you are.

Yet, if you do … you shall find yourselves reaching heights within yourself that you had no idea could be possible … or perhaps only accepted as pure fantasy.




Allow yourselves to become the human … BEING … what it is. BEING ITSELF.

When you get inside a vehicle … and drive around in it, taking yourself here and there and to where you want to be … you do not ‘change’ your thoughts, your power, your YOU … from when being outside the car … to when you are in it. The same soul is in the vehicle.

In the same way … the YOU … the TRUTH OF YOUR DIVINE BEING … does not change when entering into the vehicle of the human body … it takes you here and there and to where you want to be yet, you are NO DIFFERENT from when you were not in the human body.

Nobody … took who you are away from you … nobody can.

Many may debate that!

That is their right should they choose to. One may remove the flesh by taking away the experience of human life from one … yet, one can NEVER take away who you are. Never.

Yes, I get that … on the premiss that we are Love.


Blossom and All souls of Light … and ALL souls ARE of Light … even those who have chosen to be in darkness for a time …


There are not words to express the Freedom, the delight, the newness of JOY … that lies waiting for you over THE BRIDGE.

You originally called it ‘The Bridge’, yet, I feel now, you wanted to say the RAINBOW Bridge?

This is so. For the colours of the Rainbow  … the Energy within those colours … the Brightness of Light that these colours when combined shall shed upon your Planet, will indeed, reflect that which the very thought of a Rainbow represents.

There shall be a time when these colours merge and project such beauty onto /into your Planet and within that occurrence … each one shall remember HOME.

So much to look forward to. We just have to hang on to that KNOWING … And to be honest  … I’d rather be doing the best I can, skipping down the avenue with that future in mind … than the alternative!

It isn’t long now before the next phase begins.

WHAT!? Well, just pop that little puppy in right at the end why don’t ya!?

Life is full of surprises and we thought that would be a nice way to end today’s conversation.

It is. I shall leave it at that then … In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.