Mike Quinsey Jan. 10/20

Mike Quinsey, 10th January 2020.


Dear Ones, every effort you put in now to continue evolving will be well worth it, mainly because every soul has an opportunity to ascend based on to what degree they have lifted up their vibrations, because at a certain point they will realise that the ultimate is to not only be in control of your ego but to take full control of your emotions.

In so doing you will find that no matter what assails you, you can maintain a calm and peaceful outlook, thus ensuring that you keep your vibrations at their highest level at all times. Slipping back into the old ways will delay progress and a great opportunity to ascend could be lost.

Understand that the end of the last cycle in 2012 meant just that, and whatever gains you will have made will go with you into the next phase of your life. The Great Solar Flash that is yet to come will signal the end of that period, and only those that have reached the required level of growth/evolution will remain in the higher vibrations and go through to the new Earth.

So you will realise that there is absolutely no picking or choosing as ascension is automatic if you are ready. As with all aspects of your evolution be assured that you are always helped once you show that you are ready to take the path to Ascension.

Help extends to “arranging” meetings with other souls who can help you on your way and protect you from interference by the dark Ones. It does not mean that you will not be tested on the way, but if you are dedicated to being successful there is no reason why you should fail.

The higher forces want you to succeed and will do everything that they can to help you achieve it, but are always mindful of your life contract and any karma that you still carry. The fact is that so much is done to help you, that you are not even aware of most of it. But please remember that you must first show the intention to take the path to ascend before help can be given, as your freewill is ever in mind and care is taken not to impinge upon it.

If you could but envisage what a marvelous life lays ahead for you, you would have no hesitation in putting all of your effort right now into achieving your goal. However, do not be disappointed if you do not yet feel ready, as another opportunity to ascend will come your way in due course.

Understand that souls do not all evolve at the same rate so there is no disgrace in being behind others who are well on the way to Ascension. Your spirit helpers will give you a prod if they know that you have the capability to ascend, as they are there to help you in all aspects of your life.

As you begin to learn more about your bodies’ needs you will adjust your life style accordingly. Sensible eating, fitness and attending to your bodies needs will give you the basis of a platform from which to launch yourself into preparations for your upliftment and Ascension. You will feel all the better for it and enjoy good health that will help you successfully follow your chosen path.   Success comes from dedication to it whilst allowing others to follow their own path of which of course there are many.

There is no right or wrong path inasmuch that some souls are for example brought up in religious surroundings yet can still find their way to the higher vibrations. Normally an expanding mind set comes when a soul can begin to see the broader picture without prejudice and can break out of any older restricting beliefs.

Be assured that when you are on the correct path things will flow smoothly and be consistent with your level of understanding. You will also find a deep satisfaction and peace that has no limits. You will have time to explore other ideas on subjects that interface with your own, and expand your store of knowledge.

The more you get to know the more you realise that there is so much more to learn. Keep an open mind at all times and if something is presented to you that does not seem to fit into place with what you know simply set it aside until you can, knowing that in one way or another you will find the answers you seek.

In some respects there is a parting of the ways as whilst you may be continually lifting up, those around you may be much slower to evolve and see you as becoming distant where they are concerned. This is to be expected and you will naturally seek your friends amongst those who have progressed much the same as you have. In the same way that you respect other people’s beliefs you should quite rightly expect others to treat you the same.

Try not to get into arguments about your beliefs and allow others to have theirs, as you are not competing with others who also seek the truth. It is different if someone seeks your opinion, but even then only go as far as answering their questions. Remember that they too have Guides who are assisting them, and will know how to help with answers to their questions.

Everything is speeding up to such a degree that Humanity is getting further behind, but it cannot go on indefinitely and some revelations are on the verge of being released. The greatest changes in progress have been made in respect of robotic development and you are experiencing some of the first real changes that they bring.

Yet the knowledge exists to make robots that can completely replace people in some basic requirements. However, within the next ten years your progress will have shot ahead so much so that everyday life will have become largely automated and require no humans to participate.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


FOL via Blossom Goodchild Jan. 9/20

Welcome to 2020 my friends. What fine message of encouragement shall you offer us at the beginning of this new decade?

Welcome to each and Everyone. Each and every one who looks up to your stars in wonder during the evening silence. Each and every one who’s heart sings out Love to those stars, in wonderment and great expectation. Each and every one who longs to feel their heart beat to the same rhythm of the drum that tunes in with the GREAT I AM, as your Mother Earth grounds you and holds you safe.

You are CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT. You were offered this position and with Grace you accepted.

Now in this NEW TIME … THIS NEW ERA will you experience the enormous changes that have been spoken of, written about and set in your hearts.

Lift your hearts. Lift your voices. Make choices that serve you and therefore, serve the whole.

Deliver unto yourselves the very KNOWING of that which you KNOW as TRUTH and let it reside deep within your Being.

YOU ARE TO BE THE ONES WHO SAVE YOUR PLANET. This is not new news. Yet, it is within these years ahead that you will recognise that which we offer as information to assist, to be that which is TRUTH FOR YOU.

Take note, take great pride in the noticeable changes within you. Be alert to the noticeable changes around you and no matter how they may appear … KNOW that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE and ALL THAT IS BEING PRESENTED is leading you through to the Higher Place of residence in which you all belong.

Dearest Souls … Onwards, onwards, onwards. There is nothing new to say. No great revelation to present to you at this time. Everything you long to hear, everything your hearts desire to feel, has already been awakened within you. It is up to you now to brighten this spark within you. For many it has moved into a Brighter flame … full of strength, Trust and understanding of that which lies ahead. For many others, the spark is very weak and requires your Love and feathered wings to surround them in comfort and words of encouragement.

Encouragement to let souls know that all that is taking place … all that is being brought to the surface is for the Highest Good. That which each one of you is to share, is not so much about that which you know regarding this, that and the other, that is to be brought to the front of the line regarding the running of your Planet … yet, that which you are to share is that of your Heart. You will find yourselves teachers to so many that have no clue about who they Truly are.

So many, dearest friends, are still in the preparatory years of their awakening and it is by/through example that you shall ‘lead the way through’ … Over the bridge onto a brighter land.

Well 2020 is here! I remember about 8 years ago feeling that this date was so far away and how so much will have changed by then … and yes things have changed … we have moved on, yet, not as far as I was imagining.

Dearest Blossom … Each breath that one takes changes your Planet. Each thought one manifests into Being, changes your Planet. More and more bright sparks are walking into the Light and feeling happy to be seen within it. Let not that which has hindered anyone of you in the past get in your way in these days of wonder that are to come.

Release all that needs to slip away into the silence of nothingness and allow only chatter of Goodness, Hope and Light Love to be uttered from your lips.

2020! You have graduated into a Higher position. All is on course. The strength that lies within you now has alerted you to become aware of your INNER LIGHT. You no longer hum and haw over that which you think you may possibly be?



Enter into this new decade with a heart full of Hope and Trust. 

As each unfolding is presented to ALL … do not for one moment allow your Vibration to slump.

Remain in strength. Keep Laughter at a heightened level for you KNOW how much the Vibration of Laughter can immediately change the Energy of sorrow or pain or disbelief.

There will be much of the latter.


Yes, Blossom, for that which is to be openly exposed will, without question bring disbelief into the thoughts of many. Many, shall at first, not be able to comprehend that which is related on your news feeds and in all media that shall spread like wildfire.

This which we say is nothing new yet, we are just confirming that which is to take place in these coming days.

Thank you. Yes, it all sounds familiar and I guess until it ALL comes out, we cannot really know to what extent you are speaking of. Yet, we are ready … more than ready … to get this show on the road. Speaking of wildfire, it would be unfitting for me not to ask you to comment on the devastation of the fires that are sweeping my country of Australia. WHAT is going on there?

Firstly, our Love and courage is sent to those who are immediately affected. Yet, the Love and support that is being offered on ground level by the souls of beautiful human beings is certainly uplifting many. Do you see, dearest ones? Many will choose to fall into a slump and feed into the Energy of the tragedy. Yet, many will choose to be heart warmed in the knowing that HUMANKIND is in fact, that …. KIND! So much of your media is designed to keep you at bay. To have you wallow in the stories that bring your Energy down. This is why it is done. This is their purpose. Yet, you know better now. You know to focus on the few stories you hear of heroic actions and purest compassion.

For the lives lost … it was their time. For the lives saved it shall bring them new life, new ways, new understanding. For ‘nature’s Beings’ who returned their life force back into the Earth, they shall rise again in a different Energy as the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

A cleansing is indeed taking place. There is much upon ‘The land of the Rock’ that needs to be cleansed energetically … Energy that was there long before one thought Australia was in existence.

Really? Can you elaborate on that?

That which is KNOWN to be TRUTH about SO MUCH … IS NOT!

You may think that the native to your country was the original native. We would suggest that ‘others from elsewhere’ laid ‘foot’ upon that land long, long before that which is known.

This is what we mean, Blossom. SO MUCH is hidden from the majority. For your ‘history’ books are very much that  … ‘HIS STORY’.

Who’s he?

He is ‘those who did not want you to know your origins’. If you were to be living in a world where TRUTH had never been disguised, your world would certainly be of a very different Vibration than the one it had sunk into.

Yet, we have said that so much shall be disclosed and soon! One revelation HAS to lead to the next and the next, for they are all on the same path. 

So, back to the fires and the cleansing?

Yes indeed, much of that is occurring. Yet, like most things, it is not just about the cleansing. For it is also part of a plot to cause destruction and devastation and again, as we say … give a reason for souls to look ‘down’ upon it all. With the greatest of respect … with all the water surrounding your island, do you not think that there are ways for it to be ‘put out’ … right now this very day?

Your governments have more than enough resources to download gallons and gallons at a time onto these burning landscapes, yet, it suits not their purposes.

Eh? Do you mean governments of Australia, for surely, they want these fires stopped?

Dearest Blossom, the powers that assume they are running the show have influence over all governments … Make no mistake about that.

It doesn’t surprise me, that which you say. Yet, none the less, pretty sickening

Yet, merely an hors d’oeuvre in comparison to that which is yet to be served up.

Stories are of a mixed nature concerning what is happening with these flames. Are you following your TRUTH?

We would be so bold and state quite categorically that these fires are unnecessary and ‘derived’.

Derived from?

The same ‘bunch’ we always speak of, that wish ill upon all.

I have heard that chemtrails have dropped chemicals into the air that spark and ignite and flare up fires. Is this of which you speak?

Without question. You see, Blossom, this ‘bunch’ has no LOVE for human Beings. They are void of feelings and all emotional upheaval and pain that they cause others. To FEEL is not on their agenda. To gain power, to have it all … IS!

Yet again … as you WARRIORS OF LIGHT march forth … KNOW THAT IT IS OVER.



Those that are involved in all that is of darkness shall begin to FEEL once again … and this is why we ask you of the Greatest Light to send them your LOVE … for the FEELINGS that shall arise within them when their soul awakens them to what they have done, and the pain they have caused shall be a ‘hell within a hell’ that they cannot escape from, until they have been forgiven by all and themselves. A long, long journey indeed.

A hell within a hell?

Our consideration of hell is not a place. Yet, a state of Being that only the self can free themselves from. That which you call God is not ‘the One’ to condone or condemn. It is each one of you that mark out your pathway … in any world … of/within … your mind’s perspective.

So, within all that is already taking place … do not forget to look around to see what you can ‘sniff out’ going on in the background … for you will find that to be of great importance and yet, it is not ‘meant’ to be seen/known.


I’ll drink to that! (speaking as a Tea totaller!)


Strengthen your strength and be prepared for ANYTHING. It is necessary to BE so.

Visualise. Visualise. Visualise yourselves jumping … for/in …. Joy.

Visualise. Visualise. Visualise yourselves FEELING Peace as ONE NATION OF BEINGS OF LIGHTLOVE.

Dearest Ones, you CAN FEEL IT, can’t you?

You can feel this change so close now …  The expectancy of NEW LIFE that a mother feels inside of her womb, is very much the same. The waiting is necessary, yet, the KNOWING the NEW LIFE shall come is the prize.


We have our ways of ‘dodging’ the system that thinks they can keep us out!

I am sure you do. I am feeling elated energetically after this session. I am sure my heart is moving on up! Thank you.

Everyone’s heart is doing the same. It is inevitable. For the Energies entering in are preparing you for what is to come and in order for it to come … one must be of a Higher disposition.


As always, I shall perch myself on the fence and keep an eye out! SO good to be back with you . in Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Jesus via John Smallman Jan. 4/20

You are far, far more than your ego would have you believe.

January 4, 2020 by John Smallman

The changes essential for humanity’s awakening have been ongoing for a number of years now, and they will climax in 2020.  There were many changes in 2019 that were quite astounding for large portions of humanity who were deeply asleep, and which led them forwards to question many of their enculturated but frequently unseen beliefs.  These beliefs, which they held unknowingly, directed their thoughts, words, and actions, often with less than totally positive results.Now people are choosing to investigate those long-held beliefs and opinions in order to check their validity for them now as they choose to move forward spiritually.  Many of those beliefs and opinions, formed early in childhood, and modified as they matured into adulthood, have been used mainly to establish a false egoic sense of self-confidence – the “I’m right, therefore you’re wrong,” type – that seems to make life as a human feel safer and more predictable.

However, true self-confidence comes from knowing that one is an eternal being, divinely created, and from engaging with life with love, honesty, and integrity so that one’s thoughts, words, and actions are always guided by loving intent.  Because you are, each and every sentient being, One with Source, then you are Love, Love is your true nature.

However, as a human in form, your awareness of that has been forgotten, you experience yourself as a small insignificant being adrift in a vast universe that is apparently completely unaware of you, and this is very frightening.  But that sense of self is provided by your ego, which identifies totally and completely with your body, and which therefore encourages you to live in fear of suffering and death.  Your ego does its best to convince you to rely on it for your safety and survival, and it is very vociferous as it attempts to convince you that you are only your body with its thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and nothing more!  This manner of self identity is totally invalid!  You are far, far more than your ego would have you believe.

There is an ancient saying that you have all doubtless heard numerous times, and have perhaps even worked with: “Know thyself!”  It does not refer to your identity as a human, it refers to your true identity as One with Source, and to uncover that Self and know that it is you is what that saying is asking you to do.  You cannot uncover that Self unless you make a regular practice of going within, and of letting your thoughts flow past without engaging with them.  Then, after you have spent time in this way, they slow down or quieten enough to allow your real Self, your true Self to connect most lovingly with you as intuitive guidance, and as a deep inner knowing of the wonder that is your life fills you with gratitude, the awareness that you are indeed One with Source arises within you.  That uncovering of your true Self, when it occurs – as it will if you truly surrender to the Divine within you by ceasing in your attempts to analyze or explain yourself to yourself – is a life changing and unforgettable experience of the most amazing and uplifting nature.  You do not have to do anything to access this inner knowing, you just have to be, by relaxing into that vast, quiet space within yourself where Love resides eternally.

Just being is very difficult for you because you are so deeply enculturated with the need to do!  Your human survival appears to depend on it.  And of course, as a human in form, there is your daily life in form where you meet with and interact with others as you go about the business of being human.  It does seem all consuming, and it does seem to demand practically all of your attention – partners, family, friends, traveling to and from work, paying bills – so that to set time aside purely for yourself to do NOTHING can appear to be a total waste of your severely limited time, and selfishly self-indulgent as well.

I cannot impress upon you strongly enough your need to change that opinion if you are to move powerfully forwards towards your awakening.  You incarnated to assist others to awaken, but you cannot do that unless you start to awaken yourself, because your own awakening is your main task, and as you start to become aware of this and make the necessary life changes to allow this to happen, you assist others to do likewise.  Remember, You are all One, therefore as you start to awaken so will others and thus you will be fulfilling the intent with which you incarnated.

There is absolutely no way that you can fail!  You are One with Source, therefore your will – even as you struggle with the severe limitations that being a human in form presents you with moment to moment – is the divine Will, it has just slipped your memory.  By taking quiet time alone at least once daily, at a time you set and know you can maintain, as well as at odd moments between your human tasks – waiting in line, at traffic lights, in the shower, brushing your teeth – you will find that life ceases to be such an impossible rush to get everything done.  By giving yourself time out you will find that you have more time than when you didn’t.

Time spent quietly within, at your holy inner sanctuary, is the most important time in your human life.  As you become accustomed to following a daily practice you will start to recognize this, and you will find it almost impossible not to take that daily time for yourself.  It does not have to be long, just ten or fifteen minutes, and as you become used to making the space for it you will find that things or situations that used to irritate you become far less intrusive, you will find that you have a readily available sense of peace that you can access at any time just by standing back a moment as a negative emotion arises or one of your buttons gets pushed.

You all, every sentient being in form, long for peace and love, and by setting and maintaining a practice of going quietly within you will find within you, waiting to embrace you in every moment, the peace and love to satisfy that longing.  You are not alone, you are fully supported in every moment of your eternal existence, and while, as a human in form, it often seems that you are alone, that no one understands you, that no one appreciates you, this is most definitely not the case.  You are all doing tremendous work on Earth at this time, and you are most positively affecting many others as you move through life having set the intention to be only loving whatever arises.  So even if you do not get a sense of being loved, appreciated, or valued in your daily lives, know that what you are being and doing is essential for humanity’s awakening, and that no one but you can be it and do it.

When you feel down, overwhelmed, unable to cope, then go within and call on your wonderful and amazing support team in the spiritual realms for a loving hug.  It will be delivered instantly.  Do not look at the saints and mystics, or at the ones who are known for the intensely loving service that they offered while in form, and decide that you are not good enough because you are unable to do what they did.  Instead know that you are on the path that you chose with divine guidance in order to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and that you are doing it perfectly!  Your doubts and negative self judgments are utterly invalid, futile attempts by your ego to undermine your self-confidence, your sense of Self, and to thus distract you from your brilliant path, the only path for you, the path on which no one else can possibly replace you.  You are precisely where you are meant to be in every moment, and your presence there is essential for humanity’s awakening – that is why you are following it so perfectly and so beautifully – so let go of your doubts and allow peace, joy, and confidence in your purpose to fill your heart.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Saul via John Smallman Dec. 31/19

Prepare yourselves for the joy to come.

12/31/2019 by John Smallman

Today, as you prepare to enter into a new terrestrial year, I would like to remind you that there is only and can only be L O V E!  Love is Reality, is Mother/Father/God, is The Source from which All That Is flows constantly out embracing and re-embracing Itself in every moment, creating infinite Joy for All.

Separation is an illusion, and time is a major aspect of the illusion, because there is only NOW.  There is no last year, this year, or next year, there is NOW.  All experiences occur NOW, even memories you revisit occur NOW.  That is why memories can be so intense, because when you bring them to mind you re-experience them NOW!  Painful memories need to be released and discarded because they spoil the now moment for you.  However, they do not actually do any spoiling, it is just that when you bring them to mind you are departing from NOW!  Now is always joy-filled, so joyful memories can intensify Now, whereas painful and sorrowful ones hide Now from your awareness, and replace it with dreams or nightmares that are totally lacking in Joy.

Joy is real and is available to you in every moment regardless of what may be happening in the now moment for you as humans.  Joy sees the beauty in every moment and intensifies it, and in every moment there is always beauty.  As humans you experience duality – good/bad, right/wrong, beauty/ugliness – and you then choose the aspect on which you wish to focus your attention.  That is why earthly events and situations bring joy to some and misery to others.

For instance you might support a football team; when they win a match you are in joy, and the supporters of the other team are in misery; and when your team loses you are in misery and the supporters of the other team are in joy.  But to allow yourselves to make yourselves miserable because the team you support does not win is a choice you make, no one else makes it for you.  That is a simple example to demonstrate quite clearly that you do make the choice to be either joyful or miserable, because if you decide to support a different team then your perception of what makes you joyful or miserable alters.  But, as you live your lives, most of the time the choices available to you do not seem to be nearly as clear and simple as that.

In Reality choices are unnecessary because Love, Joy, and Creativity flow smoothly and constantly in every moment further revealing the amazing wonder that is Reality.  The choice to experience separation from Source was a little like a human teenager choosing to do something that was different from the life experiences that had so far occurred, a teenage expression of independence.  It lasted but an instant, BUT, because God had given you Himself when He created you, you had the same infinite power, the same divine power to create something on your own that appeared to be quite different from Source.

BUT there is nothing apart from Source, and so you became lost in a dream state, an illusory state that to you, as humans, seems totally real.  It is not!  However you chose to believe that it was real and therefore that is how it appears to you, and how it will continue to appear to you until you change your mind!

To awaken is to change your collective mind, and, because you experience yourselves as separated from one another, you each have to change every one of your individual minds.  That changing of minds is happening right now, and you can see evidence of it everywhere as Love replaces conflict and confusion in the minds of many people, so that they then change their attitudes and their behaviors.  This leads to a collective change of perception, allowing more and more loving ideas and activities to manifest in the seemingly most unlikely of places on the planet.  These ideas and activities are alive with hope, alive with enthusiasm, alive with excitement as it becomes very clear to those involved that life can and will be joyful.

There are very few now who are completely unaware that enormous changes are occurring planet-wide, and therefore many are seeking information as to what it is that is happening and why.  And what they are discovering is that humanity is waking up, and they keep meeting and making new acquaintances who are also waking up.  This is truly a most inspiring and uplifting time in which to be incarnate as a human on Planet Earth.

Your task, each of you reading this message, is to focus your attention on the positive and uplifting events that are taking place all over the planet as opposed to focusing narrowly and very intently, as many do, on the chaos, confusion, and conflict that is also occurring on the planet.  These latter have been occurring for eons and are now in their final stages of dissolution as the Tsunami of Love washes ever more intensely across the planet and in doing so embraces all of humanity.

It does seem weird to have so much that is good and loving and so much that is causing conflict, resentment, and bitterness occurring seemingly simultaneously.  This is the moment of change, and for change to be brought forth chaos and confusion must be present.  In situations of chaos and confusion change will occur, because chaos and confusion inevitably lead to change.  Mostly in the past things only appeared to get better – wars ending and peace being established – before the cycle started again with wars of greater intensity causing greater damage and suffering than before.

This not what is happening now.  Humanity is awakening to the realization that conflict and the resultant wars are both insane and totally unnecessary.  Wars arise from a powerful egotistical need to be right and make the other wrong, and the facts of the situation are never the issues over which wars are fought.  Wars are fought over the issue of pride!  The pride of the authority figure(s) who choose conflict in order to demonstrate how powerful they are.  But conflict always leads to further conflict as the defeated ones recover and choose to reengage to heal their injured pride.

That kind of pride, which has been present for eons, has finally been recognized for what it is – a child-like refusal to admit that it has made a mistake by totally denying it, and blaming the resultant damage on someone else.  With recognition, with awareness of this, the possibility for change arises and is wisely and enthusiastically embraced by all involved.

This global awareness or recognition is the direct result of so many choosing to be loving whatever arises, and it has now become so all-encompassing that it is empowering the peoples of the world to absolutely demand change from those who were elected to serve them, but who have misused their positions for personal gain.  The tipping point has passed, doubts are dissolving, and humanity is awakening.

Prepare yourselves for the joy to come by continuing to hold your Light on high and treating absolutely everyone with love and respect.  Doing just that is what brings into effect the changes for which you have all been hoping and praying.

With so very much love to you all at this dawning of the terrestrial year of 2020, Saul.

Mike Quinsey Dec. 20/19

20th December 2019. Mike Quinsey.

Message from Mike.

Here we are again looking back on yet another year that seems to have passed so quickly and that has been the pattern for many years now. It is proof that time is still speeding up and if prophesies for this period are proved to be correct, we shall continue to experience many changes.

Some are undoubtedly brought about by the actions of mankind and not all are necessarily beneficial. However, there are great movements underway that can hardly be held back any longer and I believe that the year 2020 will at last see some positive changes that will move us away from strife and struggles into a more peaceful time.

The real changes that will benefit mankind have to commence sometime soon, as it is becoming harder and harder to hold them back. Obviously the dark Ones do not want you to know how very advanced they are, but they will eventually have to come clean and announce their intention to reveal a lot more of the truth about the great changes that are possible and already being enjoyed by them.

With the obvious speeding up of the climate changes and the resultant problems anticipated, ways of overcoming the threats they represent must be found and acted upon otherwise Mankind will suffer the results for many years to come. Yet secretly so many advances already made in technologies would help ease the problems they represent.

There is no doubt in my mind that in many instances we have the wrong people leading the way forward. They acknowledge that big changes are taking place, but will not dedicate their work to helping the people to be fully prepared for the extremes in weather that are already starting to be felt.

On the positive side many people are coming together to take action before it is too late to have any real impact to deal with the changes. Changes are all around us and some are threatening the very fabric of society so clearly action is needed sooner rather than later and the sooner the better.

I feel that we are looking at a very eventful New Year and that 2020 will prove to be a turning point, when many of the “right” people who know how to handle the coming changes will emerge into public life. It is already noticeable that the younger generations are stepping forward to take charge of many matters because they have the better understanding of what is needed to handle them.

I believe that if some people try to prevent them from gaining prominence, they will be removed by greater powers than those on Earth. Since the New Age we are no longer bound by edicts that prevented help from being given to us. It was never completely denied us depending on circumstances, and whether the outcome would prevent Man from following the path that had been ordained for him.

I would like to thank our team for their dedication to the cause and untiring work for Humanity, and I believe it is for souls to have their freedom returned. It is coming, but not fully until the influence of the dark Ones is totally removed. It is our destiny and the word of the Supreme Creator that cannot be challenged. So I will conclude by wishing everyone a wonderful time for the Christmas period, and an exciting and fulfilling New Year.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for your unending support. Mike Quinsey.

I shall be sending out the first message of the New Year for Friday the 10th January 2020.

Message from My Higher Self

If only you could see the beautiful energy you are giving out at the time of your celebrations. The clear beautiful colours come streaming out and lift you up so that the end of the year becomes a glorious example of what your love can achieve. Family problems can be set aside to bring them together for your special occasion regardless of whatever name you give it.  It is a great time for overcoming your differences and starting anew.

Certainly your Guides will be well behind you giving every encouragement to bring about peace and goodwill. Sometimes big issues are involved but any time is a good one to overcome them, and forgiveness may be hard to come by, but with goodwill and determination anything can be achieved.

Dwelling upon the negative issues brings down your own vibrations and is ultimately likely to result in illness. Forgiveness is like standing in the Light of Love and it helps all of those involved, and happiness soon replaces gloom and despair.

Some souls feel so hurt by their experiences that they find it hard to forgive, but you cannot go on forever living at less than your true potential. Be assured that as soon as you decide to face your problems head on, you will be given every encouragement and help to succeed. Do you realise that if you hold onto the lower vibrations you will most likely experience some form of illness as they tend to poison the body. At a time of “goodwill” just see how good and well you feel when spreading love and kindness.

As you must by now be aware the vibrations are continuing to lift up, and they will give strength to those who seek to do good work in the name of love for their brothers and sisters who are also experiencing life in your material Universe. Look upon those around you as following in each other’s footsteps and learning by example as you all have something to offer that will enhance another souls experiences.

You have a wealth of experience from your many lives upon Earth, and although you have little if any recall of them they do nevertheless influence your thoughts and actions. You are the sum total of all of your lives and it influences your thoughts and actions, so be understanding of other souls when they may have a totally different view and response to life than yours. You have a saying that “variety is the spice of life” and it could not be truer.

I leave you with blessings of love and goodwill that forever pour out of the Godhead. May you achieve your life’s desires and fulfil your plan for further evolvement.

In Love and Light

Mike Quinsey.

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FOL via Blossom Goodchild Dec. 15/19

Well, Hello! This will be our last message this year probably. (I’m planning to do a White Cloud Video next week). So firstly, on behalf of myself and all those you have lifted the spirits of, may we take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all your Love and support and wisdom and friendship. We have all come such a long way and although at times we feel like nothing has changed and we want to hand in our notice … somehow we keep going and your encouragement helps us to do so. THANK YOU FROM THE DEEPEST PLACE OF OUR HEARTS.

Dearest Blossom and ALL who have come to know us as friends, as we have you. We are touched by your opening words and we take them into our Beings with DeLight.

Yet in TRUTH it is you, Each One of you, that deserve the accolades. For we could not Feel more honoured to share our Knowledge with you, to assist you and to remind you of all that you already know!

I can feel my heart swelling with Love literally and I am choking up to the brim with emotion.

We wonder if our words can find their way into the deepest place of your Being, this day? For it is our intention that you FEEL this LOVE that we shower upon you. If only, if only, if only you could see this entire charade (with respect) from the Highest perspective. If ONLY you could KNOW IN TRUTH how Each One of you have made such an Enormous Change, not only within your Beings, yet, by doing so, you have also CHANGED GREATLY THE VERY VIBRATION OF THE PLANET so that it is now ‘almost’ ready to move into its Higher positioning.

YOU, DEAREST SOULS, who have chosen to reside upon Earth at this time have ‘battled’ on throughout the heaviest of circumstances and STILL are able to shine YOUR LIGHT BRIGHTER THAN EVER BEFORE. Due to the fact that you have discovered more and more of yourselves and have begun to recognize that which you are … LIGHT.

Yes, you are disguised within your Earthly cloaking. Yet, this was the design of your choice and the Knowledge that your Light can work alongside/within this Heavenly vehicle, allowed you to Feel even more excited about the mission you have chosen to undertake … before you arrived.




As you breathe deeply in and out and say the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM.  mantra … connect with us. Feel the gathering of all souls who are upon the Earth for the exact same purpose as yourself … To lift it … To raise it into Bliss.

Recall, as we have put it this way before … as if you were in a vast meeting ‘On High’ and you were shown your mission. The Divine Plan was explained to you, with ALL its ups and downs and in’s and out’s … with all its Glories and its downfalls … with all its strength’s and its weaknesses, for each of these are OF DIVINITY.

You felt so strongly then, as you are beginning to do again … the want … the desire to be upon Earth, to be a PIONEER OF TRUTH … to be a WARRIOR OF LIGHT … to be a WAY SHOWER … and as your strength returns in these Higher Energies coming through at a fantastic rate now, you KNOW YOU KNOW!

Although we don’t know what it is we know?

Once upon a time we would have agreed. Yet, have not you changed, Blossom? Have not all of you now changed in this way of thinking? Because NOW YOU DO … YOU KNOW.

Think about it. If we ask you now, what is this Knowing that you think you don’t know? What would your answer be?

It would be … that actually, yes I do know. I knew all along, yet, didn’t know I knew I knew! Ha-ha! This KNOWING … is … MY KNOWING … Yet, it is so hard to put it into words.

‘Welcome to our world’ as the saying goes. We ask you try a little more.

Ok. This KNOWING is not about wisdom or strategies, or study of ancient times. It is not ‘about’ anything. This KNOWING is nothing more, (yet, it is Everything) … than the FEELING INSIDE OF KNOWING WE ARE LOVE-LIGHT and within that acceptance … there is nothing more we need to KNOW … for LOVE-LIGHT KNOWS ALL … for it is all.

We could not put it better ourselves. And within you answering in that way, it proves, it just goes to show … that Each One of you KNOW THIS.

It is not that you NEED US … not in any way, shape, or form. We are just here to trigger your remembrance of yourselves.

Many write in asking you to ask us questions, Blossom. Yet, Truly, there is no need. For ALL KNOWLEDGE lies within you when you KNOW OF THE LOVE YOU ARE. When you KNOW this in fullness, there will be no questions. For all answers are not needed … for EVERYTHING just is.

With respect, Dearest Souls, your thirst for Knowledge can sometimes veer off the beaten track! You wish to know this and that, in the hope that it will satisfy your curiosity and yet, it will not. For always you will be searching for more answers to quench that thirst. Yet, we say to you … BE AT PEACE … LET ALL THAT IS … BE.

Does a tree, does an animal or insect run hither and thither searching for answers? Indeed not. They KNOW themselves to BE who they/what they are. They are in acceptance and live lives and thrive through them.

Yet, with all respect of that which you say, Humans are designed very differently. If we didn’t have a thirst for Knowledge we wouldn’t have advanced as far as we have.

This we understand. Yet, we would perhaps then introduce the word of balance? We would introduce the words of ‘Stillness of mind’. We are not saying that Knowledge is not to your advantage. We are saying more so, that there are certain things one can never know the answers to when upon Earth. There are also certain things that are simply a yes or no answer.

Then why is it that you are unable to give us these yes or no answers sometimes?

Because Blossom, it is not our place to do so. We are aware of much that takes place in your world and we are also aware of that which is a blatant suggestion to take one off track.

So, why wouldn’t you want to let us be aware of such blatant suggestions?

Because as we say … it is not our place. We have a purpose in our communications with you. This purpose is to assist the Human Race in remembering ‘their’ purpose and what it is they came here to do and to BE. We understand that one of Earth may Feel it necessary to KNOW certain things that are going on … and quite rightly so. Yet, we ask you to recognise that all that IS TO BE REVEALED will be done so in Divine Timing. For when it is … so much will make complete sense as the jigsaw pieces fall into place. If ‘things we know’ were to be told ‘out of sequence’ it would not serve you, us, or indeed The Whole … and by this we mean ALL.

May we add, when you rely upon your self’s worth … when you understand that you need to know nothing other than the fact that YOU ARE THE LIGHT, YOU ARE THE LOVE, YOU ARE THE I AM … when you TRULY FEEL this KNOWING, the need to discover more will cease. For you will find a PEACE WITHIN THAT KNOWING, as we have said.

Like you, Blossom, we struggle with words sometimes. For when it comes to trying to describe the FEELING … there simply are no words to do so.

Continue to KNOW … Continue to FEEL THIS LOVE LIGHT. As you can tell, we cannot stress this enough!

That’s ok. Truly! I am pretty sure that so many of us now GET IT. We get what you have been trying to say for all these years. It makes much more sense to us now that we have ‘Fallen into Grace’ and acknowledged that self-worth is a very worthy cause!

Dearest Blossom. NOW in these precious, delicate times and in all the days that you are to behold … KNOW THIS …




Alongside of this you are ‘Changing the state of play’. Too many of you have had enough of the way things are. All over/around /within your Globe, shifts are occurring. Major shifts that will have each and every one change their way of thinking … Change their attitude because we tell you








Do you feel this Blossom? Do you Know and Feel this as Truth?

YES! It could be tomorrow, it could be in 10 or 20 years … it doesn’t matter! For it has to be in Divine Timing right? And in this Knowing … I go forth in Peace and Love and wish you Radiant Light Beings a wonderful Christmas. Which, when you think about it seems ridiculous. I can’t see you with Christmas trees and presents or indeed, mistletoe!

Our ‘Christmas’ is celebrated in the ways of Love and warmth that Light up your Planet at this time. To Feel this, as we do, in this season of Good will to all men, woman and children … to all birds, plants, insects … to all whose home is under the sea … to all Life … not just on your Planet yet, EVERYWHERE To Feel this LOVE for one another, Dearest Blossom and all … is the Greatest Gift of all.

Thank you so very much, my friends … oops … another tear drop forming. WE LOVE YOU … In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.