Pat & Orion Dec. 31/20

Orion – we are happy to speak with you in this way, at this time – you are on the precipice of change – you know this but it has been a long time coming – there are many who will want to hear from you in the months to come – it is time – you have carried the light through intense challenges and in isolation now for several months – the dark ones knew you were hard to ‘break’ and it doesn’t surprise them that  you remain in the light – it’s all about consciousness and you are in good stead in this regard – so where would your loved ones be if you had faltered or followed along in their ways of dealing with life during this time? it will be fine for you are holding the light for them and many others.

Canada, where you are, is very shut down in consciousness – we don’t see that you realize how unusual you are – the time to come will include announcements and disclosure – meeting with us also! -be well and continue with Love and Light energies – you’re almost there!


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