Mike Quinsey August 14/20

14th August 2020. Mike Quinsey.


From a short message by Ashtar on the 18th July comes confirmation that order is coming and we will be united through a time shift that we are creating. You are creating the time lines you want to be on. Those that are not ready shall be accommodated and they will be back with you again – as they always return. You are destined to complete this journey. The Way Showers have ensured that the Light of the Violet Flame has won.

A short compilation from a video message from James McConnell.


As you must have noticed lately there have been a number of revelations recently by way of an explanation for the various things that have been happening. More to the point that guidance is being given to indicate that behind all of the happenings on Earth, there is much more of a positive nature than you might imagine. Suddenly more is being revealed about the future that is destined to lead you to Ascension. The problems on Earth indicate how important it is to seek an end to the turmoil and uncertainty so that there can be a coming together of all countries for a common and very important purpose, and it is time to sort out the differences and prepare for the better times that will ultimately see the world raised to a higher level with total peace.

Start thinking in an uplifting way that acknowledges the new times to come and prepare yourselves for them. If you only knew of the wonderful changes that will take place, you would not hesitate to put your full effort into whatever was required of you that can only be dreamt of at this time. You will have the freedom to go where your heart leads you, although there will always be wiser souls ready to help you along to make your choice. It is the “will to do good” that will drive your travels that can take you anywhere in an instance, distance being no barrier to your desires.

The more ideas you project into the future the more they will become established, as your ability to create grows. It is therefore essential that you only think positively, as if you focus on the negative you are giving it the power to manifest. So much is at stake but there exists the promise of positive thoughts and actions. It is very important to stay focussed, as the Earth has commenced its transition to a higher vibration as it is splitting into two different realities. One of the dogmatic ideological controlled structure, to the more free thinking freedom from control and authority to liberation. Not surprisingly many are choosing to leave the old realities whilst others are resisting. Your soul will have already made its decision to move on or stay, because your soul is you and knows more about you and what you need, more than you will ever realise as a human in this reality.

Your freedom is to be in the midst of all that upheaval and be able to change it. Your freedom is to be able to choose if you wish to continue in your present dimension and that no doubt will be the choice of those who feel that they have not advanced sufficiently to move on. You have been in the midst of all the upheaval yet progress has been made as the way forward is being mapped out for you, and no mortal shall have the ability to change it. Your freedom is being able to choose if you wish to continue in the present dimension or are ready to advance. For those who do feel ready and decide to advance, the higher vibrations will take them into a multi-vibrational reality which they have not yet experienced, one that enables them to acquire abilities that will lead them to becoming a Galactic being.

It is important to have a goal in mind particularly at this time so that you can focus upon it and not be distracted by what is going on around you. If you are to continue progressing you must keep firmly on your path, but be assured that you do have your Guides with you who will do their best to assist you. There has never been such an important time in your evolution as now, it is an opportunity that you have well deserved and only a personal disaster will prevent you reaching the expected conclusion. There is little chance of it but you should be on your guard as the negative forces will try to put you off your path. Understand that in a freewill situation they are allowed to go to great extremes to prevent you from being successful.

However, failure is the least likely result so keep progressing in a positive way knowing that you are being guided. The good news often precedes a period when not much progress seems to be made, yet it is but not known until it is considered safe to do so, as there is always the risk of interference. So take heart when much anticipated changes are announced, although they may be amended you are assured the purpose for which they have been made will go ahead. Can you sense that the changes are taking place, albeit they are not necessarily obvious so it is regretful that we cannot always be more open about them.

The important thing is that we do keep our promises to you and in due course you are certain to see evidence of them. So ignore the attempts of the dark Ones to disrupt your advancement as they now lack the means to cause a permanent upset. We are leading the way forward with full confidence after a long period of careful planning to be able to say that we are in front, and having achieved such a position we shall not be moved from it. All around you changes are occurring as a sure sign that Mother Earth is at work to cleanse the Earth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild August 11/20

Blossom is having a rough time – remember it’s the dead of winter where she is…

Hello. Don’t know if you’re about? Let’s try shall we? Anyone home?

We who reside in a place of ‘All that is’, consider home to be a KNOWING OF TRUTH.

In that case, I am miles away … and not a sandwich in sight. My KNOWING OF TRUTH is so out the window at the moment. I am assuming it’s the energies flying around that are making one feel so BLURGHRRRGGGHHH!

Dearest Blossom, we can pick up on your frustrations and your feelings of such. We cannot change the way things are at this moment in time yet note, it is only a moment in time and the next one and the next … YOU CAN CHANGE.

By my attitude … This I know. Yet, my attitude is struggling to find its Gratitude. I TRULY don’t wish to give off a miserable vibe … I am laughing at myself and my ridiculous state of mind. Yet, at the same time, with respect, as much as I would like to get a channeling done with you … I wonder what you could possibly say that you haven’t already said in these absurd circumstances, that apparently are going to get even more so?

You are correct Blossom, in that we have given you the tools to see you through. These are to be/can be used no matter where/what/or when.

We are, of course, yes, speaking of the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. mantra.

As for the rest of societies ‘strange goings-on’, we can only repeat that you have to look into your KNOWING THE FACT … THAT YOU ARE ABOVE ALL OF THIS.



LOOK DOWN UPON YOUR PLANET AND SHINE YOUR LIGHT … even when you feel your Light is dim, or your Being, confused … if you take the time to do this … you are serving yourself and THE WHOLE.

USE THE TOOLS WE HAVE OFFERED. We did not give them to you to just be read. We gave them to you to be utilized and put into practice. To assist you. To help you through these times.

And we are trying to do so. You have told us things are to get more Topsy Turvy and that is slowly trickling in, one way or another. Yet, we are waiting for the ‘BAM’ you have spoken of to take us into phase two.

It is to come. Yet, while waiting … continue to build yourselves up in Strength and Knowing.

Knowing? Knowing we don’t know what the poop is going on? For many of us, this feeling of being controlled so obviously, makes one feel so out of sorts and at this point we don’t see any let up on that.

Because that is not how your mainstream media wish it to be. In your heart, Blossom … Each One … ask yourself ‘Do I believe the Great Change is coming?’

The great change is upon us, from where we sit. I presume you mean moving into a Brighter Lighter Higher world?

This is so.

I HAVE to believe it. I HAVE to know it, or I might as well jump ship now. I, and others I know, in our human state, have had ‘brief’ moments of ‘What if this isn’t the case at all and we have it all wrong’ ? … It’s possible!

And your Heart says?

I’d rather be wrong on the sunny side of the street where there is hope and Light at the end of the tunnel, than be wrong on the ‘sleeping side’, which appears, to us lot over on the sunny side, to be so downhill all the way. The scriptures talk of the Rapture, all religions talk of some kind of Event … why not now in this time frame?  ‘I’m going to hang on to that.

Blossom … are you discouraged?

Eh … you think? I’m more disappointed in myself for being such a wimp, especially if this is only the start.

Yet, within your disappointment, you are becoming who you desire yourself to be. This time that is upon you all NOW, is also a period of GREAT INNER CHANGE. You have to go through the processes. You have to allow yourselves to FEEL the Energies that are swirling all around you. You have to experience all the lows and the confusion and the sadness and the madness and allow it to filter through your Awareness in order to come out/through the other side.

So, you are saying, in a while, I will immerge Lighter and Brighter than ever?

We are.

Tickety boo! That’s that sorted then!

It is. Do you feel this is a Truth?

It makes sense.

If you KNOW it as a Truth you will drop the concern of not doing well enough and BE who you are because of what you are Feeling in every given moment.

I feel I should make more of an effort, yet, I can’t be bothered. That’s what bothers me. That’s my annoyance at myself.

One should not have to make an effort to be Light … ONE IS LIGHT.

Yep … should I say then, I cannot be bothered sometimes to turn my dimmer switch up?

Your choice.

My indulgent point! Oh! How childish at 62!

YOU KNEW. YOU KNEW. YOU KNEW. You KNEW how difficult it would be /is to come. These beginning stages are your preparatory school of learning how to ‘step up’ in the heaviest of times.

KNOW YOU AND EACH ONE ARE DOING SO WELL. As ‘phases’ progress, you shall also … in your Strength, Vitality, and Light. You are preparing. You are building up courage to carry on. You are observing the oddities within the untruths.


To let it sink into your Heart and mind. Whenever you feel low or uncertain … repeat to yourself over and over again … I AM ON MY WAY TO A BRIGHTER WORLD.

All this you are experiencing now, is necessary. The purging, the clearing out, has to take place and within that, so much turmoil is encountered. Yet, KNOW it is making GREAT PROGRESS.

That’s sometimes hard to do. For we hear of very little flowing in our direction of Truth.

AT THIS TIME. The harvest has to be gathered and when it is ready … you will see and hear proof of all this that we are speaking of.

I say this jokingly yet, you are not speaking of anything because it is not appropriate for you to do so.

Do we not speak of a BAM? An Announcement? That will take you into a second lockdown ….

Yet, that isn’t going to be the proof of what we are looking for … is it?

The Announcement that is to come will make many more aware of the underlying disorders that are sweeping through your Planet. It will surprise many also, in the fashion of its delivery.

Do you mean ‘how’ it is delivered or by whom?


How I wish you could just come out with it … Yet I know you can’t. Oh! The dilemma! The uncertainty!


The Patience, indeed. The thought of perhaps nothing new transpiring in our favour any time soon, feels so tedious. I mean this Announcement you speak of, may not be until next year …  by which time … well, who knows what may have taken place.

Blossom, are you not hearing us?

Yep. Loud and clear. Yet, you cannot give us a time frame and that’s what we are all feeling so frustrated about. Meanwhile, the ‘mask’ trade is expanding. I know I give you such a hard time, guys. Just expressing how it feels down here for so many of us. And I, for one, reside in a good spot at the moment. Our hearts go out to those alone and all hope gone, as their four-walled world crumbles in around them. IT’S SO WRONG! SO MUCH OF THIS IS SO WRONG! ALL BECAUSE OF THE LIES!


I keep telling myself this. Inside me, I KNOW. We all do!



Why did you volunteer to be on Earth at this time, Blossom?

Because I KNEW (when I wasn’t here) that I had the wherewithal to do what had to be done. I KNEW I could do it. I KNEW I would be one of millions who would walk others across the Bridge into Freedom.

What has changed?

My Vibration.

Is it still within you?

Yes. Yet unusable down here. One cannot BE within that Higher Vibration of KNOWING when down here.


Yet, the Vibration accessible on Planet Earth is not of that elsewhere, wherever I was, when I signed up for this.

Then we ask of you this. Do you KNOW you can access that Vibration from where you reside now?

In a mind state, not physically.

Then allow the mind state to take you there to recharge. BE THERE AND REPLENISH.

Many of us try through meditation.


Nope … not personally … yet, many do.

Does it benefit them?

Of course. I have a huge smile on my face as I recognize my indulgence of moaning. I certainly need this kick up the proverbial behind once again, my friends. Yet, I feel I needed your boot to get me there. For which I thank you. So, the order of the day is more meditation?

If you find it benefits. Yes. If you find more walking benefits, Yes. If you find anything that benefits, then Yes … do more and more of it and less and less of that which does not.

To be honest I am so happy that we have managed to even communicate today. Even though it’s a bit different … it’s better than nothing at all. Such a strange time to be a channeller that’s for sure. So much LOVE. Thanks, chaps. Truly. Thanks for Being there … whilst we are here. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Saul via John Smallman August 9/20

Your awakening will not be delayed.

08/09/2020 by John Smallman

The present anxiety and confusion, due to the corona virus, that is continuing to be experienced globally, will not last much longer because new information is being released daily that is helping to resolve the issues that are causing the confusion, and so the uncertainty that is being experienced will be greatly eased.  Epidemics have have always been a part of life on Earth, as have storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, floods, forest fires etc.  They are part of the earthly environment that occur, develop, and decay, and they do indeed cause a lot of pain and suffering for many while they are present, and in their aftermath.  With your modern transport systems epidemics can spread far more rapidly than they used to do, and they also come to an end far more quickly, as the present one is doing.  And because far more people in these times have clean water, good personal hygiene, and sanitation, epidemics are far less harmful than was the case in earlier times.

Due to the large numbers of people now incarnate on your beautiful planet, and because of the global economic system that is based on short term financial benefit for a very small number of people, and which has, until very recently, largely ignored the consequences of this unsustainable way of using the planet’s abundant resources, it is now essential that major changes in the way you nourish and nurture yourselves are put into effect.  Changes that will allow the planet to heal the vast areas that have been so thoughtlessly and unnecessarily abused and desecrated starting at the dawn of the industrial revolution.  You can and you will make the necessary alterations to the way you engage with the planet so that she can continue to support you and all the other life forms that are a part of her very diverse eco-systems, because, collectively – though perhaps not totally consciously – humanity has made the decision to do so.

As a direct result of this collective decision, humanity is now, and very rapidly, becoming increasingly aware that the imprudent way in which you have been availing of your planet’s abundant resources has to end.  Photographs of the devastation that has occurred in remote areas of the world are now widely published on many media platforms so that no one can now be unaware of what has been happening.  As a result the collective intent to make the necessary life style changes to repair and lovingly care for the environment on which your human existence is utterly dependent has been set in motion.  Situations across the world may appear to continue to deteriorate for a short while before a massive turn around in attitudes and behaviours starts to show many positive results.

Very few of you reading this message – or others of a similar nature – are directly involved in setting up and establishing the means to put these essential changes into effect, but that does not mean that you are not part of this process.  Many activists are involved, and their involvement is what is going to bring it about in practical terms.  Those on a quieter path, who are deeply spiritual, by intending to be only loving whatever arises, and by intending to be channels or conduits through which Love can flow to where it is most needed, are making just as powerful a contribution to this process.  Truly, all of humanity, every single person, is contributing enormously and very effectively to this most wonderful human awakening process.  Everyone presently incarnate has their own individual part to play and is playing it perfectly, even if they are totally unaware that they are doing so, and even if it appears to others that some of them are causing the problems and are, therefore, far removed from the solution.

The overall plan is far more complex than you can possibly imagine.  And those who appear to be obstructing the changes – for example, leaders of industrial and financial corporations and the politicians beholden to them – are also very important operatives in the divine plan.  Major change nearly always requires a large shift in perspective if people are to recognize the need for change, and so some of the present turmoil is leading to the major shifts in perspective that are necessary to show people that they have to demand that those in positions of authority either start to put the changes into effect, or resign to allow wiser ones to replace them and make the decisions that have to be made.

Again, it comes back to taking time out daily to set loving intentions and then put them into practice.  Doing just that is amazingly powerful and effective.  Therefore, believe in yourselves, believe in the power of your intentions, reset those intentions whenever you think of them, and bring humanity lovingly and joyfully to its long-dreamt moment of awakening.  That is what you chose to do and what you are incarnate to do, and you are doing it, most successfully.  When you look back over the last few decades of your present human lives you cannot be unaware of the major changes that have occurred and which have removed many barriers to peoples’ freedom.  It may well seem now that ‘the authorities’ are attempting to roll back those rights and freedoms.  It will not happen, because the power you are using and demonstrating by your loving attitudes and behaviors is invincible.  Love always wins, never by conflict, but by gently awakening people to the realization that there is only Love.

With so very much love, Saul.

Mike Quinsey and Kryon August 7/20

7th August 2020. Mike Quinsey.

“The Kryon work is changing from the role of information and teaching, to the role of the creation of pure, profound, healing energy. Most Old Souls are now realizing the shift is actually here. Now it’s time to give them the energy to survive it.”

The Circle of Twelve is the name given for a scenario of repeated times of sacred, pure-healing-energy creation. The invitation is to “come closer and sit with us and leave differently than you came.”

Kryon has encouraged me to “prepare for a wall of energy” that you don’t expect. It will trigger spontaneous remission, realization of Akashic pasts, and extended life.

Lee Carroll from the July Monthly News Letter.

   * * * * *                    

Everything seems to be speeding up and from the various messages being received to the paths to Ascension that are opening up. It is difficult for you to follow because much is sensibly kept secret to avoid interference from the dark Ones. Part of the problem is the time it is taking to execute the plans to round up the people who have given their support to them. Accepting that progress is being made it all augurs well for the immediate future. The effect of the “cleansing” is already reducing the power of the Illuminati, and they can no longer exercise it as they were previously  and are unable to do so as the Light is now in control. However it does not mean that they have lost all of their capabilities to cause problems. Indeed, they are more like a wounded animal that lashes out in defense. You can therefore take it that all is progressing well and many Alliance factions are present on or around Earth overseeing the action.

These really are amazing times as so much is happening, all at the same time and it must really be confusing for you. You are however assured that in the greater scheme of things all is progressing well. The overriding factor is that nothing can now prevent Ascension taking place and you have now entered a new phase that will carry you all the way in preparation for the final Event. These are unsettling times but understand the Earth must be prepared for the end times and that is why Mother Earth is beginning to become more active.

As we have advised you many times, focus on your goal and do not be distracted by what is going on around you. At present there is just too much for you to comprehend but it will nevertheless become clearer as time passes. Whatever sacrifices you make will be well rewarded and be assured that the truth of what has been happening cannot be kept secret for much longer. In some ways it has been better that you have led your lives unaware of what has really been going on. In your present time great revelations are on the verge of being given that will get the ball rolling as you say and thereafter the future will become a lot clearer.

Moves to create a cleaner Earth are moving ahead not least of all the introduction of electric vehicles that will eventually result in a cleaner and less polluted Earth. Your seas are severely polluted, and know that the problem could be erased in just a few days with the advanced technology that the E.T.s have. You have made a start and that shows the good intent of the authorities and in so doing we are allowed to assist you.  As we have often mentioned, with the freewill you have we cannot be seen to interfere with your decisions, so continue moving in the right direction and even if you are unaware of our presence we will assist you.

As you progress the vibrations will continue to rise, and the younger generations are coming along with new and essential ideas to overcome any problems you have, and the means to make essential progress much more quickly. The old ways of approaching problems have served their purpose and new thinking will solve them in a quicker and much more efficient manner. Understand that your greater life plan has already been laid down and you have been given options as to which path you choose but regardless of which one they all lead to the final Event.

Since 2012 so much more knowledge has been made available to you simply because you have proved that so many of you are ready for it. The future has opened up to you and changes underway will quickly introduce you to the new way of life that will be completely different to what you have been used to. You are to be lifted up in vibrations that will see the end of the negativity that has been a normal part of all your lives so far. New ways are all “in the wings” waiting for appropriate opportunities to be introduced.  You should know by now that there is always a right time for changes to be introduced, so as to ensure they are a success.

It is time for your understating that all humans are One and that the differences should be accepted and honoured. By the same token they should not be enforced upon others but appreciated for their originality. Much is centered upon people’s religious beliefs but in time they will move towards common beliefs to some degree or another. Already many are understanding of the God inside them and that is one step towards a greater truth than you have previously held. However, souls progress at different rates and consequently will not necessarily be ready to take a leap forward, but rather a slow methodical and careful study of what is placed before them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

special note from Mike Quinsey July 30/20

On Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 08:55, michael quinsey <michaelquinsey@sky.com> wrote:

    Dear friends I have had a most unwelcome experience attempting to get last week’s message out. To be brief it was not until after I distributed it I realised it had been interfered with and a whole section had been copied and inserted again later in the message, and at first I thought it was my error. Unfortunately I did not have time to take another message to replace it, as on the same day I also had a hospital operation appointment. So my apologies for the lack of a message last Friday. Everything seems to be happening at the same time and I just had to give the following extract from a message by the Master of the Hollow Planet when he gave a talk on “The Hollow Earth” sent to me by Aleks Radojcic, Email dnm.aleks@gmail.com     PRESIDENT TRUMP. His team are giving him directions directly from the Galactic Federation so he is protected and cannot be assassinated. Even if they were to attempt to do so, the projectiles would not penetrate the skin, because he is protected with the force field around him. Understand he is playing a part and that part is very impressive and that is to bring RV as you term it in slang being the Global Currency Reset. That is his part and that is what he is doing very well. So don’t worry about Trump. Yes, his part is almost over. He knows it. So he will be stepping down and new female President of the New Republic of the United States will come, not Republican but Republic. Understand Democrats and Republicans all that is going to fade and one new Republic comes in existence fully that will be the end of Republicans in Senate or Democrats. All those to be titles will be going away because it will be Government of the people not separated by the Democrats and Republicans, the Government of the people. That is what the Republic was at the beginning of the USA and that is going to be. So, understand the RV=GCR=Global Currency Reset is going to go through regardless of what anyone does because it must. You are on a minute to minute alert for dispersal, for redemption, for the RV, for the emails going out”.

Mike Quinsey July 31/20

 31st July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

    Dear Ones can you now see that the Coronavirus has caused you to appraise the way you have been working and see that changes are literally being forced upon you. The realisation has come to you through what you are now experiencing, and it is obvious that beneficial changes have been taking place and should not only be made permanent but extended upon your resumption of “normal” working.

    You are being guided to take up a path that will lead to even more changes, all with the intent of preparing you for greater changes that are coming. As progress is made you will truly be raising your vibrations and a point will be reached where you will have discarded your ties to the old energies. New abilities will come your way and you will have the makings of a Galactic Being. The dark Ones will use whatever means they can to delay progress and prevent you from ascending. However, greater powers than theirs are behind those who are ready to ascend, and they will not allow the end times to be altered in any way whatsoever. You have well-earned the opportunity that presents itself to you and will be helped to ascend.

    You are creating your pathway as you go along but whatever you do Ascension will take place when the time is right. It has always been your destiny and your many lives have been a planned part for your evolution. We have often stressed how you must take note of what comes your way as it is not by chance. You would be astonished if you knew how much you are cared for, and of the many opportunities that are served up for your advancement. It may hardly seem possible in view of the position you now stand, but big things are planned for the next few years, to keep you on track for your grand Ascension. Do not worry if you do not feel as though you are on a path to it as in one way or another, we shall ensure that you keep to your life plan.

    Realise that whilst on Earth you are only a “part” of your true self, the rest being your Godself the other side of the veil. It may sound impossible because you have been in the lower vibrations for such a long time. So live your dream because it is you who is representing your Higher Self. Seize this golden chance to go all the way to the end of this period that shall call for great celebrations. You have done the hard bit by moving beyond the end of the last cycle and have such a wonderful opportunity to go all the way to Ascension. From the many, many lives you have had on Earth experiencing at all different levels, and many situations that have challenged your ability to overcome them. Having come this far you must realise that you have had a great degree of success as many of you have raised your vibrations to a point where you now stand in readiness to ascend. There will of course still be hurdles to get over, but none as severe as the ones in the past when the vibratory level was at its lowest. Those experiences are best forgotten as the lessons learnt will remain with you for the time being.

    Humans can easily get bored but when you have the Universe to explore there are unending experiences to choose from. We talk of these things because they lay ahead for you, so that you can focus on them and leave the lesser experiences behind. At some stage you will have achieved such a high vibration that you will become a Master and mentor to others. The “service to others” comes naturally and is the pathway that evolved beings follow. Can you imagine what a wonderful experience it is in such high vibrations, it would be no exaggeration to say it was ecstatic.

    Knowing your potential will give you a goal to strive for and a knowing that the lower levels are only a passing phase that is necessary for your evolution. You really are amazing souls to have taken on such a challenge that has seen you plumb the depths yet rise up again to become souls of great experience and understanding. There are many Extra-terrestrials longing to meet you and share their knowledge with you, as they admire your tenacity and willpower. You are indeed special souls that have proved your ability to overcome all obstacles placed on your path. We say “Well done” as you will have earned all the plaudits that will come your way. Keep up your good work and as the saying goes, keep on keeping on –well done! 

    I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

    In Love and Light.

    Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild July 26/20

Hello, Divinely Delightful Do-Gooders! Last week, I asked a question after you had said that this is the end of the dark days on Planet Earth and we digressed, which we often do. Yet, I think it is one that would clarify some things, so I will put it to you again if I may? It was:

It can all get so confusing. Is it not then that those who choose to move into a Higher Vibration will do so … yet, still be on Planet Earth and those who choose not to, will remain in the lower Vibration until they are ready to ‘cross the bridge’ yet, still be on Planet Earth?

This is so.

So then, it isn’t the end of the dark days on Planet Earth, if you see what I mean?


Welcome to All. All of you Divine Beings that are succeeding in your mission as it moves deeper into its positioning that is ‘scheduled’ for these days. We are happy to clarify this question for you if we can.

Thank you. If anyone can … you can!

Let us begin by stating that when we say this is so … THIS IS WHAT WE MEAN.

All that is to come out into the open … followed in correct ‘timing’ with the BIGGEST SWOOP OF ENERGY CHANGE that you cannot at this stage, possibly imagine … WILL TRANSFORM your Planet.

Yet, you don’t mean it will literally wipe the slate clean?

No … for this is not its purpose. However, what it will do is ‘lift everything’ from where it stands/ sits/ lays NOW … into a much more preferable ‘State of Beingness’ for everyone and everything.

Therefore, because your darkness has been cracked wide open … it cannot continue to function in the manner that it has been. There will be no ‘undercover movements’ for the DIVINE PLAN was/is to rid your Planet of this torment. To free it from its shackles and in doing so, like letting a balloon into the air … it shall rise of its own accord into the Heights of a Brand New World.

Yet, you say there will be a lower vibration still continuing?

Yes. For although the Sweep of Energy Light Love will ‘LIFT ALL’ … it is still up to the individual to ‘find themselves and walk on their own two feet’ so to speak … further into that Higher Vibration.

This is what we mean by “Crossing the Bridge’. For some, they have quite a few miles ahead of them in order to get to the Bridge. For others, they do not know of the Bridge. Some have one foot upon it already … etc. It is an individual’s journey. Yet, as we have said before, not one shall be left behind … no matter how long this may take.

So … I was … feeling/half understanding … that perhaps there is to be a divide? Is this not so?

Let us speak in terms that may assist. There is a divide now is there not?

Do you mean in terms of those who believe what they are being told on mainstream media and those who don’t?

Yes. Yet, we would term it ‘Those who do not yet understand what is taking place’.

With respect … I don’t think even those in the know understand what is taking place! We have snippets of info yet, at this stage … no solid proof.

Yet, you will have. When you do … so much will be pointed out and amaze ALL … that, as we have said many times … it will be when the Fully Blown Topsy Turvy begins.

You are feeling the divide will be regarding those that follow the path as believing that which they are presented with on the media and those who do not, are you not?

Didn’t I just ask that? In a nutshell and all that the shell contains … yes.

Yet, we would stick our neck out and say, that what is to come about in your nearing days will blast open the TRUTH of what has been taking place behind all of this.

Those on the side of Light have been endlessly, tirelessly ‘clearing the way’ so that when exposure of the Darkest Nights is presented TO ALL … it will change the thoughts of those who have ‘fallen for’ the controlling system. Because there will be no two ways about it. The proof of what is Truth and what is not shall be openly laid before you.

There will not be questions of ‘conspiracy’ … for evidence in the Highest portrayal shall be provided.

This is sounding very hopeful. I was feeling already, there was going to be such a divide as days progress.

Blossom, Dearest Souls … we shall continue to complete the answer. When we say the lower and Higher Vibrations …of that which souls choose to be in … … for those currently residing in the lower Vibrations, they will still feel the effects of ‘The Wave’.

Again to clarify … the Wave also meaning The Event, yet not Ascension?

Correct. It is just, as we say, they have further to walk to get to crossing the Bridge.

And the Bridge takes us over to the Higher Vibration?

Yes. It, for all, shall be like a calling, a Vibrational pull that leads you to it.

So, we would say that yes, the dark days are ending, yet, there is still the walk from the Lower Vibration through to the Higher.

Can some catch a bus?

It is up to the individual’s understanding as to how they choose to get there and how quickly.

If one does not have the understanding of the Powerful Light that they are, they would not feel comfortable on the other side of the Bridge. The Energy, the Vibration, would be too strong.

I would like to keep going on this divide question. Many are saying it will be as if the world will sort of split into two ( journeys)?

To which we would reply … yes … the long and the short route to The Bridge.

This is really quite revealing to me. I am happy that you say this, yet, some say very differently regarding who chooses to take vaccines … moving into A.I … all sorts of things.

And we say … if the darkness has gone … how can that be?

My heart is in my mouth … Courage Blossom … So are you saying … you wise Beings … are you saying that it will not come to this?

Yes. We are.

And you said that very strongly. Once again, you have my permission to slap me round the face with a wet fish!!! What if a soul wanted to go down that path?

And sacrifice the Light of who they are/are going to become? All things are possible … ALL THINGS … and experiments of such that have taken place moving towards this are certainly ‘on the move’.




So, the divide is between the lower and Higher Vibrations … not the dark and the Light? (I feel I need to add … ‘In days to come’.)

Indeed. Lower Vibration does not have to mean darkness … it is merely a frequency.  Frequency that can be lifted as one understands more and more of their Truth, as we have said.

This is indeed encouraging. For on the premise of creating our own reality … this sits well with me. At the end of the day and with all respect to you and I really mean that … there is no proof here on these pages that you are The Federation Of Light and that maybe I could just be ‘concocting’ that which sits nicely in ‘my mind’ … from a place in ‘my mind.’ No proof at all! That is for me to decide and feel YOUR Truth and all who read your words to do the same. I KNOW MY TRUTH and it is for each one to KNOW theirs. One may wonder why I suddenly put that … and it is difficult to explain. Telepathy is a tricky thing to master on this level … I hope/Trust after 15 years with you, I have done so. Yet, as a human Being there is always the possibility, I am making the niceties up in my head to have hope.

We would like to respond to that. We are aware of your hesitancy in keeping that last paragraph, so as not to dampen or put doubt into reader’s minds. We very much want you to leave it in. For these times, with all that is ‘given out’ from many different ‘pathways’ HAS TO ALLOW THE INDIVIDUAL SOUL TO FOLLOW THEIR TRUTH.

To learn to decipher their radar screenings … so to speak.

You are correct Blossom, we have given you no proof and as you know … we do not come and communicate with you to prove anything to anyone. For Truth lies within Each Divine Spark and that KNOWING of their TRUTH … IS their proof.

On this note, we would also like to Thank You, Blossom, for your courage, even when you feel that that which we speak of, to be out of your comfort zone and stepping outside the square.

Thank you for that. I TRUST YOU. I TRUST ME. Should it be that nothing of what you say comes about … All I can say is … I was following my heart … on ITS journey of TRUTH. At the end of the day … whether everything, something or nothing takes place as you have said it would … you have taught me to be who I LOVE TO BE. And should it be that on my death bed, no Event, no Wave, no announcements, no nothing, has changed … I will still be content with the way I chose to behave within my attitude towards ALL LIFE … and I have you and White Cloud to thank for that. For you are the ones showing me the pathway that connects us to our Divine Source. IN GRATITUDE. IN LOVING SERVICE. I AM … and I shall always BE! … Blossom Goodchild.


Mike Quinsey July 24/20

24th July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Humans are very strong-willed and determined to overcome their difficulties and challenges to get through what will undoubtedly be a strenuous period in their lives. Having experienced two World Wars and many minor skirmishes, they are hardened to accept the many drawbacks that they face now and in the near future.

You will soon be coming out of your enforced lockdowns and other controls intended to keep you as safe as possible. The experience will cause a rethink about how you will live in the future, and how you can improve the quality of life and shake off the issues that still exist from many years ago. Already reviews are taking place to see what can be learnt from your experiences to make life easier and more enjoyable. The New Age is still in its early stages of development and you will have all to gain and nothing to lose.

There are younger generations [who] are ready with untapped skills and eager to put them to use for the general good of everyone. You have everything you need to take a leap forward that will be your first steps into a period of rejuvenation where, the old will be dispensed with and replaced with a new way of doing things. The know-how has been available for a long time and deliberately held back but there is no reason why it should continue any longer.

These are extremely important times and the right decisions must be made that ensure Mankind is given all of the advantages that would greatly lift the quality of everyone’s lives. There is no point in going back to the old paradigm as it is inadequate to cover the new era that has been entered and now commenced. A worldwide approach would see advancement take place everywhere and quickly raise the standard of living which in many countries is very poor and primitive.

The technology and know-how already exists that would immensely raise your quality of life, and it is time Humanity was given a greater share of new technology that has already been tried and tested and in use by the secret armed forces. You the people have paid for new developments and should be the beneficiaries yet they have been very slow in being given them.

The New Age demands that advancements are passed on to the people and they would help overcome the legacy of Coronavirus that has created so much debt. The people have great power in their hands and once they get their act in order they will be able to impose their will upon those who decide their future.

So keep your thoughts focussed on what you desire for the future and you will be creating an energy that will eventually help bring it about. You have much more power than you realise so use it wisely and help bring the New Age into being. Humanity has been at the mercy of leaders but are very strong willed and determined to overcome their difficulties and challenges, to get through what will undoubtedly be a strenuous period in their lives.

You have come a long way to reach this point in your evolution and have gained experience and strength by touching the depths of negativity. So lift your heads up high and know that you all have a marvellous potential and are much greater than you think. When the mist has been removed from your eyes you will see clearly and know that you are great souls in the making and moving towards the higher vibrations, and if you are ready you will ascend when the Event takes place.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Jesus via John Smallman July 21/20

You are all free, totally free, because that is how God so lovingly created you.

July 21, 2020 by John Smallman

We are approaching a momentous period in humanity’s spiritual evolution.  Although life in form, separated from Source, is quite unreal, it appears to be very real indeed, and while experiencing the unreality of life in form you have all chosen to learn lessons that will assist you enormously in your inevitable awakening.  If properly understood and assimilated they will greatly decrease the time required for you to ready yourselves for your return to Reality – although, of course, you have never left Reality!  The choice to experience life in form was made collectively, and instantly God provided the means for your return to full awareness of your Oneness.  Nevertheless, in His infinite Love for You, His divine progeny, He gave you, at the moment of your creation, absolutely ALL of Him/Herself.  There is nothing of God that is not also you!

As I have already told you in previous messages, Love is all-powerful but It is also totally free of any kind of coercion or compulsion, otherwise It would not be Love.  You are completely free, you are sovereign beings, and you are free to do whatever you choose in any moment.  While you are experiencing human life your memory of your real nature is hidden from you by your collective choice, and thus it seems that to be in human form is an extremely limited state of being; nevertheless, you do have free will.  Part of the reason for taking life in form was to experience that freedom without an awareness of your true and eternal nature – Love.  Without that awareness it has been possible for you to engage in some extremely unloving behaviors over the eons, as your history so clearly shows you.  As a result you came to believe that Love is weak, and that for you to survive and prosper you had to develop and use physical force in conflict to beat and defeat those – many, many other beings that were, it seemed, completely and utterly separate from you – who, it appeared to you, threatened your survival.

On laying down your physical forms at the moment of death you instantly become aware of how you have lived your human lives, and your unloving behaviors, revealed to you in that moment, either shock and horrify you, leading you to an intense desire to re-experience life in form to correct or heal any pain or suffering that you have inflicted on others, or you go into such a deep state of shock that it places you in what in human terms you would call a coma.  Then – and of course at the moment of your passing/transition you are totally overwhelmed by the intensity of LOVE that immediately embraces you making it abundantly clear to you that you are One with It– you either plan a new incarnation, or remain in a state of coma while long term healing occurs, which, when completed, will enable you to once again review your life in form and arrange and plan a new incarnation to present you once more with the lessons that you then choose to learn.

No one, on laying down their human form, is compelled to reincarnate – as I explained above, Love never uses force or coercion – but very many desire to do so in order to learn the lessons that they had missed or misunderstood.  Now, many are learning the lessons that they previously missed or misunderstood, and at some deep level of their consciousness the awareness of the unreality of anything other than Love is arising and guiding them most beautifully toward awakening.  This present momentous period in humanity’s separationadventure is the moment in which you are being presented with the opportunity – due to the awareness arising in so many of you that you are spiritual beings having a temporary experience in form – to greatly shorten the time and reduce the number of incarnations in form that you need to experience before you return to Reality.

It was planned by Source from the instant that you chose to experience separation, because She knew that the pain of separation would become so intense that the majority of those incarnate would wish to bring it to a point of termination.  Therefore “a window of opportunity” was planned to occur, during which those who wished could dramatically reduce the number of human incarnations they needed to undergo by learning, understanding, and fully and completely engaging with their true nature – Love.  After anyone has made the choice to do this, then from this moment onward in their lives he or she can only be loving, because there are no other options since only Love is Real.  To know that, as humans in form, is the most uplifting and inspiring experience that can possibly happen to anyone.  They cannot, and will never, revert to the limited form of consciousness in which most humans are entangled, and in which it seems that there is a constant ongoing conflict between good and evil.

Evil is unreal, but within the illusion it appears to be very real and causes enormous pain and suffering for untold millions.  Now the opportunity has arrived, for those who choose to take it, to awaken from that unreal or dream state and return Home.  Many are presently feeling very much that, here on Earth, they are not at home, and this is very confusing because life in form is all that they appear to have ever known.  The Truth is, of course, that they are not experiencing Home, Reality, because of their choice to undergo a state of apparent separation from Source, and the deeper knowing of this Truth is now rising into their consciousness, leading to a cognizance that where they presently appear to be is not their real Home.  That realization is extremely unsettling because the illusory environment of physicality still does seem to be inordinately real, causing great confusion and inner strife.

Each one of you reading this message, or other similarly uplifting ones through other channels, are aware of your spiritual nature and heritage, and are each becoming increasingly aware that your individual tasks – which are very similar, although in many respects they are very different – are to assist in the awakening process by being loving in every moment, whatever may arise on your own individual life path.  Your daily time out, meditation practice, period of contemplation, or just quiet relaxation is the time when you work most effectively on your task.  And, of course, it is not work!  What you are doing is demonstrating a most joyful expression of Love.  That expression, as it flows through you, and out to embrace all with whom you interact in any manner at all, is warm and most welcoming, drawing toward you those in your vicinity who are seeking to understand and gain relief from their sense of not belonging, of being in the wrong place, of being in the wrong body, or being on the wrong world.  Many are presently experiencing feelings of this nature, as the truth that they are indeed divine beings starts to arise into their field of consciousness; and initially it is very confusing for them.  Your awakened presence, by offering them a safe place in which to talk about these startling feelings while you just listen, is precisely what is required to assist those who have been deeply asleep to begin to awaken, while calming the fears and anxieties that are also arising within them as the ‘old normal’ way of living becomes increasingly untenable for them.

To reiterate: Each and every one of you reading or listening to this, and to similar channeled messages, are precisely where you are meant to be in order to assist many others as they consciously choose to take part in humanity’s most wonderful awakening process.  Everyone presently incarnate on Planet Earth, and there are absolutely no exceptions, is being nudged in one way or another so that they pay attention to the undeniable presence of their true spiritual nature which is arising into their waking consciousness and demanding their attention.  To dismiss this powerful intuitive sense that there is far more to life than is normally apparent would be unfortunate, and perhaps quite a large number of people will do this, however, it only serves to delay their inevitable awakening.  Nevertheless, those who do choose this option will not become aware that they have missed out, and will continue to evolve spiritually – that is continue on their path to the point at which they do choose to know themselves as One with Source, and in that knowing they too will awaken.

All are One.  There is no separation, and those few who continue to choose to engage with a sense of separation, with the sense that they have but one personal and individual life in form that terminates with the decay and death of that form, have in fact already chosen to awaken – but not just yet.  That choice is absolutely fine, but it will involve them in rather more pain and suffering as they unnecessarily maintain their sense of separation and choose to identify solely with their human forms.

You are all free, totally free, because that is how God so lovingly created you.  You were created free because to love another is to totally honor and respect each other, including their inalienable and sovereign right to live completely free from any rules or restrictions.  You are free beings of Love, extending and sharing that Love, because that is what Love is and what It does – eternally. While living as humans in form this is not apparent to you because of the limitations that state imposes upon you, until you start to become aware of the loving nudges you are receiving to assist you to awaken.

All of you reading this have at least started to become aware of your true nature, and as this awareness grows and strengthens your inner Light brightens and helps others to start becoming aware.  Know that what you are doing now in your human lives, just by being yourselves, is an absolutely essential part of the collective awakening process.  Here in the spiritual realms, you are greatly honored for your fortitude and strength of intent, so please make a point of honoring and loving yourselves, because doing so allows the Light that you all are to shine even more brightly and more effectively to assist those who feel lost, alone, or abandoned.  No one is ever lost, alone, or abandoned, but many feel that they are, and your Light and your acceptance of them, just as they are, helps to dissolve that feeling and gently brings to them the awareness that they are loved, and that all will be well.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild July 19/20

Welcome once again to our chatting space! Jumping right in … Am I of the correct understanding that we have not yet had the HUGE announcement that will take us into Phase 2, wherein the 2nd lockdown will take place? People are getting a little confused by different information given out by many.

Firstly, we connect with Each One who participates in these conversations of ours. We send you Light and we send you Love through to the core of your Being. Into the depth of your hearts, we enter in with your permission, to offer you Peace and comfort of mind and disposition.

Thank You. I am sure many are more than happy to receive a bit of that!

Yes. Blossom, you are correct. The HUGE announcement has not yet occurred. You will have no doubt when it does, due to its impact.

And no clue to be offered as to its subject?

Not one. It is not appropriate to do so. We are unable to ‘spill the beans.’

Ok. Just to clarify … you are saying there will be another Global lockdown and when this has taken place, AFTER the Huge announcement, we will know we are in Phase two?

This is correct.

Some want to know if the lockdown will be under the same guise as the last one?

Yes. Yet, there will be other involvements. The announcement to come presently, will send minds into a spin. The lockdown after such a ‘reveal’ will leave souls more confused as to what is the Truth and what is not.

To be honest, I think a lot of folk have given up on trying to KNOW what is what. There is so much ‘out there’. It feels sometimes as if the entire world has lost the plot!

It must be this way. It is the way of your people. Some are seekers of Divine Knowing, whilst others choose to jump in on the bandwagon purely for amusement … whilst another category of ‘so-called’ humans, deliberately put out falsities in order to do what they intended … Confuse and diffuse … souls from the Truth.

You will know that which is necessary when it is necessary for you to do so. Believe us when we say … No-one of the Light is purposefully playing with you in order to keep you in the dark. Yet, we would say, those of the dark ARE purposefully playing with you … in order to keep you out of the Light. Or so they think.

The Good News is, Dearest Ones … That which is taking place that is to be kept top secret at this time for many, many reasons, is progressing as planned. There have been hitches, yet, they have been ‘recovered’.

When you are told of all this that is taking place, your jaws shall drop open and you will state ‘No wonder we had to wait so long’! For that which is underway outdoes anything ever, that has taken place, anywhere ever!

So, whilst you continue to knit your tea cozies* we suggest it be profitable for your Beings to FEEL THE IMMENSE LIGHT POURING INTO YOUR PLANET.

Speak with the Angelic realms and all other realms of the Highest Light and welcome them into your space. Discuss in your minds with them YOUR Plans for the New World that is coming and choices you will make in your NEW FOUND FREEDOM.

Nice! I personally find it difficult to ‘imagine’ what this will be like. We KNOW of this world that we have lived in. When we say ‘we dream of another’ … we imagine it to be free of all things that are not suited to the Highest level for a human Being. Yet, I find it hard to do so, when we don’t know exactly what it will be like.

Is it not so, that many during the times of isolation discovered what they do or do not like? Have many not been searching their souls and recognizing that which gives them Joy … that which makes them feel Happy?

Apparently so. Yet then, many have had to go back to ‘the grind’ or have lost their businesses, so that all went out the window pretty quickly.

Imagine a world then, when one can /will do that which brings them Joy … that which makes them Laugh … not just on a weekend break … yet, in every waking moment.


Imagine when ALL dark is gone … FEEL the beauty … Experience within your Beings NOW, Lightness of Everything within Everything.

When too, your financial systems have broken into fragmented pieces and swept up and discarded and new ones are put into place … where the rich cannot get richer and the poor cannot get poorer … for each soul will have their God-given right to live in Abundance.

When Equality for all … will MEAN equality for all. Do you see? With new systems in place, there will not be the scenario of ‘others’ being in control of that which you are allowed to do or to be.

YOU … THE ESSENCE OF LOVE THAT YOU ARE … shall shine out of every pore of your skin.

Jealousy, hatred, greed, and all things of lower Vibrational levels of this kind shall not abide for they cannot reside within the Higher Frequency that you are moving into.

My heart is literally pounding as you are bringing this through.

Because Blossom … You are FEELING THE ENERGY OF OUR TRUTH.

This is what we mean when we say that  … ALL THIS … that you are experiencing NOW … is the END of the dark days upon Planet Earth.

A question. It can all get so confusing. Is it not then, that those who choose to move into a Higher Vibration will do so … yet, still be on Planet Earth and those who choose not to, will remain in the lower Vibration until they are ready to ‘cross the bridge’ yet, still be on Planet Earth?

This is so.

So then, it isn’t the end of the dark days on Planet Earth, if you see what I mean?

The darkness … reached a peak of inhumanity beyond any thought that Love in a Higher Vibration could possibly conceive. The more one sank into the pits of selfishness the more they discovered that they could thrive by concocting deeper atrocities to ‘feed their needs’. Like many addictions that take hold … one found they did not have the strength to ‘escape’.

We would care to elaborate. Not all who maybe ‘pulled up’ for ‘moving over’ to the dark side … knew what was happening to them until it was too late. Many, many, many were ‘lured’ into false promises and … swept up by/with … the hype of fame and all that goes with that.

The use of very strong drugs that offered so much … and we choose to use the word ‘drugs’ here out of appropriate wording for many reasons … were administered, perhaps under a guise of something else and were instantly addictive … and still are!

It can be compared to other addictions from the point of view that once ‘hooked’, one will literally ‘sell their soul’ in order to get their next fix.

Far out. When you brought the words ‘sell their soul’ through … my heart jumped with that energy.

Yet, this is what we are trying to portray Blossom, to you and Each One … NOT ALL that you are going to hear of regarding names of those in High places, went into that which they must account for, willingly. Many unwittingly, unknowingly, fell for the trap … or had to comply to demands from the dark ones in order to save family members from being removed or tortured.

The ways of darkness once it takes hold has no boundaries when it comes to receiving their needs.

So, it is that when we suggest to you that ‘FORGIVENESS’ must be offered to souls that have reached the lowest of the very lowest … keep in mind … that not one soul … NOT ONE … Dearest souls, ever TRULY wanted to go there.

WOW. That’s a bit of a humdinger of a statement!

Consider this experiment of a world of duality that you live in. Let us allow YOU to think about it for a while, yet, let us put this to you … How many souls chose to wander down the darker path due to ‘playing their part’ so that one could KNOW the vast differences of the duality between Love and Hate … Peace and war … etc?

As we have spoken of before … consider the possibility perhaps of one of great Light, sacrificing their Light and entering this world to follow a path of the greatest public darkness in order to present to others that which will stir and awaken within each one … their TRUTH.

Yes, we know you know that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE … and ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS.

To get back to ‘sell their souls’ … I Truly don’t understand how that is done.

It cannot literally be done. Yet, … much enticing and promises are made and often fulfilled by one agreeing to ‘fall into the ways and practices of the darkness’ and that which is required of a soul, in exchange for, quite simply, glory and fame. It is a darkness of mind that we do not particularly wish to delve into as we like to encourage and uplift, not depress and sadden. We will say that intensely heavy ceremonies take place in order for one to do so … and to recover from such a ‘state of Being’ goes into much detailed and complex … would we say Lightly … rehab!

Goodness Chaps … So, so, so, so, so much that we have no idea about. Blows one’s mind.

So, for now, as we close, let us blow the breezes of our support and Love around and into Each One.

We encourage you to hold fast in your FEELINGS OF TRUTH. To continue to do the best you can in these times … and by that we mean …




As you say …


Tickety Boo! Thank you so very much. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

When reading back later, I realized they never got around to answering my question about the end of darkness on the Planet. Maybe next time.

*Mentioned regarding ‘waiting time’ in the last channeling… Should we start knitting a jumper or a tea Cosy?