Saul via John Smallman June 10/20

Your presence in form is an absolutely essential presence in this now moment.

06/10/2020 by John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening process is moving along very nicely indeed, as increasing numbers of people become aware of how, and for how long, those in governmental positions of authority have been willfully misleading the electorate that they have been elected to serve. This increasing awareness is a necessary part of your awakening process, because it leads you to realize that it is in yourselves that you must trust, allowing your intuitive knowing to guide you powerfully and lovingly along your chosen life paths. That guidance is always with you, you just have to learn to trust it by practicing using it, first in situations that are non-threatening, and then, as your trust strengthens, in situations that are more demanding.

You were created as sovereign beings with free will, but over the eons many have been trained and encouraged to give their power away to others – parents, teachers, the military, the police, multi-national organizations, religious leaders, and governments – supposedly for their own good. And as your history clearly shows, those to whom power is given nearly always abuse it, and then conflicts erupt, either small and local, or on a massive scale, setting good people at war with one another to satisfy hidden agendas which are then presented to you as necessary and in your own and everyone else’s best interests.

With the present ongoing global lock-down and governmentally imposed limitations on your personal freedom it is becoming very apparent that the present systems of government, seemingly different in different countries and nations, are most definitely not in humanity’s best interests and need to be drastically changed so that everyone – every individual – is heard, honored, and respected. The idea of democracy and of establishing democratic societies has existed for a long time, and has occasionally seemingly been put into practice, however, almost without fail, those who are elected to or take upon themselves positions of power and authority become consumed by their own egotistical desire for ever more of it. Sometimes this leads to a particular person being criminally indicted by others in the group, who then choose a replacement, and on other occasions it leads to conflict, suffering for many, and revolution, whereupon the whole process starts over again. That is human history.

Your ongoing human awakening is the process by which this long term systemic societal, cultural, and governmental incompetence and/or corruption will be brought to a conclusion, to be replaced by loving and harmonious worldwide cooperation on a scale that has never before happened on Planet Earth. Humanity’s future is bright now because there are enormous possibilities arising that will be seen and most creatively used to bring about the essential changes for which all are hoping, but which, at present, only a few can conceive of.

Every human on Earth at this moment is in the process of evolving spiritually – whether they are aware of this or not – and they chose to be here in this moment to assist and take part in the awakening. For the vast majority all that they need to do is to set the intention, at least once daily, to be only loving no matter what may arise to confront them in their daily lives. To be loving is your divine assignment, while at the same time living lives of honesty and integrity in which you most consciously and mindfully love, honor, and respect everyone with whom you interact in any manner at all. As ever larger numbers of people do this the energy field of Love, in which all of God’s divine creation is eternally enfolded, becomes more intensely felt, moving you gently and very positively into a strong desire to allow Love to embrace you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. This is what It has always wanted to do – and of course, this is what everyone is seeking when they search for love outside themselves – and it is your allowance that permits It to do so. However, very many of you have been brought up to believe that you are not worthy of God’s Love, and so, because of this invalid belief, you have drawn an apparently impenetrable and invisible cloak or veil between yourselves and Love. It is this that provides the unreal, but seemingly intensely real experience of separation.

You CANNOT be unworthy because you are divine creations, Beings like unto God, and therefore you are absolutely perfect. But, while you believe in your unworthiness you are seeing yourselves only as your human forms. You are not your human forms, they are just vehicles that make it possible for you to experience a life limited by form, and those forms are fearful because their life span is very short, and therefore apparently terminal for you. This severely time limited life of form is not an inspiring concept, and so distraction is urgently sought in many ways, one of which is the recently developed addiction to social media.

Now, as the global lock-down continues to restrict your freedom, there is a marvelous opportunity for you to make a personal retreat by going within for an hour or two daily to rest in mindful awareness. As you do so, set the intent for people everywhere to open their hearts to one another in mutual support. This is most effective as the energy field enveloping each one of you is the divine field of Love that is Mother/Father/God, Source, All That Is, and by setting that intent you make it happen. With this opening Love is not only given permission but is most warmly invited to fill the hearts of all on Earth.

Love filled hearts dissolve fear, most positively encourage loving social interaction, and mightily strengthen the collective intent to awaken. You are all presently incarnate to awaken from the dream, the illusion, and to establish Heaven on Earth. That is what you are actually doing in this now moment, and as the intent to do so intensifies more and more of you will begin to feel the Love in which you are always enfolded. Remember, separation is unreal and utterly impossible! You just feel separated because of the cloak or veil that is an aspect of the unreal state you collectively built and chose to experience. When you awaken, as you will, the cloak or veil of separation will dissolve.

Use this special time wisely and lovingly to address and release any deep seated resentments, hatreds, blaming, and the resulting judgments that then flow into your minds. They are just thoughts from which you need to disengage, because they interfere with your intentions to be only loving whatever arises.

Everyone wants only to be loved, because Love is your divine nature, so make a point of being mindful of this as it strengthens your intent to be only loving. Doing that is to do the divine Will, which is also your will, because there is only One Will. This is the reason each one of you incarnated at this moment in the awakening process, and your presence in form is an absolutely essential presence in this now moment.

With so very much love, Saul.

Jesus via John Smallman June 7/20

You incarnated solely to live lovingly.

June 7, 2020 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms I, Jesus, and all your individual support teams are watching over you constantly and inundating you with LOVE, as the awakening process continues to unfold perfectly as divinely planned.  The “stuff”, that we have talked about previously, has strongly intensified for many as it flows into your conscious awareness to be recognized, thanked, and fully released.  Attending to this can be very tiring, very stressful, and very unsettling, because most of you have been unaware of how much stuff you had hidden deep within yourselves, waiting to be acknowledged and released.  The intensity has shocked many of you as friends and loved ones have unexpectedly – and mostly quite unwittingly – triggered spontaneous and unloving reactions that have exploded from within you, and which you have then directed powerfully back at those who have triggered you, shocking and offending them, thus triggering them in return.

This is a time for you to demonstrate enormous compassion for yourselves and for all others, because so many are feeling very confused in this period of great uncertainty, as the familiar world appears to be disintegrating, and when and how the future will unfold remains out of sight.  People do not like uncertainty – and yet the world of form has always been filled with uncertainty – and so they establish routines and life patterns that seem to show them the way forward to desired ends and events whose achievement is guaranteed.  This does work for short periods of time for individuals – maybe for as long as ten years, though more frequently for much shorter periods – then something happens that throws their plans into disarray.

Right now nearly everyone’s plans are in disarray, and the future seems to be more uncertain than anyone can remember.  Know that your awakening is absolutely assured.  Nevertheless, how you will awaken is not yet clear to you.  This is a time in which you need to strengthen your trust in God’s Love for you, and allow that trust to guide your thoughts, words, and actions, as you go about your daily human lives.  Live lovingly whatever arises for you, and demonstrate Love in action by being the divine Being that God so joyfully and lovingly created as You.  It is ALL that You are.  Anything that arises within you that is not in complete alignment with Love is not You, and is unreal.

As stress or fear attempts to fill your minds as you concern yourselves with reestablishing your ‘normal’ routines when the present restrictions on your freedom are eased or removed, turn to me, or indeed to anyone in the non physical realms with whom you commune on a regular basis, and ask for help and guidance to strengthen your faith in Mother/Father/God to Whom you are always inseparably connected.  Doing this will bring you comfort as the knowing of your inseparability from Source – with Whom you are always One – arises into your conscious mind reminding you again that there is only Love, that all else is unreal and will pass away.

The massive worldwide uncertainty, that all are presently experiencing, is an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process.  In order for you to awaken you have to let go of or release your hold on “your life story,” the egoic image of yourself that you have built up as your identity, and which you present to others as the ‘me” that you think you are.  This is not who You are!  However the belief in this identity has become so deeply ingrained within you that you truly believe that it is who you are.  Your egos do not want to let go of this identity because they fear it will terminate their existence, and their sole purpose within you is to protect their identity so that they can control you through fear.

By fully opening to and embracing Love, your true and eternal nature, you allow It to dissolve your fear as the realization dawns on you that truly there is nothing to fear.  If you doubt this, remember what those who have had near death experiences (NDEs) have shared in books and interviews: that there is no death, that they have fully experienced knowing the truth of this, and that as a result of their experience they have lost all fear of death.  By opening fully to and embracing Love you too will come to the personal realization that there is nothing to fear, because you will know that there is only Love.

To arrive at this realization daily meditation must be practiced by relaxing into your holy inner sanctuaries, as you let arising thoughts just flow through your mind without engaging with them.  It does take practice, relaxed practice, where you let go of all judgments about your competence or ability – egotistical thoughts arising – that distract you from being at One with Yourself.  When you let go of self-assessment and self-judgment, and accept yourself just as you are, peace will arise within you as you enjoy the moment: ‘smelling the rose,’ ‘watching the sunshine playing on the water,’ ‘hearing the bird song,’ ‘listening to the breeze rustling the tree leaves.’  Truly all is well.

Remind yourself that you are on the path that you set up for yourself before you incarnated, and that you were born into the family that was absolutely perfect and that would allow the lessons that you had chosen to learn to be presented to you at just the right moment.  There are no accidents or coincidences, unexpected events are part of your life plan to allow you to deal with them in the most loving manner of which you are capable in the moment in which they occur.  Later in your lives you may look back and regret certain things you have said or done that have hurt others, and that awareness alone is enough to allow you to forgive yourself and move forward.  To dwell on past events of that nature, instead of acknowledging them and releasing them, causes you unnecessary pain and suffering and serves no useful purpose.  Forgive yourselves, and forgive others who have hurt or offended you, realizing that you were all doing your absolute best in that moment.  Judging yourselves and others wrong for past events with the ‘wisdom’ of hindsight is to cling to something that has passed, which makes no sense because there is only now.  Use your new awareness to live more lovingly.

You incarnated solely to live lovingly, and by so doing to assist humanity in the awakening process.  Your intent to send Love is extremely powerful, even though you very likely will receive no feedback after doing so.  Trust that this is so, knowing that you are a divine Being at One with Source, while remaining within the limitations of form where positive loving feedback, although often given, is often unseen or unfelt.  Your loving intentions always arrive at their destination and mightily assist those to whom they are directed, so keep on loving and intending to be loving, and awaken!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Mike Quinsey June 5/20

5th June 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Realise that regardless of what you do upon Earth, it cannot affect the progress of the changes that are proceeding well as seen from Mother Earth’s point of view.

How mankind is reacting to them will determine how easily they take place and the only way is to flow with them and be prepared so that you are not taken by surprise.

Governments have a habit of waiting until changes are forced upon them, and by then find it difficult to handle them. It is apparent that there is a sense of urgency connected with the changes and it is becoming evident that your way of life has to change, otherwise you will find yourselves forced to take action, as they impinge on your normal way of life.

You have been given many indicators as to what you need to do and it does mean that big business cannot carry on as it has in the past. You cannot expect to continue evolving whilst you cling onto the old ways that are slowly proving to be inadequate for the tasks that face you.

It is no good looking back and instead you must anticipate what is needed to cope with what lays ahead. We cannot tell you what to do as that must be your decision but we do nevertheless try to point you in the right direction. However, regardless of what you do Ascension will take place and rightly so for those souls who have prepared for it.

Some of you will be hoping to ascend but not feel ready at this time. You will however be likely to understand that whatever you have gained where your spiritual development is concerned, will go forward with you and give you a better start that may finally lead to a successful Ascension.

We would like to see as many souls as possible make the grade, but on the other hand there is no urgency. Be assured that as always you will be helped but there is no pressure being applied, as souls develop at their own speed and in so doing are more certain of success. Clearly there is no point in moving into higher vibrations until you are completely ready.

On Earth the concerns are real regarding the present conditions that indicate hard times lay ahead, but first you must set your sights upon a sensible way to bring changes into place that will overcome the likelihood of further problems.

We have often referred to the way you have been held back, and now is the time for time saving and life saving ideas to be passed onto you. Much depends on how quickly the Illuminati and their supporters can be brought to justice to answer for their crimes against the people. At this time much is happening in this respect and once they are out of the way there will be no stopping the introduction of many new innovations that will make life so much easier for you.

Remember that to some extent you attract to yourself what you focus upon and give energy to. It is therefore vital that it is all that is good and wholesome, and never upon those aspects of life that you find negative. If you can go a stage further you can live life by living in the moment and be assured that all that you need will come to you.

Few will be able to live up to it as it involves a totally new way of living against an orderly life where nearly everything is planned in advance. Many will already be aware that in the higher vibrations you simply visualise/think what you want and it appears for you, so what you are doing is preparing for such a time.

Living on a make-believe world for many lives has set your mind in such a way that you expect and accept that what is around you is normal, not realising that you live in a time capsule that is keeping you in a permanent state of need and preventing you from enjoying a much better way of life.

Many of your negative experiences are the result of your own actions that will involve karmic issues to be cleared. Naturally there is good karma and you attract good things to yourself. Know that what you do to others goes full circle and comes back to you in some form or another.

You cannot get away with any negative act and will certainly have karma to deal with, more likely later but sometimes instant. The system of karma is absolutely fair and in no way a punishment, but carefully arranged so that you can learn lessons from it.

It may not immediately be apparent as to how you have incurred it but be sure it is necessary if you are to overcome whatever led to the necessity for it. If you still do not learn from it further karma will be incurred until you do. Such things hold up your evolutionary progress even so that every attempt will be made to help you past it.

In fact lessons are being learnt all of the time as your Guides will ensure that you progress knowing exactly what you need to advance your understanding where your spirituality is concerned. If you are by nature a gentle soul that abhors violence or anything that is negative, you will most certainly be a perfect example of how to conduct yourself and respect another soul’s life plan regardless of what it is.

You have no way of knowing what has prompted that soul to have certain experiences, so it is better not to form an opinion that is perhaps a judgement based on very little facts. The higher your vibrations you are less likely to need karmic lessons, especially if you have reached a level where you understand a souls responsibility and acknowledge their God Self.

The truth is so different to what most people imagine and not helped by those who claim to know, but only have distorted and incorrect knowledge. Finding the truth can be most difficult which is why you all have Guides who do their best to get you on a path that leads to it. Yet as you have freewill they would not interfere with your choices but will help you find the correct path.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

FOL via Blossom Goodchild May 31/20

This turned out to be quite a self-indulgent chat, yet it seems many feel like me, so I am hoping my indulgence will be useful.

Hello there once again, dear friends. Someone posed a question that had never crossed my mind. I would be grateful if you could answer it.

Welcome, Dearest Blossom. We are always happy to engage in conversation with you and accept that when you feel the need to ask a particular ‘something’, we will try our very best to answer it as appropriately as we see fitting.

Ok. Thank you. You speak many times of those down here being chosen, only the ‘strongest of the strong’, etc. and that many had to stay behind, so to speak. How come then, we have rapists, murderers, and all nature of what appears to be darkened souls down here, who appear to be contributing to the darkness, not the Light?

That is indeed an excellent question. We would answer in Truth that for those souls who appear to other souls to be of the darkness, they too, have their quest. They too, know that the experience of Life upon Earth is the ‘quickest’ way for the soul to travel on the path to Enlightenment. Therefore, they have just as much ‘right’ to be here as one who walks the path of Love and Truth and service to others.

Yes. Yet, surely if more of the goodies were chosen, maybe we would not be in such a mess?

Blossom … the ‘mess’ was inevitable. The peak* of this mess is upon you Now and has been created by each and every one whether you consider one to be of Lighter or darker temperament. Your world is a ‘mishmash’ of all that is … and it is now that the Game … the Experiment …  has reached its ultimate position where it has been agreed upon that CHANGE HAS TO OCCUR … For the Greatest Good of All.

Yep, get that! Yet, wouldn’t it be better for those whose souls desire to cause harm, were put in a little place somewhere else ‘off’ Planet … all of them together and for them to play out ‘their game’ on/with each other? Why should, what we understand to be ‘innocent souls’ be their victims?

Because Blossom, your lives are Infinite. One you may consider to be innocent now, may once have been very much like the perpetrator.

So, are we talking karma here?

We are. Let us speak of that! Karma is not necessarily ‘payback’ from one soul to another. It does not work that way. Yet, it would be for the soul that repents … to ‘ask’ for the same experience … of feeling… of that which they caused another … in order to KNOW the harm they put upon another … in order to forgive themselves. This is but one example of many, many … that befits that topic.

Remember too, that there is CHOICE. We cannot, no one can, interfere with another’s choice. If one chooses to enter onto a pathway that is not leading them into the Light, that is their decision.

They may have had every good intention before they came … and yet, got lost along the way.

So, with respect, not necessarily the strongest of the strong then?

With respect … how strong do you feel at the moment Blossom?

Oh, Touché! Top marks. You obviously have been tuning into my Energy. For, the answer to that is … Not very strong at all! In fact, I feel so ‘weak’ in my supposed strength. I am aware of all your teachings, especially the mantra to keep me afloat, yet, seem to be sinking with a brick around my ankle and cannot be bothered to untie it! Absolutely get what you mean. I was wrong to have judged.

Not wrong, Dearest Blossom. It is just that our perspective in/of/ all matters is very different from yours because of the difference in Vibration in /from which we reside.

So then, tell me honestly … (why  do I even need to say that to you for I know you will) for those of us that feel we are ‘failing miserably’ right now in our purpose, our mission down here,  are you disappointed in us? It’s going to get much worse, you say … and I for one, am not doing very well at anchoring the Light and sending out Rainbows right now and this is only phase one!

Blossom, Dearest Blossom, YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING OF LIGHT! That which we offer you are assistances to bring about THE CHANGE that you are in. It is not that we would in any way be taking score of how well you are doing. When we see one’s Energy and disposition is low, we send Love. We do not judge.

We are not down there with you in the thick of it. Many of you are intensely sensitive to the Energies within upon and around your Planet during these times. When you eventually get to hear of what actually is taking place right now, in that which you believe to be an ‘incubation period’ … you will understand perfectly. ‘No wonder I felt so bad’, you will say.

Yet, you are asking us to stand strong in our Light … for these times are why we came … and I feel my battery is almost out.

Our suggestion to this would be to rest and recharge then. We certainly would not advise to beat yourself up about the way you are feeling.

Yes, I know it doesn’t help my plight. I seem to be beating myself up for beating myself up even!

There will be a shift in Energies that will lift your spirits.

A shift in Energies BEFORE whatever phase THE EVENT may be in?

Yes. For as we have stated before … one will feel the preliminary effects of this in preparation for the actual happening.

It is not ‘our policy’ to undermine or contradict another’s messages … yet, there is talk of the June solstice being the time of the great Solar Flash.

There indeed, is talk.

Like there was talk of the Comet Atlas that was going to cause such devastation and chaos … destined to happen last weekend. With the greatest of respect … I am here … still … all electricity working etc. I mean … no wonder so many cynically now, take everything with a grain of salt.

Blossom … where does your heart lie?

What do you mean?

Just that. Deep in the core of your heart … what do you feel?


Look deeper.

The door’s shut.

Open it. Walk inside.

Far out. To my absolute surprise, I saw a mass of worms all intertwined and squirming. Not what I expected at all. I thought I was going to see a rainbow sphere or something! See, what I mean?

Open the next door.

I haven’t got my wellies on and I might slip on the worms! OK. Deep breath and stretching my arm out for the latch … and … Oh! Oh! Oh! The Rainbow Land … I opened the door into the most beautiful vista of colour … a Bridge  …  and the biggest Rainbow. It instantly made me cryIt just feels so far away from the insanity of this world we are experiencing right now.

Yet, it is only a few doors away! KNOW THIS IN YOUR HEARTS.


Wow! You told us what is going to be happening in Phase Two. Yet … God, I am so argumentative … isn’t this happening undercover at the moment?

Indeed. Yet, not publicly … as such. There is much speculation woven in with that which is Truth and being heralded as Truth … when it is only speculation!

How I wish you could/would give us some hints.

Blossom, when the time is appropriate to do so and not one moment before … ALL WILL KNOW THAT WHICH IS TO BE KNOWN.

Meanwhile, with so much Love being sent to each one … concentrate on the Rainbow Light … watch yourselves walk over the Bridge and sit there a while, and when ready, walk back again feeling renewed and strengthened … IN THE KNOWING YOU CANNOT FAIL.

Thanks, so much Guys. Phew … who would have thought! We have been waiting so long saying ‘Bring it on!’ and now it is here, I don’t like it! I’ll turn myself around when I’ve worked through this ‘occurrence within’. I am the Love. I am the Light. I am the Truth. I AM.

A phase, Dearest Blossom, Dearest souls … just a phase!

In Gratitude, in Loving service, I AM.

*When they say ‘peak’  … I feel the entirety of the scenario as it shall be played out. I do not feel they mean phase one that we are now in, is the peak of the mess.

Mike Quinsey May 29/20

29th May 2020. Michael Quinsey.

The break from normal activities has given people an opportunity to have a deep look at their lives and where they are going. It is a worrying time for many, but is necessary to be able to sit quietly and contemplate your future. Few realise the true significance of what is taking place, but the circumstances reveal how unsettled the population is and how few are satisfied with their lives. This is in part due to the uncertainty of their future that is yet to be determined and there is a sense of loss of direction. It is as you might say “all in the boiling pot” and it is being laid down as you advance as you are in fact creating your future.

Peace is within your reach as World Wars are no longer an option, and there will be less and less confrontations as time progresses. Gone are the times of the Big Powers dominating the world and it has been a long journey, but now people are awakening to the pointless carnage and destruction that wars bring upon them. The truth surrounding “war” and who benefits from them will become known and you will learn that the Illuminati play both sides against each other, whilst benefitting from the sales of weaponry to both of them. The truth must come out and those responsible will answer for what at many times have been horrendous crimes against Humanity. 

Those who have a broader view and an open mind are better able to establish the truth as for anyone with anything less it will be difficult to take in the full extent of what has been taking place. Understand that the dark Ones have held sway for hundreds of years whilst building up their control of all aspects of life on Earth. You have now earned your freedom and no can take it away from you except through yourselves. The stage has been set and all that remains is for you to take charge of your lives and ensure you make the best out of the opportunities that are being presented to you. It may seem impossible to see the Light amongst all of the darkness that has shrouded the Earth and its people, but be assured that your time has come and no one will be able to prevent you from reaching Ascension.

We stress again that the changes will take time but the basis for them already exists waiting for mankind to fully awaken to the great future that beckons. Have faith and keep looking forwards and do not let anything of the lower vibrations distract you from your pathway. We are able to look ahead and see the true potential and you are well on track to be successful. Indeed, you can help the higher vibrations manifest quicker by concentrating on all that is of the Light, and know that you create your own protection by doing so. We say again that you are great Beings of Light and have yet to realise your true potential. You have sufficient to create anything that you desire so think positively and focus on what you want out of life.

Meanwhile there are still testing times to come, but knowing that in the long run all will turn out satisfactorily should enable you to cope with whatever problems arise. You will after all only be given tasks that are within your ability to handle. You need to keep going so that you do not lose the benefit from any advancement that you may have already achieved. This is not the time to lose track of your life plan although you may be sure your Guides will do their best to help you keep to it. After Ascension you will have much more independence because you will have proved that you are ready to take on much greater responsibilities.

In the future you will take on a much greater responsibility and be quite capable of handling it. You will for example be mentors to other souls following in your footsteps, and the system of those who have advanced helping others to reach the same stage, is the way evolution is continually growing. Normally a soul will decide how much they want to take on and whatever it is will ensure that progress is made. With help from those who know what you need to experience you will plan your next phase of development. So you have much to look forward to and it should inspire you for greater things.

There will always be other souls who cross your path who will benefit from your vast experience, and helping each other is very much the normal when you reach the higher dimensions. It is in every ones interest to do so, so that no one is left behind.  In reality no one is left without help although in the lower vibrations some souls seem determined to continue doing their own thing that is allowed in a freewill Universe. There are times when some souls cannot understand why God allows certain negative events to take place, possibly having forgotten or perhaps never told that they have freewill that is respected and honoured.

You never stop learning as you evolve and there are also endless opportunities on other planets and in different Universes. In your present position you have been denied so much that your evolution has been slower than it could otherwise have been. Nevertheless, you have led lives that have been specifically arranged to ensure that there are ample opportunities to progress, and remember that you are always accompanied by your Guides. They will not necessarily always be the same ones, as there are times when you need a specific Guide who has the experience to teach you what you need.

You are doing a wonderful job of bringing the Light into your dimension, in spite of the darkness that is always present and challenging it. However, the Light is stronger than ever and the dark Ones have lost the opportunity to try and overcome it, as time has run out for them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

 Mike Quinsey.

St. Germaine via Nancy Tate May 26/20

Wake up Call, St. Germain, May 26, 2020

There is going to be an upcoming time when all of you will find that you have a purpose in life that has not as yet found it’s way into your beingness. When it does make itself known then you will see why there has been the supposed delay and why it is now in purpose for what it is telling you is the time and opportunity for you to step forth in your personage and see the change in the life that you are about to make. It will be a change that will be of the only way that makes sense to you, and that will be the answer to why you have led your life in the way that you have been doing for the past several months, or years.

It will now make it’s way forth in your life and give you the opportunity to clear not only the past happenings that kept you docile, but will bring to you the understanding of what it is that is taking place in this new moment of power that you have walked into as soon as you create it. It is a time for you to see what you will be doing for the world of yours and all others who will be involved. It will expand throughout the world in one way or another, in one moment of more.

I leave you now with the knowing that you will go forth into this precedented event and take forth the destiny that you have precedented for your world and beyond. I am St Germain, and I see that there are more than this one who are going to see how this will come forth in your life. It will be the joy of being the one and all who will be in the newness of your life and the expression of the Peace, Joy and Love that has been awaiting your next steps in the process of creating the world that is coming for all of life. Go now in that expression and I will see that you are the example for all who are destined for this creation for all of life in Love.

Thank you dear St. Germain! I Love you so much, and I do share this with all who are destined for their next step in life in Love,

Love to All,

Nancy Tate

FOL via Blossom Goodchild May 24/20

Hello there, Oh, Knowledgeable ones!  It seems many are feeling ‘unknowing/lost’ with all that is going on and concerned that they haven’t had their envelope opened yet. Could you reassure them please?

Welcome, firstly. We are happy to converse with you this day and bring All Light and Joy to your Beings that seem to be very much in need of such.

Secondly, it must be understood that although ‘some’ are saying their envelope has been opened /activated … that which ‘We’ speak of regarding envelope opening, has not yet taken place. So, that should put many at ease.

Is it going to be an individual envelope opening, at times when one is ready or an ‘all-out mail drop?!’

It is to be around a certain event.

Thee Event?


Oh, so that could be quite a while then?

Yet, not years away, by any means.

So, are you saying …THE EVENT will open our envelopes?

Yes. For that is when All will need to know their position and purpose. When this ‘hits’ it will awaken the vast majority.

Not all?

Blossom, some will choose to awaken outside of their human flesh. In that, they will choose at the time to be ‘elsewhere’ and therefore, leave their mortal coil.

Everyone will Feel/Experience ‘The Event’. The vastness of it … the Energy of it … cannot be missed.

I thought we may need the envelopes open before then, what with all that is going on?

You do not need them opened before then because all that you require to assist THE WHOLE is within you.

So, what added extra does the envelope bring?

It takes you to a completely different level of KNOWING YOURSELF AND YOUR TRUTHS.


The Energy that it is to bring within it has never before ‘met’ your Earth frequencies.

Yet, we have some time yet before this occurs?

Let us say … this will not take place in Phase Two.

To continue to answer the question … Understand that you are MIGHTY BEINGS within the human embodiment … and these times that have been drawn out have subdued the inner KNOWING to a point sometimes, where one feels completely incapable of shining their Light, due to the heavy Energies surrounding and absorbed by them.

This does not make one soul less KNOWING than another.

It is important in these times to release the indoctrination of unworthiness and break through the barriers that have kept you in such a ‘space’.

Folk are unsure how to do this.

VISUALISE. VISUALISE. VISUALISE and work on empowering the LIGHT BEING that you are. Meditation is the perfect tool for this.




Thank you. I would like to move onto another question that is concerning many. It is regarding whether one should or should not be passing on videos, channellings, etc. that are being widely spread by those who are awake … to … those who are asleep? There is such divided opinion about this. Should one stop watching ‘what is going on behind the scenes’ altogether and concentrate solely on the Light, Love, Rainbows and popcorn, oops, I mean Unicorns … to keep the energy ‘up’ and just wait patiently for it all to kick off? It’s a tricky one.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest All. Integrity, understanding and discernment would be the order of the day.

We would suggest little seeds being planted and watered as opposed to throwing an entire tree at one, all at once!

This reminds me of White Clouds chocolate metaphor. ( Eat one square at a time, wait until it is absorbed and when hungry eat another)

Indeed, little by little.

Yet, easier said than done. For once you begin, the can of worms is opened due to the questions asked … and then Bam! … the whole lot follows … sometimes. It’s difficult just to say a little due to the nature of the beast.

We understand. We would suggest at such times relying on your intuition. This is when you tap into your inner intelligence and LISTEN TO IT. Allow your Higher sensitivity to kick in and offer Love instead of possible unknowns.

Address it as such in that, explaining that these troubled times will also have an end result of the most unbelievably Glorious days ahead.

With respect they won’t believe us especially if we are walking into more turbulence, as you keep saying there will be … some already think we are a bit cuckoo!

We see little point in sugar coating.

I understand yet, in their eyes we will be seen to be even more cuckoo than we already were.

Until …

I know … we just have to hang on … we are so close now to so much. Aren’t we? Please say we are?


So, should we watch rabbit hole adventures or just jump into the Rainbow?

Balance. Keep your balance … weigh up the feelings within you … if you are feeling too deep within the rabbit hole … slide down some rainbows for a time.

YOU ARE INTELLIGENT BEINGS. You do not need us to tell you these things.

What you do need to do is … KNOW THIS.

Personally, I swing from one mood to another on a regular basis. Sometimes, I even feel ‘oh whatever!’ as if I just don’t care … and then another time I feel so strong and KNOW we have won and how exciting it is/will be.


I am trying. We all are …

We know. We feel it. Yet, we are so much more aware of the Glory that is to come … for we KNOW this is so.

I think that is the thing for so many of us, we don’t feel we are doing enough. We just seem to be hanging around waiting.

For what?

The next phase.

It will come soon enough and you will get through it, just as you have been doing in this one.


Do not for a moment, think that with each breath of I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. that it is not ‘doing its thing.’

Every time you say this … you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you Meditate you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you Laugh you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time your Heart Warms at the sight of a Rainbow you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you SMILE no matter what you have just heard or experienced, you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.


Please read that last sentence again and KNOW IT FROM DEEP WITHIN.

To do what you came to do, does not mean you are riding winged horses with swords of Light 24/7.

Well, not on this human level …

Indeed, for on another level, that Truth and visualization shall aid much.

Just by you being here, on Planet Earth … Being IN IT/OF IT … whether drinking a cup of tea or a stronger tipple … or levitating for the Highest good on a mountain top … YOU ARE CHANGING THE VIBRATION FROM WHAT IT IS … INTO A HIGHER ONE.

There is no stopping this … there is no going back.

The Game is on … and the Light has won. That which is taking place behind the scenes is far greater than even you think you know.

Yet, things like … world wide announcements being made on all screens … ?? It just feels like we are in the middle of a movie … yet, haven’t read the entire script.

You know of course, we would say … ‘You are!’ Have we not ‘related’ this to you many times?

Yes. I guess after all the many things we have hung on to our hats for, there is still that nagging little minuscule thought of … ‘Is this actually all, at last, going to play out, or once again will it all die down and return to ‘normal’?

Blossom, what do you really think about that? Really?

I don’t feel it is so … not this time!

We would agree and confirm.

The clock is ticking …

Meaning 1,000 things.

Indeed, 1,000 things and more.



YOU KNOW … YOU KNOW … YOU KNOW … that which is to come shall be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

We do, we do know that. In Gratitude in Loving service I AM.

Mike Quinsey May 22/20

22nd May 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Your experiences since 2012 that was the end of the last Age have clearly shown that you are going through change, so that you can release the old that serves no further purpose.  You are in the process of a change that will lead you on to the next phase of your evolution.

Clearly when one cycle ends another commences so it is necessary to do some cleaning up so as to prepare yourselves for the next stage in your evolution. More so [because] it will separate the “wheat from the chaff” so that each one can continue to follow a path designated to allow for further development, at a level that gives you opportunities to experience the next stage necessary to expand your consciousness even further.

The future is set to ensure you continue your evolution, having experienced many lives in the depths of the lower vibrations that were your Hell on Earth. Some souls were caught up in them so much so that they were unable to extract themselves from it, whilst others repeatedly took on the challenges presented to them and were able to survive.

In a freewill Universe you were allowed to choose your experiences, although with guidance you took due note of the advice given by those who have already reached a high level of consciousness.

Understand that you volunteered to experience the lower vibrations being fully aware that you were essentially on your own, although help was always within your reach. The attraction for you was that through success you would be able to advance much more quickly and be all the more stronger for it.

So it is with full admiration that we applaud your achievement and will stand aside to welcome you to the higher dimensions.  These may seem premature in view of the fact that there is still some way to go, but you have completed the difficult part and are now rising up to a new level where you will experience the Great Solar Flash of Light from the Sun, that will immediately lift you onto the new Earth – your Ascension.

You may not realise how privileged you are to be on Earth at the actual moment of Ascension and it can be looked upon as an exciting moment in your life. Can you imagine the relief you will feel that at long last you have been successful, and ahead of you are many opportunities to choose your next experiences that will be most exhilarating within the realms of Light?

You will no longer have to live as before but instead have absolute freedom by being able to provide for yourself through your power of thought. Friends and family will be but a thought away making contact very easy.

We like to lift you up by giving you a glimpse into your future as ascended beings, and we can fully appreciate how much you have gone through to prove your strength and dedication to the Light. It will be quite natural that having ascended you will at some stage like to also help others upon their path. You will have many friends and even family that will follow in your footsteps, and it is understandable that you would like to help them and you will have that opportunity.

Mankind with time on their hands is at present going through a period of introspection, as it has become apparent that the old way of living has not proved adequate or helpful to those wishing to prepare for Ascension. The higher vibrations are already bringing out the best in many people and there is more sympathy for those souls that are barely able to exist in their particular environment.

The inequalities amongst the different groups is patently obvious yet they [the groups] should be one, as in fact All are One. Whilst it would be true to say that many have chosen their own destiny, there is no reason why they should not be given that right and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Life on Earth could have been a delightful and happy experience but the dark Ones who believe that in some way they are superior have deliberately kept inventions and advancements exclusively for themselves. The surface dwellers have been under the control of the Illuminati for eons of time, but fortunately the Alliance has now grown in power to the point that they are the dominant force.

They have undertaken to break up the dominance of the dark Ones and have already put many behind bars. Ultimately it is certain that Humanity will become aware of how they have been confined to an “open prison” for so long and accepted it as normal. It is far from the truth, and along with friendly Space Beings who await an opportunity to introduce themselves and bring about changes that will help propel you into a New Age.

Dear Ones, you stand out on Earth like beacons of Light and hardly realise how much you lift others up through your presence. You exude an energy that is calming and reassuring to those who are embroiled in the lower energies due to their low quality of life.

Be assured that they are not being punished but they have needed experiences at such a level to awaken them to the truth. They in turn give others an opportunity to show their sympathy to their plight, and help in a way that shows their love and light for those considered to be lesser beings.

You live in an illusion that has become your reality which is why it is far removed from your true selves. You live a make-believe life although it is set up in such a way that you can learn from it and evolve.

Your true Self is your God Self that remains on the other side of the veil that oversees your life on Earth. It is the source of your being and your ever present God Self of eternal life, and has much to do with helping you to fulfil your life plan. Many have chosen their own destiny, and there is no reason why they should not be given the right to do so and live happy and fulfilling lives.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Questions & Musings 9

What a crazy time it is in the world today! There is a huge battle between truth and lies. Everyone wants to know the truth and when they think they have found it, they hold on for dear life and it can become a huge barrier between themselves and a whole host of others.

We are in a time when the authorities are pushing ‘social distancing’ – an interesting concept – divided we are weak, together we are strong. Some are using the term ‘physical distancing’ which has a much better connotation.

Political sword-swinging is rampant and different ideologies clash, all sides calling the other(s) foul, warning others they are being duped by false information.

At this time, it is so important to relax in your own understanding of truth and don’t feel obliged to try to convince anyone else of your own truth. Instead, just love and respect them for who they are. Of course if they are harmful or abusive that ‘social distancing’ thing is a very good idea!

It’s also important to value your own truth. It doesn’t matter what others think about what you believe to be true. It’s too easy to perceive others as judgemental of your sense of reality and focusing on that just makes you feel badly. It can make you resentful of them and insecure about yourself.

This time is leading to a celebration of life as a human family. Truth will find a way. Be patient with yourself and others. Those random acts of kindness – they are the nectar.



Saul via John Smallman May 18/20

It is absolutely essential that you love and honor yourselves.

05/18/2020 by John Smallman

We are approaching the completion or the end point of humanity’s awakening process!  That probably does not appear to be the case from your perspective as the news media floods the airwaves and the internet with further misinformation about the worldwide pandemic, along with news of the ensuing dramas. However, humanity is on a roll toward a new way of living that will totally change the ways in which you relate to one another, as your perception of the meaning of life as a human evolves into spiritual awareness of the real purpose of your lives as humans in form.  Memory of your true nature is returning, and therefore you are seeing your human lives in a completely new LIGHT!

The Light of Love is arising into your conscious awareness bringing into focus the real purpose of a human life, namely, to recognize, honor, and express your True Nature at all times.  And, as you all know, your True Nature is LOVE.  When you start to do this, even though at first you may feel reluctant to do so, you will find yourselves meeting and interacting with others who are also doing this.  This confirms for you that this is the only meaningful way to live, and arousing in you the confidence – always there but not trusted, because of the sense that confidence in self was felt to be unsafe, unwise – and the courage to set and put into practice the intent to be only loving in every moment, and to allow Love to guide your thoughts, words, and actions at all times.

This is what enlightenment means, it does not mean being out of this world experiencing the intense felt sense of the infinite field of divine Love enveloping and embracing you, as reported by many who have had Near Death Experiences – which is of course totally valid.  It means living in the world as humans at peace with yourselves whatever arises, and not being drawn into the drama that others create out of their strong feelings of like or dislike of people, food, activities, organizations, and the beliefs and opinions they attach to them.  It is a state of being free from worry, anxiety, or fear of what others may think of you, because you know that who you are is who, with great wisdom, you chose to be before incarnating to experience this life in this moment in order to learn the lessons with which it presents you.

Remember, every sentient being without exception is divinely created in Love, and at One with Source, from Whom they are never for even an instant separated.  To awaken is to know this and experience the Reality of It at all times.  Yes, stuff will arise that is messy, unpleasant, and painful, but because you know who you truly are, and live that truth at all times, nothing that does arise will discombobulate you to the extent that you become unable to deal with it and consequently sink into depression or victimhood.  Instead it will arise as a challenge that you welcome, knowing that it is one of the lessons that you set on your human life path prior to incarnating, and you will, therefore, resolve it with excitement and attain a deep sense of satisfaction in doing so.

You are divine beings having a temporary experience in form, although when life appears to be treating you unfairly or unkindly, it does not feel very temporary.  Life just is, it is neither good nor bad except in your own personal appraisal of it.  Life happens, life unfolds, moment by moment as you, in human form, experience it while playing the game or dreaming the dream that life in form presents to you.  Those moments can seem momentary – a moment of intense joy or pleasure – or interminable when you are suffering and or in pain.  A moment is just a moment, but how you experience it is due to the choices that you make – in that moment!

You all know or have met people who are nearly always upbeat, cheerful, and enthusiastic about their lives, and others who never seem to be happy but, instead, are almost always complaining about some aspect of it, or about another person.  Both types are living the choices they have made for themselves.  The reason for their choices are mostly based on life experiences they have encountered from early childhood right up to the present moment, and most definitely those who have suffered a plethora of unpleasant or severely abusive and damaging events and relationships need your compassion and love, free from judgment or shaming.  As all are One, anything you think, say, or do affects you as well as those at whom you direct your thoughts, words, or actions.  Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense to engage in unloving behaviors of any kind – thoughts, words, or actions– because you are then engaged in directing them at yourselves.

When you make the conscious choice to treat yourselves lovingly, fairly, and compassionately, then it becomes impossible for you to treat others any less favorably.  It is, therefore, very, very important, in fact essential that you love and honor yourselves.  Vast numbers of people carry a heavy burden of unworthiness, of unlovableness, and this is often expressed in disapproval of others who are mostly just acting as mirrors to them, because, of course, you are all mirrors to one another, and what you see in others is very frequently a reflection of the self you are presenting to them – Love experiences or meets Love, hatred experiences or meets hatred.  You always have a choice as to how you will think, speak, or act, but many are either unaware of this fact, or choose to ignore it, and allow their emotions to control their reactions or responses to situations in which they find themselves.  Those who choose Love are always far happier and more at peace than those who choose what is not in alignment with Love.

Anyone who is unloving is, in fact, desperately calling out for Love.  But often these people are so full of feelings of shame, unworthiness, or self-hatred, that they are unable or find it extremely difficult to accept Love when It is offered to them.  They obviously cannot move out of this state without help, but until they are willing to acknowledge that their problems lie within them and choose to seek and accept help, then the only, and very effective thing you can do for them is to hold them silently, quietly, and peacefully in your hearts as you send them Love, whenever you think of them, or remember them.

So, to reiterate, there is only Love, Mother/Father/God, Source, with Whom all sentient beings are One.  Therefore sending Love to another is to send It to yourselves, and this is why you are presently incarnate as humans at this moment in humanity’s awakening process.  Be Love, express Love, share Love, and enjoy the peace and contentment doing this will bring you if you can set the intent to do so unconditionally, and then actually do as you intend, by putting it into practice.  Oftentimes people set an intent, but then fail to implement it, and not realizing this, wonder why it is not achieved.

Trust yourselves, truly trust yourselves, operate from the fullness of your personal integrity as you send Love to all – without exceptions of any kind – and know that this is why you are presently incarnate, helping to bringing humanity successfully and most magnificently through your collective awakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.