Mike Quinsey June 11/21

11th June 2021. Mike Quinsey.

The hopes and wishes of the people are gathering force and must eventually bring about changes that are long overdue. It features the removal of those in power who do not carry the best interests of the people, and it is sad for us to see that the only way you can achieve your freedom is through the use of force. The will is there to succeed but until your efforts are drawn together, they cannot fully benefit from the potential power that they have. Thought alone is powerful and all of the time people are projecting them they become a collective that will have the power to materialise them. So never assume that your positive thoughts are a waste of time, as certainly every little helps and remains in the ethers waiting to be used.

Bear in mind that where you lay your power, through the Law of Attraction it will become stronger and eventually manifest whatever it was you desired. This also applies to you as individuals and what you wish for yourself, so be realistic and unless you have incurred karma through earlier actions or deeds that prevents it, there is no reason why you should not be successful. We have advised you many times to be careful with what you wish for yourself or others, and to ensure they are always positive.

Slowly but surely Covid19 is coming under control, but it will always be hovering around in the background. By such times it is to be hoped that the prospects of its return are minimal and of no greater concern than your common cold. As you grow up you develop immunity to common illnesses that usually come and go with very little lasting effect. Keeping yourself healthy and eating the right foods is essential if you want your immunity system to be strong. Eat plenty of fresh foods avoiding as far as possible all those that are processed.  Cut down on sugary foods and if you need a sweetener honey is the best healthy alternative, A lot of this is plain good common sense, and avoid as far as possible fried foods and dairy produce. It is a formidable list but if you can at least moderate your intake of such foods, your health will benefit. Vegans and Vegetarians are clearly on the right track, and any changes made to reduce the intake of low vibration foods will enhance your health and result in fewer problems.

The young children of today are way ahead of the older generations where understanding of what is needed to put humanity onto a path that will lead to great changes that will speed them up, as many are so vitally needed to bring in the first stages of what will prove to be far reaching. There are many paths that have been opened up, but not all lead to the vital changes necessary to pull out of the old paradigm that no longer serves you. Think big where the future is concerned as there is little point in spending vast sums of money on simply expanding old ideas. You must anticipate the needs of a new and modern society that knows no limits to its ideas of where the Human Race is headed. You have the brains and the technologies to kick start everything without wasting time on that which has proved inadequate.

It is though you are looking into a crystal ball and can see all countries at different stages of advancement with many still lacking the basic needs to survive. We say again you are One Race – The Human Race and it is time there was a coming together of all people with a view to raising the quality of life so that there is not such a gulf between them. In the past the richest and most developed countries used the situation to their advantage, finding that by giving only little financial help they were able to make ample profit from their investment. It goes back to the Commonwealth days where the natives were poorly paid and worked all the hours that God gave them. It is being recognised as such and should remain in the past where it belongs.  Let the richest countries set a plan to quickly raise the living standards of all the poorest countries that in the long run will be to everyone’s benefit.

Clearly you cannot expect to overcome all of the differences that exist between the many countries that are often of a strong religious background. Providing people are allowed to worship in their own way, without interfering we see no reason why each should not respect those who choose to be different. Keep in mind that a soul does not necessarily only incarnate into families practising old religious beliefs, but may seek new experiences in a different set of beliefs. Religion has caused so much trouble between people, but why when it is part of growing up and finding the ultimate path to God, that is now spoken of “as the God inside”.  Is it then not apparent that all souls are actually seeking the same God.

So you have a Universal God that is always with you and is urging you to share your love with all souls treating none as being any different to the others. Put the differences aside and you have one big happy family paying homage to God in the privacy of their own soul. Why not give love a chance to show that there are no barriers to Universal Love, unless you choose to make them. Can you imagine how quickly all differences would be overcome, and arguments as to who was right or wrong would fall by the wayside. Let there be a new way of looking at religion that does not speculate on who is wrong or right but accepts the differences as part of the experience. Be assured behind all of the messages is a definite plan to advance your understanding so that you have not on the one hand been overwhelmed, but are broadening your understanding as your consciousness begins to expand.

We have taken your mind down a few different tracks yet all lead to the One God who is the Supreme Creator of All That Is. It is impossible for souls at your level to really grasp the magnificence of a being “That Is All That Exists.” It almost begs belief that the energy that is God seems to have no limits and is continually creating new areas in Space. There is a saying that “what goes around comes around” and everything moves in a cyclic motion. At this level it is much beyond most people’s understanding and there is no need to know more at this time, as all comes to all people in due course. Your immediate task is to stay centred and share your love with all of the souls around you. Stay calm in the face of adversity and by doing so you are helping to present a soul who is at peace with the world.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild June 9/21

Hello!  I found another window in which to have a chat! Wondering what you may have to say on any given subject that appeals today?

Welcome Blossom, Welcome All. We are indeed surprised that you found this window and we are more than excited to jump into this opportunity. Regarding that which appeals, it would probably be of quite a different choice to many that read these words and desire to know more of what and when and how everything is to turn around upon your Planet.

Ok. What is your choice then?

We smile, for it is no different than usual.

Oh, I thought you were going to come up with something brand spanking new.

Perhaps we are. For is it not, Blossom, that all things that are of a revised nature can be looked upon as ‘new’ when perceiving with new eyes and new perspectives?

I guess so. Is it this way for us now then?

We would say, yes, it is. For since the latest moon and the Energies and transformations that occurred within/during that time … many of you have found that you are reaching greater Heights within your Beings regarding the understanding of what is taking place.

We do not mean necessarily, of what is taking place on your outskirts, your outer world, yet, that which is moving along so beautifully within YOU. YOUR TRUE SELF. YOUR INNER SELF. YOU that are here to follow through your desires and dreams of the transformation. The ridding of the old and the accessing of entirely NEW Energies and circumstances, that shall allow your Inner Glow to Brighten even the darkest of times.

Can you not feel this ‘assistance’ from these Higher Energies working with you on a different level?

Well, I can only speak for myself and in this time frame, I feel I am ‘coping’ very well with that which I am confronted with. I put that down to the continual record of the I AM MANTRA running through my veins.

And yet, it is this Mantra and its POWER that is ‘hooking up’ with the Extreme Force of NEW Energies and Frequencies that are ‘meeting up’ with Each One, that is allowing so much to transform within the self.

Many, many souls are experiencing profoundly challenging circumstances, on top of the ‘trauma’ that is taking place upon your Planet. As your world becomes more and more ‘turned on its head’ the pressure of this, added with personal dramatic issues are combining to bring about immense turbulence ALL TOGETHER.

Why? Why do we need to have the ‘added extra’ of the personal stuff?

If we were to say simply ‘to make you stronger’ how would you feel?

Annoyed! We can become stronger by walking in the sunshine and taking deep breathes of joy and wonderment.

Then we will add to that. For not only are these pressures upon you presenting themselves to make you stronger … they are coming to you so that THE YOU THAT YOU TRULY ARE can emerge from the cocoon into the butterfly.

Yet, as I say … why do we have to do it the hard way? Personally, the hard way has never been in my book of ‘Ways to sail through life’.

Yet, you yourself, Blossom have had, like many, difficult chapters in your book, have you not?

Not nearly as big as some.

Yet, would you not say that it is through those hardships, confrontations, traumas, upsets, loss, etc, that you have come through them and KNOW that it was such things that made you the person you are today? The Strong Soulself that reveals itself to itself, more and more as these ‘situations’ come and go?

Yes. That is correct.

Then KNOW NOW, that one is being prepared for the Strength within to rise to the surface.





You are ready and yet, these last ‘chapters’ before the lead up to the finale will increase in intensity … in order for the play to reach its climactic ending.

May we say, the sequel will have an entirely different Energy. For within the New Dawn … that which you are having to endure in these times, will play no part in the New Kingdom.

Interesting word to use, ‘kingdom?

Yet, we Enjoy it. Dearest souls … understand how extraordinarily well you are doing.

This breakdown of orders that have ruled your Planet cannot help but bring about disruption and disorder. So much confusion of what is and what is not.


In your Hearts, you still remain steadfast in the KNOWING that you are here for a specific reason, and no matter how long and drawn out it may ‘appear’ to be … ‘time’, as you know it … bares no relevance to the actuality of Truth that is within you.


Yep … there is that! For no matter what I see taking place outwardly and all the absolute nonsense that is presented … nothing can take that KNOWING away. The KNOWING that all this that you say IS TRUTH. I, personally, can feel it in my heart. Like everyone, I have moments of ‘what if this is all going down the proverbial drainpipe and all that we think we are here for, here to do, is not the case at all, and we are all to disappear into an oblivious mass of an automated robotically controlled species?

Is that what you think? Have you had such thoughts?

Well, it’s possible, is it not?

Only if the Consciousness that is NOW, chose it to be … and we state quite categorically … THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

I KNOW! Yet, the odd thought pops in as a possible outcome, when we are only presented with the world going up ‘poop creek’ without a paddle, or indeed, a life jacket!

Yet, you Blossom, you and Every Being that has awakened and every Being that shall waken … ARE THE PADDLE … YOU ARE THE LIFE JACKETS.

You, Each One … are the Light Bearers that are here to turn the boat around and with all might, steer your Planet into the new waters.

Waters of calm, mirrored glass, where the reflection of the sun shines Light as far as the eye can see.


And although you may feel trapped in the gallows and helpless at this moment in time … the rumblings within … the time when the shackles fall and ALL OF YOU come out into the Light that shall be upon you, is so very soon now.


I do. I always have. It is the ‘very soon now’, that I am not so sure of. Yet really, it will be when it will be. There is nothing we can do to change that. So, we shall carry on regardless. Being out of the ‘loop’ lately, to be honest, has been so interesting. From the point of view of realizing that no matter where we are, or what we are doing … basically our Light and the shining of it, is all that matters. Not listening to the goings-on and the possibilities has been a welcome release. For all that I had heard in the last year has not come to fruition either! I get what people/you mean by not going down too many rabbit holes. For, what will be, will be … and when it is being … we will surely know about it and know what to do.

Indeed. Each individual has their own path to walk, of course, Blossom. Yet, without question … whether one lives in the outback with no internet, or, one spends all hours of their day looking into matters that may or may not be Truth, written by souls who may or may not be of the Light … at the end of the day …

WHEN IT IS TIME TO STEP INTO ACTION … none of that which you know or don’t know will matter. For you will simply KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND YOU WILL DO IT.




Actually, I shall have to cut this a little short. My apologies. Thank you so much. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I Am.

(This channeling got cut short, (on my end) and I haven’t had the time to reconnect. So, better ‘something’ than ‘nothing’ and better late than never. Hope to have better luck next time. Many thanks)

Jesus via John Smallman June 4/21

Awakening to Reality : A Joy-filled Book from Jesus

June 4, 2021 by John Smallman

Chapter 18

Reality is where you are in every moment.

So you will awaken Now, and when you do it will seem that you were never asleep, as the joy of this eternal Now moment continues to embrace you and enfold you in the field of divine Love that is Source, that is You! You have never left Home because there is nowhere else, there is nowhere that you could go. You are One with Source in every moment as You constantly co-create in concert with and utterly harmoniously with the One, with the All, in a glorious symphony of praise that is continuously being offered to and accepted by Source, Mother/Father/God, One, Love, Wisdom – You! Joy is your nature and nothing can disturb or change it because Love, which is eternally unchanging, is, by It’s very nature, Joy.

As humans in form, experiencing the dream, the illusion, the nightmare of separation, it is almost impossible for you to conceive of it in any meaningful way. You have faith, you know that you are inseparable from Source, and yet what you are seemingly experiencing is separation! It is indeed an enormous paradox for you, and as you live in what appears to be an either/or world, enormous doubts arise in your minds. Therefore let go of your minds, take your attention away from the almost constant flow of thoughts arising there, and relax into the underlying stillness that is All. Just intending to do that, as you sit to temporarily still your minds, brings you some peace. Modern medicinal practices have confirmed that doing this, taking time out to meditate, is most beneficial and reduces stress, blood pressure, and the likelihood of premature death. So both the illusion and Reality are confirming for you that taking time out daily is essential for the health of your physical bodies, and to dissolve your doubts about Reality.

You are all divine Beings, magnificent Beings of Love, Beings shining brilliantly as the Light of God flows into you and out into the vast and powerful multiverse which, in its entirety, is within you, an ongoing creation of grandeur which is so magnificent that, while in human form, you are totally unable to conceive of it. Do not let that thought concern you in the least, because all is taken care of as the grand scheme of things – that is the ever expanding field of conscious awareness that is Source – unfolds, thrives, and flourishes in an ever increasing multitude of Self-expression, God-expression, Love-expression that is both unchanging and forever new.

Forever new and forever unchanging is the crux, the center point, the essence and substance of Reality. You were created perfect in every way by and from Love, which by Its nature can be nothing other than perfect, and so you, each and everyone of you, are absolutely perfect. The state of imperfection that you experience as humans, and which disturbs many of you, and which some of you try to improve upon, is but a temporary and illusory state that only lasts while you continue to make the choice to engage in and play your parts in the game or drama of separation.

You collectively invented the game, and all the rules and limitations that are part of it. Because you are beings of enormous power and intelligence the game you invented does appear to be absolutely real, and that was your collective intent in doing so. Now, as you enter ever more fully into the awakening process, you find the insanity of the situations and events with which the game keeps presenting you ever more unsettling and disturbing. This awareness that it is insane is the wake-up call that you all needed to experience so that you would set the intent to awaken. This you have done, and what is arising for you all is an intensifying awareness of this insanity, which further strengthens your intent to awaken.

Everyone is aware that there has to be a better way for humanity to live peacefully and harmoniously together as one community, while fully accepting and honoring all the differences between you as to race, color, ethnicity, culture, religious persuasion, and general life philosophy. This awareness is growing and strengthening in every moment, leading to a multitude of conversations and discussions taking place across the world which are seeking to resolve all the issues that have for eons been so divisive and destructive for humanity. You are all one, and your science has also finally realized this, so now the collective intent is to repair the damage to your planetary environment, and to eradicate the lack of cognizance of the field of interconnectedness within which you all have your eternal existence.

The intellectual knowledge is now present and available to all, demonstrating that there truly is no separation, that everything is connected to everything else. Now this knowledge has to be integrated with your heart-knowing so that you can live as individuals while also living as one, and in so doing actually feel and experience that Oneness, which, for you in human form, is a puzzling if not almost incomprehensible paradox. However, as more and more paradoxes arise in your awareness it becomes far easier for you to accept and honor them. By doing so you effectively feel your way into them, making them sensible to you, so that eventually you say to yourselves “Of Course!” thus moving yourselves further along the path home to the one and only Reality, the One from which you have never departed.

Reality is humanity’s destiny, and it is the Home that you have never left, even for an instant! However, because you made the experience of separation so totally real for yourselves, it does seem that to be separate is a normal and unchangeable fact, the only state of existence remotely possible. This is because of the way in which different energy frequencies interact, making things appear impenetrable and solid in the world of form. Even though it is now becoming generally accepted – due to recent scientific advances demonstrating this very clearly – that everything is indeed inseparably interconnected, you still experience a physical environment of space. Space in which things – from microbes to galaxies – exist and can be seen, touched and interacted with. To come to an understanding, or better still a knowing that this environment is unreal, illusory, is still very difficult for you, it is a realization that many are having great difficulty in accepting.

Many of those who have invested time and have focused their attention either in meditation, contemplation, or deep thought have actually had brief encounters with Reality which have convinced them beyond all shadow of a doubt that the physical environment is unreal – even though while in form you do need to deal with it – and that Reality is way beyond form, and is an experience of Presence and aliveness that is unimaginable unless it has been experienced. Those who have “been there” never again have any doubts about Reality, or their own eternal existence within It. They have “seen,” and therefore know the infinite vastness that is Love, Source, God, and have felt this unconditional acceptance, this belongingness, their utter inseparability from this state, and this gives them enormous joy and peace. As a result their previously held self-deprecating attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and behaviors, change as they embrace Love, and then share and extend It to all unconditionally and without reservation.

These people are easily and readily identifiable by the power of their energy fields which are, from that moment forward, completely in alignment with Love, Source, God, because they now embody Christ-Consciousness. Christ-Consciousness is an energy field that is completely palpable to others in its vicinity who are either immensely attracted to it, or, if they have chosen a path that shuts out Love, are strongly repelled by it because it terrifies them. These non-loving ones may well react spontaneously and immediately, moving rapidly away from it without any idea of why they choose to do so. As you have so frequently been told Love is of infinite power, and therefore Its power has to be stepped down when interacting with beings in form so that their forms do not either disintegrate or spontaneously combust.

Nothing in form, from microbes to galaxies, can remain in form and be present in the fullness of the energy field that is Love, because energy of that intensity utterly dissolves form. When Love is Present form is utterly surplus to requirements which is why your human forms would dissolve if Love was encountered full on. However, while you are in form, Love is always with you because you are Love and separation from It is impossible, It just makes Its Presence felt at a far lower level of intensity. The idea is for humans to evolve spiritually, and they have been doing so since they first evolved from lesser beings. To evolve spiritually is the way Home, and it happens in stages that suit each individual perfectly. You are all on your path, even though from the human perspective that may not appear to be the case.

Mike Quinsey June 4/21

4th June 2021. Mike Quinsey.

There are two main groups on Earth at present occupying each end of the spectrum, you would know them as those of the Light and the Dark. They are both fighting for control of the Earth and as it stands the Light is leading the way.  The dark Ones will try by every means possible to regain their position but it will be to no avail. You could say that the dark Ones have had their day but they will not accept defeat. However, as events move on and the vibrations increase their place and influence will cease to have the power to dictate the future of mankind. With the arrests that have been taking place their strength has been diminished and their plan for world domination is in tatters. It is difficult to see it with so much unrest all around, but the people have awakened to what has been going on. They have been making their protests all over the world and will eventually be heard and taken notice of. In reality it is the people who hold the power and when they put their petty squabbles behind them and come together amazing things can be achieved.

Understand that the people are the backbone of society and when properly organised can achieve almost anything they set their minds upon. We for our part will guide them and protect them so that they can make progress. So the sooner Man gets himself sorted out the sooner we can help to ensure his efforts are productive. Covid19 has caused such a mess on Earth, it may seem that it will be eons of time before it can be sorted out, but with our help we can assure you things will progress quite quickly. After all there is much to be done and without our help it would take you much longer. You have earned the help that awaits you but first we must see you taking the right actions in preparation. With a grasp of the full situation we can plot the future to ensure you get the best results.

The time lapse has given you an opportunity to judge whether your proposed actions meet the needs of the moment, and there is so much that needs revising. There is much debt in the world and you clearly do not want to add to the problem. It will be a long haul to settle down again but with care and planning you will eventually overcome your problems. Many souls have come to Earth specifically to help you through the inevitable difficult period you face. You are entering one that will be the start of a new era and if it is handled correctly you will benefit enormously. We wish we could come to you openly and such an event is to be part of your introduction to the Galactic Age.

It is an exciting time to be on Earth and when the dust and remnants of the old Age are cleared away you will see the new Age emerging. Passing the marker has opened so many doors for you and is why you will be overjoyed at what they will bring. The New Age is exactly what it says which is why we encourage you to think forwards and leave the rest to the history books. It has taken a long time to reveal the methods of the dark Ones and they are not finished yet, but they are in retreat. Slowly but surely all that which was unseen is coming out of the shadows to be cleansed by the Light. There is much preparation being made to ensure that those who have hidden their actions against the Light are brought to justice. There will be nowhere to hide and all will be eventually revealed.

Many projects are on the drawing board that await the appropriate time to be released. The time scale is up to you but as soon as you are perceived as ready, there is much that can go ahead. We reiterate that “small is beautiful” and much will revolve around relatively small groups that are easier to run. The big conglomerates are no longer ideal for such a set up and they are busy planning how to tackle the changes forced upon them, and clearly they have to downsize quite considerably. Changes of this nature come from time to time and it is led by the needs of the people. The changes will be far reaching but should not cause great disruption as some believe, and there is no reason why they should not involve a smooth transmission.

Clearly free energy is going to bring about major changes as it affects almost every aspect of daily life. Such energy comes from an everlasting source, and how nice that would be in one of your coldest winters by not having to worry about the cost of heating. No more cold freezing nights when you cannot afford the heating you need to keep warm. It is going to take time for the benefits to be spread widely but how comforting it is to know that great hope is on the horizon. Yet free energy is just but one of the benefits waiting to be introduced.

It is nice to know that the future is going to be vastly different to what you have been used to, and all for the better. Humanity is due for great changes and not before time, can you believe that you have been deliberately held back and denied many changes that have not seen the light of day. The dark Ones have so much to answer for and their day of reckoning is approaching ever nearer. It must be difficult for you to understand that a group of human beings can have so little caring for what you might call the rank and file. Be assured that there will be a day not far into the future when their activities will be drawn to their attention and have to be answered for.

We have to tell you that the worst of the dark days have passed, and as soon as you have straightened yourselves out the changes will begin in earnest. You have been promised much in the past that has not always been possible to introduce, but now the situation is much better and we see no reason why good progress cannot be made. In the past you have been let down by the politicians, but in the future you will be truly represented. Politics at present is in something of a mess and does not work correctly for the people but soon that will be put right.

You have been very patient and deserve every benefit that is coming your way and so far we have only scratched the surface. In time you will have been compensated for all of your troubles and life will take on a totally different meaning. Words cannot do justice to what we see lies ahead for you and we know you will not be disappointed. Soon the true leaders will come to the forefront and you will know that they are genuine.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself.

 In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Matthew Ward June 2/21

via his mom

Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, June 2, 2021

June 2, 2021 


Rising vibrations—linear time, behavior, impact on bodies; “pandemic” backlash; medical specialists’ contradictory information; Illuminati control of healthcare; vaccinated, unvaccinated; power of the people

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Energy surges that are propelling Earth along her ascension pathway are raising vibrations throughout your world. This will continue until she reaches her destination in high fifth density, where Gaia, the soul that embodied as the planet, remained during the long ages that amassing negativity spiraled her body downward into deep third density.

Only readers of information from messengers of the light know Earth is steadily ascending into higher astral planes, but two effects of rising vibratory levels, although not attributed to such, are clearly evident.

One is the sense that time is passing faster and faster. Linear time exists on Earth because all third density civilizations that have inhabited the planet needed a chronological means in which to function in a coherent fashion. However, that concept of “time” actually is energy fields in the timeless continuum, where what you consider past, present and future are a series of simultaneous happenings.

In one way we could say Earth is approaching the continuum, but it’s more accurate to say that her population is interpreting the sensation of successively lighter energy as time seeming to pass more quickly than previously. And, going by your clocks and calendars, it is—what was a week only 20 years ago now is “condensed” into two days. Because of divine grace, let us say, laws of physics that govern this universe are regulating the tides and the rising and setting of the sun and moon so all are occurring as you expect even though linear time is crunching.

The other effect of ever-rising vibrations is the continuing magnification of characteristics and behavior, both positive and negative. The latter accounts for the notable increase in homicides, random shootings, massacres, acts based in bigotry, and other violent and criminal acts that have been happening around the world.

Mainstream media report those distressing events but rarely mention high vibrations’ positive effects—the increasing abundance of kindness, helpfulness, respectful communication and cooperative efforts—qualities and actions that will keep expanding within the society in consonance with heightening vibrations. The energy of dark intentions and activities emits low vibrations, and those cannot coexist with high; whatever is based in darkness will keep declining until it has no more energy, thus comes to an end.

Also, you are feeling a more intimate effect of “high vibes”—their impact on body, mind and spirit. For newcomers to our messages and as reminders to long-time readers, I asked my mother to cite some of the numerous messages wherein we have spoken about this. [November 20, 2017 and January 14, 2019 detail symptoms and suggestions to relieve them. July 4, 2013 includes helpful dietary guidelines and memory “loss.”]  Thank you, Mother.

Now then, another glaring omission in mainstream media is the growing backlash against everything related to the “pandemic.” Instead, they feature “experts” who emphasize that vaccinating people worldwide is the only way to combat covid because this is science. No, that is not science, it is against science! Your bodies are designed with strong immune systems and self-healing mechanisms—introducing foreign elements that are incompatible with those capabilities jeopardizes their functioning and leads to health issues and death.

Let us reply here to questions as to why information from medical specialists is contradictory: Those on TV say if you must go out, wear masks and socially distance, get tested for covid and even if results are negative, get vaccinated. The specialists who speak in Internet videos explain why those requirements are damaging to health.

The Illuminati/Deep State/cabal—those and other designations refer to the same malevolent secret society—control mainstream media and choose the “experts” who speak or are cited in press reports. They control World Health Organization and multinational Big Pharma; in the United States, they control all agencies under the medical establishment’s umbrella, including Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, and Food and Drug Administration.

Spokespersons for those agencies and others may be Illuminati themselves. If not, they still may be profiting from investments in companies that are making fortunes from all covid-related products and equipment. They may be supporting the massive deception about the “pandemic” because they have been bribed, blackmailed or given death threats. They may fear being professionally blackballed, losing medical accreditation or even their lives, all of which the Illuminati have done to practitioners who dared use effective therapies the dark ones have banned precisely because they are effective, inexpensive and non-injurious to bodies.

The Illuminati also design curricula used by medical and nursing schools, and many graduates do what they were taught—operate, use chemo and radiation, prescribe pharmaceuticals. They believe what they were taught: Natural remedies are worthless because there is no scientific evidence to support claims of their efficacy and vaccines are life-saving. They are applying to covid what they learned—adhering to medical science guidelines and being vaccinated are imperative to public health.

Even without any awareness of Illuminati tentacles around the entire healthcare industry, people who once believed mainstream media reports now are questioning: Why are simple remedies prohibited even though some doctors have successfully used them to treat covid patients? Why are we forced to wear masks when some specialists say they prevent normal respiratory functions, thus lowering immunity and increasing susceptibility to a variety of illnesses; and they prevent oxygen from reaching the brain, thereby damaging brain cells especially in young children whose brain power develops quickly? Why would hospital staffs be told to list deaths as covid even when they’re due to other causes? If vaccines are safe, why are medical personnel in many countries warning about their dangerous effects?

The Illuminati may remove from the Internet truthful information about the “pandemic” as soon as they discover it, but they cannot stop individuals who saw those films and articles from spreading that information.

People also are seeing that mandated restrictions have led to an increase in depression, suicides, drinking, domestic violence and other crimes; businesses have gone under, families are financially desperate and school closures are psychologically harming students. Logically, they are asking: How can that be good for any of us? 

As refusal to be vaccinated is growing, Illuminati are pressuring leaders from community to national levels to urge Get vaccinated! Protect yourselves and your loved ones! In some nations, life has been made very difficult for individuals who don’t comply, and most international travelers must show proof of vaccination as permission to leave their country or enter another. Not only is tolerance of those conditions growing thin, but people are tired of living in fear about “catching covid.” In one country after another, crowds are gathering without wearing masks, schools are reopening and so are small businesses that managed to survive.

We understand your concerns about vaccines—they are justified!—and while we cannot dispel them, let us ease them. It is so that gene-altering tissue and programmed nanochips that interact with 5G technology are in the solutions for the purpose of producing a race of automatons that can be remotely controlled. By divine authority, scientists in extraterrestrial special forces who reduced the potency of coronavirus-19 and prevented what the Illuminati intended, the death of billions, also erased the programming and reduced to the extent possible the viability of the tissue in the solutions. Still, many people with weakened immunity have died or experienced serious adverse effects from what is called “vaccine,” but actually is the Illuminati’s gene-altering experiment.

Then there is the issue of airborne particles from vaccinated individuals affecting those who haven’t been. There is truth to this, but not to the dire extent you may think. Due to the particles’ reduced viability, their life span in the air is extremely brief. And, in instances where persons have been affected, the particles exacerbated diagnosed or undiagnosed issues such as hormonal or chemical imbalance, short-circuiting electrical systems, hypo-metabolism, circulatory difficulties, nutritional deficiencies or a combination of existing conditions that caused minor or major adverse reactions. We advise drinking as much water as you can. Keeping bodies well hydrated aids in removing toxic materials, and, by helping energy systems flow smoothly, precludes blockages wherein those thrive. And always, sunlight greatly benefits body, mind and spirit.

Also we have been asked if the claim by some “experts” is true: Covid is here to stay because the virus will keep mutating into variants. “Keep mutating” is but another scare tactic and covid is not there to stay! Like everything else in existence in this universe, that illness, which is a kind of flu, is energy, and its survival depends upon energy continuously put into it.

The Illuminati need people’s fear of catching covid to provide the energy their concocted “pandemic” requires, and fear is abating. They need people’s thoughts and feelings about the illness to sustain its energy, but the interests of the populace have turned to regaining a semblance of normalcy. They need people to have high stress levels—stress lowers immunity, making bodies more vulnerable to health disorders—but as people are taking back their stolen free will, their stress levels are dropping.

Furthermore, because of the dark intention of manipulating a virus to become a contagious disease, covid’s energy is in the lowest vibratory range. As vibrations keep rising on the planet, they will overpower everything with low vibrations because, as aforementioned, the two extremes cannot coexist.

To all who feel you cannot do anything to help end a global situation as pervasive as covid, we say, “Indeed you can!” In previous messages we urged you not to give your energy to anything related to the “pandemic,” and we do so again. So why have we just given that a great deal of our energy?  Intention has its own energy streamers with benevolent or malevolent attachments. Not only is our intention—offering truth and upliftment—benevolent, it is given with unconditional love for you, our dear sisters and brothers.

We remind you of other things we have spoken about. Simply by BEing the pure love-light energy of Creator Source, you are radiating into the world the most powerful force in the cosmos. Your every thought and feeling is prayer, and prayers are powerful, so think and feel positive and optimistic about what is ahead. Words, spoken and written, have power—be mindful to choose your words wisely.

Smiles and laughter, generosity, gratitude, compassion, empathy and every small act of thoughtfulness send vibrations soaring, and visualization also is powerful. See crowds of people dancing in joyful celebrations and children happily playing with animals. Visualize Earth immersed in brilliant golden-white light. Imagine the planet with pristine waters, forests instead of scarified lands, crops growing in land now deserts, fields of flowers as far as the eye can see, air free of pollution.

Everything mentioned above is love in action, and LOVE is the key to a peaceful world where the peoples live in harmony with each other and with Nature. Dear ones, love begins with self—please love yourselves the way we love you!

All light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastly helping Earth’s civilization manifest the kind of world they want for themselves and all generations to come. With unconditional love we are supporting you every step of your journey.


Suzanne Ward

FOL & Blossom Goodchild May 30/21

Hello, Chaps. I thought I might give you a bell … see if you’re home?

It is, indeed, an Energy exchange of which we have been expecting and looking forward to. Not just for communication with you, Dearest Blossom, yet, to connect up, as we like to do, with All Souls who find our words to be of comfort and encouragement.

Thank you. A lady wrote in to ask if you were able to explain what ‘I am the Truth’ really meant? One is aware of ‘The Light, The Love … The I Am, yet, what is the significance of ‘I am the Truth?’

And yet, we would say that both the lady inquiring and indeed, Each One … KNOWS the answer.




It goes far deeper into your Being than that of ‘Not knowing what is Truth and what is not’ within your world today, and all that is spread around to confuse.

In a sense, it is a different kind of Truth.




When one repeats the mantra from the deepest place within their heart … when one can FEEL the absolute Knowingness and Power within these words … then THEY KNOW what ‘I AM THE TRUTH’ means.

Does this make sense for you/to you?

Yes. For me, it is definitely about the feeling of Knowingness that takes our Spirit to another place. No matter whether we are simply just saying it to build strength, or whether it is for a particular circumstance that is taking place.

You see, Blossom, we would liken it to, when in days gone by, a child had to learn their Times Table in the Knowing it would see them through many an unexpected moment, or simply be a ‘base’ for one to refer to when needed. It is the same with the mantra. You KNEW it before you came and you Knew that once it had been re-presented to you, it would be your ‘Go to’ in any given moment of any given day.

This is why it feels so familiar. So strong. So complete for you.

Thank you. Due to my present circumstance, all things going on in the big wide world are not so ‘In my face’, yet, I have been made aware of quite a few things, obviously. I know both you and White Cloud said that it will be when things seem so topsy turvy, that things will turn around … great changes will come. Surely, we are at that point?

Not quite.

How bad, how insane is it going to get?

To a point when all Nations will be in turmoil about the same thing and different things. It will reach a critical point when souls have reached their ‘desired’ awakening … which will be different for Each One.

Then, and only then will the tide turn.

Yet, why do we have to wait until it gets that bad? Why not put an end to all this madness, now?

Blossom, there have been many times upon your Planet when human Beings have felt the same, for one reason or another. When sanity and all reasoning seem lost. Yet, as flippant and as nonchalant as it may sound … within the chaos, one’s Being finds the TRUTH of who they are?

For some … not all!?

If that is a question, we would say ‘correct’.

For me, and many I know, one cannot help but wonder what is the point of ‘anything’! It is all SO RIDICULOUS! I mean, if it is that the elite’s agenda is to wipe out a great deal of the population … why can’t those like you, for instance … just wipe out the elite? Why is it allowed to even get this far?

For many reasons. The lid has to be blown off the boiling pot in order for all that is … all that has been taking place … to be revealed

Why … why the wait?

Because of so many, many things that are in place to follow, when it does. If the lid is removed instead of blowing off, the plans that come after would not be able to take place … to have the desired outcome.

Oh, if only we could understand. Well, I think deep down inside we do. Yet, as always it is the waiting. The expectancy. It is interesting … three times in the past, say 15 or so years ago, different ‘readers’ mentioned that Goody (my husband) would be/was ill. I can’t remember exactly how it was given, yet I laughed it off, as so many years went by and I thought ‘Well, they got that wrong!’ Now, I see they hadn’t got it wrong at all*. It brought home, even more, the ‘No time’ thing!  A lot of us struggle with that at the moment, being told so much is to happen and as yet, it hasn’t.

This is correct, Blossom. Everything is happening at once.

So we have been told. Yet, it is difficult to grasp. It is just too mind-blowing to comprehend because not only is it happening at once, there are parallel lives, timelines, other dimensions … and then … there is the free will to change one’s thoughts, which go off down another pathway, and yet, it is all going on now!

Correct. Yet, for the purpose of our discourse this day, we would like to remain in the present … of this time … in this moment … where Each One is aware of their focus, here on Planet Earth and why they are here.

All of which you know and although many think you do not understand … you do.







Well, yes! Yet, many felt the same and are now, no longer on the Earth plane.

Yet, continuing from elsewhere.

So, the waiting for an Announcement, let alone an Event, simply may not happen before some of us who feel we are to be here … may not be?

That would depend on the soul’s contract.

Yet, the desire, the Knowing, can be so strong for many. I have a friend who is 94. She is waiting patiently like us all! It’s the frustration, I guess, as the world gets madder.

Yet, as the world ‘appears’ to be getting madder … the sanity is returning to those who are choosing to wake up.

It sure takes an alarm clock the size of Big Ben to make some even blink an eye.

Yet, this is EVOLUTION.

Yet, it has already taken place … as has everything. Too mind-boggling that life is never-ending. So, evolving would bring about newness, expansion of Love itself. How can that already be in place?

We would leave you with the answer of … ‘Thought’. It is indeed, too expansive to even begin.

Yet, people who have had ‘Near-Death Experience’s’ have understood all this in one moment.

As shall Each One … and then forget… and then remember … and then forget and then remember … as each soul and aspects of soul … journey and experience yet another moment down a pathway of never-ending Beingness.

The Energies are so much stronger now and shall continue to expand in/of themselves.

THIS IS A VERY GOOD SIGN … as it is a sure way to know that ‘Events’ are drawing ever closer.

Lovely … only 200 years to wait then! I am trying to be humorous, not facetious.

This we understand. Yet, can you not feel these stronger Energies?

Yes. I saw the most beautiful rainbow the other day and the Love within the colours brought my heart to tears. It is when one feels that way about nature that one just KNOWS that our Truth is still around and within.

Blossom, it cannot be otherwise. FOR YOU ARE TRUTH … ALL OF YOU.

Even the baddies? Surely not.


Although, those you call ‘The baddies’  are appearing to be other than what is ‘Your Truth’ … they originate FROM TRUTH … FROM THE I AM OF WHO YOU ARE … EACH AND EVERY ONE … EACH AND EVERY THING.

It would be so cool to pop off somewhere, suss it all out, remember it, and then pop back into this life.

You know you can. You know you do.

I can’t say I remember it. I don’t!

Yet, bit by bit you are recalling.

Bit by bit you remember.

And when all is said and done, Blossom …








Gotcha! Thanks so much. Until next time. In Gratitude, In Loving service. I Am.

  • My husband was found to have a brain tumor six weeks ago … The journey continues. Thank you to each one for your continuous Love and support. I know it is making a huge difference … to us both!

Mike Quinsey May 28/21

28th May 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Matters are now moving on very quickly and at last the end is in sight of all the problems associated with the coming of Covid19. It is a situation that was allowed to take place, and used to give you more time to think carefully about changes to your way of life. Much has been learned from the lockdown, and there is no doubt that it is obvious that many aspects of your way of life will have to be changed for good. We see it as part of your experience that has caused you to take a deep breath and consider how you could make your experiences more appropriate and uplifting. You will make the decisions with our prompting although as we have told you many times, the final choice will be yours in accordance with the freewill given to you. We see the potential for you and wise decisions will ensure you have chosen correctly.    

Although it will not necessarily seem to you that you are passing through one of the most important periods in your lives, you should be aware that you are setting out a plan for your future. For certain it will be full of promise and take you quite quickly into a new phase of your lives where the “promised land” is yours to create. You will have so much more help and gradually the negative forces will lose their ability to interfere with your plans for a free and beautiful Earth. The Human Race is by nature gentle and loving and as the vibrations gradually lose their instinct to fight for what they want, there will be a natural move towards a peaceful and happy society that works for world peace. You are at the door of all that you could wish for yourselves and soon it will open for you.

There have been earlier civilisations that have travelled this road and inevitably they saw that there is only one way to total peace on Earth. You have learnt that “love thy neighbour” means worldwide regardless of the colour or beliefs, and when you take it to heart and put it into practice you will find others will respond to it and such differences can be overcome. We say again that “You are all One” sharing your individual choices so that all learn from each other. No one group is superior to another, they are simply at different stages of their evolution. By nature the human instinct is to help others when in need but the dark Ones have played upon those differences to cause separation amongst you.

Because the Earth is of the lowest vibration it is home to all types of humans, some being of such a low level of evolution they are virtually no different to what they were hundreds of years ago. Clearly such a mix creates its own problems, yet in essence all are souls on a pathway back to the Creator. However, there is naturally a time when certain groups take a different path consistent with their level of evolution. That time has come for you and each group will take an appropriate one that suits their level of understanding. It comes about because souls begin to understand their true origin, and with the acceptance of eternal life, understand that each soul has all the time it needs to evolve. There is no pushing or limits set for development and all can take it at their own pace.

You will find that more help will be given to you as you progress and it is always consistent with your needs and never set too high. So it is not as you might say “pushy” and it is accepted that there will be times when you will stray off your path, but that is taken as inevitable and that you will find your way back to it. It is all experience which makes each soul unique. At this stage no one can claim to know the whole truth but some souls are naturally more advanced. The most important aspect of progress is that a person believes in God regardless of how they see God, it ensures that they are on the path to light and eventually they will find themselves holding the truth.

Even with the low vibrations on Earth a soul who has found the truth will draw away from the lesser vibrations and should never look back. You can be sure at this stage you will get ample help to continue on the correct path. Even now you are helped at this stage and there will be no going back as the Light remains with you. It brings about a peaceful embodiment that remains with you for all time. It is also your protection against the lower vibrations as you are surrounded by them. Your presence amongst others is going to create a peaceful energy that some will feel and be drawn to you. It is the positive energies in your aura that cause this attraction. It makes people feel better and literally can even be healing.

Things normally move very slowly on Earth but from hereon they will come more quickly as you now have a focus on the future that you desire. In next to no time it will become apparent that everything has speeded up and you can be sure that already there are moves to bring the new into operation, the ideas are there already and all it needs is the intention to make them become your reality. In part the souls who have the knowledge and abilities to introduce new ideas are ready to make their knowledge known, and we see many new inventions and ideas materialising. The dark Ones can no longer stop them coming to fruition or simply keep them for their own purposes.

Take heart Dear Ones nothing is quite as bad as some believe it is just that your media is still controlled and the good news is often suppressed. It gets through somehow but not to the general public who are left in ignorance. But that will clearly have to change before too long and you will eventually get a Press that reports the truth and is not distorted in any way. There are already plans for what you might call a “truth channel” and it is on its way. So keep your vibrations high and do not let them be influenced by false news.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

 Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey May 21/21

21st May 2021.Mike Quinsey.

We see you rather confused and worried about events on Earth that every now and again take a turn for the worse. Be assured that what you are seeing is the final outworking of old ways of dealing with each other. There is less enthusiasm or support for them and there will be no place for them in the coming higher vibrations. How many more times will you try to settle your differences by using force when diplomacy, common sense and a desire to create a peaceful dialogue would result in a peaceful solution. The people tire of violence being used to settle differences and are rising up in anger at their leaders, who seem unable or unwilling to seek answers that bring peace. Eventually common sense will prevail, but how many more unnecessary deaths will occur before peaceful negotiations take place with the necessary “give and take” that will enable success without bloodshed. Peace will come and not a single drop of blood need be spilt in the process.

The biggest change you will experience is when compassion takes a prominent place in your life. With it comes caring for all life that is seen as precious and a gift from The Creator. For centuries Man has fought battles with those considered to be his enemies, and very few attempts have been made to understand the meaning of their differences. Now there is a movement growing that has become tired of the destruction and loss of life, and is beginning to protest loudly to encourage people to sit down with each other and talk peace. Why does it have to be that way when an end to war is inevitable and could have been avoided in the first instance. Before long it will all change, it will be the people who demand an end to confrontation and hostilities, and their voices will be heard and positive action taken as a result.

The thought of permanent peace is so uplifting and attainable if those in power approach it with the right frame of mind. It would be a new era when the establishment of peace was foremost in people’s minds. What rejoicing there would be and old differences could be put behind them for good. It would be quite a surprise to many people as to how quickly friendly relationships could be established and renewed. Everyone benefits from peace and those dealing in armaments would be the great losers, because on many occasions they have played one side against the other for profit with little care about the loss of life.

With big changes there are always losers and the closing of the big stores top that list. It is really a case of moving with the times and the needs of the people. Covid19 has caused a lot of pain and hardship, yet has also given everyone the opportunity to consider what they want out of life. After all, everyone is being affected by the changes and having to consider what is best for them where the future is concerned. You had known for some time that changes would be inevitable if you were to keep pace with the changing needs of the people. The recent period has shown the depth of some problems and given you every opportunity to put things right. You cannot cling onto the old ways that are unsuited for the new way of life that is emerging.

It is some 200,000 years since intelligent life forms such as you know them first came into being, and in that relatively short time they have experienced the depths of the dark energies yet evolved. They have survived and finally risen up in your life times to achieve the opportunity to ascend. There is a plan for your future but how you get there is largely up to you, and if you keep projecting thoughts that are positive in general terms rather than in detail the best results will be yours. You are already laying down the foundation for what you would like to see, and the potential is undoubtedly far greater than you could presently imagine, however keep an open mind that will allow for the unexpected.

After all you have left the old behind that has no future and you can expect many exciting changes that will raise your quality of life. Bear in mind what we have often mentioned in terms of “small” is beautiful because it is going to be the key word, small but able to provide everything that you are likely to need for a pleasant and undemanding life.  All that you have experienced has led you to this point, and you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You are ready to take more steps to increase your knowledge and understanding, and there is nothing in your way to stop complete success.

There should be joy on Earth at what the future holds yet the uncertainty and doubt that exists prevents many souls from grasping what there is for them.  Clearly the old habits still exist but the futility of matters such as warlike actions paints a different picture. Such ways of conducting yourselves are being opposed by the people and their voices will be heard and acted upon. They can no longer be ignored but if they are your leaders do so at their peril and they would face the collective power of humanity. Those who would act in accordance with the changes called for patience and wait their opportunity to come forward and carry out the wishes of the people. Their day will come very soon when the changes shall speedily occur.

Mother Earth is already making preparations for the changes and the cleansing of it. Man has poisoned the Earth with chemicals and destroyed so much of the woodlands and the land itself. Yes, we are aware that there are groups who care for the Earth so much that they try to lessen the damage and restore it, but it is a mammoth task that can take some years to come to fruition. However, at the appropriate time we will lend a hand as what can take you years to put right we can see to in a very short time. Some of you wonder why we do not go to the trouble to put the wrongs right, but it is your responsibility to make good the damage you have caused. However, when you show willingness to act we are only too pleased to help you out.

You have a nice expression “keep on keeping on” and it is appropriate for the present time, as you must not lose sight of your path to Ascension. We keep reminding you because it is so important to you, as the dark Ones will try anything to distract you from your goal. We of course hold the upper hand and do everything to encourage you to keep to your dedicated path. We are with you all of the way and will use our influence to help keep you on track.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL & Blossom Goodchild May 18/21

Hello! Well, the last time I spoke with you, I had no idea how topsy turvy my world would suddenly be. Not sure how this will go, if at all, yet, would like to try. How goes it with you and indeed, out there in the world that seems to have lost all reason?

Most Precious Soul, naturally, we have been and will continue to be with you during this unexpected turn in your circumstances.

Thank you. Of this, I felt sure. Along with the Love from our entire Family of Light, both on and off Planet, I feel so very Blessed.

Let us speak of matters that will include All, if we may?

My purpose entirely of today’s chat.

We speak and shall continue to speak of Love. For in All that is taking place in your world of such wretchedness, there is no other antidote.

For Each and Every Soul that walks this Planet at this time … the benefit of KNOWING LOVE … IN/AS /OF ITSELF … ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, is the way to bring you from this place of unknown concerns, into a place within the self of absolute KNOWING and surety.



Well, to be honest, yes, I feel an inner strength. Yet, that which is being revealed regarding the ‘needles’ alone, is enough to want to move to another Planet. One simply cannot comprehend how our world has changed in the last 18months and the insanity that has now become ‘the norm.’

Yet, did we not say to you of this … and more to come?

You did. You also spoke of a Huge Announcement! One is still waiting … for this … and indeed Phase Two and world lockdown. Yet, with so much turmoil who knows what’s what!

The Announcement, followed by many … is, without doubt, awaiting ‘All systems go’. Turns within events have repercussions and cause delays.


It does seem to go on and on … and as always … nothing that is spoken of has happened. I have been off the radar with you for almost a month … no change!

Yet, so much that cannot yet be seen or told.

Well, one has to keep on Trusting in that. I know I’ve asked this before, yet, what advice would you offer, that hasn’t already been offered?

Dearest Souls, there is nothing new to say. Your patience is something that has to be accepted ‘As is’ … and within one’s patience … the LOVE and the STRENGTH within shall continue to grow.

The Strongest of the Strong was not just ‘strength’ in ‘one department’, yet, in All … and patience requires much strength in these times.

So, is it then that we just have to keep ‘trudging on’?

We would prefer it if you skipped.

Our boots seem to have lead weights in, at times.

Then remove not only the weights, yet, the boots.

You know yourself, Blossom, from these past weeks, that what is taking place ‘outside’ of your individual space has been of little consequence, due to your intense circumstance. Is this not so?

Yes, yet, that doesn’t mean to say that we can all just switch off from what is going on out there. We need the forces in place to show we won’t put up with it.

This is so. Yet, there are many who prefer to delve deeper than deep, only to find a dead-end or ‘of no consequence’ when it came to it. Our point being, Blossom, as we have said over and over …


How best to do this?

By Enjoying yourself to the best of your capability, within whatever circumstances you find yourself in.


Yes, with respect, we know this and each one of us are doing our very best. Yet, we cannot pretend that all this ‘out there’ isn’t going on.

Yes, you can. Of course, you know that it is. Of course, you know that your Light can conquer all darkness. Yet, here and there, for as long as you can hold your dreams at any given time … go inside of them and play. Go inside your dream of your future and bask in its sunshine.




Much is easily forgotten when density of Vibration hits.



Remaining in Love with Life, instead of falling out of Love with it, due to matters at present out of your control, is part of your journey. It was part of your training before you arrived.

So much has been ‘planted’ to steer you away from who you are … YOUR TRUTH. Yet, you have to keep going inside yourself.


You are indeed, here on Planet Earth on the Highest mission.


DO YOU COMMEND YOURSELF FOR BEING ONE CHOSEN TO BE HERE NOW? Because YOU were One that had the wherewithal to accomplish and complete, that which millions of you landed here and came to do.

How prized you are!

How absolutely honoured you are … by All!


Now is not the time to give up / to give in … to allow the darker, lower energies to overcome you and deplete your Light.

No, no, no!


That is why YOU came … because THAT is what you knew /know yourself to Be.

YOU … that could ride through the greatest storm … and remain in strength.

Remembering your call … Yes. YOU! EACH ONE!

Have you changed your mind? Of course not!







Do not allow ‘It all’ to bring you down … to fill you with disbelief and despair. No, no, no!

Allow ‘It all’ to make you even more determined.








Ha! Don’t think for a minute I had forgotten that little puppy! Over and over and over and over and over … It has seen me through the scariest of moments lately!

Another reminder, Dearest Blossom and All, is to FEEL THE LOVE AND THE CHANTING OF THE MANTRA alongside many thousands of you … as ONE.

So, when you repeat it over and over … FEEL the voices of all other souls, carrying their voices across the ethers to harmonize with yours.

This is of such credence. Such establishment.

Odd words?

Yet, correct.

Ok. It feels good to be back in your presence, I have to say. Nothing new … with respect. Yet, just to have you reiterate that which we know keeps us uplifted.

Yet, has it not been that many have missed our conversations greatly?

It seems so.

There are reams and reams of our conversations to be read freely on your website. To revisit into years gone by can also do the Soul much good.

We would add that many have realized their own strength by NOT having these conversations readily available of late.

Yes. I reckon so. It is a good thing to mention about past channellings. Twelve years or so worth! Many may be amused about how poignant/similar they are for today, as well as way back when. I say this, as our chats may be very irregular and intermittent, indefinitely, compared to how we have always been. Yet, like today, the opportunity arose and I took it … and I guess it shall be like that from now on.

You are a Brave soldier, Blossom Goodchild.

Thank you. WE ARE ALL BRAVE. WE HAVE TO BE, IN ORDER TO WALK OUR TALK AND MOVE FORWARD. Yours and White Cloud’s teachings have made such a difference to us all. It is when faced with incredibly difficult times that we recognize just how much you have helped us on our journey. For which we are ALL IMMENSELY GRATEFUL. For I know that many, many, many souls are experiencing hugely traumatic times, on top of everything else that is going on! As if that wasn’t enough, alright, already! Yet, I still have to say … WE GOT THIS!

You wouldn’t have been chosen unless you could uphold that statement! Our Love … in/of … its Highest Purest Energy is sent to Each One.




We look forward to the next Golden opportunity to speak with you again.

Oh, and me too! Thank you so very much. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

Questions & Musings 9

Well – it’s interesting to ponder where ‘evil’ came from if God is all and God is love.

So I was thinking about how we are created in God’s image.

Some have talked about how the universe is working to eradicate all of the ‘primary anomaly’ that somehow became present sometime a very long time ago.

So, I am thinking that the first ‘being’ to become enlightened and who chose light over darkness was God. If we are each created with a potential for both light and dark then perhaps God was the same in the beginning. When I refer to ‘God’ I’m thinking of the original creative force of everything that exists.

So we are all God’s children and we are ‘one with God and everything that exists’. I think as we overcome our inner shadow self – the darkness potential that we have inside, we move into higher dimensions where only Love exists.

I don’t know if Earth is the last physical plane where darkness exists, but it might be. I know the whole universe will celebrate when we finally more forward in ascension. They might celebrate with every place where love prevails over the darkness.

Anyway, God and the ascended ones he sent to guide us probably all saw the darkness and in the end chose love instead and cherished it and developed it within themselves – spreading it all to everywhere they could. It is we, ourselves who must follow the path to enlightenment – not by denying the the shadow self but choosing to heal it with love.